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Petition to Los Angeles Councilman David Ryu

Installation of an AED (Defibrillator) at Runyon Canyon Park

Runyon Canyon Park is one of the most visited parks in Los Angeles. Being located in the heart of Hollywood, its five entrances are a gateway for thousands of hikers every year. The average hikes range from 1-3.5 miles in length with some of the more challenging routes having inclines of roughly 20 degrees. In the summertime when temperatures reach well over 90 degrees Fahrenheit, hikers are exposed to extreme risks including heat stroke and dehydration leading to increased heart rate and chance of a cardiac episode. With limited vehicle access from all entry points in this highly visited park in addition to poor cellular reception, access to emergency medical services takes significantly longer to obtain than most other parts of the City. This was something I experienced earlier this year. On my way down from a hike in March a hiker frantically ran up the paved (and most accessible) portion of Runyon Canyon asking if anyone knew CPR. As an ACLS certified individual and former LAFD volunteer I immediately ran down to attend to a man in his late 40's suffering from cardiac arrest. While myself and another lady began administering CPR, nearly 30 onlookers worked to get a hold of paramedics on their cell phones. Response time from the first call to 911 until the paramedics arrived was over 20 minutes and in that period, I had to do compressions the entire time due to the mans size and my assistant in CPR not being able to compress hard enough. For every 60 seconds that the average person is in cardiac arrest, their chances for survival goes down 10% without CPR or defibrillation. During the waiting period for an AED the heart muscle continues to deteriorate and eventually will not react to defibrillation. For this reason I am asking our Council Member, David Ryu, to install at least one AED device at Runyon Canyon. Here are some facts about AED's: • You will NOT harm a person using an AED — the defibrillator will NOT shock unless necessary. • Anyone can operate an AED. These life-saving devices are NOT restricted to professionals. • All AEDs provide voice prompts to guide rescuers through the process. • AEDs are simple to use, but require maintenance to ensure rescue readiness. • If a person is unconscious and not breathing, USE the AED in combination with CPR for best chance or survival. Virtually any person can use an AED in a life threatening scenario. There are various parts of Runyon where AED's could be installed at a minimal cost to the City of Los Angeles. By installing these devices the wait time for access to defibrillation for individuals that are suffering from cardiac arrest is significantly reduced. While signing this petition I also urge those of you who are in support or in disagreement to take a course on CPR. My situation on Runyon Canyon was not the first time that someone had a cardiac episode on the hike and wont be the last.      

Dimitri Kermani
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Petition to Ostap Semerak, Yuriy Lutsenko

Cвободу ведмедям! Ми всі дякуємо Вам Даша і Пафнутій також!

English text below - Free bears Dasha and Puffnuti from their tiny cages! Cвободу ведмедям!Ми всі дякуємо Вам Даша і Пафнутій також!Бурі ведмеді, Даша і Пуфнутій, знаходяться в полоні Сергія Пальохіна м.Хмельницький, Україна. Даша живе в клітці 1,5м х 1,5м а Пафнутій в транспортному контейнері. Ведмеді їдять, ночують , живуть - у власних екскрементах, тому що немає можливості чистити ці клітки. Міжнародна організація ім.Лоренса Ентоні та SOS 3оо та Bear Rescue спільно доклали багато зусиль, щоб звільнити цих ведмедів , щоб їх можна було привести до реабілітаційного центру в 2017 році. Багато разів Сергій обіцяв віддати Дашу і Пафнутія . Нехай Пальохін відповідає за свої слова - віддає ведмедів. Він також утримує багато інших диких тварин у відчайдушних умовах і навіть займається поширенням цього жахіття . Його треба зупинити! Міністр екології Остап Семерак та Генеральний прокурор України Юрій Луценко тепер повинні вжити заходів з усією інформацією, яку їм надала організація ім.Лоренса Ентоні. Заборонено тримати бурих ведмедів у полоні. Настав час діяти! Зараз! Передавати ведмедів та закрити цей зоокуток жахів. Це неправильно, це негуманне утримання тварин. Ви можете бути частиною рішення! Будь ласка, підпишіть цю петицію. Поділіться з друзями та родиною. Розповсюджуйте її , щоб ми могли врятувати Пафнутія та Дашу і навести приклад для всіх інших власників ведмедів, які порушують закон і зловживають тваринами протягом усього їхнього життя. Зараз. Це ти і я, хто повинен це зробити!  Дякую Вам від міжнародної організації ім.Лоренса Ентоні та 3оо SOS і Bear Rescue. in English Brown bears Dasha and Puffnuti are held captive by their owner, Sergey Palehin, Khmelnytskyy, Ukraine. Dasha has been living in 1.5m x 1.5m cage and Puffnuti in a shipping container. Both live, eat and sleep in their own excrement as there is no way to clean their cages.  LAEO Ukraine and SOS Zoo and Bear Rescue have jointly made many efforts to free these bears since fall 2017, so they can be brought to a sanctuary. Many promises from Sergey to us have been broken. We want him to keep his promises and hand over the bears to us. He also has many more wild animals in abhorrent conditions and is even working on extending his horror 'zoo'. HE MUST BE STOPPED. The minister of Ecology, Ostap Semerak, and the Prosecutor General of Ukraine, Yuriy Lutsenko, now need to take action with all the information that LAEO has given them. It is illegal to keep brown bears in captivity. It is time to act now, hand over the bears to LAEO Ukraine and close down this horror zoo. It needs to be clear for once and for all, that this animal abuse is not tolerated. Not even in Ukraine. YOU can be part of the solution! Please sign this petition. Then Share it with your friends and family. Spread it wide and far so we can save these bears and set an example for all other bear 'owners' who break the law and abuse their animals in lifelong captivity. It is now. It is you and me who need to make this happen! Thank you from LAEO Ukraine and SOS Zoo and Bear Rescue

Chantal Jonkergouw
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