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Traditional Graduation Ceremony for Milford High School Seniors

As of right now Milford High School is cancelling the Graduation Ceremony for this year's graduates due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Right now there are two different plans for the Seniors and parents to choose from. Plan 1 is to have students and their parents gather at the local drive-in and watch a prerecorded ceremony. Plan 2 is to have the music and speeches but have the parents hand the diplomas to their children. These plans are not fair to the seniors graduating this year. Graduations do not belong to the school or the school administration. They belong to the graduates, their families and their friends. While the safety of all the people involved is important, measures cannot be implemented that adversely affect or are unfair to the students. These students have worked 12 years to finish school. This is an important milestone in the lives of all the seniors and is an important milestone in the lives of the parents as well. The students, their families and friends deserve a traditional Graduation Ceremony. Other school districts are delaying their graduations and Milford can and should do the same thing. It is in the best interest of the graduates this year. They have worked so hard for 12 years and it is wrong to rob them of this very important milestone in their lives.

Dana DeMambro
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Move the Date of Graduation Sooner, Allow More Guests, and Move it Outdoors

Due to Covid-19 graduation has been delayed.  Now we are hearing that due to Social Distancing and the choice of an indoor venue, we will be limited to 2 guest.  It has come to our attention that Flagler County has rented the Daytona Speedway for Graduation in our county.  We would like to request the school board choose a large outdoor location such as the Speedway, Football Stadium, or other Large Outdoor area so that large families may attend graduation, in the grandstands or football stands, allow a traditional WALK-UP ceremony, and still observe social distancing guidelines.   Update (6/1/20): Today we received another update on Senior events and yet another event was cancelled and the message about graduation was "we have high hopes that is will happen as planned."  Its time to let these kids graduate, now, with their peers, before some of the graduates move to college.  Kids across the state of Alabama graduated in football stadiums, in traditional graduations, on time, with their peers, and with as many as 10 guests.  Let's get this done folks!  Give them the traditional graduation they deserve and lets give it to them ASAP.  Update (5/17/20): I have been informed by multiple people that flagler is doing a drive up at the speedway.  This is not my proposal.  I am still proposing the speedway (or other large outdoor venue).  There are over 100,000 seats at Daytona.  My proposal is one that allows graduates to sit on the field (socially separated) and guests in the stands.  Each graduate get 8/10 guests.  Each grads guests sit together with social isolation zone between groups.  Cool thing is they could walk across the finish line to get their diploma!  I am just asking for some out of the box thinking that would allow these kids (which had their senior years stripped away) to have this one grand memory of all of their family, and maybe some friends be there for this special day. Yes, we all have lost something in the past 2 months, but most of us can reclaim it, there's will be gone as they move to the next chapter. 

Michael Walters
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