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Petition to Gwinnett County Board of Edu, Keith Chaney

Class of 2020 reschedule graduation

Gwinnett County School Board To Whom it may concern. We as a collaborative group of concerned parents, are writing you to ask that the Graduating class of 2020, be allowed to have their Graduation occur later in the year. We anticipate and hope that this will be a possibility. We are fully cognizant of what is going on right this very minute in not only the United States, but around the World with this deadly virus. We are fully aware of the seriousness of this right now. The whole world is affected and some more than others. Every single person’s life Adult, children and babies’  have been affected. Jobs lost, families destroyed, schools closed, parks closed, movie theaters closed, restaurants closed, basically any sense of normalcy gone. This is and will be very difficult for some adults to transition through and come out relatively ok after this is over. In knowing that, we can just imagine how this will affect Generation Z. Quoting a psychologist Erik Erikson’s theory of psychosocial development, identity vs confusion is the fifth stage of ego. This stage occurs during adolescence between the ages of 12-18. During this stage adolescents explore their independence and develop a sense of self. One of the main elements of Erikson’s psychosocial stage theory is the development of ego identity. ‘It is the conscious sense of self that we develop through social interaction, which is constantly changing due to new experiences and information we acquire in our daily interactions with others.’ Transitioning from childhood to adulthood is already challenging enough, confusion sets in, who am I? What do I want to do? It’s time to think about our future, but an important part is our social interactions with peers, friends, family, neighbors, and society, these all play a role in shaping and forming an identity. These young adults don’t have that right now. No social outings with friends, No visiting family, No school, No eating out with friends, No studying at the library, No vacation, No Sports, No prom, No Graduation. No Nothing. So many of our high school seniors develop cases of depression and fall victim to outside forces which takes their path in a different direction. This situation we all face is depressing to us adults; we want to give our children something to look forward to. Let them use this time at home to prepare to “One Day” walk across that stage that they have spent the last four years of their lives preparing for and feel the success and achievements from all of their hard work. An important part of moving on to the next stage of development in our lives is the ability to persevere from circumstances that may arise, this unknown entity that is affecting us all. As parents our primary responsibility to our children is to give them the tools that they will need for their continued growth and development, which will prepare them to be productive members of society. In these difficult times, we just want to give our children something to look forward to, a tiny glimmer of happiness that at the end of all of this they will have their chance as many before you, to complete this milestone in their life!

Veronica Flannigan
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Petition to Angelo Rodriguez high school, Kris Corey

To have a senior graduation ceremony

Please allow these hard working students to celebrate their hard work, now that the quarantine has been lifted and Restaraunts and shopping malls are allowed why not allow our  seniors to have a proper graduation ceremony that they deserve. This is a one in a lifetime opportunity one that they’ll remember and create memories. Some of these students will not have this opportunity in their lives again,some will not go to college and have a ceremony. Please let them enjoy and remember this day. These seniors deserve a ceremony and celebrate their hard work. Parents deserve to share that joy that they have spent time and effort to get our children to school and push them to do better and support our children. I want to see my child wearing his cap and gown, I want that proud moment, I want all parents to have that as well. Please help us achieve that celebration and memories that got taken away from every class of 2020 , due to this horrible pandemic we’ve been dealing with. Allow us to have some sense of normal and feel like we still have some happiness in our lives. No one is excited about hearing their names being called on a YouTube video , a slide show, none of these graduates want a virtual ceremony. They’ve lost motivation and joy, they’ve already lost proms, senior trips, and other school events and activities. These students didn’t get to say bye to some of their friends that they may not see anymore. Some of these students who struggled and worked extremely hard to get good grades just so they have that opportunity to walk on that stage and say “ I did it”. Let these students have their moment.

Niemha Najjar
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Petition to Mrs. Ida D. Wright, Mrs. Linda Cuthbert, Mr. Carl G. Persis, Ms. Jamie M. Haynes, Mr. Ruben Colón, Ron DeSantis, Rick Scott, David Santiago, Dr. Ronald "Scott" Fritz, Dr. Carmen Balgobin, Greg Akin, Dr. Gabriel Berrio, Rose Roland, Susan Freeman, Patricia "Patty" Corr, Kelly Joyce Schulz, Dr. Rene Clayton

Move the Date of Graduation Sooner, Allow More Guests, and Move it Outdoors

Due to Covid-19 graduation has been delayed.  Now we are hearing that due to Social Distancing and the choice of an indoor venue, we will be limited to 2 guest.  It has come to our attention that Flagler County has rented the Daytona Speedway for Graduation in our county.  We would like to request the school board choose a large outdoor location such as the Speedway, Football Stadium, or other Large Outdoor area so that large families may attend graduation, in the grandstands or football stands, allow a traditional WALK-UP ceremony, and still observe social distancing guidelines.   Update (6/1/20): Today we received another update on Senior events and yet another event was cancelled and the message about graduation was "we have high hopes that is will happen as planned."  Its time to let these kids graduate, now, with their peers, before some of the graduates move to college.  Kids across the state of Alabama graduated in football stadiums, in traditional graduations, on time, with their peers, and with as many as 10 guests.  Let's get this done folks!  Give them the traditional graduation they deserve and lets give it to them ASAP.  Update (5/17/20): I have been informed by multiple people that flagler is doing a drive up at the speedway.  This is not my proposal.  I am still proposing the speedway (or other large outdoor venue).  There are over 100,000 seats at Daytona.  My proposal is one that allows graduates to sit on the field (socially separated) and guests in the stands.  Each graduate get 8/10 guests.  Each grads guests sit together with social isolation zone between groups.  Cool thing is they could walk across the finish line to get their diploma!  I am just asking for some out of the box thinking that would allow these kids (which had their senior years stripped away) to have this one grand memory of all of their family, and maybe some friends be there for this special day. Yes, we all have lost something in the past 2 months, but most of us can reclaim it, there's will be gone as they move to the next chapter. 

Michael Walters
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