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Petition to Michael Marcello (State Representative), Nicholas Kettle, Patricia Serpa, Adam Satchell, Gina Raimondo, Jack Reed

Boycott Perfect Puppy

 “I got a puppy 3 days ago. She was vomiting, lethargic and couldn't hold her head up. Eventually her little body couldn't take anymore. She died."     Perfect Puppy imports sick pups from puppy mills and re-sells them to innocent families. Some have died, many may not survive and others are suffering. Dogs in the community have encountered these puppies and have become ill and/or died. They died from diseases such as parvo, infectious pneumonia and kennel cough. People continue to speak out and Perfect Puppy continues to threaten, intimidate and harass. It begins with emails & comments, escalating to visits at work & legal action. Why Should You Care:  Perfect Puppy’s website says "All puppies come vaccinated, have been vetted, and we guarantee their health for two full years"... yet these 'Perfect' puppies aren't even surviving a week... Customer complaints show a pattern of neglect, sickness, pain, suffering and unethical business practices. The factual evidence will hold Perfect Puppy accountable for the harm they cause. “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has”    Why Should You Support This Movement?: It's time to end the abusive commercial sale of dogs & cats. It's time to hold Perfect Puppy accountable. This is not about me- I’ve never even purchased a puppy from this store. They target me because I've refused to be bullied into silence. This is about our community and our tolerance for cruelty. People are speaking out and they deserve to be heard. These animals deserve to be spoken for.  Despite mounting evidence and an overwhelming number of formal complaints, State officials have taken no action.  “If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor” - Desmond Tutu    Perfect Puppy's Threats, Intimidation, Harassment Threats to enter my workplace   Threats to speak with my supervisors, in an attempt to have me fired Going to my spouse’s workplace, showing their picture, threatening staff  Repeated threatening comments on the Boycott Facebook page.  Comments on my business page  Threats to have me investigated/arrested-"Let’s see who gets investigated now"  Threatening emails  Publicly and repeatedly calling me a “lezbo”.  Screaming from his truck in the road: "Maybe you need a c**k, you f****** lesbian" Perhaps, most threatening, he made sure I was aware that he knew exactly where I live and exactly where I work    Customer Truths: "My sister bought a dog there that did not even last 24 hours” ·  “A friend bought 2 puppies and they both died within 2 weeks” ·  “My friend purchased 3 German Shepherds. All had parvo, died within a week” ·  "We bought our dog from Perfect Puppy. She had multiple skin infections."  ·  “We got sold a very sick puppy! Severe pneumonia, she is not getting better!” ·  "Our puppy was very sick- blind, pneumonia, multiple digestive infections.” ·  “I got a puppy from Perfect Puppy. In the ICU for a week, costing at least $3-4K." ·  "The vet said her face was literally rotting off." ·  “I purchased a VERY sick puppy with the deadly Parvovirus!! Our vet bills cost thousands." "My puppy was hospitalized for a week and Perfect Puppy did NOTHING to help!!!” · "My dog was extremely ill. Pneumonia, giardia, worms, EVERYTHING wrong! We were at the vet 2x a week for months! He might not have made it!”    ~~~~~~~~ Break the Puppy Mill Trade in Rhode Island! ~~~~~~~~ Please share this petition with your friends and family. No puppy deserves to suffer and no family deserves this pain. It takes under a minute to sign this petition, take action and show that you care. Please, help us make a difference. *The Perfect Puppy is currently located in Scituate and West Warwick.

Boycott the 'Perfect Puppy' pet stores!
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Petition to The Barking Boutique and Woodland Mall

Pledge not to sell puppies

A new store called “The Barking Boutique,” which indicates that it will specialize in puppy sales, has opened in The Woodland Mall, near Grand Rapids (July 5, 2016) Their website states, “The Barking Boutique performs background checks on all breeders, ensuring they are A level.” However, this business has not made it clear that it will be providing a list of those breeders to consumers at the store, or if they will provide copies of the USDA inspection reports, which are required under the federal Animal Welfare Act, of the breeders who supply them. In addition, Michigan only has three USDA-licensed dog breeders, none of which are located in West Michigan—which means that any breeder that supplies the store will be transporting the puppies from a long distance. Puppy stores are becoming a thing of the past as the public becomes more aware of puppy mills and backyard breeders. Reputable breeders never sell their puppies to a retail outlet, because it is often against the code of ethics for their breeding club. Reputable breeders have waiting lists of people willing to purchase their animals, and never a surplus of animals. More than 100 cities across the country are banning the sale of puppies in pet stores just like this, because of the inhumane conditions found in many breeding facilities that supply those stores. Retail puppy stores prevent families from seeing the parents of the puppies they want to purchase, or the conditions in which the puppies were raised. Families need to know they will not be contributing to the cruelty of inhumane “puppy mills,” in which large numbers of dogs are bred as a cash crop, with little concern for their well-being. Puppy Mill Awareness of Southeast Michigan is a watchdog group working to inform the public about the puppy mill/pet store pipeline, and protecting families from purchasing sick animals. Please sign this petition in support of our campaign to promote humane business models in pet supply stores, and to ask the owners of “The Barking Boutique” to take a pledge not to sell puppies and instead feature only adoptable pets from Michigan rescues and shelters. Puppy Friendly Pet Store Pledge : The Humane Society of the United States

Puppy Mill Awareness of Southeast Michigan
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Petition to Michigan Department of Natural Resources, Ogemaw County


A proposed LONG RANGE shooting complex on state acquired land is in the beginning stages of planning while the individuals involved apply for a grant through the Michigan Natural Resources Trust Fund to help pay for such development.  The preferred location is off Ski Park Road and Toboggan Lane in Ogemaw Township.  WE NEED YOUR HELP!  While such development is attractive to outdoor enthusiasts, and the idea not necessarily opposed by those in the community, the impact of the proposed LOCATION would be very detrimental to the neighboring families residing in that area; some whose backyards would even border such location.  While those in favor push to move forward with what they call the most "convenient" location, there has been little to no regard for those who would be impacted by the noise, safety, and direct economic impact such development would have on the surrounding families.  Whether it be the single, isolated houses in the area, the secluded homes in the privately funded Robert K Estates Homeowners Association, or the numerous surrounding streets that branch off into their own little neighborhoods, many homes in the area would be subject to compromise as a result of this project.  The peaceful, quiet, and serene settings that enticed the buyers who purchased in this area would be replaced with high-powered rounds of ammunition, gun shots and disruption.  Many of the recreational trails used by ORV's would be wiped out and re-rerouted.  There is no telling what impact the noise and nuisance would have on property values of those who reside in the area.  It is NOT fair that the neighbors of this community be forced to endure the consequences of such proposal in an area not nearly far enough removed from residential homes. We URGE you that, even if in favor of such recreation, you please be mindful of those whose worlds would be shattered, in their eyes, by such establishment.  To force these families into involuntarily concessions they did not ask for is wrong, when there ARE alternatives with less impact.  We ask you to support our petition in OPPOSING THE PROPOSED SHOOTING RANGE LOCATION OFF SKI PARK RD. AND TOBOGGAN LN. and demand that they revise and revisit alternates that are more conscientious. A meeting is being held on Thursday, March 24th at 6:45pm at the Ogemaw County Building located at 806 W. Houghton Ave. in West Branch where they will listen to public comment.  PLEASE help us demonstrate the power in numbers by attending!  We would greatly appreciate your participation and support!  

Christy Grundner
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