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Petition to Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Democratic National Committee

Impeach Trump Now!

Dear Madam Speaker:I know you believe that it would be an exercise in futility to try to impeach Donald Trump because we know the Republicans will not vote to impeach. I agree that Trump isn't worth the effort, but I believe that America IS!  We need an example made of him that discourages future presidents from duplicating his tactics, demeanor, and corrupt actions. We need Democrats to be the Party that LEADS in making sure the worst nightmares of our Founding Fathers never come to fruition. They foresaw corruption. They foresaw the need for checks and balances. And they gave us the tools in the Constitution to remove such menaces from office, and put America back on the right track. You must realize by now that while political expediency may dictate that you be willing to compromise with Donald Trump in order to pass meaningful legislation that begins to restore the Middle Class standard of living, to rebuild our infrastructure, to continue to take steps toward protecting the environment, and above all to bring health care costs under control. But you must also realize by now that no matter how sterling any legislation you pass may be, and no matter how many Americans may support it, Trump won't be signing it.  I recognize the inherent dangers of initiating impeachment proceedings precipitously and recklessly. But at this point, we have to make it clear to all Americans that justice is more than just what the rich decide justice is. We need to restore a sense of balance, stability, fairness, and regular order. We need to make it clear that no president is above the law. And we need to make impeachment a priority that supersedes even the highest Democratic legislative goals and ideals.  I encourage you to reconsider your decision to not attempt to impeach Donald Trump. We already know the Republicans aren't going to support it. But since when do Democrats decide to do the right thing only when Republicans agree with us? The only right thing to do at this point is to initiate impeachment proceedings without delay. Then let the spirit of the American people take it from there.  Let the court of public opinion weigh in on the matter. Let the election process become a catalyst for ending Washington corruption at all levels of government. Give the American voters a chance to hear all the evidence against him, and let that weigh upon their conscience as they choose to vote out any Republicans who refuse to impeach Trump. Let the America that once really was great be reborn afresh and anew through a process that our Founding Fathers envisioned, established, and expected us to exercise. And let our government become once again of the people, by the people, and for the people.  I simply believe that the times we live in call for a serious response to the revelations about Donald Trump that goes far beyond political expedience and political careers. I believe it is time for Democrats to take the lead on this response, and to begin the impeachment process no matter where it may (or may not) lead. This is about Democrats doing the right thing by the American people, even if the Republicans refuse to. Some may call it nothing more than a "show vote", but I was born in Missouri (the Show Me State), and I believe that in this case, even a "show vote" is better than no vote at all! I encourage you to take the lead on this matter, with trust in your heart that the American people will reward Democrats in the 2020 election for your efforts. I hope you would use this as an opportunity to draw an even sharper contrast between Democrats and Republicans, and give the American people an opportunity to decide whether or not you did the right thing. Because as President Bill Clinton once said, "The American people almost always get it right." Thank you for your consideration of these weighty matters, and may providence fortify you with the courage to show the strength of the Democratic Party when it comes to standing for truth, justice, and the American way! Faithfully yours,Brian A. Bowen, an American Democrat

Brian Bowen
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