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Petition to Summer Stephan, summer stephan

Tell San Diego District Attorney Summer Stephan to Resign

San Diego District Attorney Summer Stephan has a history of supporting far right conspiracy theories and has proven herself to be unfit for office. April 2023: Charging a Grieving Mother-to-be with Murder Summer Stephan is defying California state law, attempting to charge a mother with murder for the death of her baby during an at-home birth. Story here. January 2021: Siding with Proud Boys On Jan. 9, 2021, three days after the insurrection at the U.S. Capitol, a mob of white supremacists, Proud Boys and other supporters of President Donald Trump descended on the neighborhood of Pacific Beach in San Diego where they clashed with antifa counterprotestors.  Almost a year later, Summer Stephan announced charges, but only against the anti-fascist protestors who showed up to defend the community from the white supremacist mob. "Not one of the pro-Trump far-right group was charged. Experts said that makes the prosecution look political."  Story here. May 2020: No Charges Filed Against Criminal Cop Summer Stephan neglected to prosecute a San Diego Police Officer for staging his own suicide with fake blood and shooting a gun off in his home while his girlfriend was present as an act of domestic violence. The officer is also documented soliciting sex during his work shifts, including at a murder scene. Story here. June 2018: Pushing Antisemitic Conspiracy Theories Summer Stephan's campaign paid for a website that pushed antisemitic messaging to fear monger about billionaire philanthropist George Soros during her 2018 campaign. Story here. 2015 - Present: Pushing "Excited Delirium" as Cause of In-Custody Deaths The San Diego County District Attorney's Office has mentioned "excited delirium" as a factor in at least 15 in-custody deaths. Excited delirium doesn't have a true medical definition and has a history of racist connotations, from its use to justify the death of George Floyd to others. Story here. Sign the petition calling for the resignation of DA Summer Stephan.

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Petition to Joan Huffman, Bryan Slaton

Fully Fund the Family Planning Program in Texas!

The Family Planning Program (FPP) is a state-based program that provides critical sexual and reproductive healthcare services to hundreds of thousands of Texans. This popular program is one of the best ways for people to get same day health services. The only problem is that FPP often runs out of money halfway through the year due to high demand, and this has been going on for a long time. Clients have even been put in waiting lists that that last up to two months for highly effective long-acting reversible contraceptive methods such as hormonal implants and IUDs. The Title X Family Planning Program also provides live-saving preventive services, prenatal care, testing and treatment for STIs, contraceptive care and basic health screenings. It is important to note that ‘fully funding the family planning program’ means that we are meeting current need at current clinics, but we still have a lot of work to do in the coming years/decades to ensure that all Texans have access to healthcare. The Legislature can increase funding for FPP to meet the current and growing need for family planning services in Texas. Legislature must appropriate at least $153.6 million in all funds for the Family Planning Program. On February 2024, State Representative Bryan Slaton filed House Bill 2709 which could open doors for Texans to be prosecuted for the use of emergency contraception. This could potentially hurt the full funding of FPP as this funding could help inhibit Title X clinics from giving contraceptive services. As an additional note abortion is not covered by the Family Planning Program (nor it is legal in Texas), while some conservatives feel comfortable advocating for the kinds of services covered by FPP—prenatal care, cancer screenings, STI testing and treatment, and contraceptive care—others might not because of a pervasive belief that family planning care is shorthand for abortion. This issue is very focused on maternal health; talking about reproductive health in the Texas Legislature is VERY delicate. While the FPP is funded in the base budget, there is always the possibility that funding can get taken out if someone gets upset about it. What Can We Do? Sign this Petition! We plan to send these signatures to the Senate Finance Committee as that is one the committees in Legislature that control the budget. They decide which programs should get increases and which programs should be cut. Because this is an issue that specifically deals with funding, those are the important committees. We also plan on sending these signatures to State Representative Bryan Slaton. Find your Rep: Look up your representative through Call your Rep: Now that HB 2709 is filed, we have no time to waste, call your Rep. today! What can you say? You can say something along the lines of “My name is ____ and Representative _____ is my representative. I want to ask him/her to not sign on as a co-author to House Bill 2709 by Representative Slaton to ______ ”

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