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Stop Forced Adoption in Alabama

Kimberly Rossler decided to place her son for adoption before he was born. She signed a pre-birth consent but was allowed to change her mind. She changed her mind and let everyone know. The prospective adoptive mother found other way in the legal system to gaining custody of the baby. Now, Kimberly is in a long legal battle to get her son back. Here is the story.  Kimberly became pregnant with a sweet baby boy and chose to work with an adoption agency called Adoption Rocks in Alabama. They matched her up with K, who planned to adopt the baby. Kimberly then signed a pre-birth contract with K which is a contract that is signed prior to the birth of the baby and the prospective adoptive parent agrees to become financially responsible for the baby. The problem is that this practice has the prospective adoptive parent giving money to the pregnant mother. Giving money in exchange for a baby, no matter how organized or technical is human trafficking. Kimberly went through counseling and decided to raise her son. She informed the director of Adoption Rocks and was dismissed. She informed K, who acknowledged the change of plans. You see, pre-birth contract allows for a mother to change her mind before and after birth. The problem is that since money is involved, it is used to guilt the mother into proceeding with the adoption. The director also told Kimberly that as long as she took her baby home from the hospital then the adoption would not be finalized. Kimberly did both. She notified all parties involved prior to birth that she was keeping her baby and she took her baby home. Once baby was born, Kimberly took him home and raised him. However, K and Adoption Rocks tracked them down and went to court and lied to a judge about Kimberly's ability to raise her son. They went to a juvenile court and did not say that this was a failed adoption. Without evidence, the juvenile judge ordered police to take  without any warning. Since this happened, the opposing party hastried to get Kimberly arrested, accusing her of violating gag orders, and lying to a judge by saying the Kimberly was running the Bring Baby Home facebook page, which is not true. They are trying everything to prevent Kimberly from getting her son back. Please sign this petition so other families will not have to deal with this barbaric law. Pre-birth consent leaves to many loopholes for abuse of the legal system. There is a  facebook page, Bring Baby  Home where you can see update. Please also look up other unethical adoptions and custody battles including Baby Jameka Clemons, Baby Camden and his mother Carrie, and the Rob Manzanares case.      

Vicky Medina
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Petition to J. Craig Gordon, Nan Orrock, John Lewis, David Ralston

Eliminate Sales Tax for Feminine Hygiene Products in Georgia

Every woman knows the struggle of being forced to spend her hard earned money on feminine hygiene products, but we must do so because staying locked away to bleed for the duration of our periods is not an option (much like being born female).   Although there is not a specific tax solely for feminine hygiene products, the sales tax that exists on them classifies these products as non-essential items. Yeah, totally don't even need the things, I'll just bleed on all over my house, your house, the office, the grocery get the picture. The Association of Reproductive Health Professionals states that a female will menstruate 450 times throughout her lifetime, yet these are still non-essential items. Georgia even considers candy a grocery item that is exempt from sales tax. I love candy as much as the next person, but I need tampons. More importantly, these taxes only make these essential items less affordable for girls and women of low income. Even worse, feminine hygiene products (or any hygiene product) cannot be purchased with food stamps. These barriers only contribute to the endless cycle of young girls and women being held back by their periods.  According to BBC, "Minnesota, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey and Pennsylvania do not tax sanitary products." NPR adds that the Illinois Supreme Court ruled that feminine hygiene products met the state's definition of "medical appliances" and were exempt from the tax. A review of the case can be found here. In order to remove the stigma against menstruation and the inaccessibility of feminine hygiene products for many females, I am asking you all to help bring this issue to the attention of our government. This may seem like a small and meaningless battle to some, but for many women struggling to make ends meet, the cost of these necessary items is a huge burden and every cent saved on these products matters. This is one way our government can show they are committed to making changes that support gender equality and reproductive health. Let's bring this to the attention of Georgia lawmakers and ask them to reconsider the taxes placed on these very essential items. If you are tired of spending more money than necessary on your period or are an ally supporting our fight, please sign and share this petition to show your support! Thank you!

Reiny E.
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Petition to U.S. State Legislators

No Tax On Tampons: Stop Taxing Our Periods! Period.

Aunt Flo is one helluva house guest. She can be painful, messy, and just keeps coming back each month. And, oh yeah, expensive! As anyone who menstruates knows, dealing with a period is a monthly necessity—and a costly one at that. Women spend upwards of $70 a year on sanitary products like tampons and pads. What’s worse, across the U.S., a whopping forty states increase the financial burden of menstruation by charging sales tax on these essential items. Not taxed: a bag of chips. Taxed: a box of tampons. WHAT?! Check out the above map to see if your state is one of the forty that taxes your purchase of tampons, pads, and menstrual cups. For anyone who has a period, these items are a necessity—not an option, not a luxury item—and should be treated as such. Eliminating the Tampon Tax is simply the FAIR and EQUAL thing to do. Change is possible! This summer, Canada made history when its Parliament voted unanimously to eliminate a national tax on menstrual products. Across the pond and down under, women in the U.K. and Australia are insisting their governments do the same. A global movement is underway! Sign this petition, share it with your friends—and let the forty state legislatures that profit from your period know that you won’t stand for it. Join Cosmopolitan in the national movement to Axe the Tampon Tax! #TamponsForAll

Jennifer Weiss-Wolf and Cosmopolitan Magazine
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Pass the Rhode Island Reproductive Health Care Act

Petition for Passage of HOUSE BILL 5343 AND SENATE BILL 0274 THE REPRODUCTIVE HEALTH CARE ACT We the undersigned support the passage of House Bill 5343 and Senate Bill 274.  The proposed Reproductive Health Care Act would preserve women's rights to make their own decisions regarding abortion up to the time of fetal viability by codifying in Rhode Island law the rights now guaranteed by Roe v. Wade. Rhode Islanders have for many years supported keeping abortion safe and legal by a consistent and overwhelming margin of two to one, including in a recent survey performed by the Pew Research Center.  Rhode Island has a current law on its books R.I.G.L. § 11-3-1, that  outlaws abortion at all times from the instant of conception with no exceptions whatsoever to protect the health of the mother, or for cases of rape or incest, or for cases of catastrophic or even fatal fetal abnormalities and makes it crime for a doctor to even talk to a patient about abortion or to answer a patient's questions about abortion, and would punish those doctor-patient conversations with up to 20 years in prison.  While this draconian law is currently unenforceable and deemed unconstitutional under the Roe v. Wade decision guaranteeing women the right to make their own decisions regarding abortion up to the time of fetal viability, the current President of the United States has promised to appoint Supreme Court justices that would overturn Roe v. Wade, which would make this draconian Rhode Island law immediately in force.  As residents and voters in the State of Rhode Island, we ask that you bring House Bill 5343 and Senate Bill 274 to the floor for a full vote and support its passage without delay.  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ For reference: RIGL CHAPTER 11-3 (currently deemed unconstitutional due to Roe v Wade) Abortion                 11-3-1. PROCURING, COUNSELING OR ATTEMPTING MISCARRIAGE.-Every person who, with the intent to procure the miscarriage of any pregnant woman or woman supposed by such person to be pregnant, unless the same be necessary to preserve her life, shall administer to her or cause to be taken by her any poison or other noxious thing, or shall use any instrument or other means whatsoever or shall aid, assist or counsel any person so intending to procure a miscarriage, shall if the woman die in consequence thereof, be imprisoned not exceeding twenty (20) years nor less than five (5) years, and if she does not die in consequence thereof, shall be imprisoned not exceeding seven (7) years nor less than one (1) year; provided that the woman whose miscarriage shall have been caused or attempted shall not be liable to the penalties prescribed by this section.                 11-3-2. Murder charged in same indictment or information.-Any person who shall be charged with the murder of any infant child, or of any pregnant woman, or of any woman supposed by such person to be or to have been pregnant, may also be charged in the same indictment or information with any or all the offenses mentioned in 11-3-1, and if the jury shall acquit such person on the charge of murder and find him guilty of the other offenses or either of them, judgment and sentence may be awarded against him accordingly.                 11-3-3. DYING DECLARATIONS ADMISSIBLE.-In prosecutions for any of the offenses described section 11-3-1, in which the death of a woman is alleged to have resulted from the means therein described, dying declarations of the deceased woman shall be admissible as evidence, as in homicide cases.                 11-3-4. CONSTRUCTION AND APPLICATION OF SECTION 11-3-1.-It shall be conclusively presumed in any action concerning the construction, application or validity of section 11-3-1, that human life commences at the instant of conception and that said human life at said instant of conception is a person within the language and meaning of the fourteenth amendment of the constitution of the United States, and that miscarriage at any time after the instant of conception caused by the administration of any poison or other noxious thing or the use of any instrument or other means shall be a violation of said section 11-3-1, unless the same be necessary to preserve the life of a woman who is pregnant.                 11-3-5. CONSTITUTIONALITY.-If any part, clause or section of this act shall be declared invalid or unconstitutional by a court of competent jurisdiction, the validity of the remaining provisions, parts or sections shall not be affected.  

Tracy Ramos
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