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Petition to U.S. State Legislators

No Tax On Tampons: Stop Taxing Our Periods! Period.

Aunt Flo is one helluva house guest. She can be painful, messy, and just keeps coming back each month. And, oh yeah, expensive! As anyone who menstruates knows, dealing with a period is a monthly necessity—and a costly one at that. Women spend upwards of $70 a year on sanitary products like tampons and pads. What’s worse, across the U.S., a whopping forty states increase the financial burden of menstruation by charging sales tax on these essential items. Not taxed: a bag of chips. Taxed: a box of tampons. WHAT?! Check out the above map to see if your state is one of the forty that taxes your purchase of tampons, pads, and menstrual cups. For anyone who has a period, these items are a necessity—not an option, not a luxury item—and should be treated as such. Eliminating the Tampon Tax is simply the FAIR and EQUAL thing to do. Change is possible! This summer, Canada made history when its Parliament voted unanimously to eliminate a national tax on menstrual products. Across the pond and down under, women in the U.K. and Australia are insisting their governments do the same. A global movement is underway! Sign this petition, share it with your friends—and let the forty state legislatures that profit from your period know that you won’t stand for it. Join Cosmopolitan in the national movement to Axe the Tampon Tax! #TamponsForAll

Jennifer Weiss-Wolf and Cosmopolitan Magazine
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Petition to Department of Health and Human, HHS Secretary Alex Azar

Reject Trump's Domestic Gag Rule

The Trump administration just introduced a gag rule that will ban clinics like Planned Parenthood which receive Title X funding from providing or even referring their clients to abortion services. This is the worst attack yet on our reproductive rights, and it could impact 4 million people  – many of whom are my family and loved ones. I relied on Planned Parenthood when I had a pregnancy scare at age 20. Luckily I turned out not to be pregnant – but their services helped me navigate what was a tense situation. I believe everyone should have access to the kind of non-judgemental and warm care I received that day. The administration is portraying this gag rule as an attempt to further separate government money from abortion services but the truth is clinics have never been allowed to use government funds to perform abortions. This is a direct attack on marginalized women and Planned Parenthood, which serves 41% of patients who get care through Title X-funded health services. Title X is critical for the health of low-income families. These patients are disproportionately low-income people of color and this gag rule will deny them access to birth control, STI testing and treatment, and cancer screenings. This gag rule is so outrageous it even bans clinics from mentioning abortion on their website. Abortion is not a bad word. It is a safe procedure that should remain legal. I can’t stand by and watch people I love lose access to these life-saving services. We know that enormous social pressure has caused Trump to change his mind before, so will you rise up for women’s right to reproductive healthcare? Add your name to demand that Department of Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar reject Trump’s ban.

Elsa Mata
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Petition to YouTube

Bring Back Safe2Choose's YouTube Channel!

Safe2Choose is an organization that is committed to providing safe abortion care and accurate information on abortion using recent, unbiased scientific studies. Their mission "is to promote safe abortion by facilitating access to abortion pills."  In January of 2018, the Safe2Choose YouTube account was shut down based on " repeated or severe violations of community standards." It was  stated that the account "encourages or promotes violent or dangerous acts that have an inherent risk of serious physical harm or death." (*) Safe2Choose has since attempted and failed appealing the account's shut down.  The alleged video that triggered the account suspension is still allowed for viewing on both Facebook and Twitter. (watch here) Along with Safe2Choose's account suspension, several other pro-choice organizations including Women on Web, Women on Waves, Colectivo de Salud Feminista, and has faced YouTube's censoring on their channels as well.  Millions of women every year seek safe abortion services, and according to the World Health Organization,25 million unsafe abortions take place every year, as a result, 46,000 die and millions more are left with severe complications.* Women will be seeking abortion and information on abortion no matter what, so, why make it harder for us to get accurate information?  YouTube, please do not leave women seeking information in the dark, leaving them to turn to inaccurate, harmful information that can have life-threatening consequences. Stand with women and restore Safe2Choose's account!   * WHO study: Women die from unsafe abortions    (*) WHO study on medical abortion is SAFE for women to do at home without medical supervision: Read here     

Jane Doe
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Petition to United States Senate

Fight and Stop S.217, The Personhood Bill of South Carolina

The bill in question is Senate Bill 217 – the Personhood Act. This bill gives fertilized eggs all the legal protections as a living person. If this bill passes, a fertilized egg will obtain constitutional protections, thus putting the legal rights of woman second. Tragically in today’s society, sexual predators are all around us. Now, imagine a 13-year-old girl becomes the victim of a heinous sexual assault crime in South Carolina and, in turn, tragically gets pregnant. Presently, this young girl would have the right to have an abortion; however, what would happen if the Personhood Act of South Carolina is passed? Simply, this right would be taken away, and almost all abortions in the State of South Carolina would be deemed illegal. Due to the recent traction that the Personhood Bill has gained, many individuals and groups have begun to initiate a public effort against it. One group that has begun to take action is Planned Parenthood South Atlantic. On January 1, 2015, Planned Parenthood South Atlantic formed due to the merger of Planned Parenthood Health Systems and Planned Parenthood of Central North Carolina with the intent to provide abortions to women and support a woman's choice. Planned Parenthood South Atlantic is a branch of the National Planned Parenthood Organization that began in Brooklyn in October 1916 and has collectively grown to become the leading provider of women’s health and sexual education in the United States.  Vicki Ringer, Director of Public Affairs for Planned Parenthood South Atlantic, said that the main way to terminate the proposed law is through education. Vicki and her team are doing everything in their power to educate lawmakers and the public about what this harmful bill means for reproductive care, and how it violates the existing law in South Carolina. Planned Parenthood had public events such as Women's Voices, Women's Lives Speak-out where supporters and individuals with first-hand experience using Planned Parenthood shared their stores. Events such as this have helped rallied support against the bill. In an effort to support Vicki, her team, and the fight against the Personhood Bill, I ask that you sign this petition to show your support for a women's right to make her own decisions about her own body. If you are interested in reading and learning more about this issue, please investigate the links below!! If you are interested in reading the actual proposal, and the drafted bill, click the link below!!    

Tom Haug
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