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Protect Abortion Access in Beverly Hills!

In August, the LA Times reported on allegations that Beverly Hills city officials, including the Mayor and Chief of Police, colluded with landlord Douglas Emmett and antiabortion radicals to block an all-trimester clinic from opening in the city. We are asking the city to do the right thing and protect our access to legal, life-saving healthcare with the following:  An independent investigation and public disclosure into communications between Beverly Hills City Officials, the Beverly Hills Police Department, Douglas Emmett, and the ant-abortion extremists. Resolve the DuPont Clinic's situation so that they can open their doors asap.  Pass an ordinance prohibiting city agents and agencies from using city resources to cooperate with out-of-state entities related to abortions performed within California state. WHAT HAPPENED?Reproductive rights are under assault across our nation.  With 22 states banning abortion, Beverly Hills, CA has been thought to be a safe haven. In May of 2022, the Beverly Hills City Council Members released a public statement in support of Reproductive Freedom. When Roe was overturned, Beverly Hills City Hall was lit up in pink as an act of protest. These public assurances led the Washington, D.C. based DuPont Clinic to choose Beverly Hills to open a west coast office. Beverly Hills is a vital medical care hub for residents throughout LA County, and this clinic would be only the 14th all-trimester clinic in the country. Late term procedures are rare - only ~1% of abortions are late-term, and they are performed due to late diagnosed catastrophic health issues for the fetus and/or the mother.  Douglas Emmett, a Santa Monica real estate trust investment company, was fully aware of the clinic's services when DuPont signed a lease with them in 2022 and began construction of the clinic. Construction was moving along until an antiabortion group got wind of the clinic and came into the city to oppose the opening. A small number of protesters attended City Council meetings last spring, with demands to close the clinic. The Mayor of Beverly Hills allegedly met with this group privately, and the Beverly Hills Chief of Police sent a letter to Douglas Emmett warning of further harassment and possible threats of violence. In the face of this pressure, Douglas Emmett terminated DuPont’s lease. As residents, we are extremely concerned about these events. IT IS CLEAR THAT BEVERLY HILLS DID NOT FOLLOW THROUGH ON THEIR SUPPORT FOR REPRODUCTIVE FREEDOM AND WOMEN’S EQUALITY.   This failure to uphold the law is an erosion of public trust. The loss of DuPont Clinic further diminishes access to vital healthcare for those in the greater Los Angeles area, the state of California and all over the country.  Further, the city has set a very dangerous precedent.  When learning that the landlord terminated the lease, the leader of the antiabortion protest proclaimed “Now, we will shut down abortion clinics from sea to shining sea.” This emboldens all extremist groups to use tactics of harassment to reach their desired goals. In an August 24 op-ed, the LA Times editorial board called this "appalling." We agree.  Please sign this petition asking the City of Beverly Hills for:  An independent investigation and public disclosure into communications between Beverly Hills City Officials, The BHPD, Douglas Emmett, and the anti-abortion group. Resolve the DuPont Clinic situation so that they can open their doors asap.  Pass an ordinance prohibiting city agents and agencies from using city resources to cooperate with out-of-state entities related to abortions performed within California state. We sincerely hope you will support us in our efforts to support  Reproductive Rights, The Rule of Law and restoring public trust in our City Officials. Sincerely,BHforChoice Please note: will prompt you for a donation but we are not asking for or collecting donations. The money goes to 

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Paid Period Leave: CALIFORNIA

Paid Period Leave is as imperative to our health and well-being as sick-leave and family-leave. As we become more aware of the ways social injustice impacts people of color, we must continue to affirm our right to our humanity. Reproductive injustice such as the overturn of Roe vs. Wade and gender pay gap are the 2 of the most oppressive social injustices women, especially black and indigenous, face today. Reproductive freedom and health are women and human rights. Our rights to choose to take care of our bodies and when we choose to reproduce are both important and they begin with the bodily autonomy and health of our cycles. Paid Period Leave empowers the recovery of menstruating people during the low energy, rest and recovery phases of the luteal and menstrual phases of their menstrual cycle. With PPL, menstruating folks can decide which days, proposing a maximum of 2-4 days per month for those whose cycles are smoother to manage and ideal proposal of 7 days per month for those who especially struggle with their cycles. Women who are menstruating (not pregnant) have the freedom to decide which days are best for them with a no-questions asked PPL. While a pregnant woman/person may be allotted 4 months of pregnancy leave, a total of approx. 121 days of paid leave, a menstruating woman/person may be allotted 84 days each year, which amounts to a total of 7 days per month, to rest and heal. As women and as menstruating people, our health is connected to our productivity, we cannot separate the two nor deserve to be discriminated against for our right to equitable pay. Our rights to choose to take care of our bodies and when we choose to reproduce are both important and can be protected with PPL.  Reproductive freedom looks like the right to an abortion, the right to rest prior and during menstruation, and wage equity. When women and menstruating folks are supported with PPL, they are free to prioritize their health well-being and their productivity is positively improved. Reproductive freedom looks like Paid Period Leave. It's a win-win. Productivity improves with health and wellness. We can empower women's labor as essential for the economy and society. Paid Period-leave is a big step towards health, reproductive justice, and wage equity. Please sign the petition, comment, and stay in touch! How does PPL make you feel? Do you have any ideas for PPL? What does gender equity look like for you?  Love and Justice, Xalxikurii (For more information, please contact via email.)

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Petition to Joan Huffman, Bryan Slaton

Fully Fund the Family Planning Program in Texas!

The Family Planning Program (FPP) is a state-based program that provides critical sexual and reproductive healthcare services to hundreds of thousands of Texans. This popular program is one of the best ways for people to get same day health services. The only problem is that FPP often runs out of money halfway through the year due to high demand, and this has been going on for a long time. Clients have even been put in waiting lists that that last up to two months for highly effective long-acting reversible contraceptive methods such as hormonal implants and IUDs. The Title X Family Planning Program also provides live-saving preventive services, prenatal care, testing and treatment for STIs, contraceptive care and basic health screenings. It is important to note that ‘fully funding the family planning program’ means that we are meeting current need at current clinics, but we still have a lot of work to do in the coming years/decades to ensure that all Texans have access to healthcare. The Legislature can increase funding for FPP to meet the current and growing need for family planning services in Texas. Legislature must appropriate at least $153.6 million in all funds for the Family Planning Program. On February 2024, State Representative Bryan Slaton filed House Bill 2709 which could open doors for Texans to be prosecuted for the use of emergency contraception. This could potentially hurt the full funding of FPP as this funding could help inhibit Title X clinics from giving contraceptive services. As an additional note abortion is not covered by the Family Planning Program (nor it is legal in Texas), while some conservatives feel comfortable advocating for the kinds of services covered by FPP—prenatal care, cancer screenings, STI testing and treatment, and contraceptive care—others might not because of a pervasive belief that family planning care is shorthand for abortion. This issue is very focused on maternal health; talking about reproductive health in the Texas Legislature is VERY delicate. While the FPP is funded in the base budget, there is always the possibility that funding can get taken out if someone gets upset about it. What Can We Do? Sign this Petition! We plan to send these signatures to the Senate Finance Committee as that is one the committees in Legislature that control the budget. They decide which programs should get increases and which programs should be cut. Because this is an issue that specifically deals with funding, those are the important committees. We also plan on sending these signatures to State Representative Bryan Slaton. Find your Rep: Look up your representative through Call your Rep: Now that HB 2709 is filed, we have no time to waste, call your Rep. today! What can you say? You can say something along the lines of “My name is ____ and Representative _____ is my representative. I want to ask him/her to not sign on as a co-author to House Bill 2709 by Representative Slaton to ______ ”

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