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Petition to Ron DeSantis, Florida State Senate, Florida State House

Instate Rent Control in Florida During COVID-19 Pandemic

The COVID-19 Pandemic has affected many residents of the state of Florida. Many people have lost their jobs, sources of income, and loved ones. Now as an added stress many are having to deal with increases in rent. I am a resident at Cortland World Gateway in Orlando and I have been a resident here for 2.5 years in a household of 3 people including myself. We are up for renewal now in December 2020 and we just got our renewal letter where they increased our rent price from $2,098 to $2,810, which is a 33% increase! This is not inflation, but price gouging!  In the new world, we live in, many people do not have the resources to just simply move and to find another place to live. In our household alone, two of us have been furloughed in one of our two jobs, and the third had to take a pay cut at work. This is just within our household alone. It's without a doubt that there are others in Cortland World Gateway and in the state of Florida as a whole that are facing similar, if not significantly worse financial situations during this pandemic. These actions are reprehensible, unethical, predatory! Our government must step up to protect its citizens from Orlando to Miami to Tampa.(See other examples happening around the State.) We are asking for the state of Florida to step up and protect its citizens, from greedy corporations (Like Cortland World Gateway) who are trying to make a profit at the expense of renters and those struggling the most. It is time for Florida to implement rent control methods that limit the increase in rent during this pandemic. Share this with your elected officials, family, and friends, to send a clear message that we are demanding action!

Alexander Gonzalez
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Petition to 920 Everett Street Tenant Association, Chinatown Community for Equitable Development (C

920 Everett Street – Stop the Lies, Harassment, and Threats of Violence

The tenants at 920 Everett Street have not paid rents since April 2020, were previously paying rents significantly below market for many years, harassed and threatened the two prior owners into not raising their rents and ultimately into selling the property, lied about their current situation at the property to the media and others, and now have illegally harassed and threatened the current owner with violence and harm. 920 Everett Street is a five-unit multifamily property built in 2000 and located in the rapidly gentrifying Chinatown area of Los Angeles, California.  Since it was built in 2000, the property previously was not under rent control.  The Tenant Protection Act of 2019 (Protection Act) extended a rent “cap” (on rent increases but not initial base rents) and eviction controls to anywhere in the state where rent control didn't already exist.  The law took effect on January 1, 2020.   Civil Code Section 1946.2 implements "just cause" limitations. They prohibit termination without just cause of a tenant who has lived in the unit for at least 12 months. These just causes include both tenant at-fault behavior (such as repeated late rent) and no-fault reasons (like owner move-ins).   Civil Code Section 1947.12 adds rent control to the mix, and prohibits increasing the annual rent more than the cost of living for that locality plus five percent, up to a maximum increase of ten percent of the prior rent. VF Developments (the current owner of 920 Everett Street) acquires smaller multifamily buildings located in gentrifying communities around Downtown Los Angeles.  VF Developments corrects the deferred maintenance at the properties they acquire that has plagued many properties in Los Angeles.   This deferred maintenance is the result of owners who have been unwilling or unable to make capital improvements.  After making the capital improvements and substantially improving the properties, VF Developments rents out the renovated apartment homes for a higher rental rate but significantly below the newer constructed properties offering renters the substantial value of architecturally stunning, like new housing but at an affordable price.  Contrary to what other articles and petitions have stated, VF Developments has not "flipped" any property for a profit and has stated their desire to hold the property long term. The current owner, Victoria Vu at VF Developments, is a young, successful female and minority entrepreneur.  Prior to founding her real estate company, she was a leader in the Halloween and dance festival costume design industry.  She has been nominated for awards for her exemplary professionalism, leadership role in the community and business, and serving as a mentor or a source of inspiration for other professional women.  Despite her success, her upbringing and journey to the US was challenging.  She is the daughter to a refugee and immigrant family from Vietnam.  Her family was forced to flee the war torn and violent country of Vietnam.  Her family was forced to resettle as a result of the war and chaos in Southeast Asia during the 1970’s. They have made the US their home and, now, Victoria Vu and her family are being threatened, harassed, and bullied in the country that helped “resettle” them by the same people who fled these areas as well. The tenants have not paid rent since mid April 2020 – living rent free for more than six months.  Given the eviction moratorium continues until early next year, the tenants will have lived at the property for nearly one year without paying rent.  Prior to mid April 2020, the tenants were paying rent significantly below market.   The tenants were paying monthly rents ranging from $1,150 to $1,250 for an 800 square feet, two-bedroom, two bath unit.  The average rent of $1,180 was significantly below the current market monthly rent of $2,600 to $3,300 for two-bedroom units at similar properties in the area – costing the prior owners hundreds of thousands of dollars of lost rent over the years and the current owner tens of thousands of dollars of lost rent as well.  The owner has now had to pay for the monthly mortgage payments and operating expenses while the tenants live for free and harass and torment the owner. The tenants and their supporters have loudly proclaimed that "Chinatown is not for sale!" as their rallying cause.  Although Chinatown may not be for sale, the apartment property and land located at 920 Everett Street was actively listed for sale and actually sold several times in the past few years (and to no less than Asian owners and immigrants to the US who were forced to leave their country due to wars).  The sale advertisements listed quotes such as "Strong Immediate Upside in Market Rents", "Rare Non-Rent Controlled Offering", and "over 40% of upside in the rents that can be capitalized within a short period after ownership". One can simply Google "920 Everett Street" and see dozens of sale listings for 920 Everett Street. The tenants at 920 Everett Street have also told the media and others that they are being evicted during the Covid 19 pandemic.   Pursuant to the City of  Los Angeles Eviction Moratorium, the now expired California Judicial Council Emergency Rules, and now AB-3088,  "The COVID-19 Tenant Relief Act of 2020", the owner of 920 Everett Street is currently not legally able to process Unlawful Detainer (eviction) actions through the court.  At all times the owner of 920 Everett Street has complied with the relevant ordinances, laws, and statutes.  There have been no evictions occurring at 920 Everett Street during this pandemic and to date as well.  In addition, 920 Everett Street tenants’ own Facebook page has posted a letter from the owner's attorney stating such position. The tenants at 920 Everett Street have harassed, bullied, and threatened the prior two owners into not raising their rents to market levels forcing them to ultimately sell the property.  This harassment has included threatening emails and phone calls, protests at their offices and homes, and unwarranted and incorrect media attention and articles. Succumbing to these threats and harassment and fearing for their safety from the 920 Everett Street tenants and their supporters, both owners sold the property to another owner.    The tenants had so terrified the prior owner that they sold the property in January 2020 for a loss, after including closing costs, after owning for just four months. The tenants at 920 Everett Street and their supporters have now harassed, bullied, and threatened with harm and violence Victoria Vu.  This harassment and threats have also been directed at the other employees, vendors, investors and even family members of VF Developments.  The tenants have flaunted this law violation by brazenly posting the letter from an attorney demanding they stop these illegal and potentially harmful actions - all the while they continue to and encourage others to harass and torment Victoria Vu and other employees and investors. One can simply review the 920 Everett Street tenants’ own Facebook page and the Chinatown Community for Equitable Development’s (CCED) Facebook page as well as several petitions - to see the comments in the posts and reader comments regarding threats of violence and harm.  This has included derogatory and demeaning comments about her personal physical appearance.  This has  also included homophobic and transphobic hate comments, texts, and calls to VF Development’s principals and employees.  In addition to the posts and comments on 920 Everett Street tenants’ and CCED’s social media, Victoria Vu has also suffered from a harmful, dangerous, and illegal “calling campaign” or "doxing" motivated by posting her personal email, home address, and phone number publicly on the internet.  Doxing, or doxxing, is the Internet-based practice of researching and publicly broadcasting private or identifying information (especially personally identifying information) about an individual or organization.  Penal Code 653.2 PC is California’s law against posting harmful material on the internet. It is sometimes referred to as “indirect electronic harassment” or “indirect cyber-harassment.” This is because the comments invite or encourage someone other than the person making them to harass or threaten the subject.   Under PC 653.2, “harassment” consists of knowing and willful conduct that: 1) is directed at a specific person, 2) serves no legitimate purpose, and 3) would be alarming, annoying, tormenting, or terrorizing to a reasonable person.   Penal Code 653m is California’s law against annoying phone calls, texts and emails. A person violates 653m PC when they:  1) make a telephone call or send a text message or email that is obscene or threatening, or 2) make a series of repeated communications of any nature with the intent to harass or annoy the person to whom they are directed.   Consequences of violating California Penal Code 653m can include up to 6 months in county jail and/or a fine of up to $1,000.  Again, a review of the 920 Everett Street social media pages affiliated with the tenants and their supporters as well as the harassing and threatening social media posts, phone calls, text messages, and emails to Victoria Vu clearly shows that the tenants and their supporters have knowingly, willingly, and brazenly broken the above laws with the intent to cause harm - despite being warned in writing by an attorney to stop such illegal and harmful actions (the letter was actually posted to the tenant's Facebook page).  This evidence has all been saved and documented. Please join the property owners and other supporters throughout the Chinatown and Los Angeles areas who have pledged their support and sign this petition!

Darrin Lim
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Petition to Western National Property Management, Michael K. Hayde, Cyndy Breit, Rex F. Delong, Laura A Khouri, Jeffrey R. Scott

Anaheim, CA- Immediate Discount on Rent for Monte Verde Apartments

With the onset of COVID-19, many thousands of workers are still on unemployment due to the closures relating to the pandemic.  Theme parks, nightclubs, restaurants, bars and other destination type venues have been hit the hardest and many of us are still wondering and stressing how we are going to be able to pay rent.  As the government takes a vacation without passing another COVID Relief Bill, they leave hard working Americans depending only on unemployment and struggling to pay bills.   For three months the tenants at Monte Verde Apartments were given a 5% discount, only because our amenities were closed.  Now we are asked to pay our full amount of rent when we are making a significantly less amount of money. I am proposing that Western National Property Management give the tenants at Monte Verde Apartments a 25% discount on rent until the threat of COVID has been eradicated and we can return to work.  It is simply unAmerican to live in fear of not being able to pay rent, or buy food, or pay medical bills during a global pandemic that has been exacerbated by the inaction of our leaders.   I am calling on the following Leadership Team Members of the Western National Group to step up and help the struggling tenants of the Monte Verde Apartments: Michael K. Hayde, Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Office of Western National Group.   Cyndy Breit, Senior Vice President of Western National Group.   Rex F. Delong, President of Western National Properties.   Laura A. Khouri, President of Western National Property Management.  

Jennifer Philippi
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Petition to Donald J. Trump, J.B. Pritzker, Google, Inc, Jeff Bezos, Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, Mike Pence, Mitch McConnell, ACLU, Nami

We Demand Fundamental & Direct Financial Relief For All During The Covid-19 Emergency

The impact of novel coronavirus Covid-19 is harming our most vulnerable communities. Houseless folks, people with both mental and/or physical disabilities, the immunocompromised, senior citizens, LGBTQ+, racial minorities (at a disproportionate rate to white communities), and the working class are and will continue to be disproportionally affected by the bungled response to Covid-19 from our federal government. A State of Emergency Declaration, student loan interest forgiveness, extra test kits, canceled events, closed schools, reduced flights, reducing/eliminating caps on internet data, shelter-in-place orders, and emailed cleanliness updates from various businesses and brands, although helpful and valued, is not nearly enough to support our fellow Americans in this time of crisis.Every single American, rich or poor, young or old, healthy or unhealthy, should have the fundamental right to engage in full social distancing until a vaccine is readily available. They should be able to do so without fear of losing their sources of support, income, or run an unreasonable risk of exposing themselves or others to Covid-19 inspired by a lack of PTO or any circumstance that would jeopardize their livelihood moving forward. If we do not take swift and drastic steps to financially support our most vulnerable citizens we will not only fail at flattening the curve and thus overwhelm our broken healthcare system, but we will set a new immoral standard for future emergencies to come. A STANDARD THAT SHOUTS: Only those who can drive themselves to the store, only those who can afford to hoard more food and supplies than they realistically need, only those with healthcare, only those with disposable income, only those who can work from home, only those who do not depend on tips, only those who do not live paycheck to paycheck, and only those who do not toggle the line of undue hardship with every plausible financial emergency, only THESE privileged individuals and families are valued enough to survive a pandemic and its economical effects.  This new standard should not be allowed. Apathy should not be tolerated. This is not a disaster movie for the entertainment of the rich. This is not the Hunger Games or The Purge, but the moral clause of those fictional dramatizations is valid.  We all deserve a fighting chance. We are calling upon President Donald J. Trump, Vice President Mike Pence, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, all of Congress, every state and city government, all major streaming and social media platforms, all major corporations, and ALL AMERICAN BILLIONAIRES to prioritize similar and reasonable versions of the following demands:- Temporary compensation up to $2,000 per month to any adult American unable to work or secure their normal income during the Covid-19 National Emergency and Quarantine. - Immediate rent and mortgage forgiveness for at least one calendar year for tenants and landlords facing undue hardship.- Order all sit-down restaurants to temporarily close with the exception of pickup and delivery services, and provide additional financial support to restaurant workers and small hospitality businesses.- Support small businesses and mid-sized restaurant groups with fair stimulus packages to aid in giving workers ample PTO for the next two months.- All delivery fees waived for various services such as Amazon, Instacart, GrubHub, UberEats, DoorDash, Caviar, etc, giving support to our economy while encouraging further social distancing, while also helping control massive panic purchasing. - Funding for additional care packages for all blue-collar workers who will not have the luxury to work from home in order to keep our economy stable and functioning through these most difficult first weeks. Free medicines, cleaning supplies, childcare resources, food, clothing, PTO, and assistance with PCP appointments should be provided in abundance to help stabilize and support the backbone of our society. - Waive the waiting period for employment insurance and/or reimburse workers for Covid-19 related medical assistance while waiting for employment benefits to start. - Provide additional childcare resources to parents who are unable to take time off work while their children are not in school and/or give stipends up to $1,000 as needed per child to help alleviate the sudden cost and hardship imposed by any government-mandated school shutdown.  - Fully fund the immediate construction and staffing of emergency hospitals in every major city, or wherever most needed.- Limit ALL panic-buying by encouraging stores to place caps on various bath tissues and home cleaning products so that such products are readily available to everyone throughout the duration of these first precious weeks.- Make ALL public transportation 100% free at a national level.- Make Covid-19 testing available on a remote/mail-in basis, where a sick individual can request to send a cheek swab or other similar test to an official testing facility. This will aid in helping hospitals to not become overwhelmed and stay organized.- Extra disability and unemployment payouts for anyone currently disabled/unemployed, or any person who becomes disabled/unemployed due to the effects of Covid-19.- Increase funding to homeless shelters to provide extra medicine, supplies, fluids, nourishment, and extra/spaced out sleeping arrangements for anyone enduring a period of houselessness.  - Increase funding to all mental health facilities to provide extra medicine, supplies, fluids, nourishment, and extra/spaced out sleeping arrangements for anyone enduring a period of in-patient treatment, or for whom regular outpatient treatment is vital to sustaining their quality of life. - Encourage rideshare applications Lyft and Uber to offer increased discounts and free rides to all individuals experiencing economical hardships related to Covid-19 on a weekly or bi-monthly basis for at least four months.- 100% free highway tolls for one calendar year.- Encourage streaming platforms like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime to show FREE content on the following: Updated and ongoing information on Covid-19, best safe practices, and local resources. - Encourage social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to swiftly remove wrong information, limit paid ads and replace with updated and ongoing information on Covid-19, best safe practices, and local resources. Also to host, sponsor, and spotlight support group blitzes allowing folks with means to financially help folks in need by sharing PayPal, Venmo, and CashApp UNs. - FREE doctor visits and/or medical reimbursement for all uninsured or underinsured folks who are in high-risk groups and/or are very sick and require testing and hospitalization.  - Additional funding to the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) and other similar organizations to help raise awareness and provide support for ALL Americans, to help educate and prevent widespread panic, and to help curb/reduce/calm suicidal thoughts and tendencies during this period of extreme social unrest. - Additional funding to LGBTQ+ organizations (i.e. The Trevor Project) in an effort to support the LGBTQ+ community, particularly the transgender and non-binary communities, who receive disproportionately improper medical care compared to straight and cis-gendered Americans. - Encourage all celebrities in the music, film, television, and online industries to raise awareness of resources and best practices, to lead by example through their public platform(s), and to donate their millions to worthwhile charities and/or directly to individuals in need. (They should sign and share this petition too.) - Research, observe, follow, adjust, and enact successful practices implemented by other countries to both support citizens in need and reduce the spread of Covid-19. - A REQUEST TO CITIZENS TO: Hold every politician either currently in office or running for office accountable for every action made during this Covid-19 emergency. Write, email, DM, @, and call them constantly. Encourage every local, state, and federal representative to reach out to their constituents early and often with research and analytic updates in addition to information on any new available resources. (They should sign and share this petition too.) - All of the above, PLUS any other reasonable and fair means to support hard-working Americans of all ages, races, genders, sexual orientations, political affiliations, class levels, and mental/physical ability.  Some wealthy Americans are seeking refuge in "Survival Condos" located in abandoned nuclear missile silos. (Source: Vice.) They are choosing to spend their money on selfish, panic-induced grandiosity instead of doing what is right by everyone in society who helped to make them rich. The Fed will inject $1.5 trillion in Wall Street bid to prevent "unusual disruptions" in markets. (Source: The Wall Street Journal.) If the federal government can do this now but not provide the same level of financial support to those who will need it to survive, our markets are doomed no matter what. We have to act NOW. As Americans existing under capitalism, our power and choice to purchase goods and services is the beating heart of millionaire and billionaire fairy tales of success. Without us, rich individuals and huge corporations would have nothing to show for themselves. It is time for the privileged at all levels to shift their gaze from their mirror to their feet and help those struggling on the ladder rungs beneath them. In this time of crisis, we demand all governments both local and national join together with the star power of all persons and companies that can afford to help and put their money where their mouths are. Help us now and we will remember. Fail us now and we will never forget. We are all in this together. If you are able, please sign and share this petition. Thank you. Be safe, be smart, be kind.

Katie Louisa
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