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Petition to NERSA - National Energy Regulator of SA, Minister of Energy

Drop the price of electricity by 40% and uplift South Africa

SIGN AND SHARE VIA EMAIL, FACEBOOK AND ON WHATSAPP. The goal is at least ONE MILLION signatures calling for a 40% REDUCTION in tariffs. Eskom plans to increase tariffs by 20% a year and municipalities are already adding additional charges to your bill. The current high electricity prices threaten all South Africans, all businesses and every possibility of a prosperous economic future for you and generations to come. Furthermore, the amended Electricity Regulation Act (ERA) states you need to register and pay Nersa for your personal generators and solar panels. Non-compliance with any provision of the act is a criminal offence which is punishable by a fine of up to R5 million and imprisonment for up to 5 years. However, together we have the power to REDUCE tariffs and challenge the act right now, without any effort or cost to you. Explosive allegations of overcharging and inflated profits have been made in Parliament against Eskom by independent energy analyst, Ted Blom. He is now leading the charge for a 40% REDUCTION in tariffs as there is evidence we have been overcharged by both Eskom and municipalities for years. Ted Blom is presenting a case to the National Energy Regulator of SA at public hearings in each province throughout November. As part of the presentation, we need to show evidence, in the form of a petition, of a large number of South Africans troubled by high electricity costs and unnecessary charges. SIGN THE PETITION NOW Success in this objection relies on your signature alongside that of thousands of others who feel electricity costs are too high. And we are not stopping there. We intend to take this matter further and into a possible legal challenge aimed at rescuing our economy by lowering the cost of electricity for every South African citizen and business. Electricity prices have been increased dramatically and without justification by municipalities and Eskom for many years. We are facing yet another increase which will push many businesses and individuals deeper into an already unaffordable situation. These unnecessary tariff hikes have stunted economic growth and destroyed job opportunities. The latest proposed increase will result in a loss of a further 180,000 jobs. How a 40% reduction in the cost of electricity will benefit you; An immediate economic growth of between 3 and 6%. An immediate decrease in unemployment as over 1 million new jobs per year could be realised. Financial independence for the unemployed - 70% of which are under 35 years old. Improve SA’s outlook from a third world collapsing economy towards a first world prospering economy. Improved standard of living for you and your children. A shift in international credit ratings, away from junk status, which will stimulate investment. Improved economic & political stability Create an opportunity for consumers to purchase electricity from Independent Power Producers, including renewables. SIGN THE PETITION NOW Proposed dates for the Public Hearings;Western Cape, Cape Town 30 October 2017Eastern Cape, Port Elizabeth 01 November 2017KwaZulu-Natal, Durban 03 November 2017Northern Cape, Kimberly 06 November 2017Limpopo, Polokwane 08 November 2017Mpumalanga, Mbombela 10 November 2017North West, City of Matlosana 13 November 2017Free State, Bloemfontein 15 November 2017Gauteng, Midrand 16 November 2017

Ted Blom -
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Petition to Anjali Kausar

Support a CUSD Solar Program

Climate change is an important issue affecting our world today. Major hurricanes are becoming a seemingly common occurrence, ice caps are melting rapidly, coral reefs are bleaching, and asthma is becoming ever more common, due to the fouling of our air. The Cupertino Union School District, as well as citizens, must show leadership by supporting a bond measure to fund a solar program. If the Board of Educators put a bond question on the ballot and the citizens approve, then the District will sell bonds to investors. The bonds will be paid back with interest using a small increase in property taxes. Solar panels would drastically cut down on the District’s energy bill. This is because PG&E uses an energy system known as “net metering.” Net metering happens when excess electricity is produced through solar or when energy is consumed due to a shortage of solar energy. When solar production is lower than consumption, then PG&E will cover the remainder and the District must pay for that electricity. However, when solar production is greater than consumption, then the excess electricity goes to PG&E, and PG&E pays the District for the energy they receive. The final bill then becomes a result of the District using and creating electricity, effectively running the meter both ways. For example, on “Summer weekdays, when school is not in session, the meter will be running backward when electricity is very expensive.” (FUHSD Solar Initiative, 2009). This is because the extra electricity generated by the solar panels is pushed back to PG&E at a high cost. Successfully installing solar panels has saved the Fremont Union High School District up to 67-68% of their energy bill. This translated to over a million dollars saved per year that the FUHSD used in more productive areas. And these important savings are necessary, as the District faces a large debt, and the costs of electricity are rising. According to the CUSD 2017-2018 Adoption Budget Financial Report, the District is projected to spend about $4.6 million in electricity; a nearly $700,000 increase from the last year. Taking from the example of the Fremont Union High School District, the costs were $33 million on solar, $5 to $7 million per school. If CUSD were to implement solar, then the bond size would be roughly $125 million, or $5 million per school. This is a larger cost than what FUHSD incurred, but the gains would also increase proportionately. A plan like this resonates with residents who would like to see school ratings go up with extra funding, as well as having an increase in property values due to better schools. Therefore, we call upon the Cupertino Union School District to to place a bond measure on the ballot for citizens to vote on. For the benefit of our planet and our education, we must act now; proving to ourselves and everyone else that we CAN make a difference. Indifference is not an option.

Abhinav Ganesh
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Petition to City Council of Chesapeake

Support Solar Power Generation in Chesapeake

We the undersigned citizens of Chesapeake and the surrounding communities support the development of solar power in our city as a clean renewal energy resource. Solar power generation is compatible with the Comprehensive Plan objectives of encouraging the development of alternative energy sources and improving local air quality by reducing fossil fuel “smokestack” emissions across the state. Solar energy will reduce environmental degradation in Virginia and neighboring states caused by mountaintop removal mining, the disposal of new coal ash, the contamination of rivers from mining and fracking, and air pollution. Utility scale solar energy production - solar farms - will provide our city with cost-effective solutions while providing agricultural farm owners with options to increase their financial opportunities while safeguarding their land from permanent development. Many neighboring cities have seen unfettered encroachment within their rural areas. Solar power farms are a lower impact use of the land, reducing the pressure for residential development. Restricting solar farms to land zoned Industrial will have negative consequences. Acquiring existing industrial land is very costly and will make solar energy much more expensive, thus causing us to continue to use energy sources that cause far greater destruction to the our air, water, natural areas, and ultimately our health. Re-zoning currently agricultural land as industrial will, almost literally, pave the way for that land to be used much more intensively in the future. The advantage of the solar farm was that it was relatively low intensity and allowed the land to be used for other options, including farming, in the future.

Support Solar in Chesapeake
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Petition to Jim Kenney, Darrell Clarke, Cindy Bass, Jannie Blackwell, Kenyatta Johnson, Curtis Jones, Maria D. Quinines Sanchez, Mark Squilla, Bobby Henon, Cherelle Parker, Brian J. O'Neill, Blondell Reynolds Brown, Allan Domb, Derek Green, David Oh, Helen Gym, William Greenlee, Al Taubenberger, Pamela A DeLissio, James R Roebuck Jr., Donna Bullock, Emilio Vazquez, Rosita Youngblood, Stephen Kinsey, Representative Chris Rabb, Angel Cruz, Jordan Harris, Art Haywood, Sharif Street, Vincent Hughes, Lawrence M Farnese Jr.


Another polluting power plant  is planned for a residential neighborhood in Philadelphia.  This plant would be in a neighborhood called Nicetown, where nearly 1/3 of children already have a diagnosis of asthma. The site is one mile from my house.  37,000 people live within 1 mile.  Since gas plant emissions cause a host of health problems including respiratory, cardiac, and cognitive dysfunction,  I wish to protect my neighborhood, and others who will be impacted by a rise in air pollution, especially growing children, the elderly, and the most vulnerable. As a public middle school teacher, I have felt helpless watching my students panic, straining to breathe.  Asthmatic students opt out of running, and playing physical games with friends.  Asthma causes students to stay home from school, and leave school early, sometimes en route to a hospital.   Please sign the petition to Mayor Kenney and local legislators, asking them to take action to prevent the gas plant from being constructed. The Southeastern Transportation Authority (SEPTA) has applied to build this gas plant, to generate electricity for their regional rail lines, but they have no actual use for more electrical power.  Philadelphia Electric Company (PECO) supplies all they need. SEPTA caved into funding threats, from certain powerful politicians, connected to the gas industry in PA, and is being forced to be a gas customer.  SEPTA's plant would burn gas transported by pipeline, from fracking wells in PA. Burning natural gas is less toxic than burning coal, but worse for the climate.  Both fossil fuels need to be abandoned in favor of renewable energy.  There is a 4-9% leakage rate of methane, from gas fields and additional leaks occur from pipelines and compressor stations. Methane is 86 to 105 times as warming to the atmosphere as CO2, over a 20 year time frame.  Please sign the petition to Mayor Kenney and local legislators, asking them to take action to prevent the gas plant from being constructed. To see the letter to local politicians, click on "read the letter" in small red words below. Thank you for your time and support!     

Lynn Robinson
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