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Protect National Monuments & Parks

To Whom It May Concern: One tenth of lands in the United States are protected, while 90 percent is controlled by other entities. While some may argue that oil and gas drilling will bring the most revenue to these areas, a long term perspective is needed to understand the importance of protecting all areas, including Bears Ears and Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monuments.  First of all, these lands are breathtaking.  Before you make a decision on these lands, we the people urge you to visit them. Take a hike. Breathe in the fresh air. And plug into nature for a moment.   Secondly, oil and gas production threatens this land and its beauty. The long-term effects are not worth the risk, especially when Bloomberg NEF projects that electric cars will comprise 54 percent of car sales globally by 2040. The demand for oil and gas will wane domestically in the coming decades, especially with the breadth of renewable energy sources available. In fact, Goldman Sachs projects that oil demand could peak as early as 2024, a mere six years and one month away. Renewable energy sources are the future of our energy sector; we do not need to bring any more land into oil and gas production. Ecotourism is a current trend which local areas could benefit from.  Opportunities for sustainable economic growth in local areas around Bears Ears and Grand Staircase-Escalante are immense, and can provide long-term benefits to the area. Headwaters Economics has published great information on the effects of the Grand Staircase-Escalante Monument; the 24 percent job growth from 2001-2015 is impressive and just the beginning.  Finally, in a country where mental health issues have reached an all-time high, and many cases still go unreported, citizens need access to National Parks and Monuments for their health and well-being. A hike in nature provides a boost of endorphins, which positively impacts depression, anxiety, ADHD, and more. Please consider our request to maintain these National Parks and Monuments in their entirety.  Land conservation is of intrinsic importance to our future. The People of the United States of America   Headwaters Economics Research:

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Got Asthma? Got Heart Disease? Got Dementia? Want Some?

Got Asthma?  Got Heart Disease? Got Dementia?  Want some?  Just let a natural gas power plant be built near you..   Please sign the petition to prevent a polluting gas power plant from being constructed in my neighborhood, in the city of Philadelphia.  37,000 people, 12 schools, 3 university campuses, and several day care centers operate within one mile of the site. Due to fear of gas industry politics, several organizations are afraid to even discuss the issue! SEPTA (Southeastern Transportation Authority) has applied to build this natural gas power plant, in a low income, African American neighborhood,  to generate electricity.  They claim it would be a "back-up system" for their regional rail lines. However, SEPTA has absolutely no need for increased electrical power.  In 2012, powerful state politicians in Harrisburg threatened SEPTA's funding. PA is a fracking state, and SEPTA was pressured to buy natural gas, or lose state funds.  This petition can help tip the scale, by pushing local politicians to stand up. Otherwise, we, the people, are collateral damage.   Natural gas warms the global atmosphere even more than other fossil fuels (oil and coal,) due to methane leaks, and it is poisoning water, soil, and air in formerly pristine drilling (fracking) areas of PA. Please sign the petition to Philadelphia's Mayor Kenney and local legislators, asking them to prevent SEPTA's gas plant from being constructed.   Thank you!

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Tell Congress: Focus On Growing the Economy, Not Drilling In the Arctic Wilderness

One of the wildest places left in America is being threatened again. Congress wants to let oil and gas companies drill in Alaska’s Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to pay for the cost of its misguided tax reform package. At the same time, Congress is also trying to eliminate tax credits for the clean energy industry – which employs more than 3 million workers across America. Congress created the Arctic Refuge in 1980 as the nation’s largest wildland. It barred oil and gas drilling there because there isn’t a more unique or more natural place left in our country By turning this iconic wilderness over to oil and gas companies, while simultaneously changing tax codes to impose more obstacles on the solar, wind and energy efficiency companies, Congress is picking winners and losers and gambling with the public lands that we all own. Ultimately, we’ll all end up losing. Clean energy industries now employ more Americans than fossil fuels. Solar and wind jobs projected to be the fastest-growing occupations in the country over the next decade. Staying shackled to oil is bad for our economy and our environment, beginning in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. Join E2 and sign your name on this petition telling Congress to get its priorities straight. Lawmakers need to know that selling off America’s public lands to petroleum companies while hamstringing clean energy and the millions of jobs that come with it isn’t what Americans want.

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