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Petition to United Nations, Amnesty International

Bring Human Rights Back For the Rohingyas

What Is This Petition For? Rohingya nation – ‘the worlds most persecuted minority.’ The Rohingyas are an ethnic Muslim group 1.1 million living people in the Rakhine state of Myanmar. There are mass killings of Rohingya Muslims, be-heading children and arson attacks, causing this to turn into the biggest human rights catastrophe. It is the deadliest violence in decades, nearly 400 people are being killed a week. A ‘cleansing’ on the 25 August 2017 left only a few survivors. One described his experience as “People getting shot on all parts of their bodies…” “They poured fuel on the bodies and burned them…” Other survivors had similar things to say, the Burmese soldiers cut their throats, raped women and set fire to the bodies of victims including women and children. This has become one of the world’s largest human rights violations. Essential Human Rights That Are Being Abused The Right to Seek a Safe Place to Live. There are more than half a million Rohingya refugees who flee to Bangladesh to escape the persecution in Myanmar, who now live in refugee camps. However, the majority remain unregistered. Although, Bangladesh considers most of the Rohingya who have crossed its borders and are living outside of camps as having "illegally infiltrated" the country. Bangladesh has often tried to prevent Rohingya refugees from crossing its borders. Right to a Nationality.   1982 citizenship law published in Myanmar have made most of them stateless. Rohingyas are the world’s largest group of stateless people, because are unwelcome not only in Myanmar but also in Bangladesh and India. Food and Shelter for All. Most of the refugees carried no food with them other than a little bit of rice. Even the Locals helped hand out food and supplies, but since they did not have experience working in a crisis situation, it was very disorganized. Many ended up living in makeshift camps that lack sufficient shelter, water, sanitation, food and healthcare. Religious & Political  Factors that Caused Their Persecution  Buddhism is the state religion, that covered  90% of the people in Myanmar while the Rohingya are the minority Muslim. The religious beliefs of the Rohingya are completely different and cannot be integrated into the mainstream society.  Successive Burmese government have failed to address since they have asked to have a local government of Islam before the Independence of Myanmar. This petition is to reach the United Nations where it will be addressed to the government and president of Myanmar, and to all the Rohingya Muslims who do not have a voice. We believe that every human being has the right to live with safety and dignity; we believe that every human has the right to freedom even if they are a different religion. It will go to everyone who wishes to end the genocide in Myanmar and stand up for human rights. Help us bring back the human rights for the Rohingyas please!  

Waiuku College Students
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Petition to Blacktown Council

Help save Prospect Musallah (prayer hall) Blacktown Council rejects prayer hall application, moves to shut down Prospect Musallah Blacktown Council has rejected an application for a Muslim prayer hall on Blacktown Road. The council claimed the site, identified as Prospect Musallah, is currently being used as an unauthorised place of worship. Council inspectors claimed up to 100 people enter the building around noon each Friday – more than the maximum of 70 in the development application. The occupants applied to demolish the existing building and build a two-storey prayer hall, complete with a library and kitchen. A council report claimed the application was in response to letters attempting to shut down the unauthorised site. More than 200 residents signed a petition opposing the application, and 22 wrote to the council to express their concerns. The council noted issues with the application including traffic issues with the site’s proximity to a busy roundabout and the Great Western Highway, a lack of room for overflow parking, and the unsuitability of a prayer hall in a low density residential zone. The official report noted Blacktown Council “welcomes and embraces religious diversity”. “There are numerous authorised churches, temples, mosques and other places of worship operating across our city in a manner which does not adversely affect local neighbourhood amenity,” it stated. “Many places of worship are located in rural or industrial areas, as larger sites in these zones can more readily handle on-site parking and traffic.” The council will now resume the legal process of shutting down the unauthorised site of worship, which could require a court order through the Land and Environment Court.  

Nazifa Salim
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