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Petition to Freedom to Pray, T-Mobile, T-Mobile Media Relations

#KeepPrayerFree & stop T-Mobile from charging callers for prayer on free conference lines

Prayer should never come with a cost. The right to pray for free is under attack by T-Mobile. Despite its aggressive advertising campaign – including Super Bowl spots – positioning the company as the #Uncarrier for offering the “first unlimited subscription” void of surcharges, bogus fees and assorted taxes, the mobile conglomerate is waging a war on prayer. T-Mobile is blatantly, but surreptitiously charging an additional $0.01 per minute to customers who call prayer lines using free conference call services. One such service that has been affected is, of which tens of thousands of prayer line callers have been affected by these charges and have taken to social media to voice their opinions about T-Mobile. Many T-Mobile customers call into prayer lines multiple times a week to pray with others for long periods of time, resulting in hundreds of dollars a year added to their service plan costs. By forcing them to pay additional fees for these calls, T-Mobile is effectively cutting off a spiritual lifeline for its loyal customers who cannot afford these charges. We are asking for your help to take action to prevent T-Mobile and any other greedy cellphone carriers who follow suit from gouging and targeting prayer customers with unnecessary and unfair costs. We strongly urge everyone interested in maintaining religious liberty to support the right of all people to pray together, free of costs and other barriers. Please call upon T-Mobile and any other corporations considering similar action to stop charging customers unfair, punitive and discriminatory fees that were designed to prevent faithful people of all religions from praying for free. Help the millions of individuals who utilize these services for prayer by signing this petition. 

Freedom to Pray
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Petition to Iowa State House, Ako Abdul-Samad, Greg Forristall, Kevin Koester, Mary Mascher, Brian Best, Terry Branstad

Stop HF 261- Iowa 2017

Tell the Iowa House of Representatives that you do NOT support the Human Resources sub-comittee bill HF 261 that would take away religious exemptions. No matter what side of the isle you are on there is a strong argument NOT to support this bill. Mary Mascher, as a Democrat you can't only stand up for the right of the mother to have an abortion, you must also fight for the mother's rights over her child after it's born! And for the Republicans supporting this bill, you were elected by conservatives who don't appreciate you encroaching on the religious rights this country was formed on. As a Christian, you must believe that God made his creation perfect, with the abilities to heal itself and keep itself free from disease if properly nourished. Conservatives should not be forced to inject our children with hazardous chemicals that we can't prove the long run safety of or aborted DNA cells which can also be found in a lot of vaccines. Are you really going to force people who have religious convictions to take their children out of school? Then try to make homeschool considered "private" school with vouchers so that their only option is to move out of the state of Iowa!?Romans 12:2 "And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God." If you believe in God and Creation, then take comfort in the idea that your body is created in God's image, meaning that you are a perfect healing being as is He. If you believe in evolution and Darwinism, then take comfort in the idea that your body is the result of millions of years of evolution that have given you a successful, proven DNA blueprint for preventing sickness and disease -- long before vaccines and western medicine ever came along. No matter what your philosophical approach, either way you still believe that your body is an amazing self-healing organism. And that's good news because it means you already have the blueprint for powerful healing. No matter which side of the vaccine debate or the political isle you are on there is a strong valid argument not to support this bill.  This petition was drawn up by All Natural Mom's & Dad's of Central Iowa on behalf of the parents of Iowa. 

All Natural Mom's & Dad's of Central Iowa
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