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Petition to Instagram, Adam Mosseri

Demand Religious Equality on Instagram

ProblemIs supporting religious discrimination an official policy of Instagram? The Facebook owned social media giant seems to willingly censor and punish Satanists, using irrelevant Community Guidelines as a means to limit the accounts of users. A meme parodying golden age Christian comic strips was taken down for supposedly "targeting a private individual or sharing personal information to harass or blackmail". A promoted post with a t-shirt displaying a pentagram was blocked under the guise of selling "sexual products or services". We don't know what Instagram does with their t-shirts, but this arbitrary action seemed unimaginable until we witnessed it firsthand.Simply removing a post in error would be less of an offense on the social network's part, but we have determined a pattern of repeated harassment and discriminatory actions coming from within the offices of Instagram. From attacks on the individual account to preventing advertising (yes, they've actually refused our money) we've seen it all. When a post is removed, it also delivers a strike against the account in question. A penalty known as a "shadow-ban" is imposed which restricts the user's account, making any hashtags used in posts invisible, their account undiscoverable to potential new followers, and rendering their posts less visible. In addition, a warning is sent that any future violations may result in the suspension or termination of the account in question. But what if there were no violations in the first place? The options for recourse with Instagram are non-existent. Messages go unanswered, appeals and requests for help ignored, and there's absolutely nothing the average person can do to address these problems with Instagram.This seems to be a clear cut case of religious discrimination. Posts involving Satanism are repeatedly removed, absurd reasons are given for penalizing the account, and we are left with no option to remedy the situation. Meanwhile, Christian pages on Instagram which attack women's rights and the LGBT community are allowed to remain, which appears to show a position of official religious preference being taken by Instagram. We demand religious equality on Instagram. If Christians, Muslims and other religions are allowed to have a platform, then the same should apply to Satanists.SolutionWe are calling on Adam Mosseri, CEO of Instagram, to make a statement addressing why the company is systematically targeting Satanic users; to re-train or dismiss the employees who have been complicit in these discriminatory practices; to penalize or remove Instagram users who improperly report posts; and to eliminate future incidences of Instagram employees' improper use of irrelevant policies for the purpose of religious discrimination.Personal storyAs a small business serving a religious minority, we rely on our social media accounts to interact with customers, to advertise, and to have our products seen by people around the world. This is how the rent gets paid and how we put food on our plates. When we are penalized it hurts our business, and in turn hurts our quality of life. To know that this is being done on religious grounds is unsettling to say the least.

Benjamin James
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Petition to Department of Justice

Protect the Sacred Sacramental Use of Cannabis by the Oklevueha Native American Church

All who wish to choose their path into the future rather than react to the burdens the federal government has imposed should join in this petition. The Oklevueha Native American Church (ONAC) merged the earth based healing and empowering spiritual traditions of the Indigenous American Native Religious Cultures of the Lakota Sioux and the Seminoles. We bring to you a concern of great importance of our Spiritual Freedoms. Below is a list of Native American religious rights that are being infringed upon. We as ONAC are making a stand for these rights. We come to you asking only to stand with us in support of our mutual rights. Overview The Oklevueha Native American Church is petitioning the U.S. Department of Justice's Religious Freedom Task Force (RFTF) to protect the fundamental right of American Native Indians to not be second guessed in the reasonableness of their sacred ancestral religious beliefs. The original Native American Church (founded in 1918 by spiritually dedicated Indigenous American Native Elders who represented several tribal groups) was formed in order to preserve all of the Sacred Indigenous American Native Authentic Ancestral Religious Sacramental Plants (which included cannabis) and Cultural Traditions. U.S. Department of Justice's Religious Task Force In 1918, there was only minor attention by the US Government on the sacred sacramental use of cannabis by tribal peoples. Now, because state entities are passing legislation to legalize the recreational use of the sacred medicinal plant, it has become necessary to protect its religious and sacramental use from government interventions or harassment. As it pertains to the ritual use by ONAC of cannabis for its sacramental activities, ONAC asserts its ancestral rights which existed long before the formation of the American Constitution and Bill of Rights. Purpose of the Petition Whenever the U.S. government forces any American Native Indian religious adherent to modify his or hers sincerely held beliefs and practices it interferes with the inalienable rights of the individual and the autonomy of sovereign nations. ONAC’s petition to the RFTF will proclaim that its religious rights are equal to but not greater than the rights of any other American Indian Church or religious beliefs.  Links Oklevueha Native American Church (ONAC) Jeff Sessions announces a religious liberty task force to combat “dangerous” secularism Cannabis in Native American’s Culture and Religion  5 Facts About How Cannabis Was Used By Native Americans

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Petition to Tamara Barringer, David E. Price, Nelson Dollar, Philip E. (Phil) Berger, Roy Cooper, Tim Moore, Howard Hunter, Brenden Jones, Kelly M. Alexander, Jr.

Help to Change NC State Cremation Law

My name is Kristin Christensen and my husband Daniel and I are petitioning to change NC G.S. 90-210.129 Section H, in regards to cremation laws. In January we discovered that we were pregnant with our first child. After spending the first half of my pregnancy elated with joy knowing that they were going to be having a baby girl, surprising news came at the 19 week mark when we found out that we were actually having a rare set of high risk identical twin girls! Monoamniotic monochorionic- also know as MoMo's, our twins were in the same sac with no membrane separating them, allowing them to tangle or injure one another. Just shy of 23 weeks (1 week before I could be admitted to the hospital to be monitored 24/7 due to the high risk situation) we were crushed to discover the twins had passed away due to cord entanglement. While grieving, Dan and I decided to have our girls surgically removed (per the doctors, it was the safer choice for myself rather than being induced and delivering them) and having them cremated. Due to the grim nature of the procedure, however, it was impossible for us to see the remains afterwards, though we were able to obtain footprints of our little angels. This was where our physical and emotional pain was put on hold and where legalities came into play.  Two days following the procedure, we received a phone call from the funeral home stating that the remains were still at the hospital. Our twins were apparently sent together and due to the North Carolina law which states, "The simultaneous cremation of the human remains of more than one person withinthe same cremation chamber is forbidden", they could not be legally cremated. We were offered a plot of land for burial, which was not our wish, and even told that we could easily abide by the law by just pulling apart the remains and re-bagging them into two! We were absolutely disgusted; how could this be the appropriate solution for already heartbroken parents? We have contacted our senators, house of representatives, the NC State Funeral Board and even gone on and were interviewed by WRAL local news. We have received condolences and nothing more than a "my hands are tied" reaction to all. We also keep getting reminded that this is so rare and "never happens". Well now it has and we want change.  In March of 2017, NC House Bill 529 was filed with new wording to modify the state law, expressing how the cremation of multiple bodies could be allowed with the condition, "The human remains of multiple fetuses from the same mother and the same birth." To date, the bill was not passed nor does it appear to have been voted on. In researching our options, we have discovered that South Carolina and Virginia, along with multiple other states, have similar laws, stating multiple cremations may be allowed, permitting written consent. In our plight, we have received multiple offers from our neighboring states to cross over and have our twins cremated together; modifications can be met and we are striving to have this rule changed so that no grieving family, parent or child, has to go through such additional heartache. Death requires peace and comfort to the survivors and we feel that our state is making this impossible time even more difficult and we will not rest until our voices are heard. 

Kristin Christensen
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Petition to Gurbir S. Grewal, Barbara D. Underwood, U.S. DOJ, Anne Cawley, Brad R. Weidel, Virginia Menschner, Ed Markunas, Frank Hagen, President, UAMA, Imam/President , Hillside Islamic Center, President, Darulislah, Islamic Society of North America, Michael Klein, Daniel Kraushaar, US Department of Justice State of NJ

Bullying & my Civil/Religious Rights Violation!

Yet another despicable act by 2 bullies in the Suffern, NY Mosque Yet another illegal BAN letter issued to me in violation of my Civil and Religious Rights.  I’ve been associated with this Mosque for upwards of 10 years. The Mosque currently is being illegally occupied by one of the 2 bullies, Dr. Nadeem Qureshi, (a resident of Long Island NY) the owner of Tawwabeen Foundation and Paak Funeral Home A case in that regard is currently open against him in the Rockland County Supreme Court, Index No.: 34094/2014 before the Honorable Victor J. Alfieri. While majority of the community members are disturbed and disgusted with Dr. Qureshi and his sidekick Syed Babur Ali's Mafia-style control and operations of the Mosque, most of them are too nice/humble and/or scared to come forward against the 2 bullies.  I'm one of the few members who are vocal and speak out against them. This illegal management has issued several BAN letters over the years to many local members including 2 senior citizens and a minor, a then 17-year-old but none of them have had any legal value.  Once when these 2 bullies issued a BAN letter, our lawyer at the time issued a stern warning to the Suffern Police Chief Clark Osborn and to the Town of Suffern telling them this is an on-going Civil Matter and suggested for them to stay out of it or else action will be taken against them without further notice. This time around I thought the BAN letter would be the same, i.e. of no value.  Suffern PD, however, decided to give value to this illegal letter and told me not to come to the Mosque or else I will be arrested.  I understand why the Sergeant did it.  He was getting sick of being called in by the bully Syed Babur Ali so (supposedly) he reached out to the DA’s office which told him the Administration of the Mosque has the right to BAN anyone.  Well, that is BLATANTLY WRONG! This is a 501(c)(3) Not-for-Profit Organization and no one has the right to BAN anyone especially if there is NO criminal record/activity involved!  The Suffern PD and the DA’s office got it all WRONG and in this case, have unknowingly/unintentionally sided with the bully. I have never done anything against the law and/or have NEVER created any disturbance whatsoever at the Mosque. To the contrary, since I have been part of this community for over a decade and almost everyone knows me and my family, 99% of the time, it's a very friendly environment. I have never been involved in an argument with anyone except for one person, Syed Babur Ali, the so-called Treasurer of the Mosque who by his own admission has spent 90 days in Riker's Island Detention Center and has performed 120+ hours of Community Service in an elderly home.  He associated the ordeal with 9/11 and that his Jewish boss had him incarcerated by linking him to 9/11 terror-related activities.  We now know that was all fabricated.  He stole hundreds of thousands from his employer who filed charges of Grand Larceny for which he was picked up and placed in Riker's Island.  He took a plea deal under Perjury after serving 90 days in one of the worst prisons in our country.  In this regard, I have requested and written many times on Mosque's website requesting Mr. Ali to step down from the Treasurer position. I still stand by every word I have written except for the fact that at times, being emotional I wrote a few curse words to him which hindsight, I wish I had not as using foul language took away from the message I was relaying. I'm working on filing a Federal Lawsuit against the 2 bullies, Dr. Qureshi and Syed Babur Ali. For now, please sign my petition so I can take to the Suffern, NY Police Department and tell them the letter they decided to legitimize based on the input from DA’s office is a wrong act! Thanks and God Bless. Saad Haq.201.923.4859

Saad Haq
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