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Petition to Ard van der Steur, Klaas Dijkhoff, Guido Raimondi

Save persecuted Pakistani Christian couple #SaveMariamAmir

In 2014, my husband and I first met Mariam and Amir*, a young Pakistani Christian couple, working with a Catholic English community in the Netherlands. They needed a ride to church and it was the start to a journey we are still on. Today, they face being returned to Pakistan where they will face certain death for getting married and their strong Christian faith. We need the international community to help save this amazing couple.  This is their story:  A few years ago, 19-year-old Mariam, a young Pakistani Muslim woman, fell in love with a young Christian man from her village, Amir. When her family learned the news, they immediately promised her to a cousin more than twice her age. Mariam refused the arranged marriage and was severely beaten. A few days later, fearing for her safety and being separated from the love of her life, she fled from her home. Mariam converted to Christianity so she and Amir could get married in secret. This almost cost Amir his life. A few months after they were married, Amir was shot and almost killed by Mariam's family. Luckily, he survived, but the threats did not stop. The couple face accusations of blasphemy and abandoning Islam, for which the penalty is death. Mariam was seen as having brought dishonor on the family, and the threat of an honor killing was whispered among her family. Life in Pakistan was now too dangerous, and the couple fled to the Netherlands. Unfortunately, the Netherlands has repeatedly rejected their asylum requests. They don’t believe they are married or Christian. With no rights and the ability to be sent back to the Pakistan at any moment, Mariam and Amir fear, at the ages of 23 and 25, their lives may be cut short all because of their faith and who they love. When we met Mariam and Amir, we couldn't sit back and do nothing, so we started this petition. You shouldn’t either. We need your support and for people around the world to rally to save Mariam and Amir. Call upon the Dutch government to respect the right to freedom of religion and to grant asylum to Mariam and Amir! When sharing the petition, please use #SaveMariamAmir to help spread the word. For more details about their story or to make a donation, visit: *Names have been changed for security. Mariam and Amir's lives are in danger, having been threatened by their family on numerous occasions. Mariam is known to the Dutch Immigration Services IND under the number V-2702809681 and Amir, under the number V-2701493150. Para la petición en español, haga clic aquí. Pour la petition en francais, cliquer ici. Per la petizione in italiano, clicca qui.  

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Petition to Mr. Roy Cooper

No Hate in Our State - North Carolina

Dear fellow North Carolinians, The past years have shown us an ugly side of humanity, rooted in hate and division. We believe the normalization of hatred is not only unacceptable, but dangerous. We believe that North Carolina should pride itself on being welcoming and accepting of diverse groups of people, especially people who are of minority groups. This includes people of minority faith groups. On June 10th, a hate group called ACT 4 America is holding multiple anti-Sharia* rallies across the nation and at our state capital. They are trying to garner public support for President Trump’s Muslim Ban which has been blocked in court. We believe that leaders need to denounce this hateful and divisive plan. Though these groups have a constitutional right to speak, we have a moral obligation to speak louder - NO HATE IN OUR STATE! Please sign this petition to demand that Governor Roy Cooper issue a public statement denouncing this hateful and malicious targeting of our fellow North Carolinians. As our governor, his leadership is needed to make it clear that we will not vilify our neighbors. We will protect religious freedom. We will choose love over hate. Respectfully submitted by the following organizations and the individuals who sign on to this petition, Carolina Peace Center Hillsborough Progressives Taking Action Indivisible Foothills Carolina Indivisible Greensboro Indivisible Jacksonville NC: Protect All You Love IndivisiblesNC Indivisible Piedmont NC Indivisible Triangle Daily Call to Action NC Progressive Citizens North Carolina Council of Churches Orange Durham Americans United Progressive Nation WNC Protecting Progress in Durham Reclaim NC RISE Together NC RISE Together Piedmont Triad Salisbury Indivisible Stronger NC Transylvania Indivisible Together We Will North Carolina  *Sharia, also known as Sharia law or Islamic law is the religious law forming part of the Islamic tradition. Source:

No Hate in Our State North Carolina
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Petition to Freedom to Pray, T-Mobile, T-Mobile Media Relations

#KeepPrayerFree & stop T-Mobile from charging callers for prayer on free conference lines

Prayer should never come with a cost. The right to pray for free is under attack by T-Mobile. Despite its aggressive advertising campaign – including Super Bowl spots – positioning the company as the #Uncarrier for offering the “first unlimited subscription” void of surcharges, bogus fees and assorted taxes, the mobile conglomerate is waging a war on prayer. T-Mobile is blatantly, but surreptitiously charging an additional $0.01 per minute to customers who call prayer lines using free conference call services. One such service that has been affected is, of which tens of thousands of prayer line callers have been affected by these charges and have taken to social media to voice their opinions about T-Mobile. Many T-Mobile customers call into prayer lines multiple times a week to pray with others for long periods of time, resulting in hundreds of dollars a year added to their service plan costs. By forcing them to pay additional fees for these calls, T-Mobile is effectively cutting off a spiritual lifeline for its loyal customers who cannot afford these charges. We are asking for your help to take action to prevent T-Mobile and any other greedy cellphone carriers who follow suit from gouging and targeting prayer customers with unnecessary and unfair costs. We strongly urge everyone interested in maintaining religious liberty to support the right of all people to pray together, free of costs and other barriers. Please call upon T-Mobile and any other corporations considering similar action to stop charging customers unfair, punitive and discriminatory fees that were designed to prevent faithful people of all religions from praying for free. Help the millions of individuals who utilize these services for prayer by signing this petition. 

Freedom to Pray
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