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Petition to Bishop Richard J. Malone, Cardinal Sean P. O'Malley, Most Rev. Christophe Pierre, Cardinal Timothy Dolan, Cardinal Daniel Dinardo, His Holiness Pope Francis

Request the Resignation of Bishop Richard J. Malone

We request the immediate resignation of Bishop Richard J. Malone as Bishop of the Diocese of Buffalo, NY. Just as clergy must resign when found guilty of sexual crimes and sins perpetrated under the guise of holiness and authority so must this Bishop resign for being a silent accomplice in these crimes and sins committed by clergy in the Diocese of Buffalo. By this Bishop's inaction, deceit, and indifference he has placed the youth - the very future of the Diocese of Buffalo - in grave danger of becoming the next dehumanizing statistic in the Church's sexual abuse and misconduct crisis. Though local politicians and business leaders have called for his resignation, this Bishop remains stubbornly indignant and seemingly unaware of his complete loss of credibility among the Catholics in the Diocese of Buffalo. His reputation has become irreparably tainted by his self-admitted involvement in aiding and abetting sexual predators. Until a more trust-worthy leader is chosen, the Diocese of Buffalo, and its surrounding community, will continue to suffer real spiritual, social, and financial damages. For these reasons, and to allow for the long process of recovery and rebuilding to begin, we request the immediate resignation of Bishop Richard J. Malone as Bishop of the Diocese of Buffalo, NY.

The People of the Diocese of Buffalo, NY
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Petition to Department of Education

Its time to talk. Its time to teach students things that actually matter.

School prepares us for collage not real life.In a this day and age not a lot a people go into professions that even require why am i taught to solve xa+17=55 instead of how can i keep my best friend from killing herself. I propose that we make a class that not only talks about important things like past historical wrongs. I want this class to be 100% unbiased and 100% inclusive. So when people sign the petition i ask them to write down a topic they want to see talked about. Here are some of those topics,mental heath issues, religon,suicide,politics,gun voilence education,immigration,how to handle stress effectively, anxiety and depression, and finally family issues. Im 13 years old and ive had to stop my friend from killing herself multiple times. I have to talk her down at 3 am. We should teach kids the signs and how to help. Not only for suicidle kids but for mental illness.If you think that kids dont talk about religon think again. My friends and i had this huge fight at lunch because of was christian and one was atheist. The christian didnt like that the atheist was an atheist.lets teach kids everything is equal.politics should be taught not only just because voting is important but because most students dont even know if they are democrat or Republican. Please sign this petition to teach them things that actually matter. And please sont forget to put a topic that you want to see talked about.

Amber Starr
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