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Petition to DEAD POOL

Overrule Meg Sperrys Petition of Dead Pool in picture of Christ.

ProblemReligious members of the LDS faith are blaming the entertainment industry of being discriminatory. They are belittling Dead Pool and calling the actors sinners. Let's show them what it means to make "light" of a dark World. SolutionLets get more signatures than Meg Sperry. Let actors be free to express themselves.Personal storyI'm starting this petition because I am well aware of the manipulative nature of the LDS church. The only person you can depend on is yourself and self acceptance is the only way you can get back up once a religion and their people abandon you for questioning their ways. Going through self enlightenment to shed the guilt and pain that their organization puts you through is a sacred and beautiful thing for those brave enough to break away. I despise those who attack artists and free expression. I was raised LDS and am proud of myself for overcoming such a terrible government organization. The organization is run by manipulators and they seek to divide everyone. We must stand up for the people. Even those who think we are seeking to hurt them. That is not the case here. Free thinkers seek to free you once again from the Faith-Binding Guilt the LDS church uses against you. The church claims non members are without something they claim to have... But the truth is that they are the ones without something. Self Acceptance, Liberation and an open mind. They have nothing that can go up against the Truth Of Your Own Soul. Members need to listen to the pain they feel when they are asking forgiveness from someone other than themselves. Don't abandon your own heart.The LDS religion needs to take the word TRUE out of their name. Bleh. We all know dead pool will have a better ending than this Second Coming fairytale story. Also I like the bubbles in the dead pool poster too. Isnt it nice? Nicer than their 10 million dollar temples? someday. �� Say NO to FEMA camps! Vote it up!

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