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Petition to BBC

Don't paint our island in a negative light - cancel "The Jews of Canvey Island"

The BBC have announced that they will be broadcasting a documentary about the Chasidic Jewish community that has recently set up on Canvey Island. It promises to explore the new Jewish community, and the reactions of local residents.  We believe that the BBC will not present our island in a positive way. We see the BBC picking this as one of their five "Faith and ethical issues" for their series, because the BBC can misrepresent the story and make our community look bad. The BBC have found a non-issue, and they have every reason to make a controversial story out of it.  We can cover this story in two minutes flat - some Jewish people have moved to Canvey, they've got their own community, there's been no violence or hate speech or marginalisation because the people of Canvey aren't racist bigots. In fact, this exact story was already covered by the Guardian last year.  So what does the BBC plan to fill the remaining 38 minutes of their documentary with? Perhaps a bunch of interviews with councillors jostling for screen time on the telly? Or some cherry-picked, out of context quotes from local residents? Or a two hour walk through the high street looking for someone who is unprepared to appear on TV, who will then get a 20 minute interview, mixed in with some clips of the boarded up Admiral Jellicoe pub?  Rest assured, this documentary will not paint Canvey in a positive light. As we are learning to adapt to the presence of a Chasidic Jewish community, the last thing we need is the BBC hunting around for a story that doesn't exist and bringing negative press coverage to our island. So how about the BBC shelves a documentary that will bring nothing but resentment and leave nothing but a sour taste for the residents of Canvey Island? 

Jack Duffield
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Petition to National Assembly for Wales

End compulsory prayers in schools in Wales

We are two fifteen year olds in Year 10 of secondary school in Cardiff. We started our petition because we think it's time to end compulsory prayers in Wales' schools. Our school is a non-faith school and many pupils have no religious beliefs or are not Christian, but pupils still have to recite the Lord's Prayer in school assemblies. Schools in Wales are obliged to provide collective worship daily of a ‘broadly Christian character’ under the Education Reform Act 1988. Although it is possible for pupils to opt out with parents’ permission, this isolates them from daily school life. It’s now almost thirty years since this legislation was brought in and the world has changed a lot in that time. We respect other people’s rights to pray and worship, but we think religion and education should be kept separate. We are not attacking Christianity but want to make state schools in Wales more accepting and inclusive for people with no religious beliefs, as well as for people from other faiths. So we have launched an online petition on the National Assembly website which reads “We call on the National Assembly for Wales to urge the Welsh Government to pass a law that removes the obligation on schools to hold acts of religious worship.” We're using as well because we want to get as many signatures as possible to make the point that young people want to see change. If we can get to 5,000 signatures then the petition will automatically be debated by the National Assembly. Please help us to reach this target by supporting our petition. Thank you :-)

Lily McAllister-Sutton
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