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Petition to National Assembly for Wales

End compulsory prayers in schools in Wales

We are two fifteen year olds in Year 10 of secondary school in Cardiff. We started our petition because we think it's time to end compulsory prayers in Wales' schools. Our school is a non-faith school and many pupils have no religious beliefs or are not Christian, but pupils still have to recite the Lord's Prayer in school assemblies. Schools in Wales are obliged to provide collective worship daily of a ‘broadly Christian character’ under the Education Reform Act 1988. Although it is possible for pupils to opt out with parents’ permission, this isolates them from daily school life. It’s now almost thirty years since this legislation was brought in and the world has changed a lot in that time. We respect other people’s rights to pray and worship, but we think religion and education should be kept separate. We are not attacking Christianity but want to make state schools in Wales more accepting and inclusive for people with no religious beliefs, as well as for people from other faiths. So we have launched an online petition on the National Assembly website which reads “We call on the National Assembly for Wales to urge the Welsh Government to pass a law that removes the obligation on schools to hold acts of religious worship.” We're using as well because we want to get as many signatures as possible to make the point that young people want to see change. If we can get to 5,000 signatures then the petition will automatically be debated by the National Assembly. Please help us to reach this target by supporting our petition. Thank you :-)

Lily McAllister-Sutton
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Petition to Derby City Council Democratic Services

Prevent the English Defence League from demonstrating in Derby

The far-right extremist group the English Defence League is intending to hold a march in Derby on the 8th of April. Many people in the area believe that allowing this march to take place is an endorsement of Islamophobic hate speech, and risks the safety and well-being of innocent local residents. Although it could be said that preventing the march would infringe upon freedom of speech, a crude neoliberal approach ignores the fact that freedom of speech does not include hate speech. Personal liberty ends when it infringes upon the rights of others, and local residents’ freedom from persecution on the grounds of religion or ethnicity take precedent over the EDL’s ability to spread their message. Hate speech encourages hate crimes, and facilitating this directly threatens the lives of the thousands of Muslims living in Derby. Although they deny any racist or Islamophobic links, the prevalence of underground extremist groups such as the EDL has grown in line with an increase in racially and religiously-motivated attacks, particularly since the EU referendum. The EDL has, on many occasions, been shown to become aggressive and violent towards local residents and police; the use of slurs and Nazi salutes has been observed. We call for Derby City Council to take any action necessary to prevent the EDL from demonstrating. Those signing this petition aim to spread the message that there is no place for far-right extremism in Derby, and that we are proud of our acceptance and diversity. Additionally, they acknowledge the distinctions between different types of political expression, and do not endorse suppression of those which do not pose a threat to others (such as vigils, or protests against inequality). This petition expires at 11:59 on 26/03/17

Sarah Buttigieg
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Petition to Mr. Narendra Mehta

Help Us Stop Accidents on Jain Sadhus - Lets Raise Our Voice Peacefully

Re - Jain Community Let us all Raise our Voice and Patiently Demonstrate our Objection to Accidents to our Jain Sadhu and Sadhvis - We Demand Protection for our Sadhu & Sadhvis - Please Provide Justice Mr. Narendra Mehta, BJP MLA, Mira Bhayendar Road Sir, this is to bring to your notice (as you might already be aware of) that our Jain Sadhu Sadhvis are not safe. Each day our heart weeps (and i am sure you must be feeling the same) when i see the pictures (i cant see it anymore actually...i felt extremely bad while uploading this as well) of road and highway accidents our Jain Sadhu & Sadhvis. I request the entire Jain Community to Stand up against the Brutal Accidents of our Sadhus and Sadhvis.. I request all the Jain Trustees, Sangh Pramuks, Sanghpatis, Karyakartas and finally Jain Shravak and Shravikaas and the Jain Youth and any one from any religion who firmly believes that any saint belonging to any religion should be protected against brutal assassinations (ya i would like to call it as such) to take up this issue and raise our unified voice against this inhumanity. Please whether you are a Derawasi, Sthanakwasi or Digambara or of any caste extend support to our cause by signing this petition and spreading this awareness.  I specially request to the ever active and passionate Jain Youth, a lot depends on guys are socially active, are well informed and well connected, please use your energy to spread this message of ours to the right person through the right medium.  I mean how long can we keep on seeing this. Everyday we get to hear of such accidents. I am sure there must be several petitions or peaceful demonstrations from Jain Community for taking this up seriously (although i may not be knowing of) and raising our voice against such incidents. We need to raise a unified voice against this brutality, otherwise it will never ever stop and at this rate we have the fear of losing all our beloved saints. Sir I am writing this petition to yourself Mr. Narendra Mehta, knowing that you would be able to better comprehend my dilemma as i am sure you would not disagree with me. We will appreciate if you can help us in spreading awareness by representing this cause on behalf of the community and taking this up to the topmost authority.  Lastly all my friends in cause please if you believe that the cause is worth it then please extend your support by signing this petition (it will not take more than 5 mins of your precious time) but who knows a small effort now might yield great results. If you have difficulties or dont know how to fill the petition please send me a message, i will help you.  Thanks from the bottom of my heart for at least having the patience to read this (signing the petition or not i leave it upto your judgement)

Jinesh Sheth
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