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Petition to Doug Burgum, North Dakota State Senate, North Dakota State House

Allow Wildlife Rehabilitation Centers in North Dakota

Did you know that North Dakota is the only state in the United States that does not have Wildlife Rehabilitation centers? I recently stumbled upon this information when researching how to start my own Wildlife Rehabilitation center here in North Dakota. I will just touch briefly on what Wildlife Rehabilitaters can do for our state. Animal Rehabilitation centers help keep people educated on what to do when finding a “orphaned” or injured animal. They can tell if the animal is to be left alone or brought in to a facility. Without rehabilitation centers, who do they call? ND Game and Fish who in return tell them to leave the animal to suffer or fend for itself and then most likely that person will end up taking the animal in illegally on their own to try to help it survive, because really? Who could leave an injured or orphaned baby to fend for itself? They then have no experience on what they are doing which in return most of the time will have a devastating result in which the wildlife animal does not survive.  In the end, if an animal is released in to the wild, their chances of survival after rehabilitation are much greater compared to orphaned babies or injured wildlife that are left alone in the wild. At least this way they have a fighting chance to survive, when they are injured or orphaned and left alone they don’t stand a chance. Animals that are not able to be successfully rehabilitated and released in to the wild are then used for education purposes in which they can live a very fulfilled and happy life, if quality of life is not there they will then be euthanized. Not all animals that are injured or orphaned will be found by humans, there is so much land in North Dakota untouched by humans so the fact of this affecting the food chain is not accurate. Only the animals that happen to come in contact or cross paths with a human will be the ones lucky enough to have the chance to be rehabilitated. Sadly, at this time, my dream of being able to help our orphaned and injured wildlife here in the state of North Dakota can not come true. Thats why I need your help. Please sign this petition, this is something that is so important to me and I strongly believe that wildlife rehabilitation centers make a difference and that we need this kind of education in our State, a State that has so much wildlife that we need to protect. 

Kia Kasowski
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Petition to Jerry Brown

Keep Families Connected, stop CDCR from denying an inmate of VISITATION WITH LOVED ONES.

The purpose of visitation for inmates in CDCR, is to maintain healthy family and community relationships. However, CDCR has rules and regulations that prevent these relationships from being maintained. Beginning with the process an individual must go through in applying to visit an inmate. I respect that CDCR needs to assure the safety of correctional officers & inmates, & must take certain precautions to do so. However, they require prospective visitor's to list all criminal convictions and charges they have had in their lifetime on the visitation questionnaire , & if any crime is not listed, that is grounds for DENIAL. Some people have crimes over a decade out & might not recall the exact disposition & date.  CDCR has a database connected to the department of justice that will give them a thorough background check of any person applying for visitation. So they need to utilize that system, & stop making an inmates LOVED ONE go through the process of listing all charges on their record, when they have access to it. It is a hardship to a prospective visitor to obtain printouts from courthouses with lists of convictions provide proof of discharge paperwork had they ever been on parole, this can be costly for a person to collect documentation, which is straining for the person, and is absolutely unnecessary. CDCR can run a thorough background check with their name, DOB & SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER.  Secondly, the time in which it takes for a visitation questionnaire to be processed, is extensive and leads to gaps in an inmate keeping contact with his loved ones, more action needs to be taken by CDCR to process these applications in a timely matter which should be no longer than 30 days. If they are short of employees to process such a large number of applications, then hiring more correctional officers or staff to be sure every applications  get completed is VERY IMPORTANT FOR THE CHANCES OF REHABILITATION OF CDCR INMATES & THAT IS WHAT CDCR MAIN FOCUSES SHOULD BE. It is statistically proven that those inmates who recieve regular visitation with their families, are more likely to rehabilitate by participating in rehabilitation programs offered by CDCR, and their likelihood to re offend is less upon release. CDCR has the power to take an inmates visitation as a "LOSS OF PRIVELAGE" and this should not be allowed. An inmates familiy could be his network of support and the impact loss of visitation has on the inmate and his family is negative & defeats the purpose of rehabilitation for the incarcerated individual. It is cruel and unusual punishment. The community at large will benefit supporting keeping families connected, through the barriers of prison gates, as it is proven statistically that inmates who have family and community support, are more likely to parole as constructive members of society. 

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