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Petition to North Carolina State House

Allowing Magistrates to File and Process Protective and Restraining Orders.

Objective: To raise awareness for laws that need to be revised under Chapter 50B pertaining to domestic violence and laws restricting magistrates to file Domestic Violence Protective Orders (known as DVPO) by creating an online petition to be presented to the state once enough signatures are obtained. This petition is requesting a sponsor to be an advocate of the law change that will be summarized below for your review. No monies will be requested, just the support to list as a sponsor for this cause. Request will be for Promise Place of New Bern, North Carolina.   Summary of petition: Just as magistrates can process charges on someone for domestic violence, stalking, harassment and the like, they should be given the power to process protective orders for a temporary time. The bill to be created (to be advised as needed) would be to give them the power to process the paper work without the need to wait to go before a judge. Listed out in this way: Victim reports to magistrate’s office with a need to file a DVPO. Just as the victim would present evidence for charges against someone (ie; bruises, cuts, text messages, voicemails, phone call records etc) they would be required to present evidence for the DVPO for the magistrate to evaluate. If the magistrate deemed it necessary to file a DVPO (or charges) he could do so without directing them to the clerk of court or Women’s Shelter for assistance. The DVPO would be listed out as follows: Temporary DVPO for 30 days with a court date for the defendant or persons accused; Defendant will be served the DVPO in the same fashion a subpoena would; Defendant would be told when served that he will not be arrested (unless charges were filed) but would be required to appear in court to present why he/she is innocent; The victim will be given a court date to go before a judge before the defendant to present the case of why the DVPO is needed; The victim will not have to be afraid to go before the person they are filing against to prevent them from backing out or dropping charges/order; Once the defendant has been heard after the victim’s case, the judge can decide whether or not an extended DVPO (6 months – 1 year) is needed for the victim and all necessary stipulations to the DVPO will be explained before the defendant and to be signed by the defendant (as are charges and negotiations for paying court costs etc..) Once they have reached the end of the order, it can be re-evaluated if an extension on the order is needed.   What a victim should have to present to the magistrate and how the magistrate should deter those that are falsifying documents out of anger: Victims should have proof for the order to be given (ie; text messages, voicemails, phone call records, witness reports of stalking or harassment) to show that there is an imminent need for protection through our law enforcement. Victims should be rehearsed in the same fashion the defendant will about having no contact with the opposite party and to also be told that if it is found the victim has falsified the statement given in any way, will be charged upon the decision of the judge for falsifying such order. This will be told to the victim before the order is processed, just like a warrant. This will prevent those that are acting out of anger or being vindictive against a partner or other party.  

Caitlins Law
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Petition to Terry Branstad, Iowa State Senate

Legalize darker front window tint in Iowa

The State of Iowa says we cannot have front window tint darker than 70% light visibility through the windows. The only reasonable excuse I have received for this, is that it is for "police safety". What is it actually protecting them from? To see if we have a gun or weapon? An officer wouldn't be able to tell if you have one anyway. I have known several people who have been pulled over and sited for window tint. They were abiding all of the laws of the road. So does it make you a criminal to have tint on your windows? Personally, I have very light sensitive eyes, and I would love to have tint on my windows. Legally I cannot do so. This needs to be changed. It will not only help me, but the other people whos eyes are sensitive to light. I along with many others feel this to be a burden among citizens to be pulled over for such a silly reason. I am allowed to conceal a weapon, yet not allowed to have tint? Think about it. I have started this petition in efforts to make front window tint legal in Iowa. It is being sent to Terry Branstad and I am asking for more support. I've received tons of feedback on how it makes a big difference to people all over Iowa, from eye sensitivity to sun allergies. Give us our Freedom to do what we want with our own personal property. I need lots of supporters. I really hope we can make a change. If you think this may be a nuisance law, please sign the petition and share it with Everyone. Thank you.

Mitchell Wayt
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Petition to Florida Governor

Don't use taxpayer money to pay for your wrongdoing

Gov. Rick Scott was caught violating Florida public disclosure rules and now wants to use taxpayer money to pay for his malfeasance. Scott once said that he stood for fiscal and personal responsibility, but where is that sense of responsibility now that he has to pay $1.3 million to settle a lawsuit in order to avoid court? He has played fast and loose with the rules, using private emails to conduct public business, but now that he got caught he, he wants taxpayers to foot the bill. Mr. Scott has decided to take the entire settlement amount out of the state budget, further punishing taxpayers and state employees after he has spent years cutting back on salaries, budgets and benefits. As the eighth richest politician in the entire United States, with a whopping $147 million dollar net worth, it is shameful and hypocritical that he has now abandoned his principles of fiscal and personal responsibility and is making Florida citizens pay for his mistake. Join me in telling Gov. Rick Scott to do the honorable thing and take the $1.3 MILLION that he owes for violating state law out of his own pocket. The latest settlement is his third legal defeat in recent months, and it’s the second time he has used public funds to clean up his mess. He has said he stands for responsibility, but why  does he think his constituents should be responsible for what are clearly his mistakes? Let’s ask Gov. Scott to stand by his stated principles of fiscal and personal responsibility. Let’s demand that he use his personal funds to pay the settlement. Taxpayers shouldn’t be on the hook for his mistake.

John Blonsick
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