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Petition to Angela Merkel (CDU), Heiko Maas, SPD, Emmanuel Macron, Justin Trudeau, Xavier Bettel

Save the refugee children who are stuck in European refugee camps

(Deutsche Version unten / German version below) Today (October 27, 2018) I march from Paris to Berlin, making over One Million Steps, in solidarity with refugees, with one very clear goal: To raise awareness about the unaccompanied children who are currently stuck in refugee camps  on EU soil and to ask our EU leaders to give these innocent children asylum and a fair chance at life. Many of these children are held in refugee camps like Camp Moria in Greece. Most of these children fled war and poverty. Some of them fled after their parents were murdered or because their parents tried to send them to “safety”. The reality is brutal. Many of these children are being raped like the 17 year old Majid Sharifi who came to Europe in the hopes of being reunited with his older brother Sayed, his only family, who has asylum in Germany. After living in Camp Moria for several years he was sent to a Government-run youth centre in Athens where he was raped for several months before he fled again and attempted to commit suicide. Now he lives on the streets of Athens and his story is one of hundreds. I am making One Million Steps for Majid and all the refugee children who just want to live a normal life. I hope that you join me by signing this petition to tell our leaders: Please give these children asylum so they can live a life in peace and dignity. They are the most vulnerable. I am also marching for human rights, empathy and human equality. We are all the same and we should respect each other. I am already in touch with dozens of foster families who would give these children a home but the legal framework won’t let them. If we all stand together and raise awareness about their situations then we can make a real change! If you would like to find out more about my march you can also march with me, donate to a fund which I am about to setup for the children or get in touch then please go to my website, here. Deutsche Version / German version: Helft den geflüchteten Kindern, die vor Europas Grenze gestrandet sind Heute (27. Oktober 2018) startet mein Marsch von Paris nach Berlin, mehr als eine Million Schritte, solidarisch mit Geflüchteten, mit einem sehr wichtigen Anliegen: um jene unbegleiteten Minderjährige ins öffentliche Bewusstsein zu rücken die derzeit in europäischen Flüchtlingscamps gestrandet sind. Ich rufe die europäischen Regierungen dazu auf, diesen Kindern Asyl zu gewähren und ihnen eine Chance zu bieten. Viele dieser Kinder werden in Flüchtlingslagern wie das Camp Moria in Griechenland festgehalten. Die meisten von ihnen flohen vor Krieg und Armut. Einige von ihnen flohen, nachdem ihre Eltern ermordet worden waren oder weil ihre Eltern versucht hatten, sie in die „Sicherheit“ zu entsenden. Die Realität ist brutal. Viele dieser Kinder werden vergewaltigt; so wie der 17-jährige Majid Sharifi, der in der Hoffnung auf eine Wiedervereinigung mit seinem älteren Bruder Sayed, seiner einzigen Familie, die in Deutschland Asyl hat, nach Europa kam. Nachdem er mehrere Jahre in Camp Moria gelebt hatte, wurde er in ein von der Regierung geführtes Jugendzentrum in Athen gebracht, wo er mehrere Monate lang vergewaltigt wurde, bevor er erneut flüchtete und versuchte, Selbstmord zu begehen. Jetzt lebt er auf den Straßen von Athen. Seine Geschichte ist eine von Hunderten. Ich mache eine Million Schritte für Majid und alle Flüchtlingskinder, die einfach ein normales Leben führen wollen. Ich hoffe, dass Ihr Euch mir anschließt, indem Ihr diese Petition unterschreibt, um unseren Führungskräften zu sagen: Bitte geben Sie diesen Kindern Asyl, damit sie ein Leben in Frieden und Würde führen können; sie sind empfindlich und ohne Schutz. Ich marschiere auch für Menschenrechte, Empathie und Gleichheit der Menschen. Wir sind alle gleich und sollten einander respektieren. Ich habe bereits Kontakt mit Dutzenden Pflegefamilien, die diesen Kindern ein Zuhause geben würden, aber der rechtliche Rahmen lässt dies nicht zu. Wenn wir alle zusammenstehen und auf ihre Situation aufmerksam machen, können wir eine echte Veränderung bewirken! Wenn Ihr mehr über meinen 1-Million-Schritte-Marsch erfahren möchtet, könnt Ihr auch mit mir zusammen marschieren, oder an einen Fonds spenden, den ich gerade für die Kinder einrichte. Oder setzt Euch mit mir über meine Webseite in Verbindung. Dazu bitte hier klicken.

Grigorij Richters
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Petition to Cecilia Malmstrom

Fighting causes for migration: Fair trade agreements with East Africa!

DE / EN “Economic refugees” - a term that can be found in many comment sections, but plays down the dramatic situation these refugees are in. They flee because they are unable to feed their children, because they don’t have a roof over their heads, because they cannot pay for medicine. Africans flee due to the devastating effects of poverty, because the Western world has been exploiting the continent for decades. And the next unjust trade deal between the EU and East Africa is already on its way.  That is the reason why I started this petition, together with the German organisation “Katholische Arbeitnehmer-Bewegung” (KAB). We demand that EU Trade Commissioner Cecilia Malmström stops the new Economic Partnership Agreement with the East African Community and starts establishing fair trade relations instead. My name ist Peter Niedergesäss, I am Secretary of Diocesan at KAB. I recently returned from a 3-week stay in Uganda, dedicated to visiting self-help projects that are endorsed by KAB. This year, the focus of said projects were vegetable, chicken-and dairy projects. The projects have improved the income situation greatly.   I am shocked that the EU keeps exploiting African countries. The planned Economic Partnership Agreement enables Europe to export agricultural products, subsidised for the EU common market, to East Africa for dumping prices. Examples of Economic Partnership Agreements with West African countries cause serious concern for East Africa. In Cameroon, yoghurt production is much more affordable with subsidised milk powder from Europe instead of domestic milk. This results in destruction of the local milk industry. In Ghana, chicken cuts like chicken wings are being imported from Europe for throw-away prices. The low-cost competition is destroying local chicken farming. The existence of East African farmers is being jeopardised. Local and regional markets are being crushed. This is how more and more causes for flight come up, and Africans become refugees. Dear Ms Malmström, put a stop to the Economic Partnership Agreement with the East African Community. Fulfil the wishes of the East African Community, as transmitted by Uganda’s president Museveni, and open a dialogue for fair trade deals instead. You need to ensure that East African farmers are not deprived of their existence, that food security and sovereignty of the people are guaranteed. The compliance with human rights by the East African governments and businesses needs to be ensured. Make sure that future trade relations between the EU and Africa contain binding agreements on commerce and sustainable development, including enforceable regulations in favour of enforcement of ILO labour standards, the most important environmental protection regulations and the Paris agreement. During my stay in Uganda, I experienced the lovable and kind nature of the East African people. They should matter to us. If we jeopardise their existence with unjust trade deals, they will soon be standing at our borders. More information on our campaign:

Peter Niedergesäss
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Petition to Sajid Javid MP

Stop SERCO’s mass eviction of 330 refugees and asylum seekers in Glasgow

The outsourcing corporate giant SERCO plans to change locks and mass evict 330 destitute refugees and asylum seekers. This would result in the majority being forced onto the streets and reliant on charities and faith groups.  If these evictions are allowed to happen, then it will be the start of mass evictions across the country of vulnerable people by SERCO and other private asylum landlords subcontracted to the Home Office.  Denying individuals access to food and shelter, leaving them on the streets to starve or freeze is degrading, its humiliating and it’s against any laws based on humanity and justice.  We are therefore calling on Sajid Javid the Home Secretary to stop these evictions by SERCO and to implement humane treatment of asylum seekers.  People should be allowed to work while they wait for their asylum case to be heard so that they do not have to rely on SERCO or the home office. Glasgow has the biggest asylum population in the UK, housing 5,000 people from several countries including Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria. These are war refugees. There is a global refugee crisis.  Ironically, Scotland needs more people to grow, the demographics are against us. Glasgow - known as the second city of the empire - has had waves of immigration for centuries, including the Highland clearances, immigrants from the Irish famine, EU migrants and now the refugee crisis.  The mass evictions were due to begin on August 6, 2018. SERCO’s eviction plan galvanised all of civic Scotland into action, forcing it to halt its inhumane plan. Hundreds protested, asylum seekers went on hunger strike. Labour and SNP politicians threatened direct action if a single eviction took place in their constituencies. Glasgow housing associations began moves to prevent SERCO changing  locks on their properties. Lawyers sought interdicts in the Sherriff court and Scotland’s highest court, the Court of Session, to prevent SERCO carrying out “DIY evictions” without due process or a court order. SERCO’s mass eviction plan has been halted for now. CEO Rupert Soames said he would await the outcome of the legal process but has issued a warning that he will start to put new refugee arrivals into hotels, creating further misery. When he first took on the contract, he announced that SERCO would lose money, but he took the contract in order to treat asylum seekers well. SERCO profits in the millions from government contracts.  As a charity sheltering the destitute refugees and asylum seekers that SERCO evicts, Positive Action in Housing is worried about these evictions. Our Lifeline service and Room for Refugees Network will be placed under extreme pressure to shelter the vulnerable as no other charity provides such a service. Glasgow is the new frontline of the hostile environment.

Positive Action In Housing
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