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Petition to Shaker Heights City Council

Make Shaker Heights a Sanctuary City

As a group of Shaker Heights residents from diverse backgrounds, we are asking our City Council to join San Francisco, Cincinnati, Columbus, and dozens of other municipalities across the country by declaring Shaker Heights a Sanctuary City. The full text of this resolution can be found below. If you currently reside in Shaker Heights, Ohio, please join us in supporting this resolution by signing this petition and sharing it with your friends and neighbors. *** A resolution to ensure Shaker Heights remains a welcoming and inclusive city for all immigrants to live, work, or visit by declaring Shaker Heights a Sanctuary City; and requesting the Administration of Shaker Heights adopt policies that further the City’s role as a Sanctuary City. Whereas on Wednesday January 25, 2017, the President of the United States issued an Executive Order, announcing a massive expansion of interior immigration enforcement directing Department of Homeland Security personnel to arrest, apprehend, and initiate enforcement actions against “any alien whom an immigration officer has probable cause to believe” has violated immigration laws; Whereas on Friday January 29, 2017, the President of the United States issued an Executive Order temporarily banning entry into the United States for migrants and legal residents of the United States from Iraq, Iran, Sudan, Somalia, Syria, Libya and Yemen, and for migrants and refugees from across the globe; Whereas these Executive Orders are anathema to our shared values as a nation of immigrants; Whereas in Shaker Heights, as in the United States, our success depends on making sure that all residents feel safe and welcome; Whereas Shaker Heights always has been and continues to be a welcoming city to everyone, including immigrants; Whereas the Shaker Heights City School District has a long and proud history of valuing and supporting diversity in its students and its teachings, committing to graduating students with a knowledge of a global and multicultural society; and Whereas this Council and the citizens of Shaker Heights understand that by recognizing the contributions all of us make to create a vibrant culture and a growing economy, we make our city, and our country, more prosperous and inclusive; now, therefore, be it Resolved, by the Shaker Heights City Council of Ohio, that: 1. the City of Shaker Heights declares itself to be a sanctuary city; 2. the City of Shaker Heights and its Police Department shall not stop, question, interrogate, investigate, or arrest an individual based solely on actual or suspected immigration or citizenship status; 3. the City of Shaker Heights and its Police Department shall not inquire about the immigration status of an individual, including a crime victim, a witness, or a person who calls or approaches the police seeking assistance, unless necessary to investigate criminal activity by that individual; 4. personnel of the City of Shaker Heights and its Police Department shall not inquire about or request proof of immigration status or citizenship when providing services or benefits, except where the receipt of such services or benefits are contingent upon one’s immigration or citizenship status or where inquiries are otherwise lawfully required by federal, state, or local laws; 5. the City of Shaker Heights and its Police Department shall limit the information collected from individuals concerning immigration or citizenship status to that necessary to perform department duties and shall prohibit the use or disclosure of such information in any manner that violates federal, state, or local law; 6. the City of Shaker Heights and its Police Department may not use city or department monies, facilities, property, equipment, or personnel to investigate, enforce, or assist in the investigation or enforcement of any federal program requiring registration of individuals on the basis of race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, ethnicity, or national origin; 7. individuals in the custody of the Police Department  of Shaker Heights shall be subject to the same booking, processing, release, and transfer procedures, policies, and practices of the department, regardless of actual or suspected citizenship or immigration status; 8. the Police Department of the City of Shaker Heights shall not perform the functions of a federal immigration officer or otherwise engage in the enforcement of federal immigration law;      9. the City of Shaker Heights and its Police Department shall refuse any request from a state or federal agency that is not accompanied by a judicial warrant to determine a resident’s or visitor’s immigration status solely for the purpose of enforcing federal immigration laws; and 10. the City of Shaker Heights and its Police Department shall refuse any requests that that are extensions of any federal immigration police enforcement actions and shall not enter into any agreements to carry out federal enforcement actions, but leave such actions to federal authorities.

Brandon Cornuke
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Petition to Donald Trump, Elizabeth Warren, Edward Markey, Seth Moulton, Jim McGovern, Joe Kennedy, U.S. Department of State, Rex Tillerson, United States Citizenship and Immigration Services, Department of Homeland Security, Tim Kaine, Don Beyer, Mark Warner

They Stood with Us: Save Iraqi Family Under Immediate Threat for Working with U.S. Troops

Mohammed is a 62-year-old Iraqi whose family is in grave danger because of their affiliation with the U.S. military. Multiple generations of his family have demonstrated their deep commitment to supporting U.S. forces and to bringing freedom and safety to Iraq, even in the face of great threat. Two of Mohammed's sons (one pictured above as "Edward") served as interpreters for the U.S. Army from 2008-2010.  One was targeted by the militia and shot in the face as he walked off of a U.S. military base.  The other had his life threatened with a handwritten note wrapped around a bullet that labeled him a traitor.  Mohammed's brother was also an interpreter who served with the U.S. Marine Corps.  In 2007, he was shot, killed, and left dead in a dumpster when the militia found out about his work. The entire family has faced danger and sacrifice as a result of their allegiance to the U.S. In recognition of these sacrifices, the U.S. government has resettled three of Mohammed's children (the two interpreter brothers and one of their sisters) to the U.S. since 2011.   However, Mohammed, his wife, and his three other children (including a 10-year-old-daughter) remain in Iraq, where they are at great risk and in hiding due to their history of support for the U.S. and the deteriorating security situation in Iraq.  They are the prime target for terrorist organizations and will inevitably be killed if they are not rescued. Their refugee case (filed by Mohammed) has a long history. It was in processing by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) and Department of Homeland Security (DHS) for more than seven years (2009-2016). After passing numerous security and medical screenings, the case was ultimately approved in August 2016 with the family booked for departure to the U.S. The night before they were to depart, the approval was inexplicably suspended.  The family ultimately received a written denial in November 2016, citing unspecified security reasons.  The approval, followed by the bewildering denial, greatly disrupted the family’s lives and put them at even higher risk of harm. They had sold their house and belongings, signaling to the militia that they planned to flee the country, only to find themselves homeless and vulnerable after the approval was suspended. Mohammed and his family firmly believe in thorough vetting and the mission of all U.S. agencies involved in the immigration process.  They believe in the importance of U.S. national security.  The family collectively made the decision to defend it.  That being said, many American citizens, to include U.S. Veterans who served alongside Mohammed's family, believe an error has been made in this case.  This is the model family in terms of loyalty to the U.S.  Not granting this family refuge would be a severe injustice as they have sacrificed more for the U.S. than most American families.   We are left to speculate as to what could have possibly caused the family's case to have gone a completely different direction the night before they were to escape. There are known refugee cases in which the enemy contacted the U.S. government with false “tips” about the refugee, in order to undermine the case after learning about the plan to leave the country.  We are left to speculate if this is what happened in this family's case. In light of the family's sacrifice to our country, we request for the family's case and denial to get a fair and thorough review by a high-ranking USCIS official.  We request for the unknown cause for denial to be thoroughly investigated and for any necessary rescreening measures to take place as soon as possible due to the life-and-death nature of the case. We are confident that, given the family’s well-documented loyalty to the United States, if USCIS takes a close look at the facts and circumstances of this case, the agency will approve the resettlement petition and finally allow Mohammed's family, who has sacrificed so much for our country, to be reunited. We cannot let this family die at the hands of our common enemy.

Peter Farley
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Petition to Barack Obama

End Family Detention: Shut Down Berks!

A group of Central American mothers and their young children who came to this country seeking protection have been imprisoned for months on end now. Many of them have been in “family detention” for as long as a year, some of them longer. It has been more than a year since "family detention" was declared unlawful by a federal judge, and more than a year since the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights issued its scathing report calling for an end to family detention.  Life in this prison is so terrible that a group of 22 mothers went on a hunger strike when DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson stated publicly that mothers and children in their situation were being detained for no longer than 20 days on average. These mothers are still pleading for their freedom and that of their children. Please sign my petition in solidarity with these courageous mothers, demanding that the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) free them. The detention of these mothers and children is unlawful and cruel, and not how we should treat traumatized families who are seeking safety in our country. There are children as young as 2 years old who have been living in this “baby jail” for as long as a year.  The mothers who went on the hunger strike came to the U.S. desperately seeking protection under the law.  Support the Berks mothers and sign to demand that DHS free them and their families. Berks Family Prison is not a safe or healthy place for anyone to be living. Detainees are deprived of sleep, their access to legal counsel and medical attention is interfered with, and they are constantly threatened for speaking up about the mistreatment. When the Berks Mothers began their hunger strike back in August, Immigration and Customs Enforcement threatened that they would lose custody of their children if they didn’t stop. In response, the mothers fasted (one meal a day) for a week to give ICE the opportunity to make the humane, just and lawful choice to free them. While the hunger strike ended, many of the Madres Berks are still detained with their children to this day. This is unacceptable and has to stop. Please sign our petition in support of the Madres Berks, so that they may be released to their families while their asylum cases are processed. There is no reason for these women and children to be in detention. Photo credit: Mark Makela for The New York Times

Amy Maldonado
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