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Petition to Department of Homeland Security

Demand DHS bring back FBI background checks for staff working with immigrant kids

Not only are these kids being separated from their families, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) just waived FBI background checks for caregivers working at the Tornillo detention center. Right now, there are over 2,000 teens being held in Tornillo - apart from their families. With no guardian, these kids are left in the hands of DHS staff who could possibly have a colored past, that could even involve child endangerment or abuse. If it’s not ok for American children in public schools, it’s not ok for kids being held against their will by DHS. Tell DHS to reinstate background checks for all staff at Tornillo. The 2,100 staff at Tornillo haven’t had to undergo FBI background checks or fingerprinting, something anyone working at a daycare would have to do. Instead, DHS is outsourcing background screening to private contractors who have limited access to criminal records. Tell DHS to reinstate FBI background checks for Tornillo staff. Tornillo started holding children in June. As a ‘temporary facility’, it started holding 360 kids separated from their families. Now it looks like this facility will become permanent. Over 1,300 teens were sent to Tornillo since the end of October alone. Now it holds 2,324 13-17 year olds in tents. For comparison, more people are detained in Tornillo than in all but one of America’s 204 federal prisons. In terms of economic price, Tornillo will cost taxpayers $430 million this year. It’s bad enough that DHS has torn these kids from their families, the least they can do is ensure that kids in detention centers like Tornillo are not put into contact with criminals. If DHS gets away with waiving FBI background checks for staff dealing with minors, countless kids could be put at risk. Tell DHS to bring back FBI background checks for all staff at Tornillo.

Janine Tangney
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Petition to Marise Payne, Marise Payne

Prevent the extradition of Hakeem Al-Araibi to Bahrain

Soccer player, Hakeem Al-Araibi needs urgent action from the Australian government to prevent him from being deported to Bahrain where he faces imprisonment and torture. While on his honeymoon in Thailand with his wife, Hakeem was arrested by Thai authorities who plan to deport him to Bahrain. However, he was granted refugee status by Australia in 2017 and should be protected by the Australian government. Al-Araibi fears political persecution and torture if he returns to Bahrain. He says that before leaving Bahrain he was tortured for his involvement in political protest there. The Australian government recognised that these fears were real when they granted Al-Araibi refugee status in 2017. Bahrain has a poor human rights record with many documented instances of persecution and suppression of political dissidents. Now the Bahrain government is abusing the Interpol red notice system to have Al-Araibi returned to Bahrain. Interpol rules prohibit a red notice for a person to be returned to a country where they fear persecution. Red notices are non binding and the red notice for Al-Araibi has now been lifted, yet the Thai government still seems to be prepared to return Al-Araibi to Bahrain. Minister Marise Payne needs to immediately intervene to prevent the deportation of Al-Araibi by Thai officials to Bahrain were he faces imprisonment and torture.  'Now, only Australia can help us': footballer's relative pleads for help: 'Extradition of Bahraini Football Player Moves AheadAt Risk of Torture If Returned From Thailand':  

Carl Harris
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Petition to James P. McGovern, Department of Homeland Security, Seth Moulton, Elizabeth Warren, Edward J. Markey, Tim Kaine

They Stood with Us: Save Iraqi Family Under Immediate Threat for Working with U.S. Troops

Mohammed, a 65-year-old Iraqi, and his family are in grave danger because of their affiliation with the U.S. military and desperately need to be granted refugee status in the United States before it’s too late. Multiple generations of Mohammed’s family have risked their lives for U.S. forces and to bring freedom and safety to Iraq. Two of his sons served as interpreters for the U.S. Army, and his brother interpreted for the Marine Corps. All three of them had their lives threatened, and one son was shot in the face by militia. Mohammed’s brother was shot, killed, and left dead in a dumpster when the militia found out about his work. Please sign my petition asking the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) to expedite processing of the family’s refugee case that was approved approved over a year and a half ago on a conditional basis.  Three of Mohammed’s children (the two interpreter brothers and one of their sisters) have already been resettled in recognition of their sacrifices for the United States. But Mohammed, his wife, and his three other children (including a 11-year-old daughter) remain in Iraq, where they are in hiding due to their history of support for the U.S. and the deteriorating security situation in Iraq.  While they wait for their case to be finalized, they remain a prime target for terrorist organizations.  After over seven years of vetting, they continue to fear for their lives and the risk of being them being killed because of their affiliation with the U.S. is increased the longer their case is delayed. Mohammed and his family firmly believe in the importance of U.S. national security – the family collectively made the decision to defend it at great personal risk.      Yet, in November of 2016, the family received a devastating denial of their refugee case with no explanation.  American citizens rallied behind the family and over 22,000 signatures were gathered on asking USCIS to review the decision in light of the sacrifices the family has made for the U.S.  USCIS considered the entirety of the evidence and made a wrong right by overturning their previous denial.  We are incredibly grateful for the USCIS officials who took a hard look at the case and put this family back on track for refugee resettlement to the US.  However, it is important to remember that the ordeal is not over until the day the family safely escapes Iraq, lands stateside, and clears customs.    Mohammed and his family have been through enough.  They have had family members killed and wounded and they have had their family torn apart.  All of this is because of their loyalty to the U.S. It is time to bring the rest of the family to new home in the U.S.  They deserve to be reunited and should no longer fear daily for their lives.  Sign my petition to ask USCIS to finalize their case.  We made a promise to protect this family. We cannot let this family die at the hands of our common enemy.

Peter Farley
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Petition to U.S. House of Representatives

Wildlife is at stake: Tell the House to reject Trump’s border wall!

As soon as February 2019, work will be underway to build the first phase of Trump’s border wall across the U.S. and Mexico border. The wall will not only drive immigrants into riskier areas, it will devastate threatened species - like the monarch butterfly. Once constructed, it will bulldoze right through the most vibrant butterfly sanctuary in the U.S., the National Butterfly Center in Mission, Texas. Visitors can expect to see up to 60 different types of butterflies on any given day. This sanctuary is right on the border with Mexico - a perfect meeting point along the monarch butterfly migration path, and it’s set to have construction crews arrive next year to build the wall. The wall will devastate one of North America’s most vital pollinators - the monarch butterfly. It will also devastate big cats, reptiles, and other animals who regularly migrate between the U.S. and Mexico. The clock is ticking, tell the House to reject all funding for Trump’s border wall - wildlife is at stake. Countless unique ecosystems and protected areas in the lower Rio Grande Valley are under threat. A recent Supreme Court ruling gave the Trump Administration the authority to waive 28 federal laws, including the Clean Water Act and the Endangered Species Act. This ruling gives the administration a green-light to start construction on 33-miles worth of border wall right through the National Butterfly Center and other protected areas along the Rio Grande Valley. The administration also has the ability to use eminent domain laws to take public and private land without trial or compensation to build this wall. This is only some of the damage the first phase of the wall will cause. If there are no funds for the next phase, it can’t be built. Tell the House not to fund this wall! The number of monarch butterflies are dwindling, just in California there’s been a 90% drop in some areas! That’s why in 2014, petitions went to U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) to protect the monarch butterfly under the Endangered Species Act. In 2019, USFWS will decide if the monarch butterfly will be protected. This unique and vital keystone species could be wiped out. Demand the House stop Trump’s border wall!

Nicole Pelton
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