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Bring Home Ali, an Interpreter for the US Military

Ali was an interpreter for the US military in Iraq for 5 years, from 2003 until 2008.  He has dozens of letters of recommendation from American veterans, one citing him as "one of the top three interpreters" of the forty that a particular veteran had served with. Ali's work put him on the front lines of combat.  He is personally credited with helping the US military capture more than 13 high value targets in Iraq.  Ali's daughter was kidnapped for his work and his brother was kidnapped and executed as retribution against Ali's work with the US.  Suffice to say, Ali has sacrificed more for both Iraq and the United States than most Americans. Ali applied for a visa to the United States in 2014 and, after three years under constant threat, Ali was granted his visa.  Ali purchased plane tickets to reunite with Anthony Woods, an Army veteran and minister living in Indianapolis.  On February 25th, Ali flew from Baghdad to Istanbul.  Ali attempted to board his flight in Istanbul but a Turkish immigration officer told Ali that he could not board his flight to the US despite possessing a valid visa and plane tickets.  Ali was forced to book a hotel in Istanbul.  He called the US Embassy, who told him that he should be able to fly.   In the past week, No One Left Behind and Anthony Woods have contacted numerous immigration attorneys, the US Embassy, and several US congressmen asking for information: Why was Ali blocked from his flight and what should Ali do in order to use his valid visa? Finally, almost a week later, we were informed that Ali must return to Iraq and have another interview.  Returning to Iraq and going to the US Embassy will put Ali's life in danger.  Ali has already passed one interview and several years of intensive screening.  If he must do one more interview, please allow him to do the interview in Istanbul. He sold all his belongings in advance of his immigration to the US.  Ali followed the application process as he was supposed to and now he is being betrayed.  Please bring this hero home to safety.

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Support to include Laotian American history in California school curriculum

For the purposes of this petition, Laotian is defined as Hmong, Iu Mien, Khmu, Lahu, Lao, Phu Tai, Tai Dam, Tai Lue, Tai Phuan and other descendants from Laos including all with multi-ethnic backgrounds. We, members of the multi-ethnic Laotian American Community and supporters of the Community, seek the inclusion of the Laotian refugee history in the state model curricula teaching about the war that took place in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia, AKA Southeast Asia, and the plight of the refugees from these countries to the United States during the post-war era. On August 31, 2018, Senate Bill 895 was passed to include the history of Vietnamese American refugee experience, the Cambodian genocide, and Hmong history and cultural studies.  The history of Laotians and Laos which is inseparable from the history of the war in Southeast Asia was not included in SB 895. The multi-ethnic Laotian American Community and the supporters of the Community seek a bill to be introduced by the California Legislative member(s) in January of 2019 to include the history of the Laotian people, Laotian refugees and Laos that played a critical role in the war in Southeast Asia be included in the California state model curricula. Learn more:

Laotian American History
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