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Petition to U.S. Senate, U.S. House of Representatives, Donald J. Trump

We Stand For Welcome

On July 18,2019, reports broke that administration officials have begun conversations around the FY2020 Presidential Determination for Refugee Admissions, and that some are advocating for the number of arrivals for the upcoming year to be zero. Yes, zero.  While these are preliminary conversations, we cannot let this go any further.  With more than 70 million refugees and displaced people in the world today, we are in the middle of the worst refugee crisis in world history.  This is not the time for the United States—a world democratic leader—to back off from our promise to offer freedom and safe haven to the most vulnerable.  Zeroing out refugee resettlement would have grave long-term implications devastating thousands of refugees in dangerous situations and compromising a valuable diplomatic tool that is essential to stabilizing relationships all around the world. Over the recent years, refugees and immigrants have faced unprecedented obstacles and challenges as they seek to rebuild their lives in the US. You stood tall beside them and CWS, and continued in lifting your voice of solidarity. NOW is a time unlike any other. We must respond quickly, and with a voice so powerful that it is clear-- the US is a place of welcome for those fleeing persecution. We must stand tall, to let our elected officials know that Lancaster stands, as tall as the trees, in solidarity with ALL our neighbors, and that refugees are welcome in our community. We must increase our pressure on Congress, to represent their communities with a voice of the people- not a political party.  Refugees are not a political tool to be handled on a whim because an election year is coming up. They are mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers. They are you and me- caught in a conflict with no other hope than the hope for resettlement.  CWS has shown time and time again, that we are anxiously awaiting their arrival, so that we can introduce them to this incredible place we call Lancaster. You are the reason we have been called the Refugee Capital of the Nation- because your welcome has far surpassed expectations. We are called once more, to lift our voices in show of powerful and peaceful solidarity.   If you have a friend, an uncle, a brother, or a sister who is not sure about the situation, invite them to talk about it- don't shy away from a challenging conversation. In the face of discomfort, lies an opportunity for change. Sign and share this petition to spread the word. We ask you to call on your elected officials. For many of us this is Congressman Lloyd Smucker, who represents the Lancaster area. A sample script is below and here! CALL YOUR SENATORS & REPRESENTATIVE TODAY:Call (202) 224-3121 three times to be connected to your 2 Senators and 1 Representative: Sample Script: “I’m your constituent from [CITY/TOWN], and I urge you to do everything in your power to protect the U.S. asylum system & refugee resettlement program from being decimated by the administration. After barring people from seeking asylum if they travel through another country, the administration is considering setting the refugee admissions goal for next year at ZERO. Congress must hold the administration accountable. By law, the administration must consult with Congress prior to setting the refugee admissions goal, which means you are uniquely poised to ensure that the administration fulfills its obligation to consult with Congress ahead of deciding how many refugees to welcome in FY20. Please do everything in your power to see that the administration stops its attacks on asylum seekers and commits to resettling 95,000 refugees in 2020. My community welcomes refugees, and I urge you to reflect the best of our nation by supporting refugee resettlement.” *** Until a final determination on the national capacity is decided, the days and weeks ahead will be long. But regardless of the situation, CWS in Lancaster will be here, just as we have been for the past 32-years, providing hope and support to refugees and immigrants of Lancaster County. If you'd like to make a donation to further support our work locally, you can do so here. We are honored and ever grateful for your peaceful solidarity.

CWS Lancaster
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Petition to My team and I

Help us launch our platform! (For Refugees and Immigrants) We just need 500 signatures!

My team and I are in the process of developing a platform to help resettlers in America (Refugees and Immigrants) have the opportunity to begin their new journey and end up working/learning in a field they are passionate about.  أنا وفريقي بصدد تطوير منصة لمساعدة إعادة التوطين في أمريكا (اللاجئون والمهاجرون) في الحصول على فرصة لبدء رحلتهم الجديدة وينتهي بهم المطاف بالعمل / التعلم في مجال شغوف به.   Mi equipo y yo estamos en el proceso de desarrollar una plataforma para ayudar a los reasentadores en Estados Unidos (refugiados e inmigrantes) a tener la oportunidad de comenzar su nuevo viaje y terminar trabajando / aprendiendo en un campo que les apasiona.  Minha equipe e eu estamos desenvolvendo uma plataforma para ajudar o reassentamento na América (refugiados e migrantes) a ter uma chance de começar sua nova jornada e acabar trabalhando / aprendendo com paixão.  Η ομάδα μου και εγώ σχεδιάζουμε μια πλατφόρμα για να βοηθήσουμε την επανεγκατάσταση στην Αμερική (πρόσφυγες και μετανάστες) να έχουν την ευκαιρία να ξεκινήσουν το νέο τους ταξίδι και να καταλήξουν να εργάζονται / μαθαίνουν με πάθος.     

Israa Ali
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Petition to Acting Secretary of Homeland Security Kevin K. McAleenan, U.S. House of Representatives, U.S. Senate, Department of Homeland Security

Stop Separating Immigrant Families_Buddhist Statement

[PLEASE SEE THE UPDATE FOR AN ACTION YOU CAN TAKE JULY 20, 2019] As Buddhist leaders and practitioners, we unreservedly condemn the recently imposed policy of separating immigrant children from their parents at the US-Mexican border. Over the past few weeks, thousands of children have been inhumanely taken from their parents by US Customs and Border Protection, in a policy that has been condemned by the United Nations and many international human rights observers. Indeed, no other country has a policy of separating families who intend to seek asylum. Whatever the legal status of those attempting to enter the US, separating children from their parents is a contravention of basic human rights. Parents seeking asylum make long, dangerous and arduous journeys in an attempt to find safety and well-being for their precious children. Ripping these vulnerable children from their parents is cruel, inhumane, and against the principles of compassion and mercy espoused by all religious traditions. From a Buddhist perspective, it is the close bond between parents and children that nurtures not only the physical well-being of children, but their psychological health and their moral formation.  Separating children from their parents and holding them in detention inflicts terrible and needless trauma and stress on young children that hampers and damages their development, causing long-term damage. This policy being employed on United States soil is morally unconscionable. That such egregious actions be employed as a deterrent for families seeking entry and/or asylum in the U.S. – using the sacred bond between innocent youth and their parents – is unjustifiable on any level. We suggest that our current defenders of this policy visit some of these border crossings and child detention centers so they can experience for themselves the present effects of their decisions. It is difficult to conceive that anyone having compassion for our world’s children and their families, and who witnesses such pain and anguish for themselves could continue to uphold such a practice. As people of faith and conscience, we feel that it is important that we speak out clearly in defense of basic human rights at this time, calling for an immediate end to this heartless practice. In doing so, we join the voices of many religious leaders and congregations that have unreservedly condemned this policy of separation. This policy is a serious violation of the rights of the child and must be stopped today. Signed: (Click here for a list of over 200 Buddhist leaders)

Soto Zen Buddhist Association
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Petition to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo

Evacuate Refugees from Libyan War Zones

The Need: Refugees trapped in Libyan prisons amid an escalating civil war are begging the outside world to save their lives. They escaped war zones and fled persecution in their own homelands, and are seeking nothing more than protection and life with dignity. However, in Libya they have been left to die without protection, in a war zone from which they cannot flee. The U.S. State Department must act quickly to support evacuations of these innocent people from harm and save their lives. The Story: Clashes between government forces and rebel militias are raging in Libya for the third time in 7 months. Over 10,000 Libyans have been displaced, but one group who have been unable to flee are the 6,000 refugees from Eritrea, Sudan and Somalia who are locked inside Libyan detention centers for simply seeking protection. About 3,000 of these refugees are currently trapped in areas of active combat, and their lives are at a great danger. Just today, militia soldiers entered the prison complex of Qaser Bin Ghashir and shot into the crowd of men, women and children, killing two refugees and wounding 10 more. The refugees must tend to the wounds of the injured themselves, as no medical aid has been able to reach them. The refugees have just one lifeline in this nightmare: cell phones they managed to smuggle into their prisons. They use these phones to communicate with the outside world, sending messages of desperation to anyone who is willing to listen. Their messages are dire: there is barely any food, and children have perished as a result.  All of the guards have fled leaving them vulnerable to kidnappings by armed militias who want to use them as human shields or slave laborers, or by human traffickers who torture them to coerce ransom payments from their loved ones abroad. Those who are held in these prisons are regular men, women and children who had no choice but to flee their homes because of violence and persecution in their countries. One man, whose name is withheld to protect his identity, was forced to flee the Darfur region of Sudan when Janjaweed militants burned his village down and massacred his friends and neighbors. He was then kidnapped by smugglers who spent a year torturing him to coerce ransom payment from his family until the Libyan army liberated him last year and brought him directly to prison. Another man from Eritrea fled to save his family’s lives when the regime’s army tried to hold him as a political prisoner without trial. Upon reaching Sudan, he was kidnapped and sold to traffickers who tortured him for money. Finally, they put him in a boat to cross the Mediterranean Sea but the Libyan coast guard intercepted them, sending him directly to prison. He has not seen his wife or son in almost five years, and worries his child will grow up fatherless. The UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) has only been able to successfully evacuate 500 people so far. This is an important start, but is just a small drop in the bucket. The international community needs to intervene now to save the lives of thousands more people who are still trapped in a war zone. The refugees know that the only solution is to be evacuated - and not just to other prisons in Libya where the conditions are equally dire or worse. A few months ago, I received my first message from a refugee in Libya. The stories he told left me in horror and disbelief, but as I got to know him and the other detainees my fear turned into a need to act. They have asked me to help share their stories with the world, in the hopes that help will come if their stories are heard. And now, I’m asking for your help. By signing this petition, you have the opportunity to send two messages. First, your signature will implore the U.S. State Department to support large-scale evacuations of refugees out of Libya. And second, you will send a message of support and hope the thousands of innocent people trapped in another country’s war zone, to remind them that the world has not abandoned them to die alone.

Andrea Gagne
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