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Petition to Malcolm Turnbull, Peter Dutton

Malcolm Turnbull, please allow Fariborz's family to bring his body to Australia

The body of Fariborz, a 26 year old Iranian asylum seeker who took his own life, is being held on Nauru against his family's wishes. Despite a history of torture, trauma and threats of execution as a child in Iran, the Australian Government held him in detention on Nauru for years. After months of begging the Australian government for help, Fariborz Karami lost all hope and two weeks ago he took his own life in a mouldy old tent on Nauru. His mother, wife and twelve year old brother have been left behind to find what comfort they can in at least giving their beautiful, son, brother and husband a decent, dignified burial.Known as being athletic, upbeat, and a born leader, Fariborz’s death has come at a shock to the refugee and asylum seeker community held in detention on Nauru. Many are now wondering, "If detention could beat someone as strong as Fariborz, what does this mean for us?"But just as Fariborz's cries for help were ignored, so too are the pleas for compassion and understanding from his mum. She is desperate to have Fariborz’s body buried in Australia where he has family that can tend to his body with the care and respect he needs. They do not want him buried forever on the island that has become hell for them. It's been more than two weeks since Fariborz Karami died on Nauru, yet the Australian Border Force has made no arrangements to meet his family’s request that his body be buried in Australia.This family has already been through enough heartache -- for pity's sake, bury Fariborz in Australia and give his family some peace, Mr Turnbull. The Iranian community on Nauru is trying to support the little family by circulating a petition calling for the Turnbull government to respect the family’s wishes and make immediate arrangements for Fariborz’s body to be brought to Australia.  Over 200 refugees and asylum seekers have signed the petition that is circulating in all of Nauru's refugee camps. Can you add your name to this and demand he be brought to Australia for burial? The complete lack of concern from the Turnbull government for the wishes of the family is causing anguish and distress for the family and the whole community on Nauru. Are we really such a vicious and mean-spirited country that we would force this poor family through the ordeal of burying its son and brother in a place that held such despair for him? This is the one last thing we can do now for Fariborz - will you join 200 refugees demanding that he is given a dignified burial in Australia? In solidarity, Luisa Low and Julie Macken

Luisa Low
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Petition to Malcolm Turnbull, Peter Dutton

A refugee left on Nauru to die: Bring Ali* to Australia to die with dignity & comfort NOW

Ali* is dying in pain and fear, far from home and without hope – and Australia put him there. Ali is 63 years old and not expected to live many more months. He is also a member of the persecuted Hazaran minority and has been formally recognised as a refugee, but today he is lying on a bed in an Australian detention centre on Nauru in pain and discomfort dying from lung cancer. He has one incredibly simple request: to come to Australia and receive some relief from the pain and die with some dignity and comfort. Despite being told by doctors that Nauru has no way to support Ali to have a dignified and pain free death, and despite having been found to be a refugee, the Australian Border Force has refused to bring Ali to Australia to spend his final days receiving proper palliative care. It’s no secret that Nauru and Manus Island's refugee and medical services are woefully inadequate. On Nauru the medical facilities on offer to refugees like Ali are completely ill equipped to care for someone requiring around-the-clock palliative care. But despite this, the Australian Government is still refusing Ali proper, humane, end-of-life care in Australia. In an obscene and cynical gesture, Australian Border Force offered Ali $25,000 to return to his home country, a place where he has a very real risk of being persecuted.  So, not only is the Government refusing adequate medical care, but they are trying to convince a genuine refugee with end-stage cancer to return to the country he fled, a place where he faces certain danger. This is a new low even for the Turnbull government. It is also in breach of Australia’s legal obligations to protect refugees. We're calling on the Australian Government to bring Ali to Australia to receive proper, palliative care.  Ali has no one to speak out for him except you and I. We can’t let him die alone and in pain. You can help us by signing this petition. He has asked to come to Australia to have the care he needs with folks from his community close by to hold his hand and walk this final mile with him. It is a small enough mercy that he asks for even from a cold and brutal country like ours. Cancer is a universal truth for many - so many of us have lost our family and friends to this incurable disease. As anyone who has watched it take over a person, it’s a horrific burden even with the most sophisticated treatments. Without proper medical treatment, the pain Ali is experiencing is unimaginable. Bring Ali to Australia now. - Julie Macken and Luisa Low, Australian Women in Support of Women on Nauru Read more here. *Ali is a patronym, his full name is withheld to protect his family.    

Luisa Low
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Petition to Mr Alan Joyce, Mr Daniel Bowden, Mr Lee Schofield, Mr Gareth Evans, Mr Lim Kim Hai, Mr Rob Sharp, Mr John Borghetti, Mr Cai Jianjiang, Shri Pradeep Singh Kharola, Mr Chistopher Luxon, Mr Simon Foo, Mr Rupert Hogg, Mr Ho Nuan-Hsuan, Mr Xulun Ma, Mr Tan Wangeng, His Highness Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum, Tan Sri Tony Fernandez, Mr Peter Baumgartner, Mr André Viljoen, Mr Muhammad Arif Wibowo, Mr Chen Feng, Mr Enrique Cueto Plaza, Mr Izham Ismail, Mr Chandran Rama Muthy, Mr Geoff Bowmaker, Dr Lucio Tan, Mr Akbar Al Baker, Mr Xinguo Lan, Mr Foo Chai Woo, Mr Goh Choon Phong, Captain Suren Ratwatte, Mr Charamporn Jotikasthira, Mr Oscar Munoz, Mr Duong Tri Thanh

Airlines - Don't Deport Asylum Seekers to Danger!

With increased rates of deportations occurring and being threatened by the government, the Refugee Action Collective has created a Code of Conduct for airlines to follow. Sign the petition to show your support for the Code and to send a clear message that protection needs to be permanent and that deportations of refugees and asylum seekers are against international law.  Preamble: Australia continues to forcibly deport asylum seekers back to places such as Sri Lanka, Iraq, and Afghanistan where they face imprisonment, torture and death. Article 33 of the UN Refugee Convention, to which Australia is a signatory, states “No Contracting State shall expel or return ('refouler’) a refugee in any manner whatsoever to the frontiers of territories where his [sic] life or freedom would be threatened on account of his [sic] race, religion, nationality, membership of a particular social group or political opinion.”Thousands of asylum seekers in Australia are at risk of deportation particularly because the Coalition government changed asylum assessment processes and abolished the Refugee Review Tribunal.An investigation by the Edmund Rice Centre in 2011 found that of 179 refugees who were forcibly returned to Afghanistan 20 had been confirmed killed and dozens more had disappeared. An update of the report in July 2017 concludes “it would be impossible for Australian, European and other governments to guarantee the safety of Afghan returnees in this period of instability”.Deportation itself is a brutal process often involving physical or chemical restraint. It breaches Australia’s obligations under international law. People deported by Australia have been bound and gagged. Deportations sometimes occur in the middle of the night with little to no warning for the person being deported.In 2010 Jimmy Mubenga, was suffocated to death while being restrained on a British Airways flight during deportation by the UK government.Deportation invariably puts passenger safety at risk because asylum seekers will often rightfully resist the process. Abdlmoneim Khogali, a Sudanese asylum seeker handcuffed to a passenger seat ripped the seat from its floor mountings in an attempt to avoid deportation from Australia. He was then beaten by guards in front of passengers. Several attempts were made to inject him with tranquilliser, the needle missed and bent into the seat. He was eventually injected with that same bent and contaminated needle, and bears scars from it. Deportation is self-evidently harmful for asylum seekers and can also be traumatic for airline staff and passengers.In Germany pilots refused to carry out deportations 222 times between January and September 2017. Lufthansa spokesman Michael Lamberty told the Westdeutsche Allegeimeine Zeitung newspaper that pilots were able to make such decisions if they thought that flight safety could be affected.A more recent example includes American Airlines' refusal to partake in Trump's latest immigration policies.Deportations are happening here in Australia quite frequently, with the story of the Tamil family from Biloela, Queensland, being the most recent high profile case.Airlines are not legally required to carry out forced deportations. We the undersigned therefore call on all Australian airlines to agree that they: - Will not carry out forced deportations of asylum seekers back to possible danger- Will not take disciplinary action against any airline pilot who independently decides not to fly a plane with a forced deportee onboard

Refugee Action Collective (Victoria)
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