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Petition to Roger Goodell

Fire Al Riveron, Fix The NFL Officiating!

The NFL has been plagued by poor officiating ever since Al Riveron was promoted to Senior Vice President of Officiating before the start of the 2017 season. While we understand that the officials are human and will not be perfect, the questionable calls have become more glaringly obvious and have increased in numbers since Riveron's promotion. Furthermore, after perhaps the worst call in NFL history (from last year's NFC Championship game), it appeared as though steps were finally being made to fix the officiating by allowing pass interference calls to be reviewable... only for it to be clear that Riveron wants no part of it as he refuses to overturn almost all reviewed pass interference challenges, even calls that are obviously incorrect. The NFL must fix its officiating and fast before it starts to seriously damage the quality of the league, and we believe a good start to this process is for Roger Goodell to fire Al Riveron from his position as Senior Vice President of Officiating as soon as possible. NFL officiating has been criticized more than it has ever before since his promotion, and we therefore believe that he is not the right man for the job. Further actions to fix the officiating that could be taken after firing Riveron include punishing referees who have continually made terrible calls, and being more open to suggestions from NFL owners in regards to addressing officiating and replays. Thank you for your time in reading this. If you agree, please sign this petition, and share with all your friends and family who wish to improve NFL officiating. Together we must show that we want change!

Justin F
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Petition to CA Interscholastic Federation (CIF), Northern California Officials Association (NCOA)

Review/Replay Policy for High School Basketball

There needs to be a Replay/Review Rule set in place for high school basketball-post season.  Unfortunately, many competitive teams lose out on earned championships and titles due to an incorrect and/or biased blow of a whistle and there is no recourse for coaches to take on their players behalf.  Other times, a call is made in error due to the pace of the game.  The Replay/Review rule exists on the Collegiate and NBA level and it is time to incorporate this at the high school level.  By signing this petition, we are taking the 1st step in ensuring that high school officials have the additional support they need and that high school athletics are being operated under the integrity that our athletes and coaches deserve.  Here is what I am proposing to CIF: 1. Replay/Review Rule established for High School basketball post season to include all CIF Section and State play-off and Championship games.  In order for an official to change or reverse a call made on the floor, 2/3 of the officials must first find that the monitor review reveals by indisputable evidence that the call on the floor was incorrect. 2. The following Outcomes should be determined by all 3 Officials: A. Last Second Foul- Referees use replay to review all called fouls that occur between 1 and 0 secs time remaining on the clock (0:01-0:00) in the 4th quarter and/or overtime. Referees are required to conduct the review if score has a margin within 3pts or less. B. 2-Point/3-Point Field Goal (made shot or foul)- Referees may use replay to review all situations in which they are not reasonably certain whether a successful field goal was scored correctly as a two-point or three-point field goal. C. Made Basket – End of Period- Referees review all made shots that clear the net with no time remaining on the clock (0:00). This is an automatic trigger and referees are required to conduct the review regardless of score. D. Out-of-Bounds- Referees may review any out-of-bounds play that occurs in the last two minutes of the fourth quarter and last two minutes of overtime when they are not reasonably certain as to which player caused the ball to go out-of-bounds.  

Neketia Henry
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