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Petition to Redskins Fans

Boycott the Redskins Until Dan Snyder Sells The Team

For the last two years Redskins fans have had more hope, happiness and WINS than ever since our last Super Bowl in 1991.  With a young quarterback that we drafted, a young promising head coach and a loaded offense we have made the playoffs and flirted with the playoffs in back to back years and it was thrilling.  But now we’ve lost our top two receivers, our GM and our possible franchise QB is demanding a trade.  Will firing Bruce Allen fix things? No. Will begging the best QB we’ve had since 1991 to stay with a boat-load of money even though he’s requested a trade help? No.  Will drafting a QB and signing a big name free agent help renew our hope? No.  Only one thing will fix the emotional torture the Redskins fans have endured over the last 18 years and that is for Dan Snyder to sell the team.  Until Snyder sells we are boycotting the team and hope thousands of people will join us. Hit Snyder and the Redskins where it hurts most, the bank account.  Don’t buy one piece of Redskins gear, attend one game, or click on any link associated with the team’s website or social media accounts.  Only something this large in scale could ever move Snyder to sell. I am a third generation diehard Redskins fan. I am raising my three kids as fourth generation fans.  My grandfather moved to DC in the 1930’s and quickly became a fan and raised all of us to be passionate Skins fans.  Our family is so crazy about the Skins that the first song my kids learned how to sing was “Hail to the Redskins.”  But due to the complete and utter dysfunction Redskins fans have witnessed over the last 18 years of Dan Snyder’s ownership, it’s time to take our team back and boycott the Redskins until Snyder sells.  We have had renewed hope hundreds of times during the last 18 years only to be back in the same place we find ourselves now, an embarrassment of the NFL with no hope in sight. Let’s take back our team, take back the Redskins and #BoycottTheSkins until Dan Snyder sells.

Tom Manatos
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Petition to Araceli Guerra (Donna High School and Donna Independent School District), Deborah Medano (Donna High School and Donna Independent School District), Sarah Hernandez, Juventino Gomez, Ramiro Daniel, Albert Sandoval, Eloy Infante, Tammy Ramos, Elipidio Yane, Elipidio Yanez, Elipidio Yanez, Ernest Lugo, Efren Ceniceros

Donna High School Change Your Mascot and Stop Using the racist slur Redskins

Definition of redskin in English: redskinPronunciation: /ˈredˌskin/ NOUN dated or offensiveAn American Indian. ---------- As protests by Native American's for sports teams to stop using the term "Redskins" and eliminate Native American mascots mount across the country the most disturbing place these slurs are found is in high schools. The foundation of youth across America are being raised from a young age that Native Americans are just a mascot. Donna High School is no exception. For 82 years the high school has crowned a sweetheart each year complete with faux headdress, claiming that the tradition and the Redskins mascot is a honor to Native Americans. Redskins has been time and time again proven to be the equal to the N word to Native Americans, using it even with the best of intentions is still using a racial slur.  It's time that high schools create a respecting environment for all students and quit using Redskin and Indian mascots.  Donna High School, stop misappropriating Native culture for football games. The way you treat Natives sets a tone for your students for the rest of their lives and the way they view Native Americans and our customs. Screaming Redskins is not honor, its clear disrespect to the most marginalized communities in America.     

Jennifer Falcon
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