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Go Green in Killeen! Reinstate Curbside Recycling and Make Changes to Recycling Program.

According to information received from the City of Killeen, the residents of Killeen contributed a total of 53,378 TONS of trash to the landfill in the 2017 Fiscal Year (FY).  This is NOT environmentally sustainable. Our only option remains to reduce the amount of trash produced by each household, and the only two ways to do that are to reuse what we can, and to recycle what we can't. The City of Killeen suspended its curbside recycling services for FY 2017 and FY 2018. Many city officials cited a general lack of participation in the curbside recycling program as the reason for its suspension. To that, we say this: If residents weren't recycling when these materials were conveniently picked up from their homes, how much less recycled material is being collected now that residents have no choice but to personally deliver their recyclable materials to one of the city's two drop-off locations? How many more tons of perfectly recyclable materials are ending up in the ever-expanding landfill as a result of this decision? According to the City of Killeen’s Adopted Budget for FY 2018, found here, The Solid Waste Division’s mission is, “to collect and dispose of solid waste,” and the “mission elements” include, “Administer programs to INCREASE RECYCLING and reduce litter,” “COLLECT RECYCLABLES,” and, “Conduct at least one Household Hazardous Waste Collection Event each year.” The truth is that the fiscal year has just begun, and by choosing to not reinstate the curbside recycling program, and not revamping the entire recycling program itself, the Solid Waste division has already failed to meet two of the three “mission elements” stated in the budget. Furthermore, their goals include “[Performing] ongoing route analysis to allow for the MOST EFFICIENT USE OF RESOURCES WHILE ENCOMPASSING THE GROWTH OF THE CITY.” How is anyone making decisions concerning “the growth of the city,”and its resources, without implementing better, more sustainable, practices when it comes to waste management and recycling? In FY 2018, during which the curbside recycling service remains suspended, and the total staffing of the recycling department under six employees, the adopted budget is $365,537. This is over $46,000 more than the actual budget in FY 2017, and almost $24,000 more than the actual budget during FY 2016 when the curbside recycling service was readily available to participating residents. This doesn’t make economic or environmental sense! Our tax dollars will be spent one way or another, but it’s time that we stand up and demand that they are spent wisely in a way that promotes environmental sustainability in Killeen! Our community is quickly expanding, which means that the amount of trash we produce will only grow in number. The answer is NOT suspending curbside recycling services; the answer is revamping our recycling program, expanding the number of accepted recyclable plastics, and promoting recycling as a priority, not merely entertaining it as an option. Go Green in Killeen! Tell City Manager Ron Olson to reinstate curbside recycling services, and revamp our recycling program to make Killeen a more sustainable, and environmentally progressive community in Central Texas! Check out this infographic to see how Killeen compares to neighboring cities.  

Seka Berry
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Petition to Ramsey English Cantu, Yolanda P. Ramon, Gloria Hernandez, Rodolfo Villalpando, Luis Sifuentes

Mandatory Recycling and Composting Ordinance for All Eagle Pass Businesses & Residents

I am creating this petition to express my concern for the amount recyclable waste that is going to landfills for the city of Eagle Pass, TX. As a citizen of this community living in a household, I deal with the daily frustration of not having easy access to a recycling receptacle. With so many people living under one roof you can only imagine how much trash we generate, a recycling dumpster  should be mandatory. I understand that drop off spots are offered for those who do not have curbside pick up, however, not many people are willing to carry or drive around a big bag of trash. The City of Eagle Pass Recycling & Landfill info website states that "all other materials recycled such as paper, magazines, plastic, etc., do not have a market." This means that only cardboard, aluminum, and other metals are the only materials being recycled in Maverick County, while everything else is going into landfills. It has almost been a year that city ordinance has banned the distribution of plastic shopping bags, which is a big step in keeping our environment clean. However, plastic bottles, containers, and even the plastic bags used to store the trash for pick up inevitably still go to landfills harming our environment. The next big step, in my opinion, would be to find a solution to the excuse of not having a "market" for recycling paper, plastic, and other environmentally harmful wastes. A more progressive approach to this problem would be to reuse all disposed plastics to create recycling, compost, and trash containers to supply to homes and businesses. By making recycling mandatory, this will enable all local citizens to be encouraged to recycle while having access to the equipment to do so.  Eagle Pass Waste Management Eagle Pass Recycling Center & Landfill The Importance of Recycling #1 The Importance of Recycling #2

Mario Cortez
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