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Petition to Jr Ocean Guardians, Shelby O'Neil

Stop McDonalds Straw Pollution - "Own the Drink Run" Commercial

CONTACT MCDONALD'S TO HAVE THEM STOP THEIR "OWN THE DRINK RUN" COMMERCIAL Jr Ocean Guardians is working hard to educate lower level grade children on how plastic pollution affects our oceans and waterways, as well as the importance of recycling.  The kids are excited to learn and all pledge to help make a change to save our oceans from plastic pollution.   Sadly, McDonald's has chosen to run a commercial with no regard for the plastic pollution they are creating every second at their restaurants.  While I realize that straws will never go away, please urge McDonalds to look into a sustainable option and not show a commercial where paper wrappers are blown off tons of straws.  It's a disturbing image for all of us who are trying to make our oceans and our world better.   Single use plastic straw pollution is one of the top ocean and waterway polluters in the world.  While people are told these facts, it still continues to be an issue. Non-biodegradeable straws take hundreds of years to break down  Go to a beach clean-up and you will be picking up straws by the handful.  Unfortunately, these straws make it into the ocean and harm sealife.  Who can forget that image of a straw stuck in nose of a sea turtle?  This image is just heartbreaking.  Please join me and send McDonald's a message that it is time for them to move to a sustainable straw. Thank you for your support.  This is my first petition and I have no financial gain, I just want to make the world a better place for future generations.    

Jr Ocean Guardians
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Petition to Tacoma City Council, City of Tacoma

End the Bag Ban in Tacoma

Bag bans are outrageous government encroachment forced  upon the people. Forcing a population to do something is not a fundamental part of our constitutional Republic. People should have a choice and shouldn't be forced to buy any sort of product. Bag Bans force the public to buy reusable bags, or paper bags. Consumers shouldn't be forced into buying anything and should always be offered an option that isn't being forced upon them. I am 100 percent for helping the environment, and if people want to use reusable bags, so be it, but don't force your ideas upon the public, and people should have a chance to decide.    I urge you to sign this petition to ask the Tacoma City Council to roll back the "bag ban" and ask them to have a vote of the people on the issue. This way both sides of the equation will have the right to state their cases. If majority elects to impose a bag ban, so be it. If they choose to roll it back, then the people have spoken. It should also be noted that reusable bags cannot be recycled, and take more to produce, and paper is much worse for the environment. Let's work with the public and educate them on reusing and recycling plastic bags, which happen to be 100 percent recyclable!   ITS THE PEOPLE'S CHOICE, LET THEM HAVE A VOICE!!

Andrew Tilton
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Petition to Berkeley Heights Board of Education

Berkeley Heights residents, do your part in keeping our waters plastic-free

Hi, I am Allen Du, working with Harsh Tiwary. Both of us live in a town in New Jersey called Berkeley Heights. We are working on a serious problem that affects us, our town, our state, and our only world. PROBLEM: Berkeley Heights has the highest concentration of plastics in New Jersey. Where is this pollution coming from, why is it coming in the first place, and what can we do to stop the pollution? "WHY SHOULD I CARE?" You should care because the Passaic River is a public water source. The plastic that leaches into this river is broken down into smaller pieces, which eventually are so small they find their way through water filters (like microbeads do) and enter your tap water. Plastics themselves are made out of a material you wouldn't want inside you, petroleum (oil), but, even worse, when plastics are in water they soak up the other toxic chemicals in the water, like flame retardants and pesticides. No one wants to live in a town with polluted water. CAUSE: We are eighth-grade students, and our school system uses foam trays for lunch. After these trays are thrown away, they are put into local landfills near the Passaic River, a river that spans seven counties in New Jersey. The plastics (foam trays) from these landfills leach out into the Passaic River, where they concentrate in Berkeley Heights.  SOLUTION: We will replace the Styrofoam (polystyrene) in our school system with fully recyclable (polypropylene) trays. Polypropylene is recyclable in Berkeley Heights (plastic code #5; usually you see "PP" on polypropylene products). Because this material is similar in price with Styrofoam trays, it should have little to no financial burden on our school system. PARTING SHOTS: Do you regularly use lead products in your home? You probably don't because lead is toxic, right? Now, plastics are the new “lead”—everybody uses them, they are toxic, and we are only now beginning to understand why. As a result, there has been little to no studying done on plastics compared to other pollutants. We need to act now before we have to spend more money on cleanups. We have the ability to solve this problem before it turns snowballs out of control.

Allen Du
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