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Petition to Todd Spitzer (Orange County Board of Supervisors 3rd District), Mayor Mike Munzing, Mayor Tom Tait, Mayor Christine Marick, Mayor Fred R. Smith, Mayor Stephen Mensinger, Mayor Mariellen Yarc, Mayor Cheryl Brothers, Mayor Bao Nguyen, Mayor Jim Katapodis, Mayor Gerard Goedhart, Mayor Barbara Kogerman, Mayor Andrew Hamilton, Mayor Diane Dixon, Mayor Jeremy B. Yamaguchi, Mayor L. Anthony Beall, Mayor Miguel Pulido, Mayor Brian Donahue, Mayor John Nielsen, Mayor Tri Ta, Mayor Steve Dicterow, Mayor Bob Baker , Lisa A. Bartlett, Michelle Steel, Andrew Do, Shawn Nelson

Stop Careless Lending & Tax Defaults: Stricter Guidelines for PACE Loans

Making unaffordable loans based on the assets of the borrower rather than on the borrower’s ability to repay an obligation = PREDATORY LENDING Inducing a borrower to refinance a loan repeatedly in order to charge high points and fees each time the loan is refinanced (loan flipping) = PREDATORY LENDING Engaging in fraud or deception to conceal the true nature of the loan obligation, or ancillary products, from an unsuspecting or unsophisticated borrower = PREDATORY LENDING I, Lacy Robertson a Mortgage and Real Estate professional with over 14 years of experience am asking for stricter financing guidelines when approving homeowners that seek to finance energy and water efficient products.  This request is in an effort to prevent another financial housing melt down.  Too many people have lost their homes to unfair, careless lending practices and we don't need any more families to lose their most expensive asset they own or will ever own!  When you seek to finance a car or a house it is customary to provide debt and income information to the financing company in an effort to make sure you have sufficient income to repay the loan back for the benefit of both the consumer and investor.  This is where your help is needed!!!  Right now homeowners can apply to finance energy-efficient products with PACE loans without providing any type of documentation that would show their ability to repay the loan.  Not only is financing available but 100% financing is available.  100% financing on large purchase item(s) to consumers without considering their ability to repay the loan is not only risky but a recipe for disaster!!!  What does 100% financing remind you of…  Oh no, this sounds like adjustable rate mortgages being approved only at the minimum payment and never at the fully amortized highest contractual payment.  When lenders failed to see if an applicant could afford the highest payment amount under the loan it led to mortgages falling into default at record numbers once the payment adjusted.  The same is true if you fail to evaluate a consumer’s ability to repay PACE loans based on their income, debt and actual projected savings. It is only a matter of time, if stricter financing guidelines are not put in place that homeowners will be forced to default on their property taxes and mortgage payments that include property taxes.  Why?  Because They Can’t Pay!!!  Homeowners tend to upgrade to energy-efficient products in an effort to save money on their utility bills.  If sufficient guidelines are not in place to ensure that when a homeowner finances energy and water efficient products they can both pay the loan and save money then we are voluntarily creating another housing crisis but I HAVE GOOD NEWS YOU CAN HELP by signing the petition!   Based on my research and cases that I have come across PACE loans do not require any type of income and liability documentation before approving financing and at the very least this is careless and shows that the finance company doesn’t care if a consumer can afford to pay the loan because they now have collateral to back the loan classified as a Hero Property Tax Assessment which also creates a senior position lien or 1st position lien recorded against your property.  Yikes, if the homeowners can’t pay this loan, they will most likely lose their home or be forced to sell, when their original intention was trying to save money. PACE loans also don’t require that a homeowner at least saves a certain amount of money monthly/yearly when upgrading to energy and water efficient products.  Without this due diligence, there is no guarantee that the products are actually beneficial to them.  When a finance company fails to insure a consumer’s beneficial interest, you have a case where consumers are taken advantage of like during the refinance boom years.  Many homeowners were refinancing their properties over and over again with virtually no significant benefit to them and the only party that benefited was the lender. I need your help!  You need my help!  We need each other’s help!  Stop the careless lending of PACE loans.  It is time that we demand strict financing guidelines to protect our homes and our families.  Everything that is legal is not ethical but together we can prevent finance companies from taking advantage of homeowners in a legal but unethical way!  Stand Up For Your Families by signing this petition, sharing it with everyone you know and encouraging them to do the same!  We CAN make a difference. 

Lacy Robertson
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Petition to StreetEasy

NYC Real Estate Agents against StreetEasy Fees

StreetEasy, now in affiliates with Zillow, Trulia, HotPads, and Naked Apartments is now charging real estate agents unreasonably high listing fees to post their properties to the public. StreetEasy and Zillow have monopolized on NYC Real Estate advertising, and now they're exploiting hard working real estate agents for cash our of their pockets. has been the premier real estate listing platform in NYC for the past several years, and one of the most reliable platforms that offers accurate, up to date listings to the public. The latest announcement to real estate agents is that StreetEasy is now charging $3 per listing, per day. Imagine how many real estate salespeople will be pushed out of StreetEasy as a result of this new charge.   Here is a simple breakdown: An agent with 10 exclusives will have to pay roughly $90 per month, per listing, therefore an additional $900 per month. This payment will be due in ADVANCE, prior to actually leasing product, and collecting fee.  Given that real estate salespeople are 100% based on commission payment (no salary, no benefits, high taxes, lots of fees), this is a recipe for disaster.  Imagine a small firm that advertises 100 in-house exclusive listings per month. The firm will have a new NINE-THOUSAND DOLLARS a month cost to cover. Zillow OWNS all of the following companies: StreetEasy, Trulia, Naked Apartments, and HotPads. So it is important to know that this is a result of ZILLOW management. Nevertheless, it should be stopped. This is just one more example of a rich, power hungry corporation taking advantage of the little guys. Zillow's long term goal is to take money away from brokers and disturbing the marketplace (not in a good way).  Please sign this petition, and say NO to StreetEasy, aka Zillow. Let your voice be heard! Don't let this monopoly exploit hard working real estate agents! If agents start refusing to pay (which they will), there will be less content on StreetEasy, Zillow, Trulia, Naked Apartments, and HotPads making it very difficult for users to find an up to date search platform to find apartments (especially affordable ones). Real Estate Agents and Brokers: By signing, you do not support these new listing fees. PLEASE ALSO FILL OUT THIS SURVEY TO LET STREETEASY KNOW HOW MANY PEOPLE REFUSE TO PAY: StreetEasy Users: By signing, you do not support these new listing fees and may look to other new search platforms for NYC apartment rentals.  Donating to the petition will help spread the word faster, but if you could spare just a signature and a share, it would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you for taking the time to read, sign, and share :)

Romy Chiarotti
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