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Petition to Narendra Modi, Smriti Irani, Government of India, Supreme Court of India


Self defence is of prime importance for women, especially in a country like India where we stand at 4th position in terms of rape cases. Self defence is necessary in various crimes like rape, molestation, acid attacks, kidnapping etc. It should be made compulsory in schools to teach women about the techniques of self defence. It will make them feel mentally as well as physically stronger. They should be made aware of the things that should carry along with them like a tiny knife and pepper spray & the right time & method of use.They should know how to tackle multiple attackers.  Women should be given rights to even Kill the attackers in self defence. If the constitution will make the women stronger by providing them more rights to stand against attackers and make them learn all the techniques of self defence, it will definitely improve the situation of women.  Cases against women are rising because they are still considered weak & victim of the situation. If they will be taught self defence, law becomes their strong support, strong system to track attackers in a day & physical punishment will be given the situation can turn out to be favourable.  Lastly, I would say that these all crimes against women are rising because the law system of our country is not much effective. Criminals can walk into the roads freely after spoiling someone's entire life. The law should be made so strict that no one can even dare to touch women.     

Sneha Pansari
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Petition to Chief Minister of Telangana

Justice For Priyanka Reddy

“Please talk to me for a while...I am scared.” These were the last words said by Priyanka Reddy to her sister. Dr Reddy, 26, who was raped, murdered and was burnt to death, reportedly said this to her younger sister from a toll plaza while she was on her way back home. The world paces towards the much-awaited 2020, marking the end of another decade, and women in India are still not safe. In a gut-wrenching incident, Dr Reddy’s body was found on the outskirts of Hyderabad near the Chadanpalli village in Rangareddy district on Wednesday, November 27. She was reported missing by her family members. The police have arrested four people in connection to the crime. A resident of Shamshabad, the victim worked as a veterinary doctor in Nawabpet and travelled frequently to the skin clinic in Gachibowli. Like any routine day, Dr. Reddy left her home around 5 pm for the clinic. However, her scooter, as her family reported, had a flat tyre, and she took a stranger’s help. When near a toll plaza, she called her sister and told her about the flat tyre. She also expressed the uneasiness she felt and the suspicion she had on the strangers helping her. "You please keep talking until my scooter comes back. They [the strangers] are all waiting outside. You please keep talking to me, I am scared,” she urged her sister. Soon, with a promise of calling back soon, Dr Reddy hung up the call. When she failed to call, their family went to search her near the toll plaza, but after being unable to locate her, she went to the police and filed a missing complaint. Much to their dismay, her charred body was found the next day in the underpass at around 7 am. Soon as the story broke, several politicians and celebrities rallied on social media seeking justice for Dr Reddy. A candlelight vigil was hosted on Thursday in memory of the victim in Hyderabad. Sign This Petition to Get Justice For Priyanka Reddy.

Nagaraju Gajavelly
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Petition to Government of India

Rapist should be punished by death in India!

According to official figures from the Ministry of Home Affairs (MOHA), the rape of young children and women has increased for the past two years. Severe punishment for the rapists, even when caught, is rare. India's official crime data show the number of reported rapes of children increased from 8,541 in 2012 to 19,765 in 2016. Bangladesh, China, Afghanistan and even Pakistan all hand out the death penalty for rape and these countries are one of those who "do not tolerate rape". "Ours is a society where discussion of child sexual abuse is taboo. There is a culture of silence that pervades our homes and our institutions in addressing this issue with the seriousness it deserves." India has amended its laws to increase accountability of police and other officials dealing with violence against women, which has had a positive impact.But the change is slow and studies suggest that a large number of rapes in India still go unreported. The slow pace of the justice system has also been cited as an issue. Long-drawn-out trials in India often mean that victims have to wait years before they can get justice. And in cases where the death penalty has been handed out, those convicted have many chances to appeal against their sentence. Amendments should be made to the criminal laws of India. Even though rape is treated as terror but the punishment for rape is less severe. Rapist should be punished by death and once they are convicted of a rape, their right to appeal against the sentence should be revoked.

Anmol Sharma
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