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Petition to Narendra Modi, PMO Office, India, Maneka Gandhi, Ravi Shankar Prasad, Prakash Javadekar

PM Modi & Lawmakers: Make India ZERO TOLERANT to rape crimes. Make India safe.

This is a plea for my fellow Indians and every human out there willing to lend your support for social change. I want the Law and justice system in India to evolve, be stringent and resonate zero tolerance to horrific rape crimes. I shudder every single time I see a headline that mentions rape. Rape of a child, rape of a minor, rape of an elderly pensioner, rape of a student, gang rape of a teen, gang rape, mutilation and death of a woman, woman raped after giving birth, a teenager raped and set on fire- there is no end to this barrage of crimes. No female is spared- no matter the age. This rape epidemic affects every geographical state and every demographic. I refuse to create further divisions based on religion, affluence, caste or any other factor that the media chooses to portray in reporting many a rape crime. No amount of lobbying and campaigns for stringent laws and swift justice post the stomach-churning incident of Nirbhaya seems to have had an impact on the occurrence of rapes across the nation. The men who perpetrate these crimes have no understanding of the gravity of their crimes and neither do they fear the consequences of their action. We as people need our citizens, lawmakers, ministers, judges, doctors, psychiatrists and every influential individual who can affect change; to rally and ask for a system that is zero-tolerant towards rape and violence against women. No bail, no delays in processing, no delays using appeals process, no waiting in jail for parole for rape crime accused and convicts. We need to send a message to every man who even considers rape that he has no future. He needs to understand that he will not get to live like a normal human being after having violated a woman. His right to decent human life gets taken away the moment he rapes a woman.  Indian law and justice system- be it our lawmakers, law enforcers and those organisations that work with the above agencies need to strike fear into the hearts of every man who would resort to rape. Whether one is an accomplice or rapes a woman himself, set a punishment that is rigorous, life long and without parole; Not one that puts them in jail and gives them food and a place to live at the cost of the Indian public's tax money. If they'd like to live a free life, let them learn to live and lead a life free from rape and violence against women. I absolutely understand and concede that punishment should fit the crime but with the never ending barrage of rape crimes, all those who consider rape, need to know the dire consequences that they face afterwards.  Human rights- the right to live and the right to live free of torture would force us to reexamine and rethink the need for the death penalty and other stringent punishments. But, what is being done when the very same rights that exist for a female life is being violated intentionally by rapists and their accomplices repeatedly with no fear of repercussions? An extreme step becomes the sole choice, even if it is a temporary one.  Social change takes its time to reach 100% compliance. I also implore the other members of this petition to undertake a study to understand the root cause and the pattern of sexual violence and rape crimes. Education, awareness and grassroots level implementation of gender equality, gender rights and gender sensitization is the need of the hour. I urge the Ministry of human resource development and all the educational institutions to reexamine our textbooks and what is being taught in schools and colleges to include these vital concepts for enabling the creation of responsible, aware and educated citizens of tomorrow. Education, awareness and grassroots level implementation of gender equality, gender rights and gender sensitization is the need of the hour. I urge the Ministry of human resource development and all the educational institutions to re-examine our textbooks and what is being taught in schools and colleges to include these vital concepts for enabling the creation of responsible, aware and educated citizens of tomorrow. I cannot get myself to read the facts of rape crimes anymore. They are not stories or reports for me. I know not a single one of those that have been historically wronged but my blood boils for them and my heart bleeds for them and their loved ones. This petition is being sent to the Prime Minister of India, Ministry of law and justice, Ministry of women and child development, Ministry of human resource development among others.  This is my attempt to initiate change in India. Even if your views differ from mine, I urge you to share this in the hope of creating a positive impact. If you agree with me, sign the petition and do your part so every daughter of India walks on our roads fearlessly.

Shruthi Shankar
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Petition to North Carolina State Senate, North Carolina State House

Tell the NC Legislature to Protect Victims of Sexual Assault and Let Women Revoke Consent

In 1979, the North Carolina Supreme Court ruled in State V. Way that women can never revoke consent. This precedent has prevented women for almost 40 years from receiving justice. In one case, a woman was raped and when she brought it to the courts, her abuser received 10 months in jail for assault on a female instead of the 5-7 years he should have been sentenced to for a rape charge. Not only is this precedent immoral, but it is preventing women from receiving justice. This common law impacts both women (and men) in North Carolina and has been in place for too long. This law applies in the case that a woman has given her consent to intercourse and then redacts it. In some cases, consent has been redacted due to violence and even though initially consent was given, it is still rape. Senator Jeff Jackson of Mecklenburg County has introduced legislation (Senate Bill 553) to override this precedent, but in the last legislative session it got stuck in the Committee on Rules and Operations of the Senate. We urge Sen. Jackson to re-sponsor the bill but to make the new bill include all types of sexual assault. In addition to signing this, please call your representatives and senators and urge them to pass an updated version of Senate Bill 553 (otherwise known as 'Revoke Consent for Intercourse'). Sen. Bill Rabon is the chairman of the committee that has current jurisdiction of the matter and needs to hear our voices. Contact him at (919) 733-5963. This court precedent affects all of us and it is imperative that we pressure the NC Legislature to override it as soon as possible. Click here to see our Facebook, what we're doing to push this legislation through, and order one of our stickers online to show your support!

No Means No! NC
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Petition to U.S. Governors, Pennsylvania State House, Pennsylvania State Senate, Robert Casey, Pat Toomey, Tom Wolf, U.S. House of Representatives, U.S. Senate

Fund the testing of backlogged rape kits

Eleven-year-old Madison Wertz of Williamsport, Pa., learned about the national backlog of rape kits from a YouTube crime show that she and her dad, Michael, watched in early 2016. Madison was appalled to learn so many victims’ kits have sat untested for years, and she leaped into action. She began collecting signatures on a petition to help pay for Pennsylvania's backlog of untested kits. After about 6 months and 750 signatures, she was nominated for the Williamsport Sun-Gazette's 2016 Person of the Year. Now, with the help and support of my office as Pennsylvania Auditor General, Madison is collecting signatures nationwide to encourage each state to pass legislation that fully funds the testing of its untested rape kits; to upload all usable DNA evidence into CODIS, the federal database that matches DNA to identify serial offenders; and to prevent such a backlog from ever forming again. As auditor general, I produced a special report in September 2016 that evaluated the state of untested rape kits in Pennsylvania and offered 10 recommendations for improvement and action. Please join Madison and me as we fight to help all victims of sexual assault find justice, regardless of what state they live in. Your signature can spur action that helps victims find peace and leads to serial offenders being put where they belong: behind bars, where they can't hurt anyone else.    

Eugene DePasquale
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Started 7 months ago

Petition to Government of India, United Nations

Providing Justice to Women for Independence, Protection, and Safety against Rapists

We as humans, as a society, as a nation have the moral responsibility to ensure that the rights of all citizens are not violated but instead are protected. In the Indian Constitution it is stated, that "The State shall not discriminate any citizen on the grounds of sex." But unfortunately, In India, there are multiple rape cases that occur daily, and are simply ignored by the government. The government of India is not protecting the rights of women many times due to a conflict of interest or simply due to sheer carelessness towards women. Due to this, India's justice system is crippling and girls or women cannot get protection from government and law enforcement. Men are able to rape woman and still roam freely in society thinking that she is not going to say anything about it to anybody nor she'd file FIR(First Information Report) at the cost of her respect. These girls have to either end their life or live without respect in society. Today, Indian women are unsafe to go anywhere independently, wear the dress they like and to demand justice in public life, due to their fear of uncultured people and the ills of the society.       We, the women of India, will be able to live a safe and secure public life in India, if we can ratify and strictly enforce a law that severely punishes rape criminals. There should be a special court to handle only rape cases to get immediate justice to victims and to punish the criminals. If this law is enforced than, women will obtain the respect, and rights they deserve as a human. I also urge UN to consider joining the fight to help the women of India obtain the rights they deserve.

Beyond Feminism
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