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Kill or convict Ernie the low key pedo

Ernest "Ernie" Edward Johnson III is a self proclaimed "low-key pedo." Ernie wants to have sexual relations with an 8-12 year old girl-with her "consent." Ernie is 29 years old, & dating barely legal, Jessica Perry, who is carrying Ernie's second baby, a little boy, & encourages Ernie to "accept" being a pedophile. There are text messages between the two going around on social media. Ernie asks her if she ever tried to f*** any of her step dads, & says he's watching step family porn. Jessica then tells him no, however she was raped by one. He says that makes him feel bad, but he gets off hearing about her stories. He asks if she would be okay with him getting a child sex doll, and she says she just doesn't like dolls, but as long as he keeps it put up & there's no "creepy bs," she is ok with it. He even goes as far as telling her to delete their messages incase someone uses her phone, because everyone would hate him if they knew he was low key a pedo. His entire family defends him, with their reason being that they've known Mr. Ernest for years, & never got that vibe from him. The mother of his first child made a police report and gave them the phone for evidence. Nothing has been done, and no one has followed up with her. She is keeping her son away from this monster and his family for great reason. Make a conviction, before a member of society takes matters into their own hands and acts as the judge and jury. He will meet his match and get sent straight to his maker for trying to mess with the wrong person's child one day. DON'T wait for it to reach that point, if it hasn't already. 

Britney Bihh
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