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Petition to Burbank elementary school, modesto police department, Modesto City Schools

Justice for Luis

Imagine this: you’re the parent of an innocent seven year old boy. He’s normally very happy but one day he tells you about two boys who had been bullying and threatening him with a knife. You go directly to the school and demand action and protection for him. The vice principal agrees to look into it and talk to the kids involved but nothing comes out of it. Time passes and you notice that something about him seems off. He’s not acting normal and is unable to sit down. Now worried, you rush him over to the local hospital. You soon discover that your child had been raped for an entire month. The police take a statement from him and you immediately unenroll him from that school. After months of not hearing anything back, you request his statement and medical records from the police and the hospital. You get denied from both. You then reach out to a law office but they can’t help you due to a “lack of evidence”. The two boys happen to remain at the school unpunished. After reaching out to the school, they said that they were told by the police department that nothing had happened to the boy and that he had never been raped. However, the medical records state that there was swelling in the rectum which proves otherwise. This is the harsh reality for Luis and his parents. He was attending Burbank Elementary School when this all happened. His rapists still attend that school and by keeping them there, they are putting other kids at risk of sexual assault, harassment, and bullying; all of which are in violation of the Modesto City School District Conduct Codes. No one should have or keep their children in an unsafe environment. These boys should be expelled. It baffles me that the Modesto Police Department and Burbank Elementary School are letting them get away with it. Regardless of their age, they need to be held accountable. Bad behavior will not change without consequence. If they are allowed to get away with this, they will continue to do it. They will believe that nothing can stop them, not even the police, the people who are meant to ensure safety and enforce the law. Please help Luis and his parents get some justice by signing and sharing this petition in order to pressure the school into rethinking their decision to not punish those students and to have the police look further into this case.

Isabel Rodriguez
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Petition to U.S. House of Representatives, U.S. Senate, United States Supreme Court

Stop forced child marriages

Child marriage is more prominent than you  think, in fact forced child marriage is legal in every u.s. state with the exception of Delaware. There are loopholes in the laws of every other state that allow thousands of fully grown adults to marry children and  teenagers every year. Many people will find this confusing at first and your scepticism is justifiable. "Though nearly every state has laws barring children under 18 from marring, there are ways to get exemptions, for example, by asking for judicial consent or presenting parents' permission" according to the Pew Research Center, and Delaware, and New Jersey are the only states to have entirely banned child marriage. Generally, children cannot initiate legal action in their own name. In many states that means a child is allowed to marry but not allowed to divorce. A good percentage of these marriages are between a teenage girl and an adult man. When it comes to child marriage laws, the U.S. is comparable to countries like Iran, Saudi Arabia and Yemen. National forced marriage statistics are hard to come by. In a survey of marriage licenses compiled by the organization Unchained At Last, at least 167,000 children under 18 were married in the U.S. between 2000 and 2010, and Between 2000 and 2015, over 200,000 minors were legally married. (That number is likely on the conservative side, as Unchained At Last could obtain age data from only 38 U.S. states.) Furthermore some of the most shocking numbers occur in states such as New Jersey, where 4,000 children were married between 1995 and 2012. 163 of which were between 10 and 15 years old. (new jersey has sense banned all child marriage) In Virginia, nearly 4,500 people under the age of 18 were married between 2004 and 2013. Nearly 90% of those marriages involved an adult spouse. From what I've read and researched for a child to be married the parents need to consent and a judge needs to give the ok but, what the child thinks doesn't really come into play. Usually these marriages are arranged by the parents, who are often deeply religious, and while the marriage is being set up by the parents and a judge the child often chooses not to speak up that they object, because if they try to keep the marriage from happening, they could be shunned by their family as well as their religious community. So most of these child marriages are also forced marriages. There's tons of stories from people all over the internet from survivors of marriages they were coerced into as minors. These stories are often full of abuse from the adult husband towards the underaged spouse where the girl can't get help due to how our laws work. Helping children in forced marriages is murky territory for activists and social workers. A child who leaves home under the age of 18 is considered a runaway, meaning that social service organizations and shelters could face legal action for helping them. On top of that, many of the resources that are available to adults in abusive marriages aren't available to named minors. In the United Slates, a person cannot Just remove the child from the situation — that could be considered kidnapping, punishable by up to life in prison. Child Protection Services also typically decline to get involved before a child is married, and after the marriage, they may no longer even have the authority to get involved. As I alluded to before religion is an important factor that comes into play here. Most of the survivors of these forced child marriages come from tight religious circles. When you look at the list of countries where child marriage is most common at the top of the list are the heavily Islamic countries of Chad, Niger, Bangladesh, and Ginny. The jewish halakhah sets the minimum age for marriage at 13 for boys and 12 for girls. Catholic canon law allows marriage at 16 for boys and 14 for girls. In these tight religious circles the girl would never be able to tell authorities or get out of the marriage until shes at least 18. Even then if she divorced her husband she'd likely be banned from her community forever. Some things are being done to stop this by the organization "unchained at last" but their efforts and proposals have actually been turned down by several states. For example New Jersey governor Chris Christie vetoed a bill that would have banned marriage for teens under 18 in the state of new Jersey for the reason of "an exclusion without exceptions would violate the cultures and traditions of some communities in New Jersey based on religious traditions". After Chris Christie left office though the bill quickly progressed in new Jersey again, which is great, but the progress on the bill was obliterated completely again. "And then Assembly Speaker Craig Coughlin pulled A865 (the bill to raise the marriage age to 18 without exceptions) from me assembly agenda on May 24 2018, Just minutes before the assembly session"-unchained at last. Gary shayer (an orthodox jew) was the one to convince Craig Coughlin to do this. It was only after all of this that the bill finally progress once more and was eventually passed. New Jersey isn't the only place people are trying to make a change though "Unchained has last has helped to write, introduce, and promote legislation in some two dozen U.S states to eliminate the human-rights abuse but so far only two states have ended all child marriage: Delaware, which did so in May 2018, and New Jersey which did so in June 2018. “Two down. 48 to go."- Unchained at last, and various activists are making politicians and legislators in plenty of states aware of the flaws in our legislature, yet even when presented with the hanus statistics the bill is still not being passed due to trivial reasons that are not worth the amount of children that are stuck in violent and emotionally destructive marriages with absolutely no way out.

Ashton C.
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Petition to Congressman John Lewis, Karen Bass, Maxine Waters


 Congressman John Lewis (D-GA 5th Cong. Dist.) Must Repudiate the Gay Equality Act H.R. 5 (aka the Lewis-Pelosi Pedophile Amnesty Act) or Resign from Office   Congressman John Lewis' unbiblical, ahistorical, and unscientific decision to promote the diametrically-opposed issues of the Black people being a protected class with the legislative measures taken to remedy concerns of the largely affluent and white Homosexual Rights Movement is a disgrace to America, to African Americans, to Christianity and to women and minors. Lewis' obdurate, turpitudinous, irrational, injudicious, and irreverent decision to make the moral equivalence of persons sexual preference/addiction to those whose skin color is immutably rooted in their DNA  demonstrates a not so subtle contempt for Black Americans, the Constitution, the Christian faith, the canon of Civil Rights Law, and the health, welfare, and safety of women and those not of majority. Furthermore, Lewis' co-sponsorship of H.R. 5 manifest the deep defect in his character, judgment, and sanity--wherein a beloved Civil Rights icon and ordained  Baptist Minister would sully his good name and the true purpose of a movement that he suffered grievous bodily harm is psychiatrically intriguing and both shockingly inappropriate and immoral. For 32 years, Black voters have faithfully voted for John Lewis returning him to Congress 17 times, and this was based on his often overrated valor as a Civil Rights worker in the 1960s. Atlantans favored John over the late Julian Bond whom Lewis had scandalized with allegations of drug abuse in 1986. However, in retrospect, John Lewis' decision to become a prodigal slave to Cultural Marxism has made him a living scandal who has strayed from the orthodoxy of biblical Christianity which designates homosexuality, pedophilia, incest, bestiality, and abortion as abominations. As a member of Congress, Lewis has availed himself to blaspheme the Holy Scriptures in Leviticus 18 and 19, and he  has championed the abominations of homosexuality, abortion, and, now, pedophilia euphemistically called Minor-Attracted Persons (MAP) which come under the rubric of gender expression/gender identity in the Gay Equality Act of 2019-2020 (aka the Lewis-Pelosi Pedophile Amnesty Act).    What is at stake is the destruction of American family life and the American Christian tradition should John Lewis' and Nancy Pelosi's H.R. 5 be ratified into law in 2019. The enacting so-called Equality Act would result in the gross loss of Constitutional Rights for the 97 percent of American citizens which includes the loss of the right of freedom of belief, freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, freedom of religion, and freedom from undue search and seizure. Furthermore, H.R. 5 destroys all accepted conventions of existing gender/sexuality protocols between men and women and minors and adults. The origin of this so-called Equality Act is rooted in anomie and extremist, anti-family, atheistic, radical post-modernist, Kinseyan, feministic, insatiable homosexual theories lacking any scientific foundation or documented evidence of having any redeeming value. These dangerous and anti-American, anti-family, anti-male, anti-female, anti-child, and anti-Christian ideas would most assuredly foment social chaos and putrify the social fabric of American life as we know it.  Therefore, the Gay Equality Act will place millions of vulnerable children, women, and insecure families at risk of untold increases in sexual and psychological abuse and trauma unnecessarily. Given the fragile state of many American families and the already difficult developmental challenges of our youth,  H.R. 5  sponsored by Rev. John Lewis is a moral ethical bridge too far in the direction of moral declension and societal decay. We demand for the sake of our children and those unborn whom deserve a better America that John Lewis all other Congressional Black Caucus members repudiate the Gay Equality Act or face an enraged and energized Black American voting population that has been awakened by this and other atrocious laws and political malpractice of the so-called "Conscience of the Congress" that long ago sold them out for a mess of lobbyist pottage. John Lewis, we demand that you be a part of saving America, and, herewith, denounce the Gay Equality Act or encounter a collective effort to end your political career. Your years of running unopposed have ended.  The choice is yours whether you wish to be remembered for the yeoman work you did in the 1960s and in politics or be reviled as the patron saint of child molesters and sexually confused bullies. By any means necessary the Congressional Black Caucus will be brought to heel.  

Dr. Randy Short
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