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Petition to Indian Government, Jurisdiction of India, Indian Civil Servants, Kailash Satyarthi, Ravi Shankar Prasad, K.Ginkhan Thang

I want Rape Free India !!

I am writing a letter to the Indian government, kindly go through it. This petition is not for any particular case, I am talking on the topic "Rape" in general here. Sign this petition to Make India Rape Free !! Dear Indian Government, I am not writing this letter to any particular political party as it do not interests me. Irrespective of the political party I support or don't.Rape is not a political agenda for me. It suffocates me when I see uncomfortable woman around me. This letter is addressed to my country's government as a social body including all the Judges, Civil Officers and every other person who has any power to make a decision. I am an Indian man over age of 18 who has been doing all his duties towards nation. I want rapes to be stopped in my country or atleast I can expect a speedy justice to the victim & her family. It's high time to take action on this, kindly look into the matter and make some strict laws. Politics can be played on any topic, kindly spare this. As we all know sometimes political games can turn ugly and it's witnessed all around the world, but I request you to kindly not drag this topic into politics. Whoever you may be, whatever might be your post, just come upfront and take the responsibility for justice. I want my mother, sisters to roam freely. I want my female friends to be able to laugh with me and roam with me without any hesitation.I want them to feel safe around me.I don't want my partner to feel need of my protection. I just want every individual to feel safe in this society. Thank You. Lastly I want every woman who is reading this to know I am standing with them, firmly, equally to fight against rape. Sign this petition to Make India Rape Free !! Image Credits - © "Kailash Satyarthi Children's Foundation"

Shravan Beniwal
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Petition to Government of India.

Special Task force for sexual crimes.

The government of India did create a special task force to fight for crimes against India after the Nirbhaya case. But decided to dissolve it, as it said the aim of the task force was achieved.  But the same year as Nirbhaya's accused were hanged to death, the country saw cases like Priyanka Reddy, Unnao Rape case, Birmitrapur Police rape case, Hathras Rape case, Balrampur rape case and several others that never made it to the news. They aren't scared to rape. Why aren't they scared to rape and kill?They are not scared because there are no real consequences. Because in most of these days the accused are never caught.  Why are they not caught? Because the police is mostly involved with the accused in more ways that we'd probably know. And when the police is not involved it resolves to moral policing the victim. Fights hard and long to reach a "settlement". What needs to change? Our nation needs a new task force, specifically dedicated to sexual crimes. Run by people who are well equipped mentally and physically to handle the delicate situation of rape. People who are intellectually sound of understanding the concept of rape. People who can focus and dedicate their time specially to the horrendous acts of rape happening in our country.  A special task force, which is sensitive, well informed and highly quipped to  deal with the ever increasing horrendous acts of rape is our only solution. So I hereby request you to sign this petition for your country and stand alongside us in this fight against rape. Regards, Ipshita Asmita Foundation.

ipshita pandey
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