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Petition to Donald J. Trump, U.S. Senate, U.S. House of Representatives, Henry McMaster

Chemical Castration is a Viable Option for Sex Offenders

According to most estimates, it is believed that around 1 in 5 girls and 1 in 20 boys are the victims of childhood sexual abuse, but self-report studies have shown that those numbers could be significantly higher. Childhood victims of sexual abuse suffer from increased rates of mental illness, self-esteem issues, and suicide. The numbers and outcomes are strikingly similar for those that are victims of rape and/or sexual assault in their adult lives. With this petition there are three things that we are advocating for, but it is crucial to understand that the breadth of what we can do to help victims and deter offenders is not limited to what is being suggested. We are petitioning for wide sweeping legislation mandating harsher punishments and deterrents for those that commit sex crimes, and this will include: 1. Lengthier sentencing 2. Automatic registration onto local sex offender lists upon release 3. Voluntary and/or involuntary chemical castration (dependent on the situation) [It is worth noting that while the latter proposal sounds harsh, there are several countries around the world that enforce this punishment/deterrent, and a few states in the United States such as California and Florida that do as well (they use Depo Provera – a drug approved by the FDA). The act of chemical castration involves no pain, and it is a proven way to lower the sex drive; it would greatly reduce predators capacity to re-offend. This would be reserved for specific offenses.] But why? Why should sex offenses be held in a different vain when compared to other interpersonal crimes that a person can commit? That question can be broken down and explained like this: All crime is abhorrent and ultimately antithetical to society, but in certain circumstances and scenarios things can be justified. This simply cannot be said when it comes to sexual offenses - especially rape and pedophilia. For example: Theft is wrong, but if a person is impoverished and close to starving, taking food from someone that has more than they know what to do with could be seen as justified. Alternatively, taking someone’s life is wrong, but in the case of self-defense, as a society we have decided to make certain exceptions in cases where it seems unavoidable. For every unlawful act against society that we acknowledge as a transgression, there are cases where there is a gray area between what is expected and what can be deemed unavoidable. The same cannot be said for sex offenses. There is never a justification, validation, or explanation for sexual crimes against anyone. We live in a day and age where nonviolent drug offenses can land a person in prison with more time than a convicted sex offender. Laws vary from state to state, and some have such in place that allow for first-time offenders to have their “sentences” reduced to probation. With this intuitive, we respect local laws and values, and the right of states to have autonomy over how they govern and sentence is important, but the value in protecting our children and those that cannot protect themselves is one that we would like to think that we all share.

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Petition to U.S. Senate, Uber, Lyft

Force Congress and the Senate to Protect UBER and LYFT customers from being murdered.

Our company has dated artifacts of this patent pending application. Included in the application is a mobile app Panic Button with location-based services, tyext messaging and voice calling. The Basic Premise: Force all UBER and LYFT drivers have a QR code in all door windows and rear windows.  Before you get into a car, scan the code. You will see on various options on your phone.  On scanning: 1). This is your driver.  You may now check into your ride.  Do you wish to proceed?  Yes or No?  If Yes enter the 4 digit Safe Code Uber/Lyft sent you you.  Click here to receive the code again. 2). This is not your driver.  DO NOT GET INTO THIS CAR 3). Report this vehicle to police now with location services. (Send photo options). 4). Activate the Panic Button with location services whereby even if the driver is valid but you feel you are in danger instantly let the police know.  They will get your name, the drivers information, your phone number and location. And never enter a vehicle that does not have a QR Code. The existing driver verification methods are all deeply flawed. Many driver facial images are hard to distinguish or identify with mobile app images.  Sometimes license plates are unreadable, damaged and a car make and model description is useless.  Example.  White Toyota Corolla.   How many thousands of them are Ubers?  Lyfts? Documented Development Sources:: We are petitioning the United States Senate to take immediate action by instantiating legislation that mandates all peer-to-peer, ride sharing, ride service hailing, food delivery, and a bicycle-sharing systems to implement this life saving technology.  

Desktop Alert Inc.
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Petition to The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce, Donelle Dadigan, Patty Brunton, Cindy Braun, Christine Derenthal

Remove Bill Cosby Star NOW from The Hollywood Walk of Fame

Bill Cosby is a brilliant stand-up comedian, actor, musician, author and community activist. Now, he is also a convicted sex offender. SIGN MY PETITION TO REMOVE BILL COSBY'S STAR FROM THE HOLLYWOOD WALK OF  FAME.  After DECADES of whispers and rumors, Cosby was found guilty of three counts of sexual assault in April 26, 2018.  The case involved Temple University employee Andrea Constand, who testified under oath that Cosby drugged and molested her at his Philadelphia home in 2004.  At the trial, five other women told about similar encounters.  OUTSIDE COURT, MORE THAN  **60 OTHER WOMEN ** HAVE COME FORWARD with stories that are much the same, but include rape.  SOME of the victims were minors when they were assaulted.  MANY of their horrific encounters took place decades ago.   On September 25, 2018, a silent Cosby heard his sentence: three to 10 years in prison.  Despite his attorney's protest, Cosby was handcuffed and transported directly to prison immediately after Judge Steven T. O’Neill made the ruling.  This dramatic fall from grace has been tough for the millions of fans--including myself--who adored Bill Cosby. First, there were his terrific comedy albums, and then he was Scotty, the uber-cool agent on "I, Spy."  Later, Cosby was high school coach Chet Kincaid and a happy-go-lucky spokesperson for Jell-O Pudding Pops.  For many, he was also the wise and funny Cliff Huxtable on "The Cosby Show," a loving family man and The All American Dad.  BUT, the real Bill Cosby hid behind every one of these characters.   In reality, Cosby was a cunning sexual predator and serial rapist, serving up alcohol and pills to unsuspecting women and then assaulting them.   NOW, it's TIME for The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce to DO THE RIGHT THING.  SIGN MY PETITION TO REMOVE BILL COSBY'S STAR FROM THE HOLLYWOOD WALK OF  FAME.  Despite the sentence--which includes Judge O'Neill making Cosby register as a sexually violent predator--the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce has so far refused to remove the star.    While rescinding a star has no precedent, taking away an honor from Cosby has already happened dozens of times this past year.  In a one-two punch in early May, Bill Cosby’s name and statue were removed from the prestigious Television Academy Hall of Fame AND the American Advertising Federation Hall of Fame.    As of July, **Nearly 30 colleges and universities across the United States have revoked honorary degrees from Cosby,** including Yale University, an action the college has never taken in its 300 year history.  Some other prestigious schools are USC, Temple University, Johns Hopkins University, Notre Dame and Boston College.  At least half a dozen other colleges are recommending to their boards that their Cosby degrees be revoked.    When the verdict was announced, Cosby shouted expletives in the courtroom.  Unlike others who have apologized and taken responsibility for their reprehensible behavior, Cosby continues to say he has done nothing wrong.  To keep the Bill Cosby star on The Hollywood Walk of Fame is to agree with Bill Cosby.  For the sake of millions of tourists who visit the Walk of Fame every year--especially families with young children--NOW is the time to remove Bill Cosby's star. Together, we can encourage The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce to DO THE RIGHT THING.  REMOVE BILL COSBY'S STAR.   THANK YOU.   

Hilary Grant
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Petition to American Medical Association

Call on the AMA to recommend policies that protect patients in comas and vegetative states

An Apache woman in a vegetative state for 14-years just gave birth at the Hacienda HealthCare clinic in Phoenix, Arizona. There’s absolutely no way she could have consented to intercourse. Staff didn’t even know she was pregnant until she was effectively giving birth. Due to disabilities, she's been at this facility for the majority of her life. Her family is devastated and outraged that their daughter was raped at a facility intended to care for her unique needs. The facility is doing genetic testing on male staff to find the father, and requiring male staff be accompanied by a female staff member when dealing with patients. These actions after the fact cannot take away that a woman in a coma was raped and gave birth at this facility. Women in vegetative states shouldn’t be violated. Tell the American Medical Association (AMA) to create policy recommendations that protect patients in vegetative states and comas from sexual assault and rape. Noticeably absent is America’s largest medical association. The AMA has no policies requiring male staff be accompanied by female staff when dealing with coma patients. Coma patients and those in vegetative states are uniquely vulnerable to sexual assault. Tell the AMA to create recommendations for policies that put coma patients first - protect coma patients from rape. The AMA should create policies for facilities to follow if they are caring for patients in comas or vegetative states. Those policies could include: requiring male staff be accompanied by female staff, and monitoring who goes in and out of patient rooms through sign in sheets and cameras. These patients can’t speak for themselves. Tell the AMA to protect patients in vegetative states and comas. This woman is not alone. Other women who have been in comas for half a decade or more have been impregnated at facilities in Massachusetts and New York as well. Coma patients and patients in vegetative states shouldn’t be put into situations that allow them to be violated by caretakers or visitors. Tell the AMA to create a guiding policy that keeps these patients safe.  

Linda McNamara
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