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Petition to American Medical Association

Call on the AMA to recommend policies that protect coma patients

An Apache woman in a vegetative state for 14-years just gave birth at the Hacienda HealthCare clinic in Phoenix, Arizona. There’s absolutely no way she could have consented to intercourse. Staff didn’t even know she was pregnant until she was effectively giving birth. Due to disabilities, she's been at this facility for the majority of her life. Her family is devastated and outraged that their daughter was raped at a facility intended to care for her unique needs. The facility is doing genetic testing on male staff to find the father, and requiring male staff be accompanied by a female staff member when dealing with patients. These actions after the fact cannot take away that a woman in a coma was raped and gave birth at this facility. Women in vegetative states shouldn’t be violated. Tell the American Medical Association (AMA) to create policy recommendations that protect coma patients from sexual assault and rape. Noticeably absent is America’s largest medical association. The AMA has no policies requiring male staff be accompanied by female staff when dealing with coma patients. Patients in vegetative states are uniquely vulnerable to sexual assault. Tell the AMA to create recommendations for policies that put coma patients first - protect coma patients from rape. The AMA should create policies for facilities to follow if they are caring for patients in a coma. Those policies could include: requiring male staff be accompanied by female staff, and monitoring who goes in and out of coma patient rooms through sign in sheets and cameras. These patients can’t speak for themselves. Tell the AMA to protect coma patients. This woman is not alone. Other women who have been in comas for half a decade or more have been impregnated at facilities in Massachusetts and New York as well. Coma patients shouldn’t be put into situations that allow them to be violated by caretakers or visitors. Tell the AMA to create a guiding policy that keeps coma patients safe.

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Petition to Bihar Goverment, aci worldwide, union bank india

Justice for Rape Victim.Culprit and his family member who exploited grl should be punished

It’s a story of a girl (victim) who one day gets a call from consultancy for a job by the guy named Ravi Shankar son of Sunil Kumar Choudhary of Purnea(Bihar). Since she had a different offer in hand, she rejected the offer. Ravi informs her that he is from her own town and want to become her friend and continues to call her. When girl said she can't talk to the stranger he came down to Pune just to meet her. Girl soon started working in Mumbai. Ravi even came to Mumbai and proposed her for marriage but she clearly said that she is in love with Hemant so she can be just his good friend and Ravi leaves back to Bangalore but never stopped calling her. After a year Hemant wanted a break up when the girl asked him to get married. Hemant was simply using the girl for physical needs with the false promise of marriage. Victim shared the story with her roommate who took her to NGO. The NGO people took her to police and filed a complaint. Till then Ravi had become a good friend of the victim, he suggested to leave Mumbai to come out of a trauma. Change of place may help in recovering and advised her to come Bangalore because Bangalore is also known as software hub. Since till then Ravi had become her good friend, she took his advice and went to Bangalore and started working. One day Ravi came to her flat once again proposed her. Since she had already been through a trauma it was really hard for her to believe in love therefore, she rejected and asked him to leave since she was alone but instead of leaving, he raped her. After that in very filmy style takes sindur and put in girls head says you are my wife from today I did mistake but I'm taking the responsibility and will talk to my parents really soon and will marry you socially too. The girl had already gone through a trauma and it was a second trauma and she took it as a fate. After sometime Ravi said to convince them please transfer money to my brother-in-law's account as dowry girl did that, then he demanded a mobile for her mother similarly guy took lakhs of rupees from her but there was no confirmed date for socially marrying her. One fine day Ravi said her I will not marry you and if you will say anyone that I raped you or if you say anything against me to anyone, I have the FIR copy of the case that you did on Hemant I will defame you. Since we are from the same town everyone will know about you. Even she with her family member went to his house but there was no positive output. With the fear girl decided to keep quiet. She quit the job and went to her home town. Her family member went to his house they insulted calling her family of lower cast and said how could they even think general cast boy will marry her daughter his brother Gaurav Anand who works in UNION Bank in CHENNAI abused her saying you are the girl who have slept with 10 guys if my brother raped you then what happened it was not new thing for you. Even her sister Rashmi Choudhary called and threatened her saying she will defame her if the victim goes to police. The crime of rape is a major problem in India. The accused has often gone free, because the victim did not file a complaint, it is estimated that only one (1) in 69 cases even gets reported. However, now she gathered courage and have reported to the police about the Rape and the money taken by Ravi and his family member. She also has submitted the bank statement to them. Although police have arrested Ravi but they are not taking any action on his brother in law which brings #bihar_police in the eye of doubt.  Now when everyone is coming forward and supporting #METOO movement we cannot take off our eyes from this kind of exploitation too.  Name of his brother-in-law is Satish Kumar Sharma. He works for a software company named ACI WORLDWIDE INDIA in Bangalore. I think we should support her and help her to get justice and let her know that she is not alone. Police and the ACI WORLDWIDE INDIA should take action against Satish Kumar his brother-in-law, UNION Bank should take action on Gaurav Anand and Bail of Ravi Shankar should be rejected by High Court Patna . #METOO #METOOINDIA #METOOMOVEMENT #AGAINSTRAPE #CORRUPTION #NITISHKUMAR #BIHAR #BIHAR_POLICE

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Petition to The Ohio State House

I was given an $80 "Award" for being raped.

My name is Rilla Perkins On the morning of June, 14th 2015 I was raped at Goodale Park in Columbus, Ohio. It’s one of the most popular parks in the city and one of the oldest parks in the U.S. The park is surrounded by the Arena District and also by Victorian Village which contains a cluster of homes.  I woke up right at the entrance of Goodale Park. Not knowing how I got there, covered in dirt from head to toe, with my pants and underwear down to my ankles, bra half way off, and in the worst pain of my life. It hurt to even move. I went into complete shock and ran to my friend’s house who I had remembered only lived a few blocks away with tears just streaming down my face.  I was taken to the hospital and put into a big cold room where I had to sit and wait for a detective and the police to come and scold me with questions. I’ll never forget how flat lined and unsympathetic the detective was. After the questioning I was asked to go into another room with two other women where I was stripped completely naked. I was probed multiple times, I was given shots to prevent pregnancy and any diseases, pills, a camera pointed at literally every inch of my body, legs spread and all. They kept all of my clothes including the only bra I had owned at that time and replaced them with a t-shirt, a sports bra and sweats. I walked back to my room with my head down, feeling empty inside. Still covered in dirt, leaving trails of mulch behind me.  After that I was given a giant packet of paper work that included helpful resources for victims, such as myself. And the detective said he would be in touch and gave me his business card. I then tracked dirt all in my friend’s car on the way home.. I was never asked if I wanted to take a shower at Grant hospital.  I ended up filling out some of that paper work (not really knowing what I was filling out). All while I was waiting to hear from the detective. Two months pass by and still nothing. He never answered my phone calls, nor responded to my voicemails. It took me reaching out to a local news channel to get help. They were able to get in contact with a public information officer who said “the investigation is open, we are looking into it.” During that two month period, I had lost my part-time job which was the job I was working the morning of the attack. I was told I would have to go back to those same bars just a few days later.. so I quit. Because I was fighting depression with no medical insurance, I lost my full-time job and then even the car that I was leasing had gotten repoed. I fell apart. I was extremely depressed and it just felt as if the universe was against me.  Three months pass by and my detective finally gives me a call and says:  "I’m sorry to tell you but we found DNA on your underwear however his DNA is not in the system. So your case will stay inactive." It was literally a 2 minute phone call. I still do not know who raped me... But after the detective decided to finally call me, I had realized that I needed to pick myself back up from the dirt that I was left in, that day on June 14th. Because no one else was going to do it for me. I knew I had to get through my own storm to see the sun again. 2 years later...  On February 25th 2017 I get a packet in the mail from the Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine giving me an "Award" for $80.00. My jaw dropped. My heart sank to the very pit of my stomach as it was racing with anger. I felt like I was just hit by a moving car.  In that packet the word “award” was used 17 different times. The word “award” is defined TO ME as - A prize or other mark of recognition given in honor of an achievement. All I could hear was “here’s an award for being raped two years ago.” We all have different reactions to certain words. And this is degrading. It is upsetting. It is hurtful. It is disturbing. It is triggering. It is all of the above. I refuse to accept an “$80.00 rape award.”  This packet does not allow victims to believe there's an opportunity for justice. It lacks compassion. It lacks support. 30% of sexual assault victims do not report the crime to local law enforcement. From the intense questioning with harsh language to the lack of communication, the criminal justice system enables rape culture. After reading the letter, I realized had I not received counseling to utilize coping skills, this would have been catastrophic. As such, I propose to remove the word “award” from any letter addressing sexual and physical assault. In doing so, this would increase the reporting percentage, build confidence in the criminal justice system, and help victims move on. The Ohio Attorney General's Office said "it's how it's been written." According to Channel 10TV News in which my interview about this aired on 3/20/2017. In a statement to 10TV, AGO Spokesman Dan Tierney says: "While we find it regrettable that the claimant interpreted the language as celebratory, it is the statutorily required language that we must use and cannot change. The Ohio General Assembly has the authority to change the terms used in statute." Just for a word change.... It’s now been 3 years.  Please share this story. We need as many signatures as we can get. The goal will keep rising. Let's make a difference together & instead;  Give survivors a **Compensation letter**. Give us hope.  The unfortunate truth is that we settle for what we feel like we deserve. And as a survivor, I did not deserve the word choice in this letter. I don’t think anyone does. I just want to make a difference, even if it’s a small one, for someone else.  Please help me at least do that.     

Rilla Perkins
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Petition to Congressman John Lewis


 Congressman John Lewis (D-GA 5th Cong. Dist.) Must Repudiate the Equality Act H.R. 2282 (aka the Lewis-Pelosi Pedophile Amnesty Act) or Resign from Office   Congressman John Lewis' unbiblical, ahistorical, and unscientific decision to promote the diametrically-opposed issues of the Black people being a protected class with the legislative measures taken to remedy concerns of the largely affluent and white Homosexual Rights Movement is a disgrace to America, to African Americans, to Christianity and to women and minors. Lewis' obdurate, turpitudinous, irrational, injudicious, and irreverent decision to make the moral equivalence of persons sexual preference/addiction to those whose skin color is immutably rooted in their DNA  demonstrates a not so subtle contempt for Black Americans, the Constitution, the Christian faith, the canon of Civil Rights Law, and the health, welfare, and safety of women and those not of majority. Furthermore, Lewis' co-sponsorship of H.R. 2282 (aka the Lewis-Pelosi Pedophile Amnesty Act or Pedo Rights Act) manifest the deep defect in his character, judgment, and sanity--wherein a beloved Civil Rights icon and ordained  Baptist Minister would sully his good name and the true purpose of a movement that he suffered grievous bodily harm is psychiatrically intriguing and both shockingly inappropriate and immoral. For 32 years, Black voters have faithfully voted for John Lewis returning him to Congress 17 times, and this was based on his often overrated valor as a Civil Rights worker in the 1960s. Atlantans favored John over the late Julian Bond whom Lewis had scandalized with allegations of drug abuse in 1986. However, in retrospect, John Lewis' decision to become a prodigal slave to Cultural Marxism has made him a living scandal who has strayed from the orthodoxy of biblical Christianity which designates homosexuality, pedophilia, incest, bestiality, and abortion as abominations. As a member of Congress, Lewis has availed himself to blaspheme the Holy Scriptures in Leviticus 18 and 19, and he  has championed the abominations of homosexuality, abortion, and, now, pedophilia euphemistically called Minor-Attracted Persons (MAP) which come under the rubric of gender expression/gender identity in the Equality Act of 2017-2018 (aka the Lewis-Pelosi Pedophile Amnesty Act/ Pedo Rights Act).    What is at stake is the destruction of American family life and the American Christian tradition should John Lewis' and Nancy Pelosi's H.R. 2282 be ratified into law in 2018. The enacting so-called Equality Act would result in the gross loss of Constitutional Rights for the 97 percent of American citizens which includes the loss of the right of freedom of belief, freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, freedom of religion, and freedom from undue search and seizure. Furthermore, H.R. 2282 destroys all accepted conventions of existing gender/sexuality protocols between men and women and minors and adults. The origin of this so-called Equality Act is rooted in anomie and extremist, anti-family, atheistic, radical post-modernist, Kinseyan, feministic, insatiable homosexual theories lacking any scientific foundation or documented evidence of having any redeeming value. These dangerous and anti-American, anti-family, anti-male, anti-female, anti-child, and anti-Christian ideas would most assuredly foment social chaos and putrify the social fabric of American life as we know it.  Therefore, the Equality Act (aka the Lewis-Pelosi Pedophile Amnesty Act) will place millions of vulnerable children, women, and insecure families at risk of untold increases in sexual and psychological abuse and trauma unnecessarily. Given the fragile state of many American families and the already difficult developmental challenges of our youth, the H.R. 2282 sponsored by Rev. John Lewis is a moral ethical bridge too far in the direction of moral declension and societal decay. We demand for the sake of our children and those unborn whom deserve a better America that John Lewis all other Congressional Black Caucus members repudiate the Equality Act or face an enraged and energized Black American voting population that has been awakened by this and other atrocious laws and political malpractice of the so-called "Conscience of the Congress" that long ago sold them out for a mess of lobbyist pottage. John Lewis, we demand that you be a part of saving America, and, herewith, denounce the Equality Act or encounter a collective effort to end your political career. Your years of running unopposed have ended.  The choice is yours whether you wish to be remembered for the yeoman work you did in the 1960s and in politics or be reviled as the patron saint of child molesters and sexually confused bullies. By any means necessary the Congressional Black Caucus will be brought to heel.  

Dr. Randy Short
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