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Petition to Supreme Court of India, PRIME MINISTER INDIA, narendra modi, President of India, Ram Nath Kovind

Justice to the RAPE VICTIM; Found Guilty? HANG THE RAPIST within a MONTH!

In INDIA, almost 90 Rape cases are registered EVERYDAY. If you sum-up in a year 32,850 cases are Registered out of which only few gets justice and the rest are put on Hold (I don't even wanna start about the pending cases). Even if the RAPIST is found guilty, no immediate/strict actions are taken against it. According to the National Crime Records Bureau on October 21, 2019, released it's report for the year 2017, stating that 3,59,849 cases of crime were reported against women in the Country.   It's not the end, we only know about the REGISTERED cases. It is believed that more than 80% cases are not registered due to SHAME, POWER, THREATS, etc. I believe if the citizen of this beautiful country INDIA, WE stand together and sign this petition for immediate action against the ACCUSED found GUILTY for RAPE should be immediately given the Punishment of HANG TO DEATH in a period less than a MONTH. (ONLY IF FOUND GUILTY) We can at least bring the JUSTICE to the Registered cases.  As of now, Rapist are like "CASE toh chalega AARAM se 20-25 SAAL, aur fir CHODD denge. Wese bhi kaha JAIL me rehna h". Every single person should remember the consequences of RAPE, that you cannot get away with RAPE! VICTIMS won't anymore be left in INJUSTICE. If this rule is applied of Immediate Punishment of Hang to death in a Month, many people will gain the courage of not keeping quite. They will gather the strength to fight for their Justice and register the case without HESITATION, because they will know by than that WE THE CITIZENS OF INDIA STAND WITH THEM FOR THEIR JUSTICE. No more long wait for the execution of Rapist, No more awaiting for the Justice!

Pravesh Jain
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