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Petition to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, We the people of India


“People ask, how can a person abuse a child? I ask, how can so many 'good' people not do anything about it?” ― Adrianne Simeone FACT:  49% OF MINORS IN INDIA ARE VICTIMS OF ABUSE - SEXUAL AND PHYSICAL! This fact alone is enough for me to bear on my shoulders as a concerned citizen of India!  That is HALF of ALL CHILDREN OF INDIA. TWO WORDS: ZAINAB ANSARI. RAPE of ANY defenseless 8 year old innocent girl is still RAPE. It transcends borders, religion, caste, creed. A young girl who TRUSTED a perverted adult, kidnaps and rapes her, then strangles her to death and dumps her in a garbage can! Is this what it has come to??? WE ARE SORRY, OUR DEARLY BELOVED LITTLE CHILDREN, FOR NOT BEING ABLE TO HELP YOU; FOR TURNING A DEAF EAR TO YOUR CRIES OF HELP, AND FOR PUTTING A BLINDFOLD ON OUR EYES LIKE OUR JUSTICE SYSTEM ITSELF! In the wake of MANY such heinous crimes - the Ryan Global School murder case of a 7 year old by a school staffer, rapes of children and now even INFANTS & TODDLERS by peons, sweepers and bus conductors in schools, by your neighbor, or your very own family member, or the alarming rise in female infanticides and child labor and trafficking, I ask YOU, the Indian citizen, how long will you just read the news and do NOTHING to help eradicate this EPIDEMIC OF CHILD ABUSE IN OUR COUNTRY? It is a natural instinct for humans and animals to protect their children from any external harm.  But sadly, some sick, sociopathic cowards are creating havoc in our natural system of humanity.  These innocent, defenseless children are being shamed and victimized, brutalized and beaten, sold and murdered, raped and abused by mostly people that are KNOWN TO THEM.  Another CHILLING FACT. Most of us have also become victims of our world.  We know, yet we don't take action till it hits home!  I ask you, today, are you waiting for any of this to happen to your beloved child, GOD FORBID? Do we truly understand the depth of this plague and its eventual effects? The ever-lasting complexities that a child has to battle even up until his adult years?  And it all stems from the cycle of LUST, GREED, HATE AND LACK OF EDUCATION. Friends, we have to remove this plague from its very ROOTS! And what if children are attacked for that matter, such as young, innocent Pradyuman who was murdered in his school or Aarushi Talwar, whose parents were convicted and jailed for a crime they obviously did NOT commit?!  What about all of the thousands of offenders who are roaming the streets confidently without being caught and tried in the court of law, waiting for their next PREY??  My fight is TWO-FOLD.  First, I want to create awareness of the vastness of cases of sexually and physically abused children, and provide safety in their homes, schools and communities.  Second, I want to see the perpetrators of such crimes STRICTLY AND SWIFTLY PUNISHED, for justice delayed is indeed justice DENIED! Join me in our CRUSADE for CRIMES AGAINST CHILDREN and SIGN THIS PETITION to help SAFEGUARD THE FUTURE OF INDIA - OUR VERY OWN CHILDREN! Don't wait for it to hit home! ACT NOW, DO SOMETHING! Sign this petition and help bring about change in India.  Help fast-track cases of child abuse. WE WANT TO SEND A BONE-CHILLING MESSAGE TO THESE OFFENDERS TO NOT EVEN THINK OF SUCH A HEINOUS ACT, FORGET COMMITTING ONE! THE CHANGES WE DESPERATELY NEED TO SEE TO PROTECT OUR BELOVED CHILDREN: Support education of each and every citizen in India, free of gender and race bias, for it is the lack of education that drives most of these crimes! EACH MINOR SHOULD BE MADE TO ATTEND SCHOOL! NO QUESTIONS ASKED. Our government must provide BASIC FREE EDUCATION TO ALL MINORS! Action, Action, Action! We want action from our government in all sectors - in the law, in increased school safety, in help to raise awareness and severely punishing the perpetrators! Create and spread general awareness among parents, caretakers and guardians on how to combat this plague BEFORE the attack Have EVERY school in the Nation follow STRICT MANDATES on providing vigilant security in schools and school buses, replete with Night Vision CCTV cameras in every nook and corner of each school building and vehicle Every Preschool needs to keep at least TWO FEMALE ATTENDANTS in all WASHROOMS during school hours (as many of these attacks take place there due to the absence of cctv cameras) Surprise AUDITS allowed in schools to ensure safety and vigilance by specialized companies trained in SAFETY/ SECURITY The police need to be expertly trained in handling children and minors under duress/ stress in case of an attack. They must act swiftly, sensibly and CAREFULLY (we already know what happened in the famous Aarushi murder case!) EXTREME PUNISHMENT WANTED FOR SEXUAL OFFENDERS by fast-tracking such cases in the court of law! The police also must make mandatory visits to each school to explain good touch/ bad touch to young students THOROUGH BACKGROUND CHECKS of all school staff must take place before hiring any employee at school! Empower children through increased alertness techniques and teach them how to fight back abuse! IT IS NOT THE CHILD'S FAULT.  Parents / teachers/ guardians need to encourage children to talk freely in their homes, schools, communities and have open, healthy conversations.  Listen to your children! Help do your part as an average, concerned citizen to awaken this sleeping giant and bring about a new youth of India that is well informed, alert and aware!  - A VERY VERY CONCERNED MOTHER & CITIZEN OF INDIA

Vineesha Arora-Sarin
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Petition to Shri Rajeev Kumar, Commissioner of Police, Shri Vishal Garg, Joint Commissioner of Police


Respected Sir, Every single day single women, young girls, mothers and women from all walks of life are being assaulted, molested, and violated. The streets, public transport, schools, public spaces, in particular, have become the territory of the hunters. While the ones already hunted down weep in silence or in disdain, the rest fight their way to a basic life with dignity. We don't need to look at statistics to confront the horrid truth. News stories of women from all over India being raped, beaten, killed are flashed across us day after day – and we all are aware of it. The recent case of the four-year-old girl of GD Birla school had shocked the entire city. In light of the recent atrocities committed on women and girls, shouldn’t this issue be of the utmost concern to our government? Not only does this make our city unsafe for almost half it’s existing population, but it also puts Kolkata in a very bad light internationally. That we are refusing to tackle the issue with a clear strategy, eliminating the problems one step at a time, and giving our daughters a chance for a secure future, is disappointing. I understand that the lack of women’s safety is not just one problem; it is the culmination of years of inequality. The problem of dealing with policemen who treat issues of sexual harassment with callousness; the problem that society does not view non-rape sexual offense, like eve-teasing, with the seriousness that it should; the problem of moral police who consider dressing up as provocative; the problem that our boys are being taught that women are not equal; the problem of a sexually repressed society; the list of problems does seem endless. So here is a suggestion. Let’s start with the tangible issues that have the probabilities of being tackled. I would like to propose this ten-step strategy to address that issue: 1.     Developing a good women safety application. 2.     Increasing number of women police personals. 3.     Install CCTV at strategic places, beefing up police security system, continuously monitoring them and more police patrolling. 4.     Stricter non-bail able laws. 5.     There must be the allocation of women personnel who should be dedicated to alleviating the trauma of a victimized woman. 6.     A rape victim may ask for her medical examination to be conducted by a female doctor. 7.     She can also choose to give her statement to lady police personnel. As far as practicable, a lady police officer shall be deputed for this job. If it is not possible, it shall be ensured that some local women must be present at the time of registration of FIR and recording of statement. 8.     GPS and CCTVs must be installed in almost every transport services of the city. If any illegal things are not done the transport’s driver should not deny the installation. Also, double the number of street lights and provide round-the-clock public transportation for women. 9.     Encouraging girls and women to establish a strong base in self-defense and holding such events frequently. 10.   Taking regular feedback on the problems girls and women are still facing and solving them without any procrastination. While this might not be the only or even the ideal solution, I believe it is the start of a more solution-focused discussion to the problems. It is not the time to sit in our chairs and raise fingers at what is wrong in Kolkata; it is time to take action. If not with actual labor, then with diligently researched strategies. Our country is known for its brilliant minds, the IITs, and IIMs; why not engage their talent by putting forth competitions that are aimed at designing solutions to other women safety-related issues? Meanwhile, many of us will be more than willing to help if the situation so demands, all you have to do is ask. Let’s be united and bring a change and make Kolkata a lot safer. Sincerely, Abhijeet.

Abhijeet Gupta
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