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Petition to People of Dharmadam

Support the mother of two children raped and killed in Walayar to get justice.

On January 13, 2017, a 13-year-old girl was found hanging on a rafter inside her one-room home by her younger sister, aged nine. The younger sister saw two men running from the home when she entered. 52 days later, the younger sister was also dead in the same way. It was revealed later that the kids were subject to sexual assault by men known to the family. The innocent parents of the girls were taken for a ride and the police constructed a very weak case with a shoddy investigation to let the culprits escape. The perpetrators of this crime were party workers of the ruling LDF government. The state government has protected its party workers and the officials involved in the process of protecting its party workers. With fading public memory the mother of the two kids, Bhagyavathy, is on the verge of losing her battle for justice. As a last resort, to make a statement, she has filed her nomination papers to contest in the upcoming elections for the Dharmadam seat against the sitting CM, Pinarayi Vijayan. If Bhagyavathy gets absolutely no votes, she might stop searching for justice. In this hunter vs prey battle, the ex-chief minister is way too popular for people of Dharmadam to even take note of the struggle of Bhagyavathy. We need your support to bring this cause to the notice of the people of Dharmadam, so that at least a few people vote for Bhagyavathy, so that she can continue her fight for justice. We will share this petition with the people of Dharmadam via social networks and a big printed flex in the center of the constituency. More information about the case is available at the following link:

Rajeev Kumar
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Petition to Management of VIT BHOPAL University, MHRD Government

FEE Waiver To All The Students of VIT Bhopal University During This Pandemic.

This petition is against our University VELLORE INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY BHOPAL (VIT BHOPAL) Madhya-Pradesh which is asking the students to pay an exorbitant amount of fees in this time of lock-down within 15 Days. The Government of INDIA also told the schools, colleges & University to roll back their fee hike. Let us all stand against this exploitative demand of our University and ask the University authorities to reduce the fee sum for the period being. They are making us fool by sending us an email in which there is written that ₹7000 from previous year's hostel fees will be adjusted in this year. The truth is that they have already increased the fees and added the amount of  ₹7000 in this year's fees. This is for a collective petition where we are invoking our fundamental rights as students and our access to education. Due to COVID-19 and announcement made where the whole of the upcoming semester starting from 25th of June will be online. It seems unjustifiable for us to be charged resource fees for no resources. Furthermore, the value of an online learning experience, as opposed to the physical on-campus experience of learning at VIT BHOPAL, has been put to a standstill due to social distancing, etc, we as students of this institution seek to move the higher management to remove all resource fee costs from our fee payments and waiver a percentage of the tuition fee as well as the hostel fee. We will negotiate to the best extent and find a middle ground amicably between the students and the management. Please do not hesitate to share this petition to others for this cause as this is a fundamental right and the management cannot sanction us with any punishment for invoking this right on them by raising this petition. If you want to be updated on the status of this petition, please post your email on the comments section of this form and we will send a newsletter with the updates we receive from the management of VIT BHOPAL university or any progress made in this regard. Thanks and hope you are all keeping safe and healthy indoors. ~ VIT BHOPAL STUDENTS

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Petition to Chief minister of Uttar Pradesh, Prime Minister of India

Resignation of CM, Uttar Pradesh and Public Apology from GOI for failing to ensure Security

 A name shook the nation on a December night in 2012 who was brutally gang raped in a bus in New Delhi, leading to her ultimate demise. 8 years passed .Facetoon policies drafted. Parallelly Rape as a culture, became an epidemic. This was not concentrated to the hideous crime itself but the brutality and systemic attempts to play down the cases have completely destroyed the narrative of the basic demand of Right to Live of the women in our country. Possibly we will never hear another name.  She was a dalit girl brutally gang raped by 4 upper-caste men, cut her tongue off, severely injuring her neck and spinal cord to which she succumbed on the morning of 29th September 2020. If the trauma wasn't enough, the police and administration cremated her body rather her dignity in the middle of the night at 2:30 AM of 30th September 2020 without even taking consent from the family members and keeping them in sheer darkness. As if this still insufficient, the cremation took place just 600m away from the house of the family while the family was barricaded inside.The mainstream media, influenced by the ruling power did not even telecast or publish the atrocities that the nation just witnessed. Justice has always been denied and backs will be saved to appease the outrage in public conscience by performing fake encounters. Uttar Pradesh has always been the centre of it all and funnily enough it is campaigned as the model in the entirety of the nation. It's a complete failure of law and order in the state of Uttar Pradesh which has been aided by the lack of competent actions by the higher administration in Central Government. The death of a foreign diplomat was condoled by the supreme leader but not a single word was spoken till the hour of drafting this petition on the sad fortune of the victim of Hathras Horror. This is not a one time act, but has been continuing systematically. The administration of Uttar Pradesh has made a mockery of law and order in the state where casteism has snatched away the dignity of thousands leading to death under oppression of the higher castes. And Uttar Pradesh is not an isolated incident. Many states, coincidentally being ruled by the BJP, are facing destabilization of law and order. The democratically elected government in the State has failed to be competent in this matter and the central government has also failed to assure the security and dignity of each and every citizen of this nation. Women's life is at stake. Dalit lives are at stake. All lives are at stake. Hence, it is being demanded, being the elected leader of the state, the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh resigns taking responsibility of the serial cases of crime against women and backward community. For the sake of reinstating a sense of confidence, security and safety amongst common people, it is being urged to the PM of India, to take note of the current mess the nation is standing in and publicly apologize for failing to tame the horror, many citizens like the victim at Hathras, has to endure for their no fault of own. Stringent action from competent authorities to control this shambolic situation is the least we are asking for.

Arnab Banerjee
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