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What Are Rhymes

We are advocating the prohibition of all explicit lyric rated music and content, along with their corresponding “clean” radio versions that involve drug distribution and/or paraphernalia, degradation of women, depict explicit sex, violence, and promotes violence towards law enforcement be made unavailable from 7:00AM - 9:00PM (7/9 Rule). The 7/9 Rule would ensure that children are not exposed to explicit music or content. Today's trend in music toward the aggrandizement of violence, drugs/sex, coupled with the degradation of women, is damaging an entire generation of young people. Music with tones of rape, violence in communities, hate crimes, and terrorism should not be accessible radio content where young people are exposed. We want to see more variety on radio with positive influence in the community. Music affects our mood in positive ways, promoting relaxation, stress relief , meditation and spiritual worship. But the dark side of music suggests tones of rape, violence in the black community, poverty mentality, hate towards law enforcement, disrespect for peers and authority figures, as well as expose young people to the lifestyles, habits and behaviors of artists who are blind to the detrimental effects of their lyrics and content. Public radio stations that play this type of musical content force the general population and juvenile listeners to be subject to it's damaging effects. Such music should be made available to more mature listeners by means of purchase, allowing artists the opportunity to express their freedom of speech to suitable audiences.  

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