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Petition to Board of Directors, Clay County Development Corporation, Clay County Development Corporation, Mike Pierson- Clay County, WV County Commissioner, Jerry Linkinogger- Clay County, WV County Commissioner, Arlene Tucker- Clay County, WV County Commissioner, Jason Hubbard-Clay County, WV County Commissioner, Pamela Taylor-Clay, WV Town Council, Joyce Gibson-Clay, WV Town Council, Wallace Brown-Town Manager Clay, WV

Stop woman who called the First Lady "an ape in high heels" from resuming her position.

Director Pamela Ramsey Taylor must not be allowed to resume her position as Director of Clay County Development Corporation. Recently, reports have circulated that Taylor, who said the First Lady was "an ape in high heels," has said she "plans to go back to work" at the non-profit CCDC. As well as being completely reprehensible and a blight on CCDC's reputation, as well as that of the town and county of Clay, the words and character of Pamela Ramsey Taylor put the non-profit at risk to lose their tax exemption. (The tax code says: "In return for its favored tax-status, a charitable nonprofit promises the federal government that it will not engage in “political campaign activity,” and if it does, IRS regulations mandate that the charitable nonprofit will lose its tax-exempt status."  And CCDC can be sure to get complaints to the IRS if Ramsey resumes her post.) Most importantly, the city of Clay and Clay County will suffer from an enduring reputation for racism. 

Shea Joy
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