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Petition to Lake County Florida Board of County Commissioners

Lake County Florida: Do not install a Confederate Statue on Public Property

The Lake County Florida Board of County Commissioners has voted to support the Sons of Confederate Veterans and the Lake County Historical Society in their quest to install the statue of Confederate general Edmond Kirby Smith on public property in Lake County Florida. Locating the statue in Tavares is an ill-considered idea for multiple reasons: • The statue is irrelevant to Lake’s history. Lake County was created in 1887 — 22 years after the Civil War. • Gen. Smith was born in St. Augustine and left Florida when he was 12. He is buried in Tennessee along with his family, and he never visited this area. • All other Florida communities and museums — including St. Augustine (Smith's birthplace) — were offered the statue for free and have refused. They have some pretty good and obvious reasons. Lake County should take heed. • Proposing to house the Smith statue, memorialized in his confederate regalia, in the same building that served as headquarters for the infamous racist Sheriff Willis McCall, transcends insensitivity. • If Lake accepts this Jim-Crow-era artifact, it will make national news. We will look foolish and backward — and that is never good for business, for community cohesion and for Lake County’s civic reputation. We request that: 1.  Lake County withdraw their support of this museum project.  The application was submitted to the state at the request of the Sons of Confederate Veterans. This organization only gives full membership to men who can prove a direct relationship to Confederate Army veterans.  This organization does not represent the diversity of our community. 2.  Governor Ron DeSantis should withdraw the long-term loan of the statue to the Lake County Historical Society.  The statue should be displayed in the Florida Museum of History, "Florida in the Civil War" permanent display. 3.  If the Museum moves forward with the statue installation we request that the Lake County government cease all taxpayer funding in support of the museum.   The Lease agreement with the Museum allows for cancellation with a six month notice.    

Lake County Voices of Reason
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Petition to American Airlines

Freedom to Fly

On June 30, as I was flying back to Miami after a vacation in Jamaica, an American Airlines flight attendant told me I wouldn’t be allowed to board the flight without putting a jacket over my outfit. Although my outfit covered ALL of my assets, they told me that I was in violation of their dress code. I was humiliated in front of my son and other passengers and required to cover with a blanket. While American Airlines offered an apology and a refund, this isn’t just about me and my outfit--it’s about the way that the bodies of women and people of color are called “inappropriate,” and it’s time we say that enough is enough. Dress codes have a long history of injustice towards communities of color, and American Airlines is part of that history. Just as recently as 2017 the NAACP issued an advisory for Black travelers on the airline, stating that booking and boarding flights on AA could subject them to “disrespectful, discriminatory, or unsafe conditions."  Join me in boycotting American Airlines until they make a commitment to: Updating their policies and dress code with clear, specific language about what may and may not be worn on planes Removing the overly vague word “appropriate” from their current dress code policy Committing to providing training for their employees on implicit bias, including onboarding and follow-up trainings for old and new employees alike Documenting future dress code infractions in order to improve biased interpretations of dress code   Please sign and share with anyone who agrees with Dr. Martin Luther King that “injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. We are caught in an inescapable network of mutuality, tied in a single garment of destiny. Whatever affects one directly, affects all indirectly.”  Thank you for your support, Dr. Tisha Rowe, MD, MBA

Tisha Rowe
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