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Petition to Kevin Faulconer

Mr. Mayor, Remove Confederate Monument Celebrating Slavery from Public Mount Hope Cemetery

Monuments honoring the Civil War that killed 1.1 million Union and Confederate Americans, the latter who fought in large part to sustain oppressing black slaves, should not be located in an area owned and maintained by all citizens of San Diego. Why does the City of San Diego expect black citizens, literal descendants of the the very people the monument celebrates enslaving, oppressing, and terrorizing, to maintain such a horrific monument?The Civil War had ended in 1865. Forty years later, in 1905 the United Daughters of the Confederacy (UDC), bought an area within Mt. Hope Cemetery to bury area Confederate States of America (CSA) soldiers who subsequently passed away here.  Forty years after they bought the burial plots, the UDC decided to use some of the burial plots to build a monument to the war in 1948. Remember, this is not a grave marker but, a monument to the civil war and confederate soldiers who died defending succession. This wasn't an isolated event happening in San Diego alone. Just after the turn of the century, after WWII, and during the 60's Civil Rights Movement, there were surges of groups like the UDC building these memorials in response to freedoms and liberties being realized by black Americans. They did not appreciate blacks gaining an inch of ground, and over 80 years after the war, after 4 million slaves were freed, they built monuments to celebrate the war and soldiers who died defending slavery.  These are some of the events that happened just before and the following two decades after this San Diego monument was installed: In 1946 the Supreme Court ruled segregation on buses crossing state lines was illegal. Black Americans were finally allowed to visit out of state.1948 - Discrimination in the armed forces was banned.1948 At this point the Mt. Hope memorial was installed.1952 - First year since 1881 without a known lynching.1954 - Supreme Court declares segregation in schools unconstitutional.1955 - Rosa Parks arrested for riding a bus. Montgomery Bus Boycott began.1957 - Federal troops protect black students terrorized at Little Rock High School.1960 - First student sit-ins against segregation at lunch counters occurs.1961 - Freedom Riders in the South arrests begin.1962 - Federal troops protect James Meredith’s attending Mississippi University.1963 - Medgar Evers, NAACP assassinated. Four black girls killed in church bombing.1964 - Civil Rights Act was passed by Congress. Dr. King awarded Noble Peace Prize.1965 - Malcolm X was assassinated. Voting Rights Act illegal to restrict right to vote.1967 - Supreme Court allows inter-racial marriage.1968 - Martin Luther King was assassinated. In other words, this monument celebrating Confederate Army soldiers was built before black Americans could serve in the military, go to public schools and universities, or be treated equally under the law, and likely thousands of other injustices.  Yet, here we are 50 years after Dr. King was assassinated and we must discuss if we should remove monuments celebrating racism. At a time when we still see our fellow human beings who happen to be black treated unfairly, discriminated against, overly-incarcerated... the list of injustices is long. The Daughters of the Confederacy want us to believe that this is a sentimental reminder of a forgotten time. They likely prefer we go back to not just 50 years ago, but 150 years ago, a thought that would return America to such a time that would primarily oppress a group of fellow Americans - because of their skin color.  To ultimate insult is the monument sits in a cemetery-park maintained by and paid for by all city taxpayers - black, white, and brown. In essence, San Diego is taxing black San Diegans to pay for a monument that supports their time as slaves, and honoring their being bought, sold, beaten, raped, terrorized, while their entire heritage and lineage were decimated.  This is not a tombstone, it is a monument on public property celebrating a racist past. This monument is inappropriate. It should not sit on public land. It should not be paid for by black, brown or white San Diegans who care.  We The People must look past our history and at today. How are we personally and as a community acting and treating others, honoring others, respecting others? Why do we allow monuments celebrating slavery? Is San Diego a city that is truly inclusive or, one in name only? We ask for the removal of this monument to honor every San Diegan as well as the men and women who died bravely defending our nation from secessionist forces seeking to destroy the fabric of America.                                                    . . .Photo used under the Fair Use Act and credited to: San Diego Union Tribune
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Petition to Mayor Steve Ly, Councilmember Darren Suen, Councilmember Steven Detrick, Councilmember Pat Hume, Councilmember Stephanie Nguyen

Equality for Elk Grove

EQUALITY REQUIRES MORE THAN JUST DIALOGUE Over the past few months, the City of Elk Grove has been the site of a number of racist incidents:  Sacramento Bee  Elk Grove Citizen  CBS The Elk Grove City Council is encouraging dialogue to build an atmosphere of tolerance and cooperation but we must also pursue specific achievable civic goals that will give voice to equity-seeking communities and build an infrastructure that protects the rights of all citizens. Please sign this petition as a request for the City Council to enact the following: HATE INCIDENT TRACKING ONE DISTRICT, ONE VOTE  (BY-DISTRICT ELECTIONS) COMMUNITY POLICING COMMISSION  SCHOOL BOARD CURRICULUM ON RACISM AND HATE CRIMES  AN EXTENDED CONVERSATION  ------------------------------------------ HATE INCIDENT TRACKING Federal and state laws require law enforcement to track specific hate crimes, however, many incidents are not recorded.  For example, the Elk Grove Police Department, as of August 2017, was aware of only one hate incident in recent years.  To truly understand the problem at hand and allocate appropriate resources, our leadership needs better information.  We must direct City staff to create and publicize a hate incident tracking system with the cooperation of the Elk Grove Unified School District and the Elk Grove Police Department.  Then we will know where and what type incidents our citizens are facing so that we can tackle the problem effectively. ------------------------------------------ ONE DISTRICT, ONE VOTE (‘BY-DISTRICT’ ELECTIONS) The antiquated electoral system in Elk Grove penalizes minorities, women and underfunded groups.  Democracy works well when elected officials are directly connected to the citizens they represent.  However, the current electoral system in Elk Grove is fundamentally flawed because voters outside of each district have more collective power than those within it. Current System• Voters outside the district have more power than voters inside the district • Voters cast ballots for councilmembers outside their district • Candidate can lose the district but still represent it • Minorities, women and underfunded groups have difficulty raising $100,000 needed to compete in the whole city One District, One Vote • Only voters inside the district are counted • Voters cast a ballot for only their own councilmember • Candidate must win the majority of votes in their won district • Any candidate can be competitive in a small district just by organizing neighborhood groups The ‘One District, One Vote’ solution is called ‘By-District’ voting.  The legislature enacted a bill that Assemblymember Jim Cooper wrote specifically to allow cities like Elk Grove to easily switch to the By-District system.  We must ask our City Council to enact By-District voting so that we have representatives that are connected to us and will listen to us. ------------------------------------------ COMMUNITY POLICING COMMISSION  Across the country, we have seen communities torn apart by law enforcement use of force.  In Sacramento, elected officials struggled to manage multiple crises as they were torn between their duties to constituents and law enforcement.  Elk Grove should not wait for a crisis.  We have an opportunity to assist our City Council and be pro-active by providing civilian oversight for the Elk Grove Police Department as is done in many other jurisdictions.  The purpose of this oversight is to evaluate law enforcement procedures and investigations so that residents have greater confidence in their police officers.  The status quo is a gamble with community harmony that, sooner or later, we will lose.  We must pursue a more reasonable and purposeful path. ------------------------------------------ SCHOOL BOARD CURRICULUM ON RACISM AND HATE CRIMES It is evident that hate speech across the country has emboldened bigoted adults while children have also been negatively influenced. Taunts of ‘terrorist’ and ‘build the wall’ are accompanied in the school yards by confederate flags, nooses and swastikas.  It is clear that some of our children are lost and need to know that our community standards are unambiguously against hate and intolerance.  We need to build a limited school curriculum regarding racism and hate crimes, accompanied by a review of school board policies on hate speech.  Establishing this curriculum will require extensive community consultation along with input from educational experts, however, we are blessed with a strong school district leadership group that is up to the task. ------------------------------------------ AN EXTENDED CONVERSATION Although today’s conversation is necessary and will lead to greater understanding, we must also admit that we need the help of those community members that have not attended today.  Our elected leaders have the credibility and relationships to extend this conversation.  We must work with them to engage community organizations like the Chamber of Commerce, the Rotary Club, the American Legion and others in discussions about race and hate crimes. ------------------------------------------ Thank you for signing this petition!  Now email the councilmembers and let them know you care about these goals: Steve Ly - stevely@elkgrovecity.orgStephanie Nguyen - snguyen@elkgrovecity.orgSteve Detrick - sdetrick@elkgrovecity.orgPat Hume - phume@elkgrovecity.orgDarren Suen -

Amar Shergill
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Petition to Timothy Sands & Bernice Hausman

Reject white supremacy at Virginia Tech

As former graduate students in the English Department at Virginia Tech, we were disturbed and horrified to hear that Mark Neuhoff, a current English MA student & English composition teacher, is an avowed white supremacist. We were even more disturbed to see how the department, and the university as a whole, have handled the complaints lodged against Mark. As graduates of VT’s English Department and former graduate teaching assistants, we’re deeply disappointed by the lack of leadership, accountability, and compassion we’ve seen in the university’s response to white supremacy on campus. University administrators have the privilege and responsibility of creating an inclusive campus for all students. That means acknowledging the fear that students and colleagues of color feel when they’re faced with a white supremacist on campus. It means taking real action to mitigate that fear. It means being willing to step up and speak out against white supremacy. We stand with students who are protesting Mark Neuhoff’s continued employment with the English Department. It’s long past time to take real action. We want to see Bernice Hausman, Timothy Sands, and other university administrators respond to these concerns with the gravity they warrant and remove Mark Neuhoff from his teaching position. Silence is tacit approval. At a moment in history when racist ideology is an ever-growing threat to people of color in our country, you are in the unique and privileged position of having the power to take REAL action to protect students of color. Protecting these students is not only your privilege, but your responsibility. We want to see increased transparency about actions the university is taking to protect Jewish students and students of color, and we want to the university offer a clear, unequivocal rejection of Mark Neuhoff’s views. We also want to see you do the right thing and reject white supremacy on Virginia Tech’s campus by taking action to remove Mark Neuhoff from his teaching position. To read more about Mark Neuhoff and the university's response, please see our post on Medium here.

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Petition to Geri Byrne

Stop the Proposed Fence at the Tulelake Municipal Airport, site of the former Tule Lake Segregation Center, California

Modoc County, California, approved a 5-year $3.5 million airport development plan that includes a massive, 3-mile long, barbed-wire topped 8-foot high fence.  Having an airport, even a small and primitive airport, operating in the middle of the Tule Lake concentration camp site, is inappropriate and demeans the memory of more than 24,000 people who were incarcerated in Tule Lake. The proposed fence closes off remembrance of this civil and human rights tragedy, and it will destroy the integrity of this unique historic site. The fence will eliminate opportunities for Japanese Americans and others to visit, reflect and mourn. This exclusion will be a permanent legacy of Modoc County’s and the Federal Aviation Administration's failure to comprehend the traumatic injustice created by the racism, fed by wartime greed and hysteria and failed political leadership that led to the mass incarceration. The Tule Lake site has not yet been comprehensively surveyed to document surface and subsurface historic WWII resources. Consequently, it is a priority to identify structures and artifacts before more damage to the site takes place.  In July 2014, the Tule Lake Committee sought legally-mandated environmental review of the entire airport area, which occupies two-thirds of the former Tule Lake site.  However, instead of conducting careful examination of the entire area WITHIN the fence project, including subsurface review, the County and the FAA have argued their environmental responsibility is confined to surveying only a narrow strip of land where the 3-mile long fence would directly lie.    In the past year, the Tule Lake Committee participated in talks with Modoc County, the FAA, other state and federal agencies and local representatives, hoping to promote understanding of the historic site’s significance, urging it be protected, not destroyed.  Seeking a long-term solution to the problem of preserving an irreplaceable historic site, we raised the issue of moving the Tulelake airport to a less sensitive nearby location. It was clear to all interested parties that a small airport can be moved.  It is not possible to move a historic site. Thank you for signing our petition! We are grateful for your support. PS – Please like or follow our Facebook page (@SaveTuleLake) to receive updates on our campaign. 

Satsuki Ina with Stop the Fence at Tulelake Airport
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