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Petition to Ruben Gonzalez, Alison Grinter, Greg Abbott

Justice for Crystal Mason - We seek the retrial, vindication, and release of Ms. Mason.

Texas resident, Crystal Mason, is one of the most recent victims of voter disenfranchisement, a form of voter suppression that affects more than six million Americans. Judge Ruben Gonzalez sentenced Ms. Mason on March 28, 2018, to five years in prison for “voting illegally as a felon on probation,” and more recently turned down Ms. Mason’s bid for a new trial. Ms. Mason has stated that she was not aware that her name had been purged from electoral roll and that she wasn’t allowed to vote in the 2016 presidential election. Ms. Mason and her legal team will be working together to appeal the decision to a higher court. Without a lifting of voices and unified support for Ms. Mason and other people of color who have been targets of voter disenfranchisement, states will continue to silence and oppress them. Signing this petition first raises awareness of the systemic issue of voter disenfranchisement and says that you stand with Crystal Mason, agreeing that she should be given a new trial as requested by her and her legal team. The purpose of this petition is to show support in numbers for Ms. Mason, and to be used by her legal team, if they so desire, to show the court that we wish to see her case dismissed. This issue is near and dear to my heart, because I love my black brothers and sisters, and I have come to see how the justice system has been nothing short of a miserable failure to them and other people of color. Everyday I grow more conscious of the inequality and injustice that African Americans constantly face. Everyday it becomes more clear to me that African Americans are not playing on a level playing field and do not have many of the same advantages as others. I acknowledge that I was born with privilege, and I wish to use it to stand with and advocate for my black brothers and sisters. I stand with you, Crystal. We stand with you! God bless you.

Anthony Alfano
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Petition to Lydia Polgreen

HuffPost: End Your Racist and Sexist Attack… on a Crime Victim’s Family

In 2016, a South Asian woman of color asked HuffPost’s editorial board for privacy for her fiancé. She requested they grant him a pseudonym in their article on a violent assault he survived years ago. Rather than a pseudonym, three white male HuffPost editors responded to this request by further updating the same article, adding even more personal details on the survivor. HuffPost Standards Editor Victor Brand, Editorial Director Danny Shea, and Senior News Editor Whitney Snyder all refused a woman of color the right to privacy and dignity for her family – a request that was granted to her fiancé, survivor of a violent assault, by 135 other news sites. This racist and sexist act was backed by yet another white male, HuffPost CEO Jared Grusd. The survivor is unable to secure work due to HuffPost’s updated content on the assault appearing at the top of Google searches of his name, greatly hurting his livelihood and his ability to provide for a family. Crime victims’ rights organizations have pleaded with HuffPost on multiple occasions to no avail. HuffPost has complied with these requests in many such cases. Why was it denied in this case? Clearly, HuffPost is an utterly racist and sexist publication hiding under the guise of being a liberal news media outlet. This is not the first time that the racist acts of HuffPost have been identified. In May 2016, one month after Victor Brand and the white male editors at HuffPost denied privacy to this victim’s family, it was revealed through this photo of their editors meeting, that women of color do not constitute HuffPost’s idea of diversity. HuffPost’s history of racism was further showcased when they continued to give Andrew Breitbart a platform on their front page. It was only after Color of Change, the nation’s largest online racial justice organization, initiated a petition with over 43,000  signers requesting an end to their promotion of Breitbart, that HuffPost ceased this racist practice. Sign this petition now and tell HuffPost to end the suffering done unto a woman of color, her partner whom is an assault survivor, and their entire family.

Sheena Sharma
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Petition to Arie Slob

Stop the Dutch government subsidizing blackface on children’s television.

I didn’t realize that children associated blackface with people of color until my, then, nearly 3 year old did it.  She pointed at a black man in the bus and shouted “Zwarte Piet, Zwarte Piet!”  During her time at kindergarten,  my child had learnt to associate black people with a sort of clown . This is racism- and happened because kindergartens, schools and children's television in the Netherlands promote a specific racist caricature as part of their annual national tradition: Sinterklaas.  This has got to stop! Zwarte Piets, or Black Petes, are characters in a children’s television show, played by people in blackface wearing Afro wigs.  The Black Petes are portrayed as child-like, silly people, who belong a wise, old, white boss. Working for the wise, old, white boss is their only real reason for being, and the wise, old, white boss gives them the guidance they need. That associations are made between these subservient buffoons and regular people, merely based on having a dark skin color and Afro hair, is alarming.  This Dutch tradition is even more offensive because the Black Petes wear clothing resembling the uniforms of enslaved 17th century Africans.  There are many paintings featuring enslaved Africans of that era, which confirm this. Every year children and adults of color, especially people of African descent, endure ridicule connected to Black Pete.  It is a humiliating affront to their dignity.  People literally dread the weeks leading up to 5th of December, because the racist caricatures are to be seen everywhere. The daily children’s television series which is central in showcasing the Black Petes, is called: Het Sinterklaasjournaal.   The vast majority of elementary schools in the Netherlands air the television series to their pupils. The NTR television company,  which makes the blackface series, also generate income by selling lesson material to elementary schools. The Dutch government continue to subsidize this racist, yet popular children’s television series despite various human rights reports recommending the removal of discriminatory elements in Black Petes appearance.   The Dutch children’s ombudswoman also recently included the aforementioned advice in her position on the subject.  Despite this, blackfacing in schools and in the media, including an annual minstrel show: Het Sinterklaasfeest, is also subsidized by the Dutch government. People should be treated with dignity and respect, regardless of the colour of their skin.  Blackfacing in schools and in the media is supported by government subsidy, and is a form of institutionalized racism.  Tell the Dutch government to stop subsidizing blackface.

J. van L.
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