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Petition to Lake County Florida Board of County Commissioners

Lake County Florida: Do not install a Confederate Statue on Public Property

The Lake County Florida Board of County Commissioners has voted to support the Sons of Confederate Veterans and the Lake County Historical Society in their quest to install the statue of Confederate general Edmond Kirby Smith on public property in Lake County Florida. Locating the statue in Tavares is an ill-considered idea for multiple reasons: • The statue is irrelevant to Lake’s history. Lake County was created in 1887 — 22 years after the Civil War. • Gen. Smith was born in St. Augustine and left Florida when he was 12. He is buried in Tennessee along with his family, and he never visited this area. • All other Florida communities and museums — including St. Augustine (Smith's birthplace) — were offered the statue for free and have refused. They have some pretty good and obvious reasons. Lake County should take heed. • Proposing to house the Smith statue, memorialized in his confederate regalia, in the same building that served as headquarters for the infamous racist Sheriff Willis McCall, transcends insensitivity. • If Lake accepts this Jim-Crow-era artifact, it will make national news. We will look foolish and backward — and that is never good for business, for community cohesion and for Lake County’s civic reputation. We request that: 1.  Lake County withdraw their support of this museum project.  The application was submitted to the state at the request of the Sons of Confederate Veterans. This organization only gives full membership to men who can prove a direct relationship to Confederate Army veterans.  This organization does not represent the diversity of our community. 2.  Governor Ron DeSantis should withdraw the long-term loan of the statue to the Lake County Historical Society.  The statue should be displayed in the Florida Museum of History, "Florida in the Civil War" permanent display. 3.  If the Museum moves forward with the statue installation we request that the Lake County government cease all taxpayer funding in support of the museum.   The Lease agreement with the Museum allows for cancellation with a six month notice.    

Lake County Voices of Reason
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Petition to Bill Buckley

Heritage Or Hate? Change the Walpole Rebel Mascot to something that Unites All Of Us

If you are signing the petition...please take a look at the other posts within the petition, and: Please give your location (city, state), and Please Leave A Comment. Thank You All! Special Note: I was asked if this picture of Former Coach John Lee was, it is an actual photo from the 1969 Walpole High School Yearbook. John Lee willingly posed for the photo. Rebel Mascots were created primarily in the South during the Civil Rights Era in the United States in response to Federal mandates to desegregate public schools. Walpole's Rebel Mascot became firmly rooted with its much heralded football coach, John Lee (photo above, from WHS 1969 yearbook), who, before he came to Walpole to coach its football team, was an assistant coach at Overton High School, Memphis Tennessee, a racist/segregated high school whose mascot was "The Rebels". Walpole's Rebel Mascot is forever connected to the Civil Rights Era in a negative way due to that connection. Currently Walpole's Track Coach, Mr. Tim Giblin, as well as the board of the Walpole X-Country/Track team, have decided to ban the word "Rebel" from Team uniforms.  Mascots are meant to unify, not divide people  A mascot that has to be explained in any way is inappropriate for a school system   Walpole currently has one mascot that is called Rebels, another called "The Porkers", and in 2018, a Cross-Country track team that will not even allow the name on its uniforms.  The Rebel Mascot has a direct link to the "Rebel" of the Civil Rights Era, as well as the "Rebels" of 1861-1865, who rose up in armed Rebellion against the USA to create their own country that supported the institution of slavery. That attempt at a new Nation failed miserably due to the steadfast determination of US Army/Navy soldiers/sailors who fought to maintain the Union,and who freed nearly 4 million African Americans in the process.  Walpole had numerous men involved in that conflict, including Pvt. Lowell E. Hartshorn, of Co. A, Mass. 56th Veteran Volunteers, who perished at the infamous Rebel Prison at Andersonville, GA in Dec. 1864. He was one of the nearly 13,000 US Army/Navy soldiers/sailors (about 750 from Massachusetts) who chose "Death Before Dishonor" rather that join the Rebel Cause.... A teaching moment is still at hand...does the Town of Walpole want to teach its children about its noble history and how it affected American History? Its time Walpole UNITE as our Union Soldiers did in 1861-1865.... If a town can't honor its soldiers who helped free nearly 4 million african americans from slavery in 1861-1865, how can it respect its African-American residents in 2019?  Michael E. Amaral Walpole High Class of 1971 member: Walpole Historical Commission 2007-2015 chairman: 2011-2015 Upon application, re-appointed Associate Member,  Walpole Historical Commission by Walpole Board of Selectmen,  April 2019

Michael Amaral
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Petition to Department of Justice, Attorney General, City Attorney Bryan Carter

What happened to my little BROTHER?

Calvin Robinson Jr. Calvin Passed away in the early hours of Christmas morning 2015. All his belongings were missing. Additionally his debit card was used for a month following his death. After asking for an investigation into this matter, the family was told the a dead person could not be a victim and they were not going to investigate any further. Still waiting on a response from the Mayor of St Joseph Missouri. Spoke with the Prosecutor and was told that nobody investigates the police. Spoke with the investigator and was told that the family would have to spend some money to find out what happened. The family was not notified by the police of the death of their loved one. Instead a "friend" of the victim notified the family. The same friend who was later determined to have called the police and tell them that the victim had stolen her car. To make matters worse the officer who reconstructed the scene made the following video, seeming to taunt the family. Zachary Craft This officer was eventually fired after the department faced criticism for having him on duty.   Jason Fanning Jason was murdered by a St Joseph Missouri Police officer 2/20/17. A officer approached Jason without any lights or sirens and shot him to death in a vehicle parked in a driveway. The following comment was taken from a article: "Questioned about Bever’s failure to turn on his emergency lights, which would have activated the dash camera, Capt. Jeff Wilson, a spokesman for the St. Joseph Police Department, said this issue was an internal matter for the department and he had no comment on current police policy." I have also included a link for the petition requesting this officer be arrested for murder.  From detective to felon: The Scott Coates Saga "Mr. Coates said the polygraph examination ended with the FBI polygraphist telling him he was lying and beginning interrogation. The interrogation was the first time he was directly asked about the case, he said." Tammy Dickinson, United States Attorney for the Western District of Missouri, announced that a former longtime detective with the St. Joseph, Missouri Police Department pleaded guilty in federal court today to withholding information about a prohibited person who illegally possessed a firearm used in a gang-related shooting. Angela Horn “It’s a joke,” Horn said. “That’s why it’s called the criminal justice system, because that’s who it serves. Their salary comes out of my pocket. I just think that it should be for people that need protection—and not for people that are out to frickin’ take everything you have.”

Calvin Robinson Jr
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Petition to Sacramento Media, Facebook

Arden Arcade and Carmichael reject Shaun Dillon for supporting Eliza Deed

The purpose of this petition is to raise to your attention a matter of racism and hatred for police promoted by the campaign manager of Shaun Dillon who is running for Sacramento County Supervisor District 3. Dillon’s campaign manager is Eliza Deed, who identifies herself as an advocate for tenants’ rights. Recent actions by Deed with the support of Dillon have led members of the Arden Arcade and Carmichael communities to publicly disassociate from Dillon and Deed. We had a Facebook group started by Dillon that is now owned by Deed. Many people have tried to contact Dillon to get his intervention to regain control of the Facebook group and return to the communities that have used it. Dillon has failed to respond. October 1, 2016, Dillon began a Facebook group for the community that he wants to serve; its current name is Arden-Arcade & Carmichael Community Talk & Neighborhood Watch. The online community grew to over 3,400 members. Many members of the community have used the group to discuss issues of public safety, neighborhood activities, business, and development. The Facebook group has been a valuable resource to many people within the community. April 4, Dillon gave the ownership and control of the community Facebook group to Deed and announced that Deed was his new campaign manager. Deed announced, “This group will NOT change, but negativity towards one another will!” Deed began banning community members who disagreed with her, her hostility toward law enforcement, and her protests against property owners for lawfully evicting her and other renters. The group did change to being a platform for Deed to protest evictions. Deed’s hostility set the tone for the Facebook group that was losing its status as a community group. People formed new Facebook groups to avoid Deed and those groups have 200-300 members. Dillon formed the online community to garner support for his run for Supervisor of District 3. He gained trust and support from the community and then betrayed that trust and support by abandoning the Facebook group to Deed. Many people who supported Dillon’s campaign publicly withdrew their support for Dillon. Community members tried to make the best of the Facebook group but Deed continue to ban people who supported law enforcement or rejected her politics. Deed further allowed free advertising for businesses that did not always benefit the communities of Arden Arcade and Carmichael. June 27, 2019, Sacramento mourned the loss of fallen officer Tara O’Sullivan with a funeral procession and memorial service. O’Sullivan, 26, was shot with a high-powered rifle June 19 while helping a woman gather belongings during a domestic violence call in North Sacramento. She had only recently graduated from the police academy and was still in training, but she was living her dream as a police officer, according to one of her godfathers Gary Roush. Since O’Sullivan’s death, the online community for District 3 has shown an outpouring of grief over the fallen officer. O’Sullivan was recognized for giving her life to rescue a woman from a domestic violence situation that had held the woman captive. Officers were calm in their approach to prevent the domestic violence abuser from interfering with his girlfriend’s escape. The community applauded the police for risking their lives and losing one to save one woman. June 28, 2019, Deed posted on her personal Facebook profile a vitriolic and hateful message against O’Sullivan and the Sacramento Police Department, saying she did not “have much remorse” for O’Sullivan and blamed the police department for her death. Deed said that the police “aren’t trained to protect” and they “aren’t trained to save.” Deed said that “it is definitely the last days” and then demanded that “people of color … need to move into areas they don’t want us near and TAKE OVER!” She concluded saying, “STAND TOGETHER and take our land back!” These comments, while they border on encouraging a riot, are within Deed’s freedom of speech. As Dillon’s campaign manager and as the owner of the Facebook group used by members of the communities within District 3, Deed’s comments are a reflection on Dillon and on the community. July 1, Deed posted on her own Facebook profile that, “Sacramento Tenants Union are great leaders who have their community’s best interest at heart. Shaun Dillion has been with me very step of the way, and I KNOW the man he is!” Deed does not represent the interests of the communities of Arden Arcade and Carmichael. Because Dillon does support Deed, many members of the community have renounced any support they may have had for him. Now that Deed has changed the Facebook group to be about her interests in protesting landlords, the group no longer represents the interests of Arden Arcade and Carmichael. Members of the Facebook group have asked both Dillon and Deed for Deed to step down as the group’s owner but these requests have been ignored. We, as members of the Arden Arcade and Carmichael community want control of the Facebook group that once represented us. We also want to make clear that we, as a community, do not support, encourage, or endorse Eliza Deed in any way. Deed and Dillon may have support from individual community members or groups but they do not have unequivocal support from the community as a whole.

Lauren Tariel
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