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Petition to Ray Sweet, Archbishop Jose Gomez, Eric Garcetti, Pamela Hutton (Johnson), Dr. Yolanda Brown, Susana Santana, David Garcia Executive Director, Maria Herzer, Nancy Stellos

Demand that Blessed Sacrament Church in Hollywood close the racist SVDP conference!

One of the largest charitable organizations in the world, the Society of St. Vincent de Paul is allowing a culture of racism within its structure and has successfully covered it up for years just like the sex-abuse scandals in the Roman Catholic Church until someone stood up and said “ I am not taking this anymore, I am going to tell anyone who will listen. ​Hollywood, Calif. ― A chapter of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul (Blessed Sacrament Conference) failed to appropriately respond to reports of racism inside the conference, as well as other complaints of unequal treatment made to the organization’s Los Angeles District upper council. Martin Miller, former volunteer of the Blessed Sacrament Conference said “We met in October and at the beginning of the meeting our Vice-President LaNordo Conn announces that there are more White people on Section 8 Housing than Blacks or Hispanics. He looked directly at me during the announcement."  Leonardo also said "I have a job interview and I betcha the job will go to some white guy that has less experience than I do." I am white and those were two of many racial remarks that hurt."  We were not there to gather statistics we were there to raise money and allocate funds to help the poor. The entire conference laughed and thought it was funny and swept it under the rug. Nancy Stellos-Miller’s attitude was “he means well,” “try to ignore it we do not want any problems.” the conference President Maria Herzer admitted to the upper-council Susana Santana (Deputy Executive Officer of Operations) that she heard the comment but did not act.  Apparently, this is not the first time that the Blessed Sacrament Church in Hollywood has been involved in a scandal and reported for allowing inappropriate conduct to continue within its walls. who "documents the abuse crisis in the Roman Catholic Church" uploaded this article originally reported in the California Catholic Daily Pope Francis said, “Racism today is the ultimate evil in our world.” ​ By signing this petition, the community can be active in addressing racism and discrimination​! As taxpayers and business owners, we can refuse to donate to the Society of St. Vincent de Paul (including its thrift stores) until they visibly change their policy on racism.    

Martin Miller
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Petition to University of Central Florida, Dr. Michael Johnson, Dr. Florian Jentsch, Dr. Tosha Dupras

UCF: Fire Psychology Professor Charles Negy

We are calling on the University of Central Florida to dismiss psychology professor Charles Negy due to abhorrent racist comments he has made and continues to make on his personal Twitter account. In addition to racism, Negy has engaged in perverse transphobia and sexism on his account, which is just as reprehensible. While he has a right to free speech, he does not have a right to dehumanize students of color and other minority groups, which is a regular occurance in his classroom. By allowing him to continue in his position, UCF would simply be empowering another cog in the machine of systemic racism. UCF is a diverse, welcoming campus of 60,000 students from all across the country and the world. Our diversity is our strength, and we should have faculty who understand and promote that - not the opposite. College is a place to learn and be exposed to new ideas, but for so many Black students, racism is not just an idea, but something they have experienced for their entire life, and the same goes for the LGBT community with trans and homophobia. They deserve better, and so does the entire campus community. I once again want to reiterate my love for this university. We are a community which always has each other's back. As a student coming from a place of privilege, this is me having the backs of my fellow Knights.  Please dismiss Professor Negy for the good of the entire campus community.

Eva Oliveri
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