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Petition to Susan Morton, Superintendent

Change the school's racist mascot! Respect Native Americans. Winnsboro ISD Texas

Change the mascot Winnsboro ISD. It's racist. Write to Superintendent of Winnsboro ISD          207 E. Pine St., Winnsboro, TX 75494 for change.  This petition has been created to advocate for the Superintendent of Winnsboro ISD to change the mascot at all Wisd Schools, located in Winnsboro, TX. We are asking that the school stop the cultural racism and discriminatory educational practices towards Native American Indians There are several reasons why the Indigenous people of this land should not be made into caricatures or mascots but most importantly, “I am not your mascot”. “We are not your mascot” "No people, race, culture, religion or spirituality should not be a mascot". Native Americans are Human Beings that are alive today, whose Ancestors survived genocide and died to protect our traditional way of life. It is said that this mascot and others are to “Honor Us”. There are other ways to honor the Indigenous people of this continent, such as “Honoring our Treaties” or not bulldozing through our sacred sites. Perhaps starting scholarships to help our youth attend college as we have the highest rates of poverty in the nation. But making Native Americans "people" into mascots or caricatures are not honoring us. It is demeaning and does not properly represent who we are. It has been proven by the American Psychological Association that such mascots, actually harm our youth and teach non-native youth that cultural appropriation is socially acceptable. Furthermore, the use of headdresses within this high school is unacceptable and should not be mimicked as it disrespects what we know to be sacred. No one's culture should be for sale, nor should it be available for just anyone to take and decide what is “honorable” or “noble” because someone assumes it is acceptable to appropriate a race of people culture and beliefs. The Indigenous people of this land have suffered, been knocked down to their knees, but we are still here and we DO EXIST. Our way of life, our ceremonies, our traditions, our language, our teachings all are very sacred to us and having such a mascot, like the “Winnsboro Indians”, having “raiders” or their cheerleaders attempting to dress like we do, having students and supporters painting their faces to look like like Indians perpetuates stereotyping and undermines the true education a student may possibly receive but has been clouded by the school’s ill perception of what an Indigenous person is. Many Native American Indian communities and organizations have been fighting against racism in sports and media for over 40 years. The National Coalition on Racism in Sports and Media was established in October of 1991. This coalition exists to fight the powerful influence of major media who choose to promulgate messages of oppression. NCRSM, while best known for its front-line demonstrations outside sports stadiums across America, has been responsible for an educational effort which has made the issue of racial stereotyping a household discussion. NCRSM takes a long-term view of the struggle against learned hatred and disrespect. We are in a fight for the very soul of the United States against long ingrained willful and self-serving ignorance. Components of major media which from public and government opinion includes: film video, sports entertainment, and educational institutions, publications, news organization, television, cable satellite, and the internet, retail practices and merchandising, marketing and radio.” This mission statement falls in line with discriminatory educational practices that have and are obviously being taught at “Winnsboro High School” and perhaps other schools in the WISD where there is less than 1percent of Native American Indian children attending these schools.             We as Native people as well as Non-Native people have come together to address this issue because we are concerned and appalled that even in today’s time, some of our schools are still teaching our children racism and desensitizing them from racial stereotypes of Native American’s which leads to racist bullying, discrimination, depression, cultural issues, and low self-esteem issues among our children. Many Native American Indian children exposed to this type of cultural racism will grow to be ashamed of who they are and their cultural identity because of this abuse. Educational institutions and teachers have a professional responsibility to eliminate racism in all aspects of school life; schools and teachers should not ignore multicultural issues in school but rather address them to provide a more positive learning environment for all students. Having the children play dress up in stereotypical cartoon character-like costumes beating a hand drum, carrying a play tomahawk, feather fans or headdresses, painting faces, doing the tomahawk chops, hand over the mouth yelling or putting their hand up in the air and saying “how” are examples of inauthentic representations of American Indian cultures. Many school officials claim they are honoring American Indians and insist that their school's sponsored activities are not offensive. We argue otherwise, and contend that these racist activities are forms of cultural violence in schools. Of course, many school administrators are all too familiar with the current legal and educational battles toward eliminating Indian mascots, logos, nicknames, and antics from school-related events. The US Commission on Civil Rights (CAR), the highest official governmental body of its kind, issued a strong statement in 2001 recommending that schools eliminate Indian images and nicknames as sports symbols.10 Grassroots efforts of thousands of American Indian parents nationwide prompted this decision among CAR members. Moreover, the critical mass of American Indian educational organizations and professionals supported the CAR too. Indian educators showed school officials that negative images, symbols, and behaviors play a crucial role in distorting and warping American Indian children’s' cultural perceptions of themselves as well as non-Indian children’s' negative attitudes toward and simplistic understanding about American Indian Peoples. Most of these proverbial stereotypes are manufactured racist images that prevent millions of school-age students from understanding the past and current authentic human experience of American Indians As for those that have spoken up to say that they are Native American Indian and do not find this to be offensive.We say to you, IF you do not follow the spirituality of your ancestors, IF you do not follow the teachings of your people, IF you do not do the ceremonies of your people, IF you do not have a people and community you are accountable to that do follow and are connected to their spirituality and ancestors and or, if you follow a foreign religion or mindset, then you are NOT sincere to the ancestors, spirituality, and teachings of Native American Indian people. So you can NOT and should NOT speak for the Native American Indian community on whats best for them or what is offensive to them or not, because you will not understand if you do not know the history and or if you are not connected to the way of life and spirituality of Native American Indian communities that ARE telling you that this type cultural racism and discriminatory educational practices are bad for all people, especially children and must be stopped if we are to have a better future for all people to better understand and respect one another. Superintendent, we respectfully request that you remove Winnsboro Schools' mascot. You would not approve of any other race or culture of people being used as a mascot, so please do not do it with our people. "In 2018, no other people of color must confront the harm & ridicule levied by a sports team whose name refers to the color of their skin.” NCAI & 8 leading civil rights & racial justice orgs announce opposition to Washington NFL team name Watch: Speak Out About Native Mascots – a video by the National Congress of American Indians (NCAI) National Indian Education Association Re 2013-07: Support for Elimination of Race-Based Native Logos, Mascots and Names – click here to read The Dine Medicine Men’s Assocition, Inc. of the Navajo Nation have passed a Resolution urging President Obama and Congress to act to eliminate racist stereotypes related to sports Mascots in professional sports – click here to read

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Petition to Department of Justice, Mayor Bill Faulkner, City Attorney Bryan Carter

What happened to my little BROTHER?

Calvin Robinson Jr. Calvin Passed away in the early hours of Christmas morning 2015. All his belongings were missing. Additionally his debit card was used for a month following his death. After asking for an investigation into this matter, the family was told the a dead person could not be a victim and they were not going to investigate any further. Still waiting on a response from the Mayor of St Joseph Missouri. Spoke with the Prosecutor and was told that nobody investigates the police. Spoke with the investigator and was told that the family would have to spend some money to find out what happened. The family was not notified by the police of the death of their loved one. Instead a "friend" of the victim notified the family. The same friend who was later determined to have called the police and tell them that the victim had stolen her car. To make matters worse the officer who reconstructed the scene made the following video, seeming to taunt the family. Zachary Craft This officer was eventually fired after the department faced criticism for having him on duty.   Jason Fanning Jason was murdered by a St Joseph Missouri Police officer 2/20/17. A officer approached Jason without any lights or sirens and shot him to death in a vehicle parked in a driveway. The following comment was taken from a article: "Questioned about Bever’s failure to turn on his emergency lights, which would have activated the dash camera, Capt. Jeff Wilson, a spokesman for the St. Joseph Police Department, said this issue was an internal matter for the department and he had no comment on current police policy." I have also included a link for the petition requesting this officer be arrested for murder.  From detective to felon: The Scott Coates Saga "Mr. Coates said the polygraph examination ended with the FBI polygraphist telling him he was lying and beginning interrogation. The interrogation was the first time he was directly asked about the case, he said." Tammy Dickinson, United States Attorney for the Western District of Missouri, announced that a former longtime detective with the St. Joseph, Missouri Police Department pleaded guilty in federal court today to withholding information about a prohibited person who illegally possessed a firearm used in a gang-related shooting. Angela Horn “It’s a joke,” Horn said. “That’s why it’s called the criminal justice system, because that’s who it serves. Their salary comes out of my pocket. I just think that it should be for people that need protection—and not for people that are out to frickin’ take everything you have.”

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Petition to DHC , Yoshiaki Yoshida, DHC Corp, Target,, Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, los angeles times, Time Magazine, The new yorker, New York Post, New York Times, Jezebel , splinter , Jeff Bezos


Do you want your business to endorse or sell products that will eventually fund  public broadcasting of hate speeches against women and various ethnic groups?  How would your customers feel about your business if you are distributing products from such a company? Would you as a consumer purchase products from a company if you knew your money will be funding hate speeches?  What do you think about a company whose CEO/Founder had famously said all women are breeders, worthless once pregnant?  Would you mind if you knew that company is sponsored by a Nazi doctor who had been kicked out of the American Academy of Cosmetics Surgery?  What if that Nazi doctor is a mouth piece for the company?  That company is DHC and ironically, the company sells primarily skincare products around the globe.  However in Japan, they have a broadcasting arm that promotes racism and hatred against other asian neighbors.  DHC broadcasting also had maintained a close connection with a known anti-Semite Dr. Takasu who had been expelled from the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery.  The rise of Asian Neo Nazi movements in recent years is not just an unfortunate coincidence. The CEO also had claimed in the past that women are breeders that are useless once pregnant. List of people/animals they have offended and attacked so far:  Women: Useless once pregnant.  (49.6% of total world population) Indigenous Okinawans: They are foreign spies.  WW2 Victims of Sexual Slavery "Comfort Women"  Zainichi Koreans: Leave the country where they were born and raised in. Koreans: Insulted the whole nation on many historically sensitive issues.  Chinese: Nanjing Massacre never took place. Americans and WW2 Allies: Japan fought them to liberate Asia from imperial Western power. WW2 Holocaust Victims: Featuring holocaust denier on the panel. Liberal Japanese citizens: Traitors and Anti-Japanese. Japanese Media Outlets that do not share ultra nationalistic views. BTS (The most popular group in the world with the most fans) Animal: They test on animals. Until the company makes a formal apology and remove offensive contents from its broadcasting channel, the distributors and consumers should demand the products to be removed from the shelves. THIS IS NOT A FORUM FOR JAPAN BASHING. THE INITIAL SUPPORTERS WHO HELPED THIS CAMPAIGN GOING ARE MOSTLY JAPANESE FRIENDS.  PLEASE DO NOT POST ANTI-JAPANESE COMMENTS. WE ARE PROTESTING AGAINST RACISM / FASCISM / MISOGYNY IN SOLIDARITY.  PLEASE KEEP IN MIND THAT PEOPLE FROM ALL OVER THE WORLD ARE PARTICIPATING. Please email me If you have any further evidences of DHC Broadcasting, their invited panel members or hosts promoting hate speech.  The email address is: ז  פִּי-כְסִיל, מְחִתָּה-לוֹ;    וּשְׂפָתָיו, מוֹקֵשׁ נַפְשׁוֹ.  愚か者はすぐにけんかをします。愚か者の口は破滅のもとで、いつも危ない橋を渡ります。

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