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Petition to Sarah Guillemard, The Honourable Marc Miller, The Honourable Carolyn Bennett

Prevent Disastrous Intentional Flooding of South Indian Lake Indigenous Lands!!!

SAVE THE LAND, LAKES & PEOPLE OF SOUTH INDIAN LAKE from continued ENVIRONMENTAL DESTRUCTION! #WATERISLIFE Manitoba Hydro, a crown corporation, flooded and destroyed the land at O-Pipon-Na-Piwin Cree Nation/South Indian Lake in 1974 when they diverted the Churchill River to generate Hydroelectric power.   In doing so, they caused immeasurable environmental devastation to the lands, rivers, and lakes- destroying entire ecosystems and polluting aquatic and non-aquatic wildlife.  The socio-economic effects of this mass destruction in the name of progress have been immeasurable to the community's Indigenous people and are still being felt today.  In 1973, Manitoba Hydro was granted an Interim Licence that allowed operation and fluctuations of 2 feet over a twelve-month period, much like fluctuations in nature. Manitoba Hydro has not followed the terms of the Interim Licence since 1979! Manitoba Hydro has deviated from the Interim Licence, called the Augmented Flow Program (AFP), which allows 6 additional inches of flooding, 1 foot of further dewatering, and 4.5 feet of lake fluctuation. This operation is devasting and unnecessary for current Manitoba needs! Regrettably, on May 13, 2021, the Minister of Conservation and Climate, Sarah Guillemarde, granted MANITOBA HYDRO a final licence for the Augmented Flow Program.  Augment just means increase or raise, and they have raised water levels greatly- causing MASS ENVIRONMENTAL DEGRADATION! What is truly problematic is that the Minister falsely stated in a press release that the decision was made after “decades-long consultation with Indigenous communities.” Consultation is meaningless if it is done merely as lip service and a formality. Consultation must actually be implemented and this has not been the case. What would we like to see happen?Ultimately, we want the province of Manitoba to rescind their issuance of a final “licence to destroy” to Manitoba Hydro. Manitoba Hydro is a crown corporation and is owned by the province, which puts the province in a serious position of conflict of interest. In order to do the right thing, they must recuse themselves and have a neutral, third party examine the issue, following actual, meaningful consultation and implementation of Indigenous people’s concerns. Now, we are calling upon the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT to intervene. This is not solely a provincial issue because it involves Indigenous lands and Indigenous peoples!!!! Manitoba is required under the Constitution of Canada to conduct a section 35 consultation regarding the Churchill River Diversion Final Licence issuance regarding potential impacts on Aboriginal & Treaty Rights. Once again, despite fictitious claims to the contrary; this did not happen! Chief Shirley Ducharme of South Indian Lake has been very clear on her opposition to this project. She has called repeatedly for meaningful consultation and action. It doesn’t seem like Manitoba Hydro is listening to her and it’s unfortunate. We'd like to see Manitoba Hydro engage in meaningful consultation with South Indian Lake, Split Lake, Cross Lake, and other impacted First Nations. A community member in South Indian Lake who led the consultation process has said repeatedly and publicly that he’s frustrated he went through the process of engaging community members, but that Manitoba Hydro rejected the views of the community and there has been no follow-up. When the Minister issued a Final Licence to Manitoba Hydro without the required meaningful consultation under Sec. 35 and more importantly, Accommodation of the impacts on Aboriginal & Treaty Rights as required by the Canadian Constitution of 1982- she did so in violation of the Constitution! In sum, please support us by signing this petition and asking MP Marc Miller and MP Carolyn Bennett to rescind  Manitoba Hydro's issuance of a final license to destroy the land, water, wildlife, and Indigenous peoples in Northern Manitoba!  The honour of the Crown is at stake and our rights as Canadians are collectively being violated! The provincial government of Manitoba MUST NOT get away with these vile actions! Kinanaskomitinawaw (thank you, with extreme gratitude) for your support! We must protect our environment and preserve it for future generations to come!

Angela Levasseur
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Petition to MUGWUMPs

Hold WoX admins accountable

UPDATE: Please read this document created by the lovely Lee! The WoX community is an online series of text-based roleplay sites meant to provide users with a safe space to escape away from the real world, and into their favourite fandoms. Recently, however, WoX has failed to show up for marginalized users- especially people of colour.   MUGWUMPs and other WoX admins have failed to act appropriately to shut down sites, topics or ideas that appropriate culture and carry racist undertones. They have repeatedly labeled users as racist themselves for sharing concerns about other members of WoX staff; implied that POC wanting proper representation of their cultures is unreasonable, racist towards white people, and 'gatekeeping'; removed users from their jobs on site and banned them from sites as a whole due to those users supposedly being 'racist to white people,' and told POC that they are 'attacking' others for calling their actions or statements racist. When POC are asked for evidence of what they have said that was racist or harmful, they were further threatened with more firings/bannings, told that they 'knew' what they had done, or downright ignored. Users concerned about admin behaviour (including sharing triggering content in public servers, being rude to users, making racist and transphobic statements, and saying slurs) were fired and/or banned for bringing their concerns to MUGWUMP attention, and while that user is no longer a member of admin, the users who spoke up are still having their concerns about WoX admin's negligence dismissed.  POC users on WoX sites repeatedly have gone to site leaders and MUGWUMPs with concerns, suggestions, and offers to help reduce the discrimination across sites, and have, as mentioned, been dismissed over and over again. Site leaders have gone as far to tell them that THEY are being racist towards white people for saying that they want proper POC representation on sites. When a white user has gone to a MUGWUMP about a concern with racism, their response has been vastly different than when a POC has gone to a MUGWUMP and said that they were a POC. POC have repeatedly been told that they are overreacting and need to accept MUGWUMP/admin decisions, even when those decisions are perpetuating harm. The comfort of the users who are being called out is placed as more of a priority than  The WoX admin team is primarily white, and as far as we are aware, the team of MUGWUMPs are all white. As such, it is not their place to label POC as overly aggressive, claim they are taking an issue out of context, or decide what is and isn't racism and/or what is and isn't an appropriate response to racism.  We are angry and hurt by the continued dismissal of our concerns by WoX MUGWUMPs and no longer feel respected on these sites.  We are calling upon WoX admins to do three things things- i. If desired by those users, reinstate the jobs and site access of those who were fired for speaking up about issues, or provide them with proof that their actions were inappropriate. Remove warnings from those who were warned for raising issues to admins. Issue an apology to those users for their unjust banning and firings. Apologize for the harm caused by refusing to hold other users accountable for their discrimination.  ii. Implement a clear, fair and unbiased system for users to report their concerns about issues with other users' behaviour, without fear of repercussions due to sharing concerns. Enforce policies that ensure any complaints are properly investigated and taken seriously. Train management on how to handle related conflicts, and ensure that POC are not treated as bullies or as though they are attacking admins for sharing concerns. Appoint a POC user to admin to handle these complaints and be involved in finding their solutions, to ensure that racism is dealt with in a way that is appropriate and not dismissive. iii. Amend the rules of all WoX sites to include clearly defined anti-racism policies. Include rules about the use of slurs and racial microaggressions, cultural appropriation, and ethnicity bending/the appropriate use of POC faceclaims and names. Clearly state that racism on WoX sites will NOT be tolerated in any form. Consult POC on WoX to ensure that these rules represent their needs and protect their culture, and appoint POC to admin teams to handle issues of appropriation and to advise users on how to properly represent their culture.  It is not enough to just not be racist- you must be actively anti-racist to avoid becoming part of a problem. We, as concerned members of the WoX community, call upon WoX users collectively to show MUGWUMPs that we will not stand for the discrimination within the community that is supposed to be a safe space for everyone. POC on these sites are asking to be heard, acknowledged and respected.  Note: please sign the petition with your WoX character name or an online alias.

A Concerned WoXer
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Petition to Sean Fraser, Immigration Minister, Catrina Tapley, Jenny Kwan, Michael Barrett

Reunite Baby Afnaan, 3, Separated for 2 years from her Mom in Brockville, Ontario

An honest mistake in a complicated process has left little Afnaan, 2 years, 9 months old, stranded abroad, unable to hug her mommy, Nasro, for 2 years. Nasro, a Somali refugee, came to Canada in October, 2019, believing her husband, Liiban, and baby girl would follow soon. But due to understandable confusion about how Canada’s complicated sponsorship process works, Nasro and her most precious loved ones have suffered the trauma of an interminable family separation that could be easily ended with the issuance of Early Admission  Temporary Resident Permits (TRPs) for Afnaan and the little girl’s father. Applications for those TRPs are available for Canadian immigration officials to read and approve. This devastating two-year break in family bonding has caused understandable mental health challenges like stress, depression, isolation and loneliness for a loving husband and wife who are trying to survive without one another. Even worse, young Afnaan has grown from baby to toddler to pre-schooler in the time that she has been separated from her mother. It is well-known that mother-daughter bonding in the formative years leads to better self-identity and self-esteem, better future relationship building and socialization, and better overall mental and physical health. This whole family is suffering irreparable damage to their mental and physical health being apart for so long. BACKGROUND Afnaan’s parents both fled grave danger in their home country and met in their country of temporary asylum. They both already had refugee applications in process when they met, fell in love, married, and had a child. Due to bad advice from family and friends, and lack of understanding about their resettlement process, they did not take the correct steps to combine their processes. Nasro did not find out until after she’d arrived in Canada that her family couldn’t simply come to stay with her. That trauma built on the pain she suffered after her father and all her brothers were killed in a terrorist bombing. Two years apart is too much, and the processing to bring Nasro’s family here could add another 39 months before they’re reunited. This is unacceptable and inhumane! Nasro’s sponsorship group, Brockville Freedom Connection, has helped her resettle and is prepared to assist Liiban and Afnaan too. The group initiated a private sponsorship of father and daughter in January 2020, and they have raised the sufficient funds to ensure that their reunification and resettlement are successful. Unfortunately, 22 months later, the process has not moved whatsoever, with Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada citing Covid backlogs as the excuse. However, we have seen the recent resettlement of refugees who submitted newer applications accompanied by public pressure campaigns, and believe that the only way to move this case forward is with similar public support, difficult as it is for the family to share their trauma with the world. It is shameful that it should come to this, but they are desperate and do not know what else to do. For this reason, we are working with the Rural Refugee Rights Network to help raise the profile of this desperate situation. In the meantime, Liiban and Afnaan await news in an unsafe country. Crime and violence are common, adequate food and water are not. Mental and physical health care are archaic and inadequate and sickness prevails. Covid runs rampant and vaccines are not readily available to them. These conditions are well documented in the Canadian Immigration and Refugee Board's National Documentation Package. Schools and daycares are closed and Liiban cannot work, as there is no care for Afnaan if he does. Nasro works overtime in retail to support herself here in Canada while supporting Liiban and Afnaan overseas. For the physical and mental health and safety of this family, they must be reunited here in Canada immediately! They have already been severely punished for two years for an honest mistake. Humans make mistakes, and should not be cruelly punished for them when harm was neither intended nor done. Afnaan especially should not be punished. Even Immigration Canada makes mistakes, some with serious consequences. The Toronto Star has reported that immigration “employees often fail to use correct form letters or provide accurate timelines," errors which "could not only cost individual applicants a chance to live and work in Canada but affect the efficiency of the system and create unnecessary backlogs." And this fall, we learned that the names of several hundred vulnerable Afghans seeking refuge from the Taliban were recently leaked in emails sent in error by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada. On October 5, 2020, the former Immigration Minister, Marco Mendicino tweeted: "Our government strongly believes in the importance of keeping families together—particularly during difficult times. Now, more than ever, family reunification is an important component of Canada’s immigration system.” Canada is also obligated by both domestic and international commitments to act in a manner consistent with an approach “taking into account the best interests of a child directly affected.” Article 3(1) of the Convention on the Rights of the Child confirms “In all actions concerning children, whether undertaken by public or private social welfare institutions, courts of law, administrative authorities or legislative bodies, the best interests of the child shall be a primary consideration.” The Minister’s own guidelines point out that “factors relating to a child’s emotional, social, cultural and physical welfare should be taken into account when raised.” In fact, the 2021 election platform of the Liberal Party of Canada appears to recognize that tools similar to the TRPs we are supporting are appropriate responses to address the backlog of reunification cases. Their 2021 election platform promised to “Implement a program to issue visas to spouses and children abroad while they wait for the processing of their permanent residency application, so that families can be together sooner.” The average processing time is now an astounding 39 months. The Convention on the Rights of the Child, to which Canada is a signatory, is the leading international human rights instrument on children’s rights. Canada’s own immigration legislation specifically provides that it "complies with international human rights instruments to which Canada is signatory,” thus codifying the best interests of children into its own legislative scheme. Article 10 of the Convention states: “applications by a child or his or her parents to enter or leave a State Party for the purpose of family reunification shall be dealt with by States Parties in a positive, humane and expeditious manner.” The new Immigration Minister, Sean Fraser, has the authority and discretion under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act to grant these permits. He also has plenty of precedents for which to justify granting TRPs here. Recently, IRCC announced a temporary residence public policy for in-Canada families of the victims of the Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302 and Ukraine International Airlines Flight 752 tragedies. In September 2020, similar assistance was extended to those with loved ones affected by the horrific Beirut explosion. Following the December 2004, tsunami in Indonesia, Canada waived fees and granted priority processing to hundreds of affected permanent resident applicants. Over the past six months, 10 long-separated Palestinian refugee families from Gaza have received TRPs as well. Canada even granted a temporary resident permit to a boy to be able to leave Canada to play in a baseball tournament in the USA and then return.  If a TRP could be issued for a young boy to play on his field of dreams, then surely a TRP can be issued for the health and safety of this family. We call on Minister Fraser for the immediate issuance of an Early Admission Temporary Residence Permit (TRP) to allow Liiban and Afnaan to come to Ontario, Canada now while they await the finalization of their now 22-month old sponsorship application.   MEDIA COVERAGE:      

Matthew Behrens
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