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Petition to University of Nevada, Reno

Fire & Expel Peter Cvjetanovic from the University of Nevada, Reno

Updated: October 21, 2017 By Keeping Him at the School, THE UNIVERSITY OF NEVADA, RENO IS AS RACIST AS WHITE SUPREMACIST PETER CVJETANOVIC  TL;DR: The university has been unequivocal about their stance to keep Peter Cvjetanovic, white supremacist, on campus as an employee (he's a student also - but his status as a student is more difficult to terminate as it's a public university).  Peter Cvjetanovic is the (now world-famous) white supremacist and poster boy for the violent marches that took place in Charlottesville. With this decision, the staff at University at Nevada, Reno are supporting racism, welcome hate-speech, encourage white supremacy, thus making them just as racist as Peter Cvjetanovic Scroll to the very bottom of my message to see what you can do other than sign this petition. ---- The University of Nevada, Reno has refused to take any action against Peter Cvjetanovic’s participation in the alt-right violent Charlottesville march. And they don’t plan on it. UNR has condemned the actions that took place in Charlottesville. Yet, UNR has also refused to give Peter Cvjetanovic any consequences for his actions.  Marc Johnson, UNR’s President, said that firing Peter would go against Cvjetanovic’s constitutional right of “free speech” and the first amendment. While this may protect Peter from expulsion from the publicly funded school, this does not protect him from being fired as a university employee.  Kevin Page, the chairman of the state Board of Regents, also said Cvjetanovic’s status at UNR would not be affected no matter how many people sign this petition. He claims “UNR police looked at it — he wasn’t arrested, he didn’t break any laws. We don’t have any right to terminate him. Expression of free speech is protected in the country. We don’t like what he said, but that’s what makes this country so great — people can have the right to say what they want.” Let me reiterate that Kevin Page “didn’t like” what he said. Kevin Page has failed to acknowledge that these are groups that promote the killing of people who are not like them and violence against those who disagree with them. In fact, it was this march that killed Heather Heyer. This is not about “not liking” what Peter did. Peter participated and contributed his physical presence to this march. He booked a ticket from Nevada to Virginia. He planned his attendance well in advance. When you befriend a Nazi, you are sympathizing with a Nazi, you enable a Nazi, you become the Nazi. Peter recently said in an interview that he ‘condemns’ Nazis and stresses he isn't an 'angry racist'. Peter, you cannot ‘condemn’ them and also participate in a rally with them. It can't be both. Your actions have spoken louder than your words.  Employment attorney Andrew Rempfer agrees with this. He states that an employee checks his constitutional rights at the door of his job and that employees can be terminated for off-duty conduct. Rempfer states “I’m frankly surprised they haven’t fired him. If it were my paralegal who went off-site and was at an active rally like that, I’d fire her in a heartbeat. It’s off-duty conduct that besmirches what I do. I wouldn’t find a client who would be willing to hire me, and I don’t condone it in the first place.” I am all for freedom of speech, but there’s a huge difference between expressing your views civilly versus participating and marching in a violent rally joined by the KKK and Neo-Nazis. Free speech is not freedom from consequence at an institution of higher learning. So, it comes down to this: the university can take action, it just does not want to fire Peter. They have found a politically correct way to say ‘yea this sucks, and we can do something about it, but we don’t care enough to’. Nevada is an at-will state – in U.S. labor law, it means an employee can be dismissed by an employer for any reason (that is, without having to establish “just cause” for termination), and without warning. The university’s decision is beyond embarrassing, and scary for all current students who attend the school. The University of Nevada, Reno does not care about you. Sorry. To those who signed this petition, or to those reading who oppose their decision– here’s what you can do: 1) If you donate to the school, pull out your support. 2) If you are a current student, let the university hear you, be vocal. Suggest how they can better support you. Hold them accountable to it. Go to your local press. Be proactive and vigilant about what you will and will not stand for. I trust you do this already, but right now, it is especially important. Or better yet - switch to another school. Do not waste your money here.  3) Get in touch with people I've mentioned in this article.  4) Keep signing this petition. I am not taking it down (my latest update explains why).  5) All prospective students - Keep away from UNR! I promise you, you can do better. Keep spreading the word about this decision.  And lastly, let this situation serve as a case study of a broader issue in America: privilege based on race and gender. Basically, you can be an outward Nazi-sympathizing white supremacist participating in world-condemned terrorism, and your all-white male superiors will still support you. 

Adam Kerr
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Petition to The Honourable Mélanie Joly

Keep Christine Williams on Canadian Race Relations Foundation Board & Protect Free Speech

KEEP HUMAN RIGHTS ACTIVIST CHRISTINE D-WILLIAMS ON THE BOARD OF THE CANADIAN RACE RELATIONS FOUNDATION Christine D-Williams is a journalist, author, and television host, long-renowned as a frontline defender of human rights and democratic values. For these reasons, she was appointed by the government to the Board of Directors of the federally created Canadian Race Relations Foundation (“CRRF”) in 2012. Despite Christine’s proven record of positive and effective advocacy, today she is being criticized and threatened with removal from the CRRF Board because of her writing and advocacy against radical militant Islamism, arguably the worst human rights abusers of our time. Groups that seek to silence criticism of the jihadist-Islamist agenda are now lobbying the Department of Canadian Heritage and the Minister of Canadian Heritage, The Honourable Mélanie Joly, to have Christine removed from the CRRF Board, where she has diligently served for many years. Christine’s recent book, “The Challenge of Modernizing Islam: Reformers Speak Out and the Obstacles They Face”, tackles the very real challenges of radical Islam, including honour killings, violent persecution, execution for apostasy and homosexuality, black slavery and supremacist views that shut down free speech. In her book, she carefully differentiates between radical Islamists and the overwhelming majority of human rights-respecting Muslims who thrive and live peaceably in Western nations. In Christine’s own words: "Genuine Muslim bigotry should be condemned. Islamic supremacy needs to be confronted and condemned." The victims of this radical ideology are Muslims as well as non-Muslims. Yet, the threatened removal of Christine from the CRRF Board is the latest example of people being muzzled by so-called ‘political correctness’. All Canadians - and Muslim Canadians in particular - must not be afraid of questioning radical Islam and standing up to its enforced social stigmatization, lawfare and physical violence, out of fear of being needlessly and improperly labeled “racist”, as Christine is being accused today. Free speech and one rule of law for all Canadians are at risk if Minister Joly concedes to demands to remove Christine from the CRRF Board. We ask you to sign this petition to protest this unjust and sinister attempt to remove Christine from the CRRF Board, and call upon Minister Joly to uphold Christine’s appointment to the CRRF Board and therefore defend the freedom of speech.

Robert D. Onley
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Petition to Miss Universe Canada, girlsempowerment , Denis Davila

Stop unrealistic beauty standards/whitewashing at Miss universe Canada 2017

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, or so the saying goes, but who feeds the beholder’s view of desirability? Over the past few decades Miss universe Canada reinforced the notion that the ideal female is white, thin and tall which project an unrealistic and even dangerous standard of feminine beauty that can have a powerful influence on the way women view themselves. In Miss universe Canada , thinness is idealized and expected for women to be considered "attractive." it portray the "ideal woman" as tall, white, and thin, with a "tubular" body. For the 14 years, all winners of miss universe Canada were/looked white with the stereotypical beauty standards with the exception of one winner. This year, over 60% of Miss universe Canada 2017 finalists are white, this increases the chance of a white winner. we would encourage and support any future white winner but we want equity for the minorities. Canada is a diverse country; so we want a winner that represents our diversity. A winner that really standup and represents anti-bullying. we want a winner that is Asian or Arab or black or short or overweight or transgender or Indian or White (just not the tall-skinny-busty-blonde-white)..... We stand for diversity. We dont want a tall, thin, blonde to represent our country s beauty standards or to stand up for bullying, racism, body-shaming...or any other issue which she have never been through.   Everybody struggles to develop a sense of security, a sense of personal identity. But most of us end up constantly glancing around to see if we measure up to those around us. MUC idolizes women that are white, tall, and thin. This is unhealthy for many young girls of different ethnicities because they are seeing a society that does not represent their ethnicity well. A lot of young women are starving themselves,  using dangerous bleach creams for skin and hair, and some are even suffering serious mental health problems due to the pressure and the unrealistic beauty standards. Most Canadian women are not white, tall and skinny (all at once). We want a beautiful (non-typical model) to represent us. We want a real, beautiful and unique woman to represent us.   Thank you,     credit and thank you girlsempowermentnetwork and bvalderrama for the amazing articles.          

Amanda young
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