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  Our friend Ali, is a Bajuni, originally from islands off the coast of southern Somalia. He fled Somalia in 1996 during the civil war where he saw his family members killed and his home village burnt and terrorised. He has lived in the UK in poverty and terrible conditions ever since his asylum application nearly 20 years ago, which never was properly addressed by The Home Office and still remains unresolved in legal limbo. Ali is due to speak at our first Goldsmith's Student Society meeting on 28 November in New Cross, London, about the Home Office and the ‘Hostile Environment’ for migrants. Now, using incorrect information and racial profiling the Home Office are trying to deport Ali to a country - Tanzania - he has no connection with. Ali, who also has 3 children he is struggling to support, is calling on people to help stop this huge injustice.  Recently, The Home Office forced Ali to have an ‘interview’ at the Tanzanian embassy to try prove for their deportation purposes he is from there, but instead the Tanzanian embassy staff were outraged that the Home Office bought Ali to them, who speaks Kibajuni (language of the Bajuni Somalis and a Swahili dialect) not Tanzanian Swahili. In the interview, The Home Office tried to racially profile Ali. Through trawling his Facebook account, they said because he ‘looks Tanzanian’, is online ‘friends’ with a few Tanzanians, they concluded this is his country of origin. The Home Office have issued Ali with 9 more days to ‘prove’ he is not from Tanzania. The fact is, they can’t even prove it themselves. Ali has not been allowed to see a copy of any letter from the Tanzanian Embassy agreeing he is a citizen of that country. In reality this is a Home Office intimidation tactic and threat of removal. The fact is, this is one dirty trick the Home Office has tried again and again on Bajuni asylum seekers in Britain, all part of their racist ‘hostile environment’ (link) and war against migrants in Britain. The Home Office also continue to use SPRAKAB language testing - a racist pseudo science. This can be read about in an article covered by VICE magazine ‘Somali Refugees Are Being Deported to Kenya and Tanzania’ (link, 2014). The reason the Home Office will not deport Ali direct to Somalia is that there is still no lawful deportation route due to the ongoing war, conflict and unstable governmental situation. Yet despite that doing so could be unlawful, this month Ali’s cousin Suleyman Jama was deported from the UK to Somalia by the Home Office, where after 5 days he was murdered in a violent attack. Somalia is still not a safe place, hence why many are still fleeing, and minorities like the Bajuni fear increased persecution. We demand Ali is not deported to Tanzania, or anywhere else. We support Ali because he wants to live a life free from poverty, war and misery. We are against racism, deportation and the subhuman treatment of asylum seekers and migrants. We demand Ali is freed from Home Office restrictions and threats, and permitted status to work and live a normal life in the UK.   #FREEALI 24/11/17  

Goldsmith's Anti-Imperialist Society
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Petition to Sadiq Khan, UK Parliament, Theresa May MP, David Cameron MP, Human Rights Campaign,

Justice for Ethnic Minority workers in the UK

Everyone deserves equality and to be treated with respect just like every human being in the workplace whether they are Black, White or Asian. We live in a multicultural society, so why are ethnic minority’s treated differently? .... They contribute so much to our society and yet they are treated like slaves.  Cleveland Cable Company in Belvedere forcefully dismissed ethnic minority workers unfairly for being members of Trade Union, raising health and safety issues, unequal pay and much more.   Mr Jhalanath Sharma and Mr Jun Gurung a very loyal and hard working people from Nepal were forcefully dismissed from the company because they were raising important issues to the management. The company was consistently paying lower wages for the same work, altering employment contracts, forcing to sign papers without allowing workers to understand them, blaming on employees for wrongdoing, enforcing manufactured fines forcefully, hiding incidents and covering them up by false witness statements and much more.  Mostly the members of senior management team verbally abused all Nepali workers by saying, "they are animals" if they don't understand English. Furthermore, they also consistently say, "poor people do not need higher pay", “they are all slaves". More importantly, if any member of working staff refused to sign any documents, they would be forcefully locked in the office until they agreed to do so. "All Gurkhas and Nepali are slaves". Mr Gurung is an honorary retired Gurkha serviceman who dedicated his life fighting for the UK with the British Army and Mr Sharma is a GMB representative at the company whose only goal was to raise issues and his voice. Both of them have been a victim of discrimination, harassment, victimisation, slavery, and inequality while working in this company. After all these years of loyalty and hard work, they were forcefully dismissed without any reason and appreciation. We tried to get justice but the company did not disclose the required documents instead they hid and forged documents, and because of that, we were prevented from getting a fair trial and justice. Please, help us get justice so that companies like this will stop treating and taking advantage of ethnic minorities. I want no one out there to be treated like this. Us minorities are from disadvantaged countries who come here to create a better lifestyle for our families and their future. And big companies like this are silencing our voice. They are taking advantage of our kindness and loyalty.  Let's come TOGETHER as one to STOP this, and help give JUSTICE to ethnic minority workers in the UK. Help me so I can help you. "They can try to silence us, but they can never take away our voice" - Mr Sharma & Mr Gurung 

Samir Sharma
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