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Petition to Donald Trump, Ban Ki-moon (Secretary-General of the United Nations), United Nations, U.S. Embassy in South Africa, European Parliament, Gregory Stanton, Justin Trudeau, Donald Tusk, Jean-Claude Juncker, Antonio Tajani, Miroslav Lajčák, U.S. Agency for International Development, USAID, John Groarke, Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada


As much as we would hate to admit it – THE STAGE IS BEING SET FOR TOTAL GENOCIDE OF ALL WHITE SOUTH AFRICANS! (PLEASE BE WARNED THAT SOME SCENES AND/OR GRAPHIC DESCRIPTIONS OF FARM KILLINGS , RAPE AND TORTURE IN SOME OF THE INFORMATION, LINKS AND VIDEO MATERIAL MAY UPSET SENSITIVE VIEWERS) -Not only because of government politicians and their followers screaming and singing “One settler one bullet” or “Kill the Boer, Kill the farmer” or “Bring me my machine gun” etc.etc.etc. (For our international visitors - the words Settler, Farmer and Boer refers to minority White Afrikaans speaking South Africans). WATCH: Fire and chaos as EFF chant 'anti-boer' songs #HoërskoolOvervaal  WATCH | BLF FIRST CALLS FOR MORE SLAUGHTERING OF WHITE “BOERS” [SHOCKING FOOTAGE] Kill the boer kill the farmer Protesters chant outside HoërskoolOvervaal BFLF-members sing 'Kill the Boer' at #RupertMustFall SA protestors singing "Kill the Boers, the farmer" President Zuma: Singing Kill The Boers (White Farmers) Even a compilation: Blacks sing about killing whites - Kill the Boer compilation -And not only because of the fact that white people (and their children) are, as we speak, being tortured, murdered and raped on farms and in residential areas in the most gruesome ways imaginable because they (Government supporters) are incited to such gruesome hate crimes because of the above. Some of the media reports can be viewed here: Lists of names of murdered farmers and their families can be found here: & here: -And not only Malema of the EFF calling for the Slaughtering of White People "at least not for now?" see for yourself here. -And not only that a motion was passed in the South African parliament on 27 February 2018 that the Constitution of South Africa should be changed to “lawfully” expropriate land from the white population to be given to blacks without compensation. -The ruling ANC wants the government to immediately start expropriating land to test Section 25 of Constitution 29 MAY 2018. -Now also the comment in parliament today, 1 March 2018 by our new “appointed – not elected” Minister of police – Bheki Cele that: “We’ll have to work very hard to make sure that South Africa is disarmed”. - South Africa is being disarmed. After a Constitutional Court order dated 7 June 2018, approximately 300,000 citizens became criminals overnight for the simple reason that they forgot to re-apply. Gun owners with expired licences must hand them in or face arrest - ConCourt - South African Government now also wants to proclaim a new law that would be used as a means of censorship for online content, Petitions like this could soon be a thing of the past, also Facebook, Youtube etc. We will have no means of spreading news about our fate. Parliament has passed the ‘internet censorship’ bill – here’s what it means for you  "This includes specific instances where the FPB will be allowed to regulate user-generated content (such as YouTube videos, pictures, and music), and possibly even block non-compliant online distributors at an ISP level." If you absolutely don't have time to watch all the videos quoted below, I beg you to, at the very least, watch the following titled : South African Farm Murders - A Warning for America  *Whites are tortured, murdered and raped daily; *Their farms and property will be taken away by the government just because the owners have a white skin; *They will be disarmed with no way of being able to defend themselves, their property or their children; *Those whites not killed, tortured- and raped to death will most certainly starve to death after all farms have been expropriated to black owners. Please see what happened in Zimbabwe and the rest of Africa south of the Sahara. Malema is a violent nutcase’: Fox News 'South Africa Is FALLING Apart' - Tucker Carlson Reacts To Situation In South Africa Minority of farmers struggle for survival in South Africa: Fox News: May. 15, 2018 - An embattled minority of farmers, mostly Afrikaners, is being targeted in a wave of barbaric murders. Instead of protecting them, the government just passed a law allowing it to seize their farms without any compensation, to distribute to more favored groups. They've struggled to attract much sympathy abroad. #Tucker "White farmers in South Africa are being murdered at a rate of more than one per week, as the country’s  new President Cyril Ramaphosavows to seize back land without compensation." - Sky News, Australia News Corp Australia chief reporter Paul Toohey, who travelled to South Africa to investigate, has told Sky News farmers are struggling to defend themselves, and local police are not dedicating enough resources to investigate the crimes. More than 400 farmers were attacked in 2017. Sky News: White farmers face surge of violence in South Africa (Video) Sky News: White farmers facing grim future in South Africa (Video Report follow up) Katie Hopkins, a UK journalist, visited South Africa in 2018, here is her documentary videos: (PLEASE BE WARNED THAT SOME SCENES AND/OR GRAPHIC DESCRIPTIONS OF FARM KILLINGS , RAPE AND TORTURE IN SOME OF THE VIDEO MATERIAL MAY UPSET SENSITIVE VIEWERS) Katie Hopkins in South Africa: "I'm not easily scared, but..." Katie Hopkins: Why I'm going to South Africa Katie Hopkins in South Africa: Farmer's son traumatized by deadly attack Katie Hopkins in South Africa: Security comes at a high price LATEST VIDEO - Katie Hopkins: What South African "land expropriation" is REALLY about “The white man is up there with the rhino, forced to the brink of extinction, and the only difference is that the world doesn’t care” – Katie Hopkins She was unlawfully arrested when she tried to leave South Africa: Lauren Southern, a Canadian journalist,also  visited South Africa during 2018 to investigate the claims about Genocide of whites in South Africa, this is her documentary videos: (PLEASE BE WARNED THAT SOME SCENES AND/OR GRAPHIC DESCRIPTIONS OF FARM KILLINGS , RAPE AND TORTURE IN SOME OF THE VIDEO MATERIAL MAY UPSET SENSITIVE VIEWERS) TRAILER: South Africa Documentary South Africa is Killing the Farmlands Inside South Africa's White Displacement Camps Land or Death: Mandela's Failed Rainbow Nation South African Wives are Living in Constant Fear THE WORLD’S FIRST COMPREHENSIVE DOCUMENTARY ON SOUTH AFRICA by Lauren Southern Stefan Molyneux conducted these two interviews with Simon Rouch and Steve Hofmeyer of South Africa: South Africa: Civil War | Simon Roche and Stefan Molyneux 2018 Is South Africa Headed For Civil War? | Steve Hofmeyr and Stefan Molyneux 2017 On Monday, 30 October 2017, South Africans stood up – in black – to farm murders… as seen in these photos and videos from #BlackMonday: Unfortunately it had the exact opposite effect. Farm attacks and -murders 1 January 2018 to 28 February 2018: 102 Farm attacks = 1.7 farm attacks per day 12 Farm murders = 1 farmer murdered every 5 days on average More factual statistics by Afriforum South Africa is given in this video. Carte Blanche's (link to their webpage here) Devi Sankaree Govender is an award-winning investigative journalist who has spent the past 24 years working in the media, starting out on radio and later turning to print and television. Devi, an MBA graduate, joined Carte Blanche in 2002 and often finds herself in the middle of life-threatening situations. She has gained a reputation for being fearless in her efforts to expose corruption wherever it exists. She compiled this report for Carte Blanche about Farm Murders in South Africa as well as a link between Malema of the EFF and possible hitmen hired to commit these crimes - see for yourself here or here on YouTube. Malema refused to confirm or deny allegations that he is ‘maybe’ behind farm murders - Malema: Violence against whites: Julius Malema tweets in agreement Fortunately there are international politicians who really does care about our dire straight situation, people like Janice Ann Atkinson who is an independent Member of the European Parliament for the South East England region, formerly representing the UK Independence Party. She was elected in 2014, second on the list for the region behind Nigel Farage.  - On 20 November 2017 she requested the European Parliament at the plenary session in Strasbourg, to discuss the situation on farm murders in South Africa, her request was denied. To the members of the European Parliament: You refused to even listen to what she had to say - YOU ARE COMPLICIT IN COMMITING GENOCIDE AGAINST A MINORITY NATION! -  Interview on 23 November 2017 with: Janice Atkinson, MEP, shares her view on ways of political and economic issues in South Africa and Zimbabwe. Problems of successful farmers, land grabs, farming as most dangerous profession - why EU remains silent? - MENF conference on the political situation in South Africa hosted by Janice ATKINSON - Brussels - 30/01/2018 - WHY ISN`T EU DISCUSSING HUMAN RIGHTS ABUSES IN SOUTH AFRICA? - Janice ATKINSON Posted on 7th February 2018 - Britain must intervene in SA land debate‚ says member of European Parliament (Janice Atkinson) 02 March 2018 We thank you very much for caring Janice! Unfortunately the Presidency of the United States of America is still silent about the issue of farm attacks and Genocide of Whites, maybe because the U.S. Embassy & Consulate in South Africa does not report back the correct facts to the Presidency. They would rather post a video about the "soon to be extinct" Rhino than the white's dire situation. The video was posted on 6 March 2018 on Facebook with the title: "Through our strong US-SA partnership, we work together to combat poaching and wildlife trafficking and to protect South Africa’s iconic wildlife species and promote economic development among affected communities". REALLY??? Please, please get your priorities straight - at the current rate the White minority in South Africa will be extinct well before the Rhino! An American Diplomat shot a robber in Pretoria on 25 May 2018, defending himself. WATCH | Diplomat's guards under investigation for shooting 'robber' The U.S. Embassy does however acknowledge the fact that South Africa is a VERY dangerous place for US Citizens. See all their warnings published here and here. Yet on their U.S. Relations With South Africa - page they promise the following: "U.S. Assistance to South Africa South Africa has made remarkable strides toward building a prosperous and peaceful democracy since 1994, but faces many challenges, including slow economic growth, high unemployment, HIV/AIDS, crime, and corruption. U.S. assistance focuses on improving healthcare, increasing education standards and teacher training, building capacity in agriculture to address regional food security, developing clean energy, and adapting to changing weather patterns. Improving the capacity of South Africa's security force will enable it to take a lead role in regional stability and security efforts. U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) programs seek to strengthen small- and medium-sized enterprises, create employment, improve learning and job skills, promote basic education, combat gender-based violence, and promote HIV/AIDS care, prevention, and treatment."  Sirs, you are neglecting your promise to South Africa! The population count in South Africa, according to the 2011 Census was, 79.2% of South Africans (41 million) were 'Black Africans', 8.9% were Coloured (4.62 million), 8.9% were white (4.59 million), 2.5% were 'Indian or Asian' (1.29 million) and only 0.2% (280.4 thousand) who declared another race. The population count in South Africa, according to Statistics South Africa in 2016 was: 80.7% of South Africans (45.1 million) were 'Black Africans' , 8.8% were Coloured (4.89 million), 8.1% were white (4.51 million), 2.5% were 'Indian or Asian' (1.38 million). More than 45.10 million blacks vs. not more than 4.51 million whites. (LET THAT SINK IN FOR A WHILE BEFORE CONTINUING!) Afrikaans speaking White South Africans "The Boers" are very strong and brave and will most definitely try to defend themselves, their wives and their children to the best of their ability with the means to their disposal BUT with such overwhelming odds stacked against them, the annihilation of a minority nation from the face of the earth will go down in history as one of the biggest and saddest blunders of the modern world! We request the following: 1.    That the international community and world leaders step in immediately to curb the damage already done and to also stop further annihilation of a peace loving nation from the face of the earth. The United States of America, Canada, Europe and the United Nations has always been on the forefront of curbing Human Rights violations. Why look the other way when a Genocide is taking place that will ultimately end in a slaughter that will make Rwanda look like a picnic? If they do not, they will be complicit to Genocide. 2.      That President Donald Trump (USA), Prime Minister Justin Trudeau (Canada), President Donald Tusk (President of the European Council), President Jean-Claude Juncker (President of the European Commission), President Antonio Tajani (President of the European Parliament) & President Miroslav Lajčák of Slovakia (United Nations General Assembly President), immediately take the necessary steps to initiate an emergency evacuation and immigration plan to USA, Canada and Europe and allowing white Boers/Afrikaners/South Africans refugee status.  If you cannot, please,please at least admit our wives and little children. 3.       That the United States of America stop funding our oppressors.  Last year the U.S. Agency for International Development subsidised the South African Government with more than 350 million USD in aid. Please do not make the same mistake in 2018! Rather use the money to subsidise an emergency evacuation and immigration plan allowing white Boers/Afrikaners/South Africans to go to the United States, it will be money WELL SPENT! A crowd funding project has been started in the UK by Sharyn Grainger on - thank you for caring Sharyn: Weʼre raising £2,000,000 to Please Help Give New Hope. White South Africans are living under attack while others living in rural areas are systematically slaughtered Please also see other petitions that, notwithstanding the fact that they were signed in their thousands, nobody seems to notice,care or act upon. Our plea born from frustration, anxiety and fear is seemingly simply ignored: - More than 22,000 signatures - More than 171,000 signatures - More than 17,300 signatures - More than 6,900 signatures - More than 3,000 signatures - More than 24,700 signatures - More than 52,000 signatures Please see some of our local news: Please also feel free to write an email directly to President Donald Trump, as I have done, here:

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Petition to Cllr Judith Blake

Ask Leeds Council to stop giving far-right extremists the platform to march in the city.

In response to the right-wing extremists' march on 7/7/2018.  The demo was granted permission by Leeds City Council. Why did LCC permit the right wing extremists’ march to go ahead? Diverting traffic to accommodate it shows complicity with them when the council should be demonstrating zero tolerance.  While Cllr Blake might not necessarily be aware that the group were far-right extremists, or indeed, signed off permission herself, we feel questions need to be answered around the following issues this has raised: Prevent & Safeguarding: The government’s Prevent strategy is actively trying to tackle right-wing extremism with training throughout the public sector. As such, LCC have failed to adhere to the national Prevent strategy by giving a right wing extremist organisation a platform to preach hate crimes. In doing so, they have put the citizens of Leeds at risk, and also our young people at risk of right -wing extremist groomers.  This grooming is their way to drum up new young recruits which are often disenfranchised young men (and young women) and that is a major Safeguarding issue which should also be taken very seriously). As the Council prides and promotes itself as ‘Child Friendly Leeds’ this all goes against their own policies. Financial Expense:   Can the council justify giving the right-wing extremists this platform baring in mind the financial cost of policing it? Considering the council is already struggling with great financial strain through government cuts, this was an unsound decision on that basis alone. The money could have gone to (Prevent) cohesion projects to tackle this rise in racist extremism. Freedom of Speech:The argument we often hear in support of this, is that we live in a democracy and freedom of speech is for everyone.  With rights also come responsibility, and spreading hate speech, inciting racial hatred, promoting violence and brutally attacking people - is NOT part of the democratic agenda.  Solutions:1: Can the council please explain, considering all the risks and facts, why they let right-wing, nazi racists and extremists march through our city? 2: What do they intend to do to ensure they are not granted permission in the future, thereby keeping our city safe?3: Offer an apology to the visitors in Leeds the day of the march who had to listen to disgusting racist chants and taunts while they stood, many with their children, going about their Saturday business? 4:  Revise their policies on public demonstrations in line with national Safeguarding and Prevent strategies.    

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Petition to Johann König, Jakob Haupt, David Roth

BERLIN, let's discuss! Dandy Diary's and König Gallery's racist and fetishized party!

As a member of the Asian Community, it has been brought to my attention that there is a need for an open discussion about racism, fetishization and cultural appropriation. Recently, an image was used by Dandy Diary to promote an event for Berlin Gallery Weekend hosted by König Gallery and funded by YSL Beauty. The image and text written are offensive, racist, a fetishization and of cultural appropriation. I ask for Johann König (König Gallery), a YSL Beauty representative, Jakob Haupt and David Roth (Dandy Diary) to host an event that allows them to openly discuss and debate the grounds of the material chosen to promote the event. They have currently taken down the image and apologized for "hurting our feelings". I want to educate the people within the society we live in so that one realizes that it is not as simple as "hurting our feelings". It's about how clearly unaware the people who work within one of the most culturally important contemporary art galleries in Central Europe allowed for an event like this to be promoted.  The initial response to community concern about this event was “What’s the big deal?! It makes Asian women look sexy!” Fetishization is the combination of sexual prejudice and power. Through this power, you define what is the "other" in society. You define our worth... but what is worth when all you see is my outer-being. So, I ask for your support to request that Johann König, YSL Beauty, Jakob Haupt and David Roth organize a time and space for an open discussion and debate about this issue. 

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Petition to Matteo Salvini, Luigi Di Maio, Tiina ASTOLA, Michael O'Flaherty, Atanas Zahariev, Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein

Statement on the Italian Interior Minister's declaration of intent to cataloguing Roma

19 June 2018 EN - Statement on the Italian Interior Minister's declaration of intent to cataloguing Roma people in Italy. IT - Dichiarazione sulle intenzioni del Ministero dell'Interno di censire i rom. FR - Communiqué sur la déclaration du Ministre de l’intérieur annonçant sa volonté de recenser les Rroms d’Italie. DE - Stellungnahme zum Vorhaben des italienischen Innenministers, eine Zählung der Rom_nja durchzuführen. *ITALIAN* *FRENCH* and *GERMAN* below We, the undersigned – researchers, activists and concerned citizens in various professional roles across the world – condemn without hesitation Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini's declarations of intent of cataloguing Roma people in Italy. While the Minister has subsequently pointed out that no profiling but only a general collection of data will be carried out, we express serious concern about the Italian government's intentions and policies addressing minorities and foreigners. Racism is a system of control as well as a specific way of understanding society as divided in more and less deserving populations. Targeting a specific group through any measure, including the collection of personal data, is likely to lead to racial and ethnic discrimination. Moreover, the social conditions of Roma people in Italy have extensively been researched and explained. Therefore, any inquiry that is not squarely grounded on already existing and long-term research suffers from intolerable biases. We call upon the government, all political parties, and the civil society across Italy, Europe and the world, to remain vigilant against constant, deliberate as well as unintentional forms of discrimination and racism vis-à-vis any specific group in Italy and beyond. __________________ Noi, firmatari di questa dichiarazione - ricercatori, attivisti e cittadini allarmati, in vari ruoli professionali in diversi paesi - condanniamo senza esitazione l'intenzione del Ministro degli Interni Matteo Salvini di censire le popolazioni rom in Italia. Sebbene il Ministro abbia aggiunto, dopo le sue dichiarazioni, che non si tratta di schedatura ma solo di una ricognizione, esprimiamo grande preoccupazione sulle intenzioni del governo italiano e sulle sue politiche nei confronti di migranti e minoranze. Il razzismo è sia un sistema di controllo sociale sia una visione della società come sistema organizzato in popolazioni con più e popolazioni con meno dignità sociale e politica. Concentrarsi su uno specifico gruppo attraverso qualsiasi misura istituzionale, inclusa la raccolta di dati personali, è la via maestra che conduce alla discriminazione razziale ed etnica. Inoltre, le condizioni sociali delle varie popolazioni rom in Italia sono state analizzate in profondità e spiegate per esteso. Pertanto, qualsiasi indagine che non si basi in modo sostanziale sui risultati di ricerche in profondità e svolte in molti anni sarà in quanto tale viziata da difetti che ne precluderanno l'affidabilità. Chiediamo inoltre al governo, a tutti i partiti politici, e alla società civile in tutta Italia, in Europa e nel mondo, di rimanere vigili nei confronti di forme di discriminazione e razzismo rivolte a qualsiasi gruppo in Italia e nel mondo intero, siano tali forme esplicite e intenzionali oppure mosse da intenzioni non discriminanti. ___________________ Nous, signataires de ce communiqué, chercheurs.euses, activistes et mobilisé.e.s de professions diverses à travers le monde, condamnons fermement la déclaration du Ministre de l’Intérieur italien Matteo Salvini annonçant sa volonté de recenser les Rroms d’Italie. Bien que le Ministre ait ultérieurement précisé que ce recensement relèverait de la simple collecte générale de données et non du profilage racial, nous demeurons inquiets sur les projets et les politiques du gouvernement italien relatifs aux minorités et aux étrangers.  Le racisme est autant un système de contrôle qu’une conception spécifique du partage de la société en populations plus ou moins dignes. Viser un groupe en particulier, que ce soit par la collecte de données personnelles ou toute autre mesure, conduira probablement à des formes de discrimination raciale et ethnique. En outre, les conditions sociales des Rroms d’Italie ont déjà fait l’objet de recherches et d’analyses riches et variées. Dès lors, toute enquête qui ne se fonde pas rigoureusement sur les recherches de longue durée disponibles est d’emblée sujette à des préjugés intolérables. Face aux discriminations et au racisme continuels, qu’ils soient conscients ou non et quel que soit le groupe visé, nous appelons à la vigilance du gouvernement, de l’ensemble des partis politiques et de la société civile, en Italie, en Europe et au-delà. _________________ Wir, die Unterzeichner_innen – internationale Wissenschaftler_innen und Aktivist_innen – verurteilen das Vorhaben des italienischen Innenministers Matteo Salvini, Rom_nja in Italien zählen zu lassen. Auch, wenn der Innenminister darauf hingewiesen hat, dass es sich um keine Zählung handle, sondern lediglich um eine allgemeine Sammlung von Daten, so drücken wir dennoch unsere tiefe Besorgnis über den Umgang der italienischen Regierung mit Minderheiten und Ausländer_innen aus. Rassismus dient der Kontrolle und der Spaltung von Gesellschaft in vermeintlich legitime und illegitime Gruppen. Dass nun eine bestimmte Gruppe von staatlichen Kontrollmaßnahmen betroffen ist, die nicht der Verbesserung ihrer Lebensumstände dient, verstärkt ihre rassistische Diskriminierung. Da die Situation der Rom_nja in Italien wissenschaftlich ausführlich und hinlänglich untersucht worden ist, führt wohl jede Maßnahme der Regierung, die diese wissenschaftliche Expertise ignoriert, zu Diskriminierung. Wir fordern die Regierung, alle im Parlament vertretenen Parteien sowie die Zivilgesellschaft dazu auf, wachsam zu sein hinsichtlich jeglicher willkürlicher wie unbeabsichtigter Formen von Rassismus, in Italien und weltweit. _________________   Alves, Ana Rita (University of Coimbra) Arriaga, Gerardo (University of Birmingham) Badita, Cristina Elena (Babes-Bolyai University Benedict, Anja (University of Birmingham) Caivano, Valentina (USI/ Peace International) Clough Marinaro, Isabella (John Cabot University of Rome) De Leo, Daniela (La Sapienza University of Rome) El-Qasem, Kawthar(Hochschule Düsseldorf, Germany) Erdemli, Veysel (University of Birmingham) Evangelista Javiela (New York City College of Technology, CUNY) Franco, Angela (University of Cambridge) Geldof, Dirk (University of Antwerp, Belgium) Gressgård, Randi (University of Bergen) Grimaldi, Giuseppe (University of Milan-Bicocca) Hilton, Liam (The Prince's Trust, UK) Hoffmann, Felix (Freie University Berlin) Iglesias, Juan (Refugee Chair/International Migration Institute) Ivasiuc, Ana (Justus Liebig University Giessen) Jolly, Andy (University of Birmingham) Kaufhold, Charlie (Justus Liebig University Giessen) Köroğlu, Berivan (European University Viadrina) Kupka, Petr (University of West Bohemia) Last, Tamara (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam) Levenson, Zachary (University of California-Berkeley) Lundsteen, Martin (University of Barcelona) Luptak, Lubomir (University of West Bohemia) Maestri, Gaja (University of Leicester) Maharaj, Brij (University of KwaZulu-Natal) Mansai, Faiza (University of Birmingham) McCombs, Jonathan (University of Georgia) Mustafa, Nawal (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam) Nowak, Joerg (University of Nottingham) Nur, Nadia (ISTAT - Italian Institute of Statistics) Pagano, Simona (Max Plank Institute for the Study of Religious and Ethnic Diversity) Patchett Emma (Independent postdoctoral scholar, UK)  Pesarini, Angelica (NYU - Florence) Petre, Gabriela (University of Salford) Phillimore, Jenny (University of Birmingham) Picker, Giovanni (University of Birmingham) Reyes, Marison (University of Birmingham) Saributh, Maneeya (University of Birmingham) Sigona, Nando (University of Birmingham) Skobla, Daniel (Institute of Ethnology Slovak Academy of Science) Sotola, Jaroslav (Palacký University of Olomouc) Torino, Giulia (University of Cambridge) Uzoma, Ihuoma (University of Birmingham) van Baar, Huub (University of Giessen and University of Amsterdam) Vincze, Eniko (Babes-Bolyai University) Vrabiescu, Ioana (University of Amsterdam) Walach, Václav (University of West Bohemia) Wetz, Hannah (University of Birmingham) Wilson, Dorrie (Independent Researcher, Belgium) Wimalathissa, Sakunthala (University of Birmingham) Zammarchi, Enrico (The Ohio State University) Zoubir, Zacharias (Université Paris Nanterre)  

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