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Petition to Taoiseach Leo Varadkar, Agriculture Minister Michael Creed TD, Andrew Doyle TD, Paschal Donohoe, Simon Coveney, Dept of Finance, Brendan Howlin TD, Micheál Martin TD

Irish Government: Stop Giving Millions of Euro to Cruel Greyhound Industry

Please sign our petition calling on the Irish Government to stop funding the cruel greyhound racing industry. The Irish Greyhound Board - which has control over track racing and hare coursing - received 16 million euro of hard-earned taxpayers' money in the latest budget (an increase of over a million euro compared to the previous year's figure), while other desperately needy sectors of Irish society saw cuts in grant aid.This despicable industry is responsible for the premature deaths of huge number of greyhounds, considered no longer fit to race on the track and those who don't make the grade. The average lifespan of a greyhound is 12-14 years, but Irish racing greyhounds can only expect to live 3-4 years. Also, many greyhounds are sent abroad to destinations that have little or no animal welfare protection legislation, where they are kept in appalling conditions and raced to death.It is also a corrupt industry with owners and trainers "openly admitting to doping" dogs as revealed on BBC and Channel 4 documentaries, while blooding (using hares, rabbits and small animals to keep the greyhounds keen) is an "open secret" in the industry.Given the ongoing fall in attendances at tracks, it is clear that the general public has little interest in greyhound racing. The Irish Government must stop wasting precious funds on this dying industry.An Taoiseach, Leo Varadkar Government Buildings, Upper Merrion St, Dublin 2 Telephone: +353 (0)1 619 4020 Email:, Leave a comment on Facebook: to: @campaignforLeo Paschal DonohoeMinister for FinanceEmail:, +353 (0)1 6045810Leave a comment on Facebook: to @PaschaldMichael CreedMinister for Agriculturemichael.creed@oir.ieAndrew Doyle TDMinister of State, Dept of

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Petition to Bank of Ireland, Gain Animal Feeds / Glanbia, Gain Feeds Sales Manager, Barry's Tea, Botanica International, FBD Insurance, Kasko Pet Food, Permanent TSB, Best Car Parks, Irish Independent, Galway Crystal, EOS IT Solutions, Pettitts Supervalu Enniscorthy, Tennents Lager, Tennents Lager CEO, Fonez , Community Radio Kilkenny City

Stop supporting the cruel greyhound industry

The greyhound industry is inherently cruel with dogs injured, killed, illegally doped, mutilated and dumped. No company or organisation should support this deplorable industry through sponsorship, advertising or staff nights at tracks. In the past three years alone, over a thousand greyhounds have suffered injuries at tracks around Ireland and 385 were destroyed by track vets. In 2017, at least 357 greyhounds suffered injuries and 124 dogs were destroyed.Meanwhile, at least 2,649 greyhounds have been destroyed in Irish pounds in the past eight years. Some of the horrors of the Irish greyhound industry have been highlighted on RTE's Prime Time - Limerick Animal Welfare's Marion Fitzgibbon told viewers: "We believe there are probably 10,000 greyhounds put to sleep every year. They can be killed in all sorts of fashions. We've had so many instances of finding them shot, ears cut off, drowned." These greyhounds are killed when they are unable to win races and make money for owners. A former chairman of the Irish Greyhound Board admitted on Cork's 96 FM that he believes it is "absolutely" okay for thousands of dogs to be killed and that racing couldn't exist without the destruction of dogs. The blooding of greyhounds - using live rabbits, hares, kittens and other small animals - is a cruel and illegal training method in the greyhound industry. It is believed to be common in Ireland. One Irish Independent greyhound scene journalist noted: "The bald truth is that greyhound racing would not continue to exist without blooding. It follows that, with a constant greyhound population of close on 30,000, blooding must be widespread. Don't expect an admission of that from Bord na gCon." Due to a growing awareness about the animal cruelty and illegal doping of dogs, the Irish public is increasingly rejecting greyhound racing - evident in a 50 per cent fall in track attendance in recent years and a 58 per cent drop in sponsorship. Greyhound racing also has a definite link to hare coursing - a cruel bloodsport which a majority in Ireland want outlawed (It is already illegal in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland). All greyhounds used in track racing are registered with the Irish Coursing Club. The registration fees help fund cruel coursing activities. In coursing, thousands of hares are snatched from the wild for use as live bait for greyhounds to chase. Hares are terrorised while desperately running for their lives and those caught and mauled suffer painful injuries such as broken bones and dislocated hips.

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Petition to Irish Independent, Irish Independent Brand Manager, Glanbia / Gain Dog Foods, Easytrip (Parking and Tolling), Galway Crystal, Dublin Coach, Kelliher's Toyota Garage Tralee, Gallivan Murphy Hooper Dolan Insurances, Best Car Parks, Weadick Life & Pensions (Kilkenny), Chanelle Group UK and Ireland, Barry's Tea

Stop sponsoring cruel greyhound racing

Greyhound racing is a cruel industry that exploits and abuses dogs. If the dogs don't win money for owners, they are abandoned, dumped or killed. Each and every year, an estimated 10,000 Irish greyhounds disappear - most likely killed because they are not fast enough. The Irish greyhound industry also exports dogs to parts of the world where no animal protection exists - for example China/Macau, Pakistan, etc. No company should sponsor greyhound racing - by funding it, they are directly supporting the suffering and death of dogs.Contact information for companies sponsoring greyhound racingBarry's Tea[Barry's Tea sponsors the €5,000 "Barry's Tea Open 750" race at Curraheen Park greyhound track in Cork]Kinsale Road, CorkPhone: +353 21 491 5000Email: Facebook: @barrysteatweets Galway Crystal[Sponsored the 2015 Irish Greyhound Racing Stars Awards (April 2016)]Merlin Park, Galway, IrelandEmail: mailorder@galwaycrystal.iePhone: +353 (0)91 757 311 Irish Independent[Sponsors the Irish Greyhound Laurels at Curraheen Park Greyhound Stadium]27 - 32 Talbot Street, Dublin 1 Email: info@independent.iePhone: +353 (0)1 705 5333Facebook a tweet @Independent_ie Glanbia / Gain Dog Foods[Sponsorship deal boosted prize money for greyhound racing by €120,000]Email: info@bordbia.ieTel: + 353 1 668 5155 to @bordbia Easytrip (Parking and Tolling)[Sponsored the Open Bitch Stake at Curraheen Park Greyhound Stadium]Email: info@easytrip.iePhone from Ireland: 01-8613200 or 1890 67 67 68Phone from UK: 0844 257 8806 Coach[Sponsors of the Harold`s Cross Greyhound Puppy Derby and also several hare coursing events. As the "offical Travel Partner of the Irish Greyhound board", Dublin Coach provides "complimentary shuttle services" to greyhound tracks]Unit 20, Western Ind. Estate, Naas Road, Dublin 12Email: Phone: +353 (0)1 465 9972Facebook: BoyleSports[Sponsors the Irish Greyhound Derby. Also sponsors hare coursing]Finnabair Industrial ParkDundalk, County Louth, IrelandTel: +353 42 939 3000 or 1800 22 00 66 (from Ireland)Tel: 0800 22 00 66 (from UK)Tel: +353 42 9393168 (International)Mobile: +353 87 9807986Email:, Facebook: to @boylesports Kellihers Toyota GarageRathass, Tralee Co Kerry.Email: info@kellihers.ieTel: +353 (0)66 712 0000Facebook to @KellihersGarage Gallivan Murphy Hooper Dolan Insurances Ltd ([Sponsors the ' Juvenile Classic' at Kingdom Greyhound Stadium]Upper High Street, Killarney, Co. KerryEmail: info@gmhd.ieTel: +353 (0)64 6634632Facebook: to @gmhdinsurances Best Car Parks[Sponsor of the Best Car Parks A1 600 at Shelbourne Park greyhound track]39 – 40 Dawson Street, Dublin 2Telephone: +353 (01) 689 6424Email: Weadick Life & Pensions (Kilkenny)[Sponsors the TP Weadick Life & Pensions Open 725 at Kilkenny greyhound track]Weadick Life & PensionsJames Street HouseKilkenny, IrelandPhone - +353 (56) 7763935Email - tom@weadick.comChanelle Group [Sponsors the €20,000 Prazitel XL A2 Series at seven tracks around Ireland]Chanelle UK1 High Street, Hungerford, BerkshirePhone - +44 (0)1488 Chanelle IrelandIDA Business Park, Dublin Rd, Loughrea, Co GalwayPhone - +353 (0)91 841788  

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