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Petition to Viacom, MTV


In June, 2009 “16 andPregnant” aired on MTV followed by “Teen Mom” in December, 2009. We believe everyone involved in the creation of these shows started out with good intentions; to place a spotlight on teen pregnancy by showing the challenges young people face mentally, physically, emotionally and financially when bringing a child (ren) into the world. However, over the years the tone of the shows have changed, with the focus being high ratings and monetary gain for Network/show creators. The emotional and life altering toll it has taken on the young men and women is apparent; with the children being put in the most jeopardy. The shows now support and encourage racist views, irresponsible behavior, immoral behavior, favor based on bias, defamation of individuals who are in no way involved in the show, illegal behavior, drug use, domestic violence, DUI and bullying. While the Network proclaims these shows are based on “reality” several cast members have admitted publicly that the scenes are scripted. The producers encourage “public bullying” to support a fictional storyline. Some examples of the aforementioned: Kailyn Lowry repeatedly uses her platform to defame Chris Lopez her child’s father. Ms. Lowry has also driven without a seatbelt, talked on her cellphone without using the “handsfree” option. Ms. Lowry took a stereotypical, racist view in regards to what she believes her son, Isaac’s hair cut should look like, as she stated “White boys don’t get their hair cut like that”. Ms. Lowry physically assaulted Javi Marroquin, on camera and was allowed to remain on the show. Amber Portwood and her fiancé at the time, Matt Baier brought illegal drugs on set during the taping of a “reunion show”. Ms. Portwood physically assaulted her child, Leah’s father, Gary Shirley on camera and although she was charged, served prison time, she has remained on the show. Ryan Edwards has struggled with drug addiction on camera, was filmed by show producers under the influence of drugs, falling asleep while driving and was allowed to remain on the show although he put himself, his fiancé Mackenzie and the general public in harms way. Tyler Baltierra used an offensive racial slur (n-word) while video recording himself and posted the video on social media. MTV has allowed Mr. Baltierra to remain on the show. We find this particularly offensive due to the fact that MTV has not followed any African American teen mom, casting them on Teen Mom over the 9 years that the show has aired.  Leah Messer abused drugs while filming, DUI with her children in her vehicle while MTV filmed her actions. Ms. Messer jeopardized her safety, the safety of her children and the general public and she remains on the show. MTV has clearly not set any boundaries or guidelines for the cast; as they are fully aware of the influence the cast has on young adults. In regards to the cast bullying each other on social media; MTV has encouraged this to boost ratings and increase monetary gain. David Eason, husband of cast member Jenelle Evans-Eason was terminated from the show due to “homophobic comments” he made on social media. MTV has stated Mr. Eason’s comments “do not reflect the views of MTV” as the reason behind his termination.  While we agree that Mr. Eason’s comments are highly offensive, we also feel domestic violence, racial slurs, defamation, bullying, safety risks to the general public, illegal behavior and irresponsible drug use is also highly offensive. Any one of these offenses should warrant termination. The fact that Mr. Eason was terminated while the other cast members have remained with MTV despite their offensive actions/behavior shows partiality towards certain cast members...”favoritism.” MTV has encouraged a “bully like culture” amongst the cast and put the cast, crew and particularly children in harms way to boost ratings and increase monetary gain. MTV has showed bias by not casting Black “Teen Moms” to boost ratings and increase monetary gain. MTV has irresponsibly produced storylines to boost ratings and increase monetary gain without taking into consideration the negative impact it has had on the lives of the cast (particularly the children) and viewers. MTV has exploited “children having children.”

Leslie McMahon
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Petition to Angela Rye, NAACP, Maxine Waters, Cory Booker, Majora Carter, Van Jones, Rosa Clemente, James Rucker

Racial Bias and Racial Insenitivity by the Today Show, NBC, Travel Channel and Josh Gates.

February 5, 2018 Josh Gates/Travel Channel along with NBC and the Today Show, revealed a Neferneferuaten Nefertiti likeness reconstructed with Egyptian remains with porcelain white skin. While the physical structure may be true to her likenesses, her skin tone is not. DNA analysis extracted from the remains traces a royal  lineage between 16th – 13th century BCE, who’s wall descriptions depicted themselves as a darker tone with course, wired hair.  I am calling on all people of conscienceness to pressure The Travel Channel and Josh Gates to retract statements and recreate a statue that is more suited towards her likeness with melaninated skin tone. For too long, black people have been subjected to the misrepresentation of historic figures and royalty,  we know for a scientific, geological fact to be people of color.  Neferneferuaten Nefertiti would not have fair, white skin in a Countryin Africa with a temperature index upwards of 120 degrees F.  Enough is enough. This is part of systemic and cultural racism and it misinforms our people, our generation and our children of color. It is an insult to our intelligence and the true nature of our history.  This is a topic of conversation and a topic for change. Please join me in the signing of this petition.  Old ways, won’t open new doors. 

Taeren Quigley
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Petition to John Cornyn, Michael Burgess, Royce West, U.S. Senate, U.S. House of Representatives, Greg Abbott, Steve Chabot, Steve Knight, AT&T, Dell, Hewlett-Packard, Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, General Dynamics, The Walt Disney Company, CVS Pharmacy, Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Boeing, Cory Booker, John Lewis, Mark Zuckerberg

Black owned Company not allowed Access to Government and Regulatory Fairness Hearing.

The reason for this petition is to disclose violations, fraud, corruption, and cover-up of the federal government Small Business Disadvantage Subcontracting Plan 5% goal, procurement (By race) for socioeconomic and disadvantage minorities who have encountered discrimination, exclusion and racial bias.  The Regulatory Fairness Hearing is recorded and delivered to Congress for possible hearing. We are the black people affected by the 13th Amendment due to the War Powers Act regarding emancipated property to prevent human property being returned to their plantation owners.  Third generation born free Americans from plantations not The Land of The Free, denied access (By SBA, politicians, government agencies, prime contractors and institutions) to participate in the federal government Individual Subcontracting Plan 5% goal (By race), based on our merits not a handout. Our registration filed by NAICS Codes to participate in the Individual Subcontracting Plan 5% goal verified in the federal government SAM database.  We qualify and followed all the rules, policies  and  procedures, and discovered the rules, policies and procedures do not apply to us, this is our history its not shared by every black person in this country.  Where do we find Greatness in this America? SBA, politicians, government agencies, prime contractors and institutions in defiance of Small Business Disadvantage Subcontracting 5% goal under the Individual Subcontracting Plan, exclude based on their merits qualified 100% black owned disadvantage companies who have encountered discrimination, exclusion, and racial bias pursuant to Title 48 CFR 52.219-8, Title 48 CFR 52.219-9, and Executive Order 13170.   SBA Office of Inspector General (OIG) blocked our complaint number 20160007, blocking FOIA request case SBA-2016-000155 by changing the name of our company on our complaint, SBA Ombudsman blocked our complaint number 1412110001 by altering our complaint number to stop investigation, Texas Senator Cornyn and Congressman Burgess refusal to represent the owners of Enterprise ESP Service Provider, LLC and blocking our request for Regulatory Fairness  Hearing.  The Regulatory Fairness Hearing would disclose the truth in this matter before congress, they don't want this to happen.  The owners of Enterprise ESP Service Provider, LLC denied Due Process by prime contractor corporations taking and keeping billions from qualified based on merits black owned companies using Diversity Programs, false eSRS reports, Politicians creating State minority procurement programs in defiance of federal government Small Business Disadvantage Subcontracting 5% goal using programs like Texas HUB program.  Scam, SBA using Treasury to threaten to use (TCS Treas. 449) to cover -up 2014 fraud refusing to process our application in the 8(a) program filed by Enterprise ESP Service Provider, LLC and its owners.  Treasury using false claim of debt for 2014 and 2015.  SBA wants to create a false Levy against the owners of Enterprise ESP Service Provider, LLC without records using Holtsville NY, and Cincinnati, OH and without form 566 and denied Appeals Review from Memphis, TN our processing center. Discrimination, Facebook blocking the truth from reaching the public.  Three (3) times in February 2018, Facebook conspiring with SBA to disable our verified account page @celesp2 processed on Facebook. Facebook accepted funds for an Ad on this account then proceeded to disable and unpublished our account.  SBA using Facebook to cover-up discrimination against qualified black IT, Telecom companies registered by NAICS Codes and registered in SAM database seeking contracting pursuant to the Individual Subcontracting Plan 5% goal.  This is the Black History we deal with everyday, its not a movie!  SBA using false SSDD. State and Federal agencies, and hiring GP&M to delete our information and existence in the federal government SAM database, SBA awarding disadvantage Subcontracting 5% goal to Non-Minorities, minorities not listed on SAM database and false Score Card reporting the contracts awarded to all categories black IT, Telecom 5% goals missing. SBA also awarding contracts to people with connections not certifications including Office Supply Companies and recruiting companies in violation of NAICS Codes filed in the SAM database.  These companies are awarded cyber security, programming, provisioning, maintenance support and more then outsource the contract to non-minority companies, SBA cover-up this practice.  SBA Pay-to-Play program awarding 8(a) contracts to minorities not registered on 8(a) and receiving billions in contracts annually on the program for over 17 years when 8(a) is a maximum 9 year program. The following is a small sample of the cover-up, attacks, threats against Enterprise ESP Service Provider, LLC and its owners to prevent our participation in the federal government subcontracting 5% goal created by law for us to receive prime contracting and subcontracting opportunities due to discrimination, exclusion and racial bias, We are Third Generation Born Free Americans, there will always be a Candie Land (Candy Land) mentality keeping us in our place: Black constituents denied representation by Texas Senator John Cornyn and Congressman Michael C. Burgess.  1.5 years Texas Senator John Cornyn and Congressman Michael C Burgess refusal to represent black constituents regarding General Privacy Release Form affidavit filed requesting their assistance in this matter.  Small Business Administration (SBA) cover-up hiring GP&M to alter and delete our records in federal government System for Award Management (SAM) database to blacklist our company and stop congressional investigation. 3.5 years the black owners of Enterprise ESP Service Provider, LLC following all the procedures and policies to participate in federal government subcontracting pursuant to the Individual Subcontracting Plan filing required  by prime contractors on every contract let by the federal government.  All prime contractors must attempt to show Good Faith Effort to include minorities by race denied contract participation due to discrimination, exclusion and racial bias are provided the opportunity to participate as subcontractors in all contracts based on their merits to meet requirement of the contract, details on twitter @celesp22. Based on our merits we have provided subcontracting work on the NMCI Contract for the military in 16 states, providing over 1,600 Ethernet installations Fiber Optic and copper, site surveys, drafting updates and network support. Enterprise ESP Service Provider, LLC an authorized reseller for AT&T, Dell, HP and HPE and others. We are Rapid Gate authorized to enter military bases nationwide.  SBA 8(a)  managers refuse to process our application filed early 2014, they removed our Business Opportunity Specialist (BOS) from the decision process.   Please sign to demand that the Small Business Administration (SBA) and Congress provide equal rights to qualified 100% black companies,  receive representation by Texas Senator John Cornyn and Congressman Michael C. Burgess, to have the right to process our 2014, SBA 8(a) application, Access the Government and Regulatory Fairness Hearing, participate in federal contracts for products and services provided by AT&T, Dell, HP and HPE, purchased by the federal government every day, not from us. The federal government does not purchase a single product or service from black owned AT&T resellers, AT&T outsource its contracts to the top 100 government IT Companies excluding black owners with the statement “Not on boarding at this time”, placing black companies on the EEO Diversity database.  Diversity has nothing to do with the Individual Subcontracting Plan 5% goal for the inclusion of qualified black companies, this is breach of agreement and failure to show "Good Faith Effort” requirements for prime contractor compliance.  We want contracts not seeking employment.  If you register on a prime contractor supplier diversity database you waive your right to participate in their federal government subcontracting 5% goal, you are allowing the prime contractor to bypass the federal government SAM database to find subcontractors for compliance with the Individual Subcontracting Plan 5% goal participation (By race).  This is breach of contract with their federal government contract and failure to show "Good Faith Effort".  Prime contractors based on their false eSRS they use the (SSDD) created by the (SST) to violate your rights for federal government Subcontracting Plan including Executive Order 13170, taking and keeping billions from qualified 100% black owned companies. SBA hired GP&M to alter and delete information in our account with SAM database to delete our existence, GP&M changed spelling of our company name, contacts, address, Google listing, Altered information with U.S. Postal Service, Texas business registration, Our insurance agent Blackburn Insurance altered our coverage policy identifying our company NAICS Code as an auto cleaning company located at a different business address, The Hartford Ins. sent us a check for fire claim at our correct business address, we never filed a claim with The Hartford Ins., their goal was to find us guilty of insurance fraud.  SBA wanted to use this to stop our right to participate in federal government subcontracting.  SBA, used our hosting account with eHost (India owned company) taking down our website, SBA blocked processing our SBA 8(a) application, SBA Office of Inspector General (OIG) blocked investigation by changing the name of our company on the complaint and SBA Ombudsman blocked an investigation by changing the case number on our complaint.  Working with SBA and GP&M AT&T, Dell, HP and HPE submit false eSRS to the federal government stating they cannot find qualified black companies for subcontracting and SBA use this eSRS to submit false SSDD to instruct contract managers to exclude blacks from subcontracting on federal government contracts.  The Electronic Subcontracting Reporting System (eSRS), Source Selection Decision Document (SSDD) and Source Selection Team (SST) are protected from Freedom of Information request. Why is there a loophole in the federal government subcontracting program allowing the contract Source Selection Team (SST) operate in secret their names and qualifications to sit on the committee hidden, with the power to decide which companies by race can participate in federal government Individual Subcontracting Plan 5% goal?  Who are these people and what organizations are they members of? Why are they allowed to exclude emancipated 100% black owned IT, Telecom companies and other industries participation in federal government contracting? There will always be a Candie Land (Candy Land) holding back the progress of emancipated blacks. Texas State Sen. Royce West, staff Richard Dominquez and AT&T Marcus Montemayor blocked our purchase order received from Texas Parks and Wildlife for mobile phone service, support, Internet, VoIP, network support, and blocked our contract talks with Disney World, and CVS Health talks to provide AT&T services for new CVS Target Pharmacy. AT&T threaten to use lawyer to stop subcontracting and blacklisting Enterprise ESP Service Provider, LLC. AT&T, using Texas DIR award contracts to reseller Genesis Networks with four (4) Texas HUB certifications, not listed on SAM database exclude black IT, TX reseller Enterprise ESP Service Provider, LLC from receiving federal government subcontracting opportunities. Pay-to-Play SBA 8(a) program allows companies like ActioNet remain on 8(a) for 13 years other companies for over 17 years.  Maximum limit on SBA 8(a) is 9 years.  ActioNet paperwork not processed, SBA managers added ActioNet on the 8(a) program in 21 days, average is 100 days.  ActioNet contract awards total over a billion annually.  ActioNet will not subcontract with 100% black owned companies, Asians control over 90% of government SBA 8(a) IT and Telecom contracting there documents not registered in database sending dark money to political contacts U.S., India etc... SBA used to cover-up. In violation of federal government procurement, NAICS Codes, and not approved on SAM, four (4) India job placement company's each with over 400,000 IT employees paid slave wages contracted to AT&T, Dell, HP, HPE, Boeing, Lockheed Martin, General Dynamics, Raytheon, JC Penny, etc... cover-up by SBA using fraudulent eSRS, SSDD, H-1B visa documents. Asian companies do not subcontract with qualified 100% black owned IT, Telecom company's. Politicians create state EEO Diversity programs to cover-up the top 100 prime contractors including Lockheed Martin, Boeing, Raytheon, and General Dynamics, are resellers for AT&T, Dell, HP, HPE etc… selling the same products we offer from these companies.  Lockheed Martin, Boeing, Raytheon, General Dynamics, AT&T, Dell, HP, HPE refuse to allow our company to provide these products under the Individual Subcontracting Plan 5% goal blocking black companies using their in-house EEO Diversity Program to cover-up taking and keeping billions in subcontracting dollars annually from blacks. 2016, SBA blocked order from President Obama to investigate this matter sent fraudulent certified letter with false signature of a person not employed by SBA regarding our SBA 8(a) application. SBA & CMS changed name of contract from ESD II to SPARC to stop Lockheed Martin subcontract agreement with Enterprise ESP Service Provider, LLC.  Lockheed Martin changed the managers on the contract.  The new managers stating they have no record of an agreement concealing the fact they are using the new name of the new contract not listing our company as subcontractor, this is breach of contract and violation of federal government procurement laws. HP conspired with GP&M using the altered spelling of our company name to block Enterprise ESP Service Provider, LLC from participating in TX HUB subcontracting opportunities subsidized by federal government. HP conspired with attorneys from ACLU and NAACP LDF to cover-up their actions. SBA used to Cover-up, politicians creating state minority EEO diversity programs like Texas Historically Underutilized Business (HUB) designed in defiance of federal government subcontracting Individual Subcontracting Plan 5% goal, States are preventing the federal government from including qualified black IT and Telecom resellers.  The Texas HUB program allows not registered on federal government SAM database white female owner of Austin Ribbon and Computer an (Office Supply Company) control over a billion annually in minority federal government subsidized IT contracts purchasing with the help from HP, Dell, and HPE the owner worked on Texas State procurement procedures and policies.  We will protect our rights to participate in government procurement opportunities based on our merits not a handout.  Our reseller agreements with AT&T, Dell, HP and HPE supports our position in this matter there actions results in breach of contract and failure to show Good Faith Effort, this is a violation of federal government Individual Subcontracting Plan.  We hope you will agree and help us by demanding SBA, the House Small Business Committee, Texas Senator John Cornyn and Texas Representative Michael C Burgess enforce our rights for participation and representation by law.  

Clarence E Lindsey
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