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Suppress the Oppressed #StopRacialOppression

Hello! This petition will only take you 5 minutes to read! Racial discrimination occurs when a person is subjected to unequal treatment because of their actual or perceived race. When we look at the physical appearances of an individual such as skin color from the social definition, there is no clear meaning, but these appearances do have what is referred to as social meaning. It is evident in every part of the world. Recently a news spread across social media that people keep burning their Nike shoes and saying “Boycott Nike” due to the ad shown by Nike showing Colin Kaepernick, who kneelt during the singing of the National Anthem which is ‘unpatriotic’ to the country. But delving deeper to the reason he knelt, in an interview he said “I am not going to stand up to show pride in a flag for a country that opresses black people and people of color” which he stands against racial discrimination. But is this a bit paradoxical? People backlashing a brand for supporting an NFL player who stands against racial discrimination and violated a law. The bigger problem the society is facing right now is discrimination even though there are laws about eliminating discrimination but it is seemed to be overlooked by people. Another evidence is a news that an ongoing prototype of the wall which was campaigned by Pres. Donald Trump will act as a border between U.S. and Mexico. The wall signifies a division between two nation due to the color of the skin. Currently, none of Trump’s walls are sitting within the borders so it means the Pentagon hasn’t completely approved the building of the wall. The worst-case scenario is that according to Trump that Mexico will pay for the built wall. This will make us question why since we all know that Trump eagers to build the wall but not using the US’s money. It is clearly seen here that Trump doesn’t direcly solve the issues of immigration but instead he discriminated people. Racial discrimination can be seen anywhere and it cannot possibly be avoided because of how people think and see different races. One of the victim in racial discrimination is Shemica Benca and her friend Phalon Norwood at the Victoria's Secret in Wolfchase Galleria. The story goes as while they were shopping they notice that the store manager was keeping an eye of them and even call the guards. Even in the fitting room they were guarded by the guard and the store manager this goes on until they felt uncomfortable and loss of privacy. After the incident Shemica Benca and her friend Phalon Norwood told FOX13 what happened until it reaches to Victoria Secret. Victoria Secret did not stand for this and decided to take action and fired the store manager. As a black person they were always judged wrong. People see them as slave, robber, poor, dirty, stupid and even a villain when they did nothing wrong. We need to change on how we see other races. We should not base on the outside of a person but inside. We enjoy and admire so much the colors of the rainbow – red, orange, yellow, green,blue, indigo and violet. But why do we discriminate when we see the colors brown, white and black. Is it because its not part of the colors of the rainbow or it is because our very own mindsets of hierarchy within the society in terms of colors? We may be happy because one day scientists have found a cure for cancer but still there is discrimination. The time has come to stop telling people with brown or black skins that they are below or low-class. We are still human beings blessed with different talents and has one goal which is to live with united hearts. Discrimination still exists in our society and we must fight it in every means. Today, we live in a completely different world. Rules and standards partake to those people who seems to be unworthy. Black people have always been maltreated and enslaved with no apparent reason. If we want to live in a peaceful society, we should learn how to respect and support one another. Sources: Victoria's Secret racial profiling- Boycott Nike- Trump Border Wall-

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Wrongfully Convicted/Racial Bias Jury

Hello I am writing on behalf of J.Thompson and in an attempt to shine light onto the unjust and unequal stipulations of judicial intervention within the black community and crisis as well as the judicial systems failure to uphold the United States Constitution and evoke proper voir dire during the jury selection process. The alarming and increasing rate of unfair, unjust and wrongful convictions, unfair trials, and the violation of the Constitutional Rights allotted to ALL American citizens within this country has been appropriated and immediate attention should be given to these matters. Javan Thompson, is a 29 age old African American male and one of many who have been victimized and wrongly accused and whose rights to judicial intervention have been violated and stolen from him. In 2015, J.Thompson was arrested and inappropriately charged with First degree murder. Actions taken by Mr. Thompson were an act of Self-defense, and in 2017 during his first trial, 11 out of 12 jurors agreed that Mr. Thompson was not guilty and that his actions were in fact due to Self-defense. At the conclusion of said first trial, the judge inappropriately and without reasonable cause declared this trial had been a mistrial and that a new one would have to be held. J. Thompson remained incarcerated until the commencement of his second trial which began in 2018 and lasted just one short week of the first trial. During Mr. Thompson’s second trial, instances of juror misconduct were present and no intervention was taken. In fact, after the jurors conveyed, they deemed Mr. Thompson guilty of the offense despite the evidence of Self-defense, evident juror misconduct and despite the 11-1 not guilty verdicts in his favor from the first trial.  In 2015, the same year of his arrest, the National Registry of Exonerations, a project of the University of Michigan Law School, found that “149 people were cleared in 2015 for crimes they didn’t commit — more than any other year in history”. “The high number of exonerations shows widespread problems with the system and likely ‘points to a much larger number of false convictions’ that haven’t been reversed”, according to the National Registry of Exoneration and the Huffington Post. J.Thompson’s wrongful conviction has gained a substantial following from friends, family and members of the community who are fed up with the racial profiling and unjust judicial intervention which seems to continuously plague only the lives and neighborhoods of minorities here in Chicago and in almost all low-income communities across the country. The judicial system’s failure to instate a jury of one’s peers and deny him of his rights to due process has proven to be the cause of the wrongful conviction in his matter and the matters of many like him. Thompson's all white jury is an apparent violation of the sixth and fourteenth constitutional amendments and intervention must be had. As his family I’m pressing the issue on all media outlets hoping to get more support and gain outside attention. Its been a long 3 years for us, not only is it painful having to sit back not knowing what to do and where to turn. Feeling handicap, not being able to help him out of this unjust imprisonment. But the expenses are weighting hard on us just as much. I am seeking help for our peace of mind. Fundraising for him

Ms Jay
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