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Protect Hararians in Harar, Ethiopia!

Hararis are ethnic group residing in Harar, Ethiopia. It is a small minority of only 20,000. This ancient city, Harar, is also called the 4th Muslim ‎holy city. It is a world heritage and a cultural symbol...also the preferred tourist destination for many. It is one of the rarest cities holding the dual UNESCO title (The world heritage status & the peace prize city). All the Hararis' farmland was forcefully taken for more than 30 years ‎and now the last single remnants of land owners were forcefully evacuated and some were even beaten to ‎death. However due to recent political changes, the Hararians are being threatened and warnings of genocide ‎on Harari indigenous natives have increased just as the image shows. -This was early in July 2018 in Harar city, the image serves as an evidence and action speaks louder than words! In other incidents in June, houses were burnt, properties were destroyed and people were beaten but noone has taken that into an ‎account. We are on the verge of being and fearing genocide (Ethenic cleansing) and many elders have also tried to end the issue peacefully but to no vail. Online ‎hate speech & neglect from the federal government has fueled the situation making the issue even worse than ever before.‎ Hararians lived in Harar city for thousands of years but we are being told to abandon Harar city and leave the country as a whole due to lack of knowledge of history. Harari peoples' safety and well being is at a greater risk than ever before. Bringing peace should be our top priority. Unstable, uncertainty and constantly living in fear under such brutal acts SHOULD STOP!! THIS IS IMMORAL, UNETHICAL AND BORDERLINE INHUMANE ACT AGAINST HARARI INDIGENOUS PEOPLE! IT VIOLATES BASIC HUMAN RIGHT! !  Justin Trudeau, PLEASE HELP HARARI ETHNICITY GROUPS LIVING IN HARAR, ETHIOPIA.

Bade Harar
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