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Petition to Democratic National Committee, Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi

Democratic Members of Congress, DNC and President Obama: Fight for the Legacy of Democracy

Republicans have consistently done what their constituents want them to do without petition and without protest. Republicans have strategically gerrymandered all levels of government in 30 US states. Republicans have used every measure available to them to obstruct the President from doing his job as he sees fit. As a Democrat, I am tired of the people I have fought for and voted into office rolling over and doing nothing under the guise of bipartisanship overtures and a need to keep the peace. Martin Luther King said that it is not the words of our enemies that we will remember, but the silence of our friends. You, the Democratic Members of Congress, the DNC and President Obama, have been silent for far too long.  It is time for you to speak up for your constituents and to break your silence. But your words are not enough, you need to take action: 1. President Obama, you have no legacy if you do not ensure a Liberal appointment to the Supreme Court. Everything that you have done will be overshadowed and undone for generations to come by the corrosiveness of a Conservative Supreme Court. There is no legal precedent preventing you from appointing a Justice before your term ends. 2. When so many precincts can not be recounted in Wayne County, MI because the poll books and the ballot boxes are inconsistent and Russian interference in the 2016 US election has been proven, it is the responsibility of elected Democrats to take action for your constituents as we have no power for legal recourse. Possible measures: Federal audit of the 2016 Election results, call on all Electors to vote for the winner of the national popular vote, a congressional investigation into Russian interference. 3. Protect the Voting Rights Act by preventing further dissolution of it and by amending Section 4 to prevent states from continuing to disenfranchise Democratic voters. 4. Prevent the deportation of over 800,000 people and uphold our legacy as a nation of immigrants by pardoning DACA enrollees. 5. The Democratic party needs stronger leaders who represent their diverse constituents and who are unafraid to stand up for progressive values in the same way that Republicans are unafraid to stand up for their values. 6. Acknowledge and talk about race, racism, misogyny, xenophobia and Islamophobia in this country. In doing so, these issues are no longer taboo things that "don't exist". They become front and center as real issues to confront and effect change.

Toisha Tucker
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Petition to Chris West, Chairman of the Wayne County NC School Board

Do Not Change the Name of Charles B Aycock High School In Wayne County, North Carolina

We the tax paying citizens, Alumni, Students and Friends of Charles B Aycock High School understand that the Wayne County NAACP is planning to ask that Charles B Aycock High School be renamed due to what they call Gov. Aycocks racist views of the Wilmington Race Riots of 1898. We do not believe Dr Tysons book concerning the Riots to be completely factual as Governor Aycock was a champion for the Blacks as well as Whites fighting for an education for both.  The defense for Gov. Aycock is the context of his times and how he stood up for blacks against universal popular opinion in North Carolina and the whole country to keep them down. In 1900, white supremacy was the reigning ideology in all of America. This was especially so in the North and Midwest. The intellectual bastion of white supremacy was Harvard, with its School of Scientific Racism. The U.S. Supreme Court had rendered in 1892 its decision in Plessy v. Ferguson allowing racial segregation in the public realm. All the states then started implementing racial segregation. This was the key issue for Progressives to support. Both the Democratic and Republican parties in every state and at the national level were expelling blacks from public office and from any influence. With much pride and acclaim, the Democrats called it "Jim Crow" and the Republicans called it being "Lily White." Josephus Daniels as Editor of the Raleigh News & Observer was the most vocal and the leading proponent in N.C. for white supremacy and attempted to use Aycock as his tool. In this context, Gov. Aycock defied Daniels and asked the state legislature for equal funding for black schools. It refused and wanted no funding for black schools. Gov. Aycock then threatened to resign from office unless there was equal funding. The state legislature then caved to Gov. Aycock and voted close to equal funding. Daniels turned against Gov. Aycock (although they were childhood friends). The most notable quote from Gov. Aycock is the "equal right of every person for the opportunity to burgeon out all that is within him." He further said before he died that "equality" is what he wants to be known for. This is the sentiment of a true egalitarian, and not that of a white supremacist. Gov. Aycock was an egalitarian during the heyday of racial inequality. I urge you and your colleagues of the Wayne County NC School Board to consider the thought that Aycock was not racist and consider the facts of a man that cared for all and allow the memory of Aycock to stand as it does today with his name not bothered and still standing for over 50 years as Charles B Aycock High School..

John Pippin
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