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Petition to Mississippi Attorney General Jim Hood, Mississippi Governor, Tippah County Board of Supervisors, Tippah County Fair Association, MS Associated Press, Cruelty Investigations, Sharon Crowell-Davis DVM, Ph.D., Dana Krempels, Ph.D., Southeastern Professional Rodeo Association, Attorney Bart Adams, Senator Angela Hill, ASPCA, Sheriff Karl Gaillard, MSU Extension, Dr. Reuben Moore, Dr. Steve Martin, Dr. Gary B. Jackson, Ms. Elizabeth Powell Gregory North, Tippah Fair Association President Carey Childs, Fair Sponsor Peoples Bank - Mary Childs, Mayor Chris Marsalis​, State Veterinarian James Watson, D.V.M, Senator Roger F. Wicker, Senator Thad Cochran, Steven M. Palazzo, Rita Potts Parks, Mississippi Animal Rescue League, Lieutenant Governor Tate Reeves, USDA

Please Help Stop The Tippah County Fair Rabbit Scramble

(Click on the red links for reference)Minutes into this 2014 video - terrorized young rabbits seen frantically kicking and flailing while being painfully dangled by their ears, dropped, picked back up still struggling and kicking from fear trying to escape the screaming, stampeding children as they literally run and fight for their lives.  You see a rabbit violently being dropped after struggling to escape, resulting in a state of shock unable to move (most likely a result of a broken back or spine injury). Rabbits are choked, dangled by legs or any part of the body, all the while grown adults smile, laugh, encourage and praise this behavior being taught by them.  Teaching kids to commit animal abuse and cruelty is not acceptable.Opinion:  Sharon L. Crowell-Davis DVM, PhD, DACVB, Professor of Behavioral Medicine,College of Veterinary Medicine.Rabbits have much higher heart rates. Chasing is very stressful and fearful for rabbits who are not made for endurance, they're made for sudden short bursts of speed. Rabbits have muscles that burn up oxygen very rapidly, faster than their heart and lungs can supply it. They quickly go into an anaerobic state and begin to accumulate lactic acid in their muscles. It changes the pH level and eventually effects the ability of things to work correctly. If it gets severe enough it damages the heart and other tissues and can lead to death. 2016 videos and photos, 2015 photos, 2014 videos, 2013 photos, 2012 photos, Every August the Tippah County (Mississippi) Fair provides this cruel event called the Rabbit Scramble where organizers release young rabbits into a dirt arena encouraging small children 2-5 yrs old to chase them while catching them in any manor they can without any regard for the animals welfare.  The frightened rabbits kick, bite and scratch out of fear resulting in children and rabbits both being injured. Rabbits have fragile bones that break easily, to prey animals - being chased is one of the worst things you could do to them, not only do they have to survive being chased while literally running for their lives, they are improperly handled, pulled on, accidentally stepped on, being flailed around by their ears or scruffed by the skin of their back, all resulting in terrifying fear and pain. Carrying a rabbit by the ears damages the cartilage that supports the ears, and, because the body is suspended without support, can easily fracture the rabbit’s spine, leading to paralysis. Scruffing, is another dangerous practice, especially without supporting the rabbit’s back, as it can also fracture the rabbit’s spine when the rabbit kicks”. When you life a rabbit by the scruff, the skin is torn loose from the muscle tissue.  Safe Handling -  MediRabbit. Fair photos display rabbits with budging eyes (a symptom of fear or pain) a rabbit being hung by it's throat being choked. Many of the rabbits have distended abdomen's as seen in pregnant rabbits, which worsens this cruelty to yet another level.  Mishandled rabbits suffer trauma, injuries, broken backs or can die from fear as a result of these types of barbaric torturous events, if they do survive the stress from the event will cause illness or the untreated injuries death. Sadly the rabbits bred for these events usually live in squalor, seen with yellow urine stained feet. After the rabbits are caught, they are given to the child as a prize; many families do not want the responsibility of an unplanned pet/living animal which results in further abuse of dumping, neglect or worse.  If they are unwanted after the barbaric event they go back to the breeder to be used for more breeding or inhumanely killed for meat. According to news articles, this barbaric event has been happening since the year 2000. Facebook posts by Fair Workers reference 20 years. Mississippi does not provide exemptions to their animal cruelty laws which cover torturing and unjustifiably injuring Any Living Creature. Organizers and sponsors of the fair, the sheriff, and government officials from the Governor of Mississippi, the District Attorney, and the Animal Board of Health have so-far failed to enforce MSSS 97-41-5, the statute that prohibits the cruel carrying of animals, and MSSS 97-41-1 which outlaws the tormenting of animals. We the petitioners respectfully request that Tippah County Fair remove this barbaric cruel event from their fair, an event that causes extreme terror, pain, suffering, injuries or possible death to domestic rabbits while being exploited as "family fun". Other animals are also seen terrified, barbarically abused, and mishandled while heard screaming in these events.  We ask ask Governor Phil Bryant to honor the Animal Cruelty Laws end help this cruel Tippah County Event and all Rabbit Scrambles in the state of Mississippi while finding resources that promote psychological well- being of children instead of teaching them disrespect, torture and cruelty to animals. Children have no understanding how animals as delicate as rabbits should be handled, the director of these events should be held accountable for deliberately and intentionally causing suffering, terror and pain to the animals used in this event.  Many states prohibit or restrict the giving away of live animals as prizes."House Rabbit Society" respectfully requests that the Tippah County Fair end this cruel practice" This Fair Lets Kids Chase Rabbits, Yank Them Up By Their EarsBy Hilary Hanson - Huffington Post

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Petition to Rodney McMullen, Mike Schlotman, Chris Kirkland, Larry Binkowski, Brian Adams, Nicole Phillips, Lonnie Walp

Stop Selling Rabbit Meat

What would you do if you saw cat or dog meat in a store? Most people would be completely disgusted, because cats and dogs are the most popular pets in the United States.  So if it's considered barbaric to sell the meat of cats or dogs, why is it considered okay to sell the meat of the third most popular pet in the United States, the rabbit? This petition focuses on Kroger, which used to be one of my favorite stores to shop at until I saw that they were selling rabbit meat, specifically, Pel-Freez rabbit meat. According to an undercover study done by the LCA, (Last Chance for Animals), Pel-Freez workers: ·       Hit the rabbits on the head with the dull edge of a knife, which often doesn't knock them unconscious as it is supposed to ·      Break the rabbits' rear legs ·      Hang the rabbits upside down ·       Stun them (this is usually done improperly, meaning the rabbits remain fully conscious) ·       Decapitate the rabbits- depending on how sharp their knives are, this may take anywhere from one slice to a repeated sawing motion that makes rabbits scream in pain until their vocal cords are severed There are no breeds of rabbits that are exclusively, "Meat rabbits." The breeds primarily used as "Meat rabbits," are New Zealand rabbits, and Californian Rabbits, (as shown above in picture). In fact, New Zealand rabbits are the 8th most common rabbit breed kept as pets! There is no reason that we should be eating an animal that is kept as a pet by millions of people nationwide! So what can you do? 1.    Stop buying rabbit meat if you do 2.    Sign this petition! 3.    Share this petition with everyone you know 4.    Donate to the GoFundMe Page by clicking here 5.    Send a letter to Kroger urging them to stop the sale of rabbit meat  Mailing address-  The Kroger Co. 1014 Vine Street Cincinnati, Ohio 45202-1100 6. Consider shopping at one of the following grocery stores instead of Kroger Walmart- ALDI- Meijer- Save-A-Lot- The Fresh Market- Trader Joe's- If you prefer another grocery store, look online, or call them to see if they sell rabbit meat. 7. Like and share this Facebook page: If you sign this petition, consider telling Kroger if you're going to shop at a different store, and how much business they're losing by losing you.  If you feel strongly about this issue, I urge you to complete the steps above and sign some of these other petitions that have been set up to stop production and commercialization of rabbit meat in other stores and companies.   These are only some of them. You can find many more by simply searching the word, "Rabbit" in the search bar of   Thank you for signing this petition and setting us one step closer to stopping the sale of rabbit meat at Kroger.   Resources "Rabbit Slaughterhouse Investigation - Last Chance for ..." 2015. 4 Aug. 2015 <> “Californian Rabbit- A Californian Rabbit with Several Kits” 2015. 4 Aug. 2015 <> "How Many Pet Rabbits Are There in the US? - House Rabbit ..." 2014. 4 Aug. 2015 <> "10 Popular Pet Rabbit Breeds - Small Pets Tips ... -" 2015. 4 Aug. 2015 <>  

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Petition to Daniel Bzura, Angela Croft, Alex Garza, Charley Johnson, Tim Wooley, Governor Rick Snyder, Tom Leonard, Hoon-Yung Hopgood, Keith Boc, Michigan Department of Agriculture

Taylor Animal Control and Shelter: Save the Animals

The Taylor Animal Control and Animal Shelter need help. It is my opinion the staff needs to be fired and better training policies in place. I personally have called Animal Control for opossums, raccoons, snakes, groundhogs and more. In Michigan, you legally cannot travel with a caged animal to release it. However, when you call animal control they do not come and pick up the animal! They also do not provide traps. They do not patrol. They do not have their own phone line or emergency line. It is impossible to get help from this department.  The shelter needs help too! The animals are not properly taken care of. Nor is it adequately sought to get homes for the animals. I have called to adopt a dog on several occassions and cannot get a hold of anyone. Come to find out, they auction off the animals to the highest bidder first.  My son and his classmates have tried to volunteer there and they do not return our requests. There is absolutely no reason to turn away volunteers. Especially children who want to help the community when there really isnt much for our youth to do in this community. If I were an Animal Control officer I would host events to educate the community. I would try to set up a dog park. I would partner with schools, retirement homes, hospitals and more to get donated goods such as blankets, bowls, food etc for the animal shelter. I would provide more training for officers. I would update the adoption website. I would get a direct line and assure an emergency line works. I would have on call officers. These are just a few small changes that can be made and many more. The mere fact that the Animal Control officer has not made these simple changes demonstrates how he is not fit for the responsibilities of this position. He has had plenty of time in this position to make changes to the department. He has been in this position for 21 years! The Mayor has been quoted to say in the past 4 years there has been improvement. What about the other 17 years? How is the animal control officer even evaluated in Taylor?  It seems like this manager has job security for sure. However, someone else more qualified should be able to have the opportunity to make good changes for our animals and community.  When I contacted animal control to get a cat under my crawl space the manager said they do not come out for cats because cats can climb trees and get away easier than dogs. Umm what? Sounds like he needs some training on not only how to capture animals properly but so much more. It is his job to help these animals. Yet every time I call no one can come. I offered to help and there was no response. I asked if I could conduct the 100 hours of training needed to become an Animal Control Officer at Taylor's facility and he did not reapond. This manager just wants to employ his friends and do the bare minimum to secure his job. It is time someone more qualified be in the position. After 21 years of service, a lot more should have been done for these animals.  If you feel change needs to happen in the Taylor Animal Control Department and Animal Shelter, sign this petition to better help serve the public and animals. Animals are being uncared for an euthanized due to the neglect of this department. We need a change and these animals need our voice! I have contacted Mayor Sollars and am hoping for immediate action and change. However, after further investigation, it looks like although the mayor has visited the shelter and even donated one whole bag of food he supports the shelter! The current manager needs to be fired and the shelter needs to be audited. Stay informed of when the city council meetings are and voice your concern! Located at  22805 Goddard Road, Taylor, MI.  **If after signing, you are prompted to "chip in" that money does not go to this cause. It goes to the website. Please do not donate thinking it is going to help save the animals. It goes to Change . org. Not me or the cause** All I am asking is for you to sign and ask 5 others to sign or post to social media. Then I will present the signatures to the mayor. Thank you for your signature and help! 

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