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Petition to Rose B Hopkins


I know this is a very confronting issue for a lot of people but I want to end 'Live Animal Export'. Because for these poor animals from the start of their journey to the end of their journey (if they make it to the end) is an an absolute living hell. The mainly sheep and cattle travel up to 50 hours via road train. they get dropped off and are in a holding bay for up to 1 month. Then they board the 'death ship' Many struggle to reach for food and water. They are forced to live in their own 'waste'. There is not even enough room for them to lay down to rest. Pregnant ewes are put on the ship 'ILLEGALLY'. These poor ewes have to go through all the trauma while  going into labour and giving birth while enduring all the pain and suffering on the 'death ship' When the babies are born distressed crew are forced to slit their throats or they get trampled on and killed by the other sheep. They pack up to 75,00 sheep on to one ship!!!! When the ship heats up it is literally like a giant oven.. Many of the animals are cooked alive in their own skin. When they get to their destination it gets worse! The animals are treated so bad some abattoirs have been suspended. Cows are being bludgeoned to death with sledgehammers. Animals are being kicked and punched. Knee capped. Stabbed in the eyes. Tendons slashed. Dragged and thrown. Buried alive. Cut up while still alive. There is no stunning of the animal so whatever is done to them. They feel every bit of it. WE NEED TO HEP THEM. PLEASE SIGN MY PETITION.  Australia needs to become a MEAT ONLY TRADE!  

Rose Hopkins
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Petition to Hon. Yvette D'Ath, The Hon Annastacia Palaszczuk, The Hon Jackie Trad, Yvette D'Ath, The Hon Mark Bailey, Deb Frecklington, Tim Mander, David Janetzki, Steve Minnikin, Shane Knuth, Michael Berkman, Sandra Bolton, Robbie Katter, Nick Dametto


During the Queensland election in 2017, Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk promised to increase the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal (QCAT) limit to $100,000. This is a small claims Tribunal that includes being an informal, cheap, quick and just way for consumers to get redress for breaches of the Australian Consumer Law. consumers are still waiting for this to happen. Day after day there are consumers who are being denied their consumer rights by rogue suppliers and who have no recourse against them. The rogues know this and take advantage of it, causing severe consumer detriment in the tens of thousands of dollars. This also takes a massive toll on emotional and physical health.So as Queensland consumers we are now asking the Palaszczuk government to abide by a very clear election promise to increase the QCAT limit to $100,000 without delay.However, the $100,000 limit is still going to exclude numerous consumers who cannot afford legal action in the Magistrates or District Courts when they have purchased an expensive product such as a new lemon caravan or new lemon car. These products are now regularly exceeding $100,000 in price without the commensurate quality that would be expected. They are often purchased by elderly people, retirees, people with disabilities, people who sell up everything to travel. These are vulnerable populations, not wealthy and able to just walk away from such a purchase or take expensive and time consuming legal action. And why should they when we are told we have robust consumer protection laws?In fact, in the 'Lemon Laws' enquiry report, published in November 2015, the government committee members recommended that the QCAT cap be ABOLISHED, the appointment of independent assessors to asses lemon vehicles and a range or other robust consumer protections. Nothing has eventuated in over two years. The government has 'fiddled while Rome burns'. are also disadvantaged compared to those who purchase in NSW and Victoria, where their Tribunals have no limit for new vehicle claims. The process is still quite onerous but at least there is an avenue for redress when NSW Fair Trading and Victorian Consumer Affairs fob off consumers and claim they can't do anything to help.This is even more imperative for Queenslanders because the Executive Director of the Queensland Office of Fair Trading wrote:"The OFT does not have coercive powers to force a trader to comply with its consumer guarantee obligations...This leaves the application for redress for a failure to meet consumer guarantees as a civil matter between the consumer and trader. The ACL provides the basis upon which a consumer can seek to enforce those rights."So the Queensland government department tasked with enforcing the Australian Consumer Law claims they can't enforce the ACL and that consumers have to take legal action against suppliers to receive redress. Then the Queensland government further abandons consumers who are saddled with an expensive lemon by not having an accessible and affordable Tribunal to hear their claim.Queensland consumers are therefore much better off purchasing in NSW or Victoria. This is a detriment to the Queensland economy that could cost in the tens of millions.So, on behalf of all Queensland consumers, I request that the Queensland government implement a two step process. The first step is to immediately raise the QCAT limit to $100,000 and include caravans and motor homes in any definition of 'motor vehicle', similarly to NSW and Victoria.The second part is to conduct stakeholder consultations for the QCAT limit to be abolished completely with respect to new vehicle claims. This will bring Queensland into line with NSW and Victoria and go some of the way towards its obligations with respect to agreements on the enforcement of the ACL.

Tracy Leigh
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Started 4 months ago

Petition to Hon Annastacia Palaszczuk, Hon Leeanne Enoch, Hon Mark Ryan, Mr Milton Dick, Ian Stewart

Increase Police Presence in Forest Lake QLD 4078

Due to a rise in crime in Forest Lake Queensland, the community call upon the Honourable Annastacia Palaszczuk Premier and Member for Inala, Honourable Leeanne Enoch Minister for Environment and the Great Barrier Reef, Minister for Science, Minister for the Arts and Member for Algester, Honourable Mark Ryan Minister for Police, Minister for Corrective Services and Member for Morayfield, Mr Milton Dick MP, Member for Oxley Queensland and Queensland Police Commissioner Ian Stewart to increase the number of active police officers in the region of Forest Lake, Queensland 4078, specifically during the early hours of the morning and early-mid afternoon.  We as a community would like if you could please organise to employ more active police officers in the area to keep up with the local demand. We feel as though it will dramatically decrease the amount of crime happening in the area. The criminal activity was discussed at the last Community Crime Watch meeting where a local police officer had stated that there were only 2 police cars that patrolled Forest Lake after 8pm. In regard to the growth of the area I feel it may be necessary to address the lack of police patrols in the area at nighttime and raise the number of officers.  Thank you for reviewing this petition and I hope something can be worked out in regard to this. 

Emma Wiersma
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