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Petition to Steve Easterbrook, James Quincey., Paul Waterman, Kasper Rørsted, Chung Mong-koo, Carlos Brito, Mark Mulhern

FIFA sponsors immediately withdraw your support from the 2018 Worldcup in Russia

We urge the sponsors and partners of the FIFA world cup in Russia, to withdraw their support both financially and morally . To support the world cup in Russia is to share the blood that Putin has on his hands. The blood of 500,000 Syrians. The sponsors and partners are The Coca Cola company Mc Donalds Visa Adidas Quatar Air Hyundai Budweiser Vivo alfafa hotels Mengniu Gasprom Putin has relentlessly and physically supported the sadistic war crimes of Bashar Assad & has even perpetrated his own war crimes with the might of the Russian military. This includes the deliberate bombing of civilians, schools & hospitals. 17000 Syrians have died in Syrias 'torture prisons', 400 of these reported as children. Over 500,000 have been killed including a minimum of 20,000 children. 6.5 million are displaced and 3.5 million have fled Syria ; thousands dying in the mediterranean sea.     The Regime of Bashar Assad and his Allies i.e Russia and Iran. We will be judged in history by our apathy to this horrendous destruction of human life in Syria. As a previous generations took a stand against Apartheid in international support - we now must take this stand against Putin.  Please withdraw your support immediately   The Irish Syria solidarity movement   

Irish Syrian Solidarity Movement
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