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Petition to Jerry Brown

Please Sign No Puppy Mill Pets in Stores: AB485

California could become the first state in the world to end the sales of dogs, cats and rabbits in retail stores unless procured from a registered shelter or rescue. And you can help make that happen!We created this petition with our partners, Puppy Mill Free US, to contact Governor Brown now, so he is aware of the huge number of supporters for AB-485 well before it reaches his desk.Every signature goes directly to the Governor's office. Governor Brown has done some good things for wildlife recently, BUT he is known for capricious and sometimes contrary positions. We do not know his position on this bill. He has, in a number of issues over his long years, not always been on the side of ending animal suffering. We fully expect him to sign this bill promptly, but we simply do not know which way he will go. Please SIGN, SHARE AND GIVE IF YOU CAN to—no matter how little—to promote this petition to those who most want to sign. Help get our numbers over 100,000 ASAP.HISTORYA similar bill was passed by CA House and Senate 8 years ago, which Governor Schwarzenegger promptly vetoed. The Guvenator has since found a new determination in protecting animals through his friend, director James Cameron, a vegan advocate who is producing a documentary, The Game Changers, in which Arnie is likely to appear as "the documentary will introduce "the world to elite athletes, special ops soldiers, visionary scientists, cultural icons, and everyday heroes--each on a mission to create a seismic shift in the way we eat and live."We're fairly sure Arnie would sign this bill this time around, but Governor Brown... we just don't know. Help us help him make the decision to change the world.

Animal Abuse Investigations
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Petition to United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), U.S. Senate, U.S. House of Representatives

Ban Puppy Mills

      When I was a kid I wanted a puppy so badly. So naturally the easiest thing to do was to go to our local pet store and buy one. Only years later would I find out where our dog truly came from: a puppy mill.       When I looked up what a puppy mill was, I felt sick to my stomach. A puppy mill is a commercial dog-breeding facility that cares very little about a dog's well being and more about the money. In less opinionated words, they care about increasing profit with very little overhead cost.       Everyday in puppy mills across America, and the world, puppies are abused, neglected, and often get very sick from the horrid conditions they're left to live in. The minimum amount of space for a dog that is 11 inches is 2.01 square feet and only 6 inches above the head of every size of dog That's pretty small. Outdoor/ sporty types of dogs are even worse off in these conditions. They need room to run around and play.       Most of the time the food can be contaminated, leaving disease ridden puppies as well as malnourished ones. For female dogs breeding could be deadly. They're bred at every opportunity they can get. They often get little to no recovery time at all between litters. When they physically cannot reproduce anymore they are often killed.       Puppy mills have limited or even no regulation at all for clean up control. This means puppies could be living in their own and other's urine and feces. Most puppy mills also don't have veterinary care, climate control, or protection of the animals from the weather.       I could go on and on about the horrible conditions these puppies are left in, but I'm going to cut this short. I beg of you please, adopt don't shop! Let's all work together to adopt animals from shelters and put puppy mills out of business!         

Madison Young
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Petition to Office of NJ Attorney General, NJ Consumer Affairs, Bruce Garganio, Senator Raymond Lesniak, Phil Murphy, Kim Guadango

Stop breeders convicted of animal cruelty that continue to breed/sell sick puppies

Donna Roberts was convicted of animal cruelty in 2007 for selling me and four others very sick puppies. Ms. Roberts paid a fine and has continued this horrifying practice. As recently as Dec 2016 she sold a sick puppy. Ms Roberts and her family are all over Burlington and Camden counties selling sick puppies, using several aliases, addresses and phone numbers.  Ms. Roberts kennel was quarantined in Shamong NJ but, that didn't stop her from selling. In fact she was found in violation in Sept 2016 and was issued " another" written warning.  There was a cease and desist order for her in Monmouth County, so, she has moved to south Jersey and continues doing this over and over. There have been many complaints filed, many of the authorities know all about what she has done. But, here we are and nothing is happening. She bullies and threatens buyers with legal action, she blames buyers for sick puppies.  If I told you every detail you would never believe that a human being is capable of this behavior. My puppy and others were so fact there are even puppies that did not survive and she shows no concern or remorse. Donna Roberts failed to follow NJ Consumer Law and was ordered to refund buyers payment which she never has done. This breeder uses several aliases and the whole family is involved. Donna Roberts, Truex,Abrams, Dueben. Dee Roberts, Marie, Susan and Marge. Also, uses Wm Payne. She operates in South Jersey area selling Havanese puppies. Ms Roberts and associates also sell boxers, boxer mix, shi tzu puppies and labs. Please, help us finally get justice, she needs to be stopped once and for all. How can they keep doing this to these poor dogs. Ms Roberts admittedly bought dogs from puppymills to sell/ breed. If you or anyone you know has been a victim, please, contact myself or NJ Consumer Affairs and BCSPCA.  There are many more disgusting details. I want this abuse to finally be stopped I want the dogs and families to have justice, not to be dismissed. Thank you.

Laurie Pallante
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Petition to John Suthers, Don Knight, David Geislinger, Richard Skorman, Yolanda Avila, Andy Pico, Bill Murray, Tom Strand, Merv Bennett

Tell Colorado Springs City Council and Mayor to Ban Puppy-Mill Dogs from Pet Stores

Please ask the Colorado Springs City Council to ban the sale of commercially bred dogs in local pet stores. Such a ban would encourage pet stores to market shelter dogs to potential loving owners.   This ban will end the economic incentives for the puppy-mill industry, where dogs typically spend their entire lives in cages six inches larger than their bodies and are denied basic medical care.   Currently the city of Colorado Springs spends 1.4 million a year on animal control, due to pet overpopulation.  Many of these unwanted animals were dogs purchased from pet stores and subsequently abandoned due to behavioral or health issues. This ban will also protect local consumers. Puppies obtained from pet stores are more likely to exhibit aggression and be sick.  There are no laws in the state of Colorado to protect these types of consumers and they are bound by the contract they sign with the pet store.  Furthermore, pet stores are often untruthful about where the puppies come from. Lastly, a majority of sales from pet stores are financed through predatory finance schemes similar to payday loans. Over 200 cities within the United States have already adopted a similar ban to protect these long suffering innocent animals.  Tell Colorado Springs it needs to get on board and protect man's best friend!!  

Bonnie Dunlop
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