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Petition to Henry McMaster

Make Licenses Required for Dog Breeders in South Carolina

I’m Alexa Marsh, a sixteen year old girl with a deep love for animals. I have two dogs, a black lab named Brooke and a yorkie mix named Murray, whom my family and I adopted after he was rescued from a puppy mill a few years ago. After learning about what he as well as the other dogs at the puppy mill suffered through, I was absolutely horrified, and even more so when I discovered that in some states there are not any regulations for breeders.  For those of you who do not know, puppy mills are large breeding facilities whose only interest is profit (from pet stores buying their puppies). These puppy mills do not care about the health conditions of the dogs, as long as they are making income. Sanitation conditions are intolerable, and often dogs are found stuffed into tiny cages living among their feces and urine. Their skin is dry and itchy from ticks and fleas, and their fur is long and matted. These dogs are starved and malnourished, and during the occasional times in which they are fed, they are left to fight each other for the small amount of food that is provided for them. Many dogs suffer from blindness, deafness, joint disorders, kidney and heart diseases, epilepsy, and even life-threatening illnesses that are passed on to their puppies. There are even times when dogs die and are left in their cages for weeks among the other dogs. Puppy Mills are inhumane and cruel, and by requiring licenses for dog breeders in the state of South Carolina, we can help limit these horrible facilities and save innocent dogs from terrible cruelty.

Alexa Marsh
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Petition to Greg Hembree

Put an end to South Carolina pet stores selling puppy mill pets.

Follow California's lead: AB-485 South Carolina can be the next state to ban the sales of dogs, cats, rabbits, (with the addition of guinea pigs) in retail stores unless the animal comes from a registered shelter or rescue.  Pet stores in South Carolina are legally allowed to sell puppies, kittens, and other animals that come from commercial breeders. Corporate retail stores are not the only culprit; a locally owned pet store named Pet Village in York, South Carolina buys their puppies from breeders (I am not aware of where their other animals come from). One weekend, I decided to check out Pet Village. When I walked in, I was immediately presented with three different breeds of puppies (sold for around $500 each) jumping around in kiddie pools: two Chihuahuas, two Australian Shepherds, and a Toy Poodle. I asked one of the workers at Pet Village, Linda, for the name of the treating veterinarian for those puppies she was selling. She refused to disclose this information. Instead she provided me with the name of the breeder and claimed the puppies were given vaccinations by said breeder (which cannot be verified by a vet that the puppies were vaccinated). When I researched this breeder, I could not find any information on her that was publicly available.  I shared this story via email with the South Carolina State Director for the Humane Society of the United States, Kimberly Kelly. Kim is not familiar with Pet Village, but she said, "Reputable breeders do not allow their puppies to be sold through third parties, so it's highly likely that they [the puppies] were sourced from a commercial breeder (puppy mill)."  There is a stark difference between purchasing animals from a reputable breeder, and purchasing animals from commercial breeders (such as "puppy mills," an establishment that breeds puppies for sale, typically on an intensive basis and in conditions regarded as inhumane).  Pet stores can still flourish and profit while helping animals state wide if legislation was passed to only allow them to work with shelters and canine/feline rescues, as opposed to doing business with commercial breeders.  The sheer volume of animals that are destroyed for lack of a good home has reached a state of crisis. By following the current example of a state like California with such a legislation in place can only serve positively for the betterment of these harmless animals.

Caitlin Stuart
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Petition to Connecticut Department of Agriculture, Frank L. Ribaudo, Dannel P. Malloy, Rosa DeLauro

Revoke All Pets Club's License to Sell Puppies

This petition has been created and signed by those who plead that the Connecticut Department of Agriculture: Licensing Division revoke All Pets Club's license to sell puppies in the state of Connecticut. All Pets Club (with locations in Wallingford, Branford, North Windham and Southington) has been responsible for the sale of numerous sick (at times, fatally) puppies. Their puppies are purchased from puppy mills, many of which are widely known for their mistreatment of dogs and their puppies; however, the abuse does not stop once the puppies reach All Pets Club. On May 1st, 2018, Meriden resident Bobby Arel purchased a nearly five month old Ori-pei from All Pets Club of Wallingford. Exactly one week later, puppy Akuma fell extremely ill. The veterinarian employed by All Pets Club sent her home, writing off her alarming symptoms (extreme lethargy, excessive drooling, complete loss of appetite, and control of bowels) as potential "growing pains" and prescribing an anti-inflammatory. The next day, as her condition worsened, Akuma experienced seizures and was transferred to the Animal Hospital of Rocky Hill (per All Pets Club), where she tragically passed after a few hours. When Mr. Arel attempted to retrieve Akuma's papers from the hospital, with proof of purchase in hand, the receptionist claimed the puppy was property of All Pets Club and would not release any information.  Mr. Arel is not the first to suffer at the hands of All Pets Club's negligence and lack of respect for their customers. In 2016, Attorney Brooke Goff and two other families suffered the loss of a beloved puppy within 10 days of purchase from All Pets Club. Since then, Goff Law Group has had over 100 people come forward for their assistance against All Pets Club. How many more families must suffer a loss before reform is forced upon All Pets Club, as well as the animal hospitals that take part in their malpractice? How many children must have a puppy they've fallen in love with ripped out of their life, due to the lies and greed of a large corporation? And how many dogs must suffer, unable to speak up for themselves, while they are treated like disposable income for the owners of All Pets Club? This is an issue that must be brought to light and addressed. All Pets Club is guilty not only of the mistreatment of animals, but also of gross negligence of proper business ethic. It is unfair not only to the puppies that suffer, but also to Connecticut consumers who fall victim to their lies and manipulation. PS: Papers from All Pets Club declare Akuma was transported/brokered through Pinnacle. Just a quick check shows Baker is a broker too. USDA license number 73B0204. She must use Pinnacle in Missouri as her transporter. She has older USDA inspection violations for her kennel "Okie Pets" in 2012, 2014 & 2015. She also had repeat violations and received an Official Warning from the USDA. Unfortunately with our current presidential administration, the USDA inspection report website has gone "dark". You may be able to demand that All Pets provide you with Baker's 2016, 2017 & 2018 inspection reports, as by CT law they are not allowed to use breeders with a certain number of violations within the last 2 years.

Cara Canelli
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