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Petition to Jerry Brown

Please Sign No Puppy Mill Pets in Stores: AB485

For the second time in recent history, both CA houses (Senate pending) have passed bills ending sales of dogs, cats and rabbits in retail stores. Gov. Schwarzenegger vetoed the last time, but with his recent animal and vegetarianism advocacy, it's easy to believe he would sign now. With 36 California jurisdictions having passed a local ban to date—including Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco and Sacramento—the will of the majority couldn't be clearer: end animal suffering now.  California's South Lake Tahoe was the 2nd jurisdiction in the world to pass a ban, in 2009, sparking a continent-wide movement. With your signature, another first comes by way of California: the first state in the world to take a stand against legalized animal trafficking in retail stores which source their "products" from the cold-hearted pet mills found largely in the MidWest.  We thank you in advance for doing the best thing to help California consumers and the long-suffering animals whose lives are forsaken but for one thing: making puppies.  11 Puppy Mill Facts from DoSomething via PuppyMillFree.US 1. A puppy mill is a commercial dog-breeding facility that focuses on increasing profit with little overhead cost. The health and welfare of the animals is not a priority. 2. Female dogs are bred at every opportunity with little to no recovery time between litters. When, after a few years, they are physically depleted to the point that they no longer can reproduce, breeding females are often killed. 3. Every year in Ameica, it's estimated that 2.11 million puppies are sold that originated from puppy mills, while 3 million are killed in shelters because they are too full and there aren’t enough adoptive homes. Act as a publicist for your local animal shelter to encourage your community to adopt shelter pets. Sign up for Shelter Pet PR! 4. In puppy mills, dogs can spend most of their lives in cramped cages, with no room to play or exercise. 5. Often times, the water and food provided for the puppies is contaminated, crawling with bugs. Puppies can even be malnourished.  6. Puppies in mills are found with bleeding or swollen paws, feet falling through the wire cages, severe tooth decay, ear infections, dehydration, and lesions on their eyes, which often lead to blindness. 7. In most states, puppy mills are legal. It is important that future pet owners seek rescue dogs from their local shelter or buy pets from a trusted breeder in order to put mills out of business. 8. It is estimated that there are at least 10,000 puppy mills in the U.S. Fewer than 3,000 of these are regulated by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. 9. Most puppy mills have no veterinary care, climate control, or protection for the animals from weather (hot, cold, rain, or snow). 10. With limited or no regulations or enforcement, puppy mills have no cleanup control. This means that dogs can be living in urine and feces for indefinite periods of time. 11. It's common to find dogs in puppy mills with collars that have been fastened so tightly that they have become embedded in a dog’s neck and must be carefully cut out. 

Animal Abuse Investigations
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Petition to Missouri Governor, Missouri State House, Missouri State Senate, Chris Chinn

It’s time to ban dog auctions

Missouri is the top state in the nation for puppy mills in 2016 according to the Humane Society of the United States. 30 of the worst 100 puppy mills in the country call Missouri home -- some of whom are repeat offenders. These puppy mills continue to produce dogs, although over 3,200 dogs are euthanized every day, according to the ASPCA. Why do puppy mills keep producing so many puppies? Dog auctions make it possible for puppy mill operators to quickly sell as much of their “inventory” as possible. They create a financial incentive to overproduce puppies for pet stores and online vendors across the country. Here’s a recent example. An infamous Missouri breeder, who owns pet stores in New Jersey, was recently allowed to auction all of the animals held in his Missouri kennel after he was charged with 267 counts of animal abuse by the New Jersey SPCA. No one inspected the dogs sold at the auction for signs of abuse or illness. This lack of accountability is shameful and unacceptable. But it will continue as long as long as a financial incentive exists. We ask the Missouri Department of Agriculture to require state inspectors to inspect the health and monitor the stress of the dogs, before, during and after all dog auctions while working to ban dog auctions! Help us fight puppy mills by eliminating a key financial incentive -- the dog auction. Take the first step by signing this petition today urging our lawmakers to ban dog auctions now.

maxine reeker
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Petition to Office of NJ Attorney General, NJ Consumer Affairs, Bruce Garganio, Senator Raymond Lesniak

Stop breeders convicted of animal cruelty that continue to breed/sell sick puppies

Donna Roberts was convicted of animal cruelty in 2007 for selling me and four others very sick puppies. Ms. Roberts paid a fine and has continued this horrifying practice. As recently as Dec 2016 she sold a sick puppy. Ms Roberts and her family are all over Burlington and Camden counties selling sick puppies, using several aliases, addresses and phone numbers.  Ms. Roberts kennel was quarantined in Shamong NJ but, that didn't stop her from selling. In fact she was found in violation in Sept 2016 and was issued " another" written warning.  There was a cease and desist order for her in Monmouth County, so, she has moved to south Jersey and continues doing this over and over. There have been many complaints filed, many of the authorities know all about what she has done. But, here we are and nothing is happening. She bullies and threatens buyers with legal action, she blames buyers for sick puppies.  If I told you every detail you would never believe that a human being is capable of this behavior. My puppy and others were so fact there are even puppies that did not survive and she shows no concern or remorse. Donna Roberts failed to follow NJ Consumer Law and was ordered to refund buyers payment which she never has done. This breeder uses several aliases and the whole family is involved. Donna Roberts, Truex,Abrams, Dueben. Dee Roberts, Marie, Susan and Marge. Also, uses Wm Payne. She operates in South Jersey area selling Havanese puppies. Ms Roberts and associates also sell boxers, boxer mix, shi tzu puppies and labs. Please, help us finally get justice, she needs to be stopped once and for all. How can they keep doing this to these poor dogs. Ms Roberts admittedly bought dogs from puppymills to sell/ breed. If you or anyone you know has been a victim, please, contact myself or NJ Consumer Affairs and BCSPCA.  There are many more disgusting details. I want this abuse to finally be stopped I want the dogs and families to have justice, not to be dismissed. Thank you.

Laurie Pallante
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