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Petition to Miro Weinberger, Noelle MacKay, Chapin Spencer, David E. White, Brandon del Pozo, Eileen Blackwood, Sharon Bushor, Max Tracy, Sara Giannoni, Kurt Wright, Chip Mason, Karen Paul, Adam Roof, Jane Knodell, Dave Hartnett, Joan Shannon, Richard Deane, Ali Dieng

Save 242 Main: Legendary Teen Center and USA's Longest-Running All Ages Punk Rock Venue

242 Main has brought a community of young adults together where they can fearlessly share what matters and learn to respect each other. It’s Burlington's voice for diversity in art and the human experience, fostering social bonds and confidence. It’s launched many young people on creative paths that led to fulfilling lives. 242 Main is an institution led by our city’s youth and nurtured into a national landmark. It has a treasured history of inclusivity and a triumphant legacy of being the nation’s oldest, longest-running all ages punk rock venue. 242 Main has championed the growth of young adults who are confident, critically-minded, and engaged with their peers and community. It has fostered generations of creative community-minded citizens and is an irreplaceable resource. We see Mayor Weinberger, our city department chiefs, and each of our City Councilors, as citizens sharing our vision for a healthy, participatory city that respects diversity, inclusion, empowerment, civic engagement, and creativity. We understand that deferred maintenance has jeopardized all the programs inside Memorial Auditorium, where 242 Main lives. We ask that as you resolve the structural issues with Memorial Auditorium by repairing or redeveloping the building, please keep 242 Main in its current location, operating as a teen-led program that can continue its legacy of serving Burlington’s youth in its uniquely powerful and historic way, providing an outlet for their creative and social vision. Please make this ‘community benefit’ a priority within the redevelopment process. This will make our community stronger by demonstrating that we all share an inclusive vision and a spirit of living up to our responsibilities to each other and the meaningful things we’ve built together.  (Photo by Tim Snow, @TimSnowPhoto)

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Petition to Paul Cook

Replace Congressman Paul Cook with Sex Pistols Drummer Paul Cook

"If we can’t have a better congressman, perhaps we can have a better Paul Cook."California's 8th district congressman, Republican Paul Cook, has voted in lock step with Donald Trump’s right wing agenda to strip away healthcare, allow coal companies to dump toxic waste into streams, allow the mentally ill to purchase guns and more. He even voted for a bill that allows hunters to shoot hibernating bears in the face! Congressman Cook ignores his constituents’ requests for a town hall meeting, and he can’t seem to be located, so some constituents launched a ‘Missing Congressman' campaign. Rachel Maddow, CNN, the BBC and other outlets reported that Mr. Cook’s photo was affixed to milk bottles in hopes of finding him. Recently, Congressman Cook’s spokesman said those who oppose him "espouse an extreme political agenda" and referred to them as "fringe group agitators," a designation they've embraced. Relegation to the fringe by the likes of U.S. Congressman Paul Cook is an affirmation of decency. We 8th district voters hope to replace Congressman Cook, but in the meantime, if we can’t have a better congressman, perhaps we can have a better Paul Cook. As a punk rock pioneer, Sex Pistols drummer Paul Cook is surely familiar with life on the fringe. So we, the good and decent agitators of California’s 8th district, have invited drummer Paul Cook to be our Honorary Fringe Representative. He would be warmly welcomed if he ever visited his honorary constituents. District 8 boasts some legendary music venues where drummer Paul Cook would be greeted with a tidal wave of fanfare should he—and his amazing daughter Hollie and his friend Steve Jones--decide to show up and play. We could call it our our Fringe Town Hall. Please sign to support replacing U.S. Congressman Paul Cook with former Sex Pistols drummer Paul Cook. Related links:  

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