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Petition to United Nations


Puerto Rico citizens are facing inhumane life conditions that is compromising life preservation. The slow response from the government has thrown its citizens on starvation, dehydration, poor to no hygiene due to lack of safe water and no electric service. For the lack of potable water and electric service there are a series of epidemias that have cost the lives of many. Being without communication has also left the citizens of the Island without the proper notification on boiling water alerts, epidemic alerts, landslide alerts, flood alerts, and many other critical information they are lacking. Many have complaints on the air quality for smells from decomposed animals who lost their lives due to the hurricane Maria. The Department of the Army has staged more than 7 stationary morgues around the Island. As well as hospitals who have containers for the corpses on their parking facilities. Newborns have lost their lives and many other premature babies are compromised due to power generators failing. There are many remote sectors of the mountains where there are citizens with special medical needs who are still waiting for insulin, oxygen, and supplies. The local supermarkets isles are empty. The shortage on water and food is alarming. Many citizens have contemplated suicide and others have committed it. The psychological and emotional effects this current situation is having on the affected ones on Puerto Rico as well as to those who are actively trying to aid is a risk to the mental stability of millions of citizens inland as well as to the mainland. There are soldiers who are deployed and worried about the current situation of their loved ones in the Island, this will compromise their safety and the success of their missions. This is a national crisis. We are asking for the World Organization to aid the Puertorrican community as well as those who are traveling risking their lives to save the lives of others. Many non-profit organizations such as AVERT having Mr. Michael Brewer commanding their relief efforts and his Good Samaritan Team members have traveled to the Island and assisted many communities: however, this has been a temporary relief and their reports are alarming as to it can take many years for PR to establish the electrical service, potable water, and overcome the health crisis. PERT organization has relocated a family who’s baby almost perish as the father could not reach a gasoline station to keep the baby’s ventilator running through the generator, thankfully they are in San Antonio, Texas by now but the evacuation by air was costly, donated, and now they do not have a home, clothes, and live in Ronald McDonald’s house. The decision making of these citizens are getting harder. Like the Dieppa baby there are many others and we do not have fundings, free transportation services for those with critical medical conditions, to air lift to the USS Comfort a patient many steps have to be made when communication is non-existent in 80% of the Island, the government did not responded to our petitions, many news channels from the Mainland have traveled to cover these remarks of the humanitarian crisis, yet we are shorter on resources to preserve human dignity and life. We decided to humbly reach out to the World Organization for their reputation in humanitarian interventions and work throughout the world, for the transparency, compassion, dignity, and respect the organization has displayed towards the citizens of the world. On behalf of the American citizens of Mainland as well as those of the Island of Puerto Rico, we would like to thank you for the diligence and seriousness conducted when addressing this humanitarian crisis. 

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Petition to John McCain, Mike Lee

Eliminate Jones Act once and for all!

The Jones Act has been drowning Puerto Rico's economic growth for almost a century by not allowing them to have a free-market opportunity to compete with other nations and allowing them to profit from trading goods with other countries. The law dates back to 1920 and requires all goods ferried between U.S. ports to be carried on ships built, owned and operated by Americans. And those ships are far more expensive to buy and operate than ships flying foreign flags. As a result, it makes just about everything in Puerto Rico more expensive. A 2012 study from the New York Federal Reserve found that shipping a container from the US East Coast to Puerto Rico cost $3,063. But shipping the same container on a foreign ship to the Dominican Republic nearby cost only $1,504. More broadly, the island loses $537 million per year as a result of the Jones Act, according to a different study conducted in 2010 at the University of Puerto Rico. President Trump on Wednesday noted the powerful shipping industry had lobbied against a waiver, and critics seized on that comment to suggest the White House was basing its decision what industry wanted. Recently republican Sens. John McCain and Mike Lee introduced legislation to permanently exempt Puerto Rico from the Jones Act shipping law which they view as protectionist and anti-competitive, driving up the costs of fuel and other important supplies such as food, clothing, and medicine. If we want Puerto Rico to have economic growth, rebuild the devastated island's infrastructure and pay off the $73 billion in debt, we must come together and let Washington know that the Jones Act must be eliminated. Please sign this petition today!

Carlos Matta
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