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Statehood for Puerto Rico

Puerto Ricans, much like many of those reading this petition, are citizens of the United States. They are given many of the rights granted to all citizens under the Constitution. Likewise they are, with little exception, held to United States federal law. They are not, however, given many privileges that full statehood would offer, most notably a seat in the houses of Congress and the ability to vote in the presidential election. The island is home to over 3 million residents, each of whom is without many of the voting rights enjoyed by most American citizens. In light of the recent destruction wrought by Hurricaine Maria, it is plain to see the need for the full statehood of Puerto Rico and the benefits that would be brought about by this change. Many of our fellow Americans are without food, water, and power. The aid given to Puerto Rico has been generous, but it is time to take one more step. The United States is, at its core, a nation of acceptance, of giving, and of diversity. It was founded on the belief that every citizen should have say in the laws that govern them. It is now our part to carry out this belief, and freely give that right to each and every citizen. Puerto Rico should be granted full statehood in the United States of America.

Benjamin Tatum
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Petition to Department of Homeland Security, President of the United States

Waive the Jones Act for Puerto Rico to Help Rebuild its Infrastructure and Economy

Everyone has seen the unprecedented devastation in Puerto Rico in the aftermath of Hurricanes Irma and Maria.  The entire island is without power and thousands of Americans may die.  Many have asked how they can help.  This petition focuses on cutting through bureaucracy that could cost lives and add to the suffering of millions of Americans in Puerto Rico.  The Jones Act (Merchant Marine Act 1920, 46 U.S.C. § 883) prevents foreign ships from carrying cargo between the US mainland and noncontiguous parts of the US like Puerto Rico. Foreign ships can't stop in Puerto Rico to offload goods. Instead, goods are dropped off on the mainland and brought to the island on US flag ships. This makes everything more expensive, and in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria, could actually cost lives. The Department of Homeland Security extended a waiver of the Jones Act to relieve PR, but the waiver expired on September 22, 2017.   I started this petition on Saturday, September 23rd.  By September 28th, this petition garnered nearly 500,000 supporters, and President Trump and DHS agreed to waive the Jones Act for 10 days.  While this is a good start, Puerto Rico will need additional time to rebuild its economy and infrastructure and should receive the benefit of foreign support.  For example, Germany has already begun assisting Puerto Rico with restoring its power grid.  By signing this petition, you are telling the Department of Homeland Security and the President of the United States to waive the Jones Act for 12 months to give Puerto Rico the relief it needs to recover and rebuild its infrastructure and economy.  

Jessica P
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Petition to United Nations, Ban Ki-moon (Secretary-General of the United Nations), United Nations Environment Program, Nikki Haley

Statement to UN Delegation on Puerto Rico: Audit the Debt! Audit the Deaths!

Statement to the United Nations: Exercising Religious Liberty in Support of the First Amendment Right of Protest | Audit Deaths and Debt Puerto Ricans’ First Amendment Right to Protest As Rev. Dr. King said, protest is the cry of the unheard, and what we witnessed during the overwhelmingly peaceful “MayDay” protests in Puerto Rico was an militarized response that threatens the first amendment rights of Puerto Ricans. As faith leaders, we put to use our religious liberty to support Puerto Ricans’ first amendment right to protest against government austerity. We oppose the militarization of policing that we witnessed during the “MayDay” protests in Puerto Rico. We see the damage the militarization of police has had in America and we will not stand as idle witnesses when it emerges in Puerto Rico.  Audit the Deaths and the Debt Since Congress has failed to secure the human rights of the Puerto Rican people, we make our request to the United Nations to conduct the following audits: A human rights audit in Puerto Rico to probe what led to this vast undercount of deaths after Hurricane Maria.  Initially the NYTimes reported the Official Toll in Puerto Rico: 64, Actual Deaths may be 1,052).  Now we have substantial evidence published initially in The Washington Post:  Harvard Study estimates thousands died in Puerto Rico because of Hurricane Maria.  A fiscal audit the $74+ billion Puerto Rican debt, including excessive, unethical and usurious fees that should be rescinded from the balance of the debt. A recent investigative journalism series published by NPR and the PBS Frontline conclude: Wall Street kept pushing the Puerto Rican government's loans even as the island teetered on default, with a zeal that bank insiders are now describing with words like "unethical" and "immoral." We request that the United Nations hosts a forum on human rights in Puerto Rico by the government of the United States.

Collective Action for Puerto Rico, in partnership with Middle Collegiate Church
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Petition to Andrew D. Hamilton, Rich Baum, Lynne P. Brown, Ellen Schall, Tracey K. Gardner, Josh Taylor

NYU Took In Students After Hurricane Maria -- They're Not Ready To Go

NYU participated in the Hurricane Maria Assistance Program (HMAP) and has hosted 57 students for the Spring 2018 semester. At least 25 students have expressed a desire to stay. In a letter addressed to President Hamilton, students say: "We humbly request that you consider the reality under which HMAP was first conceptualized, compare it to the one we face today, and then consider our proposal to extend the program from its original one-semester plan to a two-semester plan." The students received an email response declining the request, and they have not felt heard, so they have now taken to the media, including this article in Buzzfeed.    These are the facts:  Puerto Rico continues to struggle 7 months after the hurricane.  There are communities in the dark, access to healthcare is limited, including mental health services, which are desperately needed as evidenced by the climbing rates of suicide and self-reported rates of depression and anxiety.  Cutting HMAP pushes students into a chaotic environment which will not allow them to thrive, much less focus on school work. This social injustice is a travesty and indicative of the 2nd class citizenship Puerto Ricans have traditionally experienced.  A power outage just last month left over 800,000 residents in the dark.  This alone is undeniable evidence of the precarious situation our citizens still face on the island, and many families fear for their safety. Our Demands We applaud NYU for activating HMAP in collaboration with universities in Puerto Rico. HMAP saves lives by addressing key social determinants of health, and this petition calls us to address the educational risk that will result from cutting HMAP short. The students are asking for a meeting with the President, so they can be heard. Like all U.S. Citizens, we ask that these students be treated with respect and that the NYU President and administration consider the moral responsibility they have to ensure the academic success of these bright, young students.  We ask NYU to join other higher-learning institutions to extend its HMAP program for an additional semester so that these students may be afforded the opportunity to fully recover and overcome the devastation they have experienced. Our request is simple: 1. President Hamilton opens his office to host a meeting with HMAP beneficiaries. 2. NYU extends HMAP benefit through December 2018 for students to enroll in the Fall semester. 3. NYU extends housing, healthcare and professional mental health services to HMAP beneficiaries.  More to watch and read here: Blackout in Puerto Rico (PBS Frontline, May 1 2018) Puerto Rico May Day March Turns Violent (Al Jazeera, May 2, 2018)   Who are we? Collective Action for Puerto Rico (CAPR) is a collection of faith-based organizations, community leaders and concerned citizens of the U.S. and of the Puerto Rican diaspora, based in New York City and includes support from the following organizations: Union Theological Seminary, Middle Collegiate Church, Fort Washington Collegiate Church, Intersections International, and the Bronx Coalition for Hurricane Maria Evacuees.    

Collective Action for Puerto Rico, in partnership with Middle Collegiate Church
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