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Petition to Cllr Joe Crome

Save the Royal Oak pub, Leatherhead

The Royal Oak has a long history dating back over 180 years, the previous pub (now the cottages in Oaks Road) hosting the body of the "Poor Murdered Woman" found dead in Teazle Wood in 1834. The tale became well-known as a Surrey folk song, being recorded in Milford, 20 miles to the south-west, by the Rev. Charles J. Shebbeare in 1897. The existing building, which appears to be under threat of demolition, is believed to date to the late 1850s, coinciding with the arrival of the railways, and was owned for many years by the famous Charrington brewery, in whose 1930s architectural survey it appears. It has been in the hands of Greene King for the last 23 years. It is a fine example of a Victorian wayside inn, and has for a long time been a much-valued community live music venue. That the pub may not have been especially wonderful - or indeed profitable - is of absolutely no relevance whatever to attempts to save and revitalise it. With the right vision and the right management, the Royal Oak absolutely can succeed as an independent free house: it deserves better, after nearly 160 years of serving the people of North Leatherhead, than to be pulled down to make way for flats. Just this week, the similar Garibaldi pub in Redhill reopened after just such a campaign as this achieved complete success! This petition is a rallying cry to the community - get behind this, let's organise a massive campaign and save our pub!

Richard Harrold
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Petition to Greene King Brewery, Hungry Horse Management

Sanction the manager of The Beeches for her gross misconduct towards staff and customers

For a long time, the current manager of The Beeches pub (A licensee of the Hungry Horse brand and Greene King Brewery) has been harassing customers, verbally abusing staff (both physically and digitally via the staff WhatsApp chat) and unjustifiably banning many customers from the premises. While we have a boatload of evidence to support these claims as is, it is not hard to find existing images, videos and articles pertaining to her gross misconduct towards staff and customers around the internet (such as the video that circulated on Facebook of her shouting at some kids for no discernable reason and just been generally vile towards them). As a result of this, the majority of staff at the pub have left over the course of this year as well as late 2016 (which is when she started as manager), and it has also lost a vast amount of its customers who instead now attend other local pubs in the area due to the hostile environment that the manager of The Beeches has created. By signing this petition, you will be helping us show the Head Office that we want this woman gone. We have sent evidence to them before of her unethical behaviour, however, they have done very little to resolve the situation. We hope that, with enough signatures indicating our dislike of the way that the pub is run as well as who is running it, they will finally listen, and put someone in charge who can actually bring our local pub back to it's feet once again. Note: For the purposes of maintaining privacy for the person in question as well as avoiding legal issues, we will not be posting any links to the evidence here. However, if this petition reaches enough signatures, the evidence will be sent along to the Head Office of the company and made public should permission be granted to us to do so.

Rees Fowler
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