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Petition to Wigan Council, Councillors N Ash, B Clarke, J Bullen, P Prescott

The Fleece - Revoke 4.00 am licence. Say NO to Crofters Nightclub

The Fleece Public House, Warrington Rd, Ashton in Makerfield. The Fleece Public House made an application to Wigan Council for a licence extension until 5.00 am. A licence was granted until 4.00 am leave by 4.30 am. This is despite this pub being located in a residential community as well as already having issues to do with noise penetrating into the local residential community which, so far, residents have tolerated/accepted. We support local pubs as long as they are managed responsibly with the community in mind. In being granted this licence extension The Fleece Public House announced it was opening a nightclub called Crofters Nightclub in the upper floor of their function room. A launch date was set. All this was arranged despite the fact that The Fleece had no planning permission for such a proposal confirmed by Wigan Council. The owners of The Fleece were sent a notice from Wigan Council confirming that to open a nightclub without planning permission is a breach of planning control which may result in legal action. Despite this warning The Fleece announces/announced it was still opening Crofters Nightclub even though it had no planning permission and had been given a warning. The planning process is in place to stop unwanted developments in local communities, that proposed developments, if approved, meet requirements but most importantly, rightfully and legally allows residents to inspect any plans, put forward views, concerns and opinions in what is called a consultation period. A business who proposes to open a nightclub without proper permissions when there are clear detrimental impacts for the local community is wrong when local residents are being denied their right to have a say. It is wrong that The Fleece was granted an extension to 4.00 am leave by 4.30 am. The detrimental impacts of such a decision are as follows :- Noise penetrating into the local residential community until the early hours of the morning. The function room of The Fleece is not soundproofed. Drunken youth's disturbing residents at 5.00 am.  Fights, brawls in the street. Increased anti-social behaviour - shouting, drugs, litter, broken glass, urinating, public sex etc. Ashton does not need another nightclub with the problems this brings. We do not want pubs in Ashton open until 4.00 am anywhere. There are enough problems with anti-social behaviour already which the police cannot handle. The Fleece is located in a residential area. Pensioners, families, young children live near by. There is also Ashton's historic church St Thomas' and St Luke's with a very well cared for cemetery/graveyard which should not be jeopardised in any way. Many residents are concerned about whether this location is appropriate. We want the 4.00 am licence reviewed by Wigan Council and no permission given to the opening of a nightclub at The Fleece. Thank You Mike Moulding - Ashton Residents Association

Michael Moulding
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Petition to The Planning Inspectorate

Save The Cabinet at Reed - a 400-year-old gem and the last pub in the village

In 2011, the popular, historic and much-loved Cabinet pub in Reed, North Hertfordshire – a Grade II listed building – closed following misappropriation of funds.  Soon afterwards it was registered as an Asset of Community Value by Reed Parish Council.  Despite approaches to the then owners by various financially credible parties to buy or rent it to run as a pub, it remained closed until 2015, when it was sold at auction to the present owner, a property developer.  He carried out numerous alterations to the building to turn it into a house, without applying for planning permission or listed building consent.  Notwithstanding numerous complaints from neighbours and from the Parish Council, the local planning authority, North Hertfordshire District Council (NHDC), took no action to safeguard The Cabinet. In September 2016, the owner submitted retrospective applications for planning permission for change of use and listed building consent.  This prompted a very sizeable public response – with some 90 written objections submitted to NHDC.  The Save the Cabinet Action Group (SCAG) was formed to co-ordinate the campaign to save Reed’s last pub. Following submissions by SCAG demonstrating, among other things, the viability of The Cabinet as a pub, in July 2017 North Herts councillors refused planning permission for change of use by a sizeable majority.  Around 70 village residents and supporters attended the meeting. The developer has now appealed (case reference: 3188914).  The listed building applications remain to be determined. This case is an important test of the planning system – not only in relation to how it protects community assets such as pubs, but also as to how it deals with unscrupulous developers who deliberately ignore the requirements of planning law in the hope of maximising their profit.  It is essential that the appeal is dealt with transparently and openly, with a proper opportunity for interested parties to make representations and for the Planning Inspector to examine all the evidence in detail. We, the undersigned, petition the Planning Inspectorate to hold a Public Hearing or an Inquiry into the appeal against North Herts District Council's decision to refuse permission for change of use. Under Annexe K of the Procedural Guide for planning appeals, the Hearing or Inquiry Procedure is appropriate because:  the Inspector is likely to need to test the evidence by questioning, especially on matters of viability and marketing, and  the case has generated a level of substantial local interest such as to warrant it. The Action Group estimates that between 50 and 60 residents will attend to witness and take part in the appeal proceedings. The overwhelming local support for the return of our much-loved and missed community asset needs properly to be taken into account.  A convenient Village Hall close to the site has all that is required by the Inspectorate for the purpose. 

Save the Cabinet Action Group
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Petition to Keith Budden

Save Our Temple Inn

                                               The Temple Inn                                               82 Forest Road                                                 Liss Forest                                                 GU33 7BP  The above public house was closed by its owner, Fuller Smith @ Turner Plc, in February, 2017.  This was the only public house in Liss Forest. Without the pub, the community has lost its only place to meet and socialize. Without a meeting place, the community is lost.  Under Section 70 of the NPPF (National Planning Policy Framework) of 2012, local planning authorities are required to guard against the unnecessary loss of valued facilities. We have already lost our post office and shops. We do not want to lose our pub for good.  Our village has a great community spirit, but losing the pub would be severely detrimental to that and it is not something that we can allow to happen.  Whilst we hope that our petition will demonstrate the strength of feeling about The Temple Inn, we would also encourage you to write to the council to explain what our Temple Inn means to you and why we cannot allow it to simply become another one of the twenty pubs a week that closes in the UK. Please address your letters to Keith Budden. His contact detail are below:                                                                         Cllr Keith Budden                                  East Hampshire District Council                                                   Penns Place                                                   Petersfield                                                   Hampshire                                                     GU31 4EX

Save Our Temple Inn
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Petition to Cllr Joe Crome

Save the Royal Oak pub, Leatherhead

The Royal Oak has a long history dating back over 180 years, the previous pub (now the cottages in Oaks Road) hosting the body of the "Poor Murdered Woman" found dead in Teazle Wood in 1834. The tale became well-known as a Surrey folk song, being recorded in Milford, 20 miles to the south-west, by the Rev. Charles J. Shebbeare in 1897. The existing building, which appears to be under threat of demolition, is believed to date to the late 1850s, coinciding with the arrival of the railways, and was owned for many years by the famous Charrington brewery, in whose 1930s architectural survey it appears. It has been in the hands of Greene King for the last 23 years. It is a fine example of a Victorian wayside inn, and has for a long time been a much-valued community live music venue. That the pub may not have been especially wonderful - or indeed profitable - is of absolutely no relevance whatever to attempts to save and revitalise it. With the right vision and the right management, the Royal Oak absolutely can succeed as an independent free house: it deserves better, after nearly 160 years of serving the people of North Leatherhead, than to be pulled down to make way for flats. Just this week, the similar Garibaldi pub in Redhill reopened after just such a campaign as this achieved complete success! This petition is a rallying cry to the community - get behind this, let's organise a massive campaign and save our pub!

Richard Harrold
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